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Writer Capt. leon
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The presentation
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!iVV6MeCArcbGOR1GUx5Xposted on PENANA

DESPICABLE MEcopyright protection4PENANA16M2CH3RvK

Capítulo 2: The presentationcopyright protection4PENANAfNGbUspx3R

Montevideo, Uruguay.copyright protection4PENANAJexx6ze16j

“The city is looking forward to the presentation of all the exotic vehicles that came together for the automobile competition. Each capital city of each South American country will be the destination where the winner will receive one of the trophies: The Golden Rhea eggs. Montevideo, will not give any trophy as it will be the starting point of the race. It will be an honour because it will be compensated in cash by the sponsors," says the race's commentator: Nahikari Black Lovegood.copyright protection4PENANAY7qKa2sdUY

“And the main sponsor and organizer of the race is WeylandYutani companies," says co-commenter James Sirious.copyright protection4PENANAXaMDlG6Kd9

After a generation of war against Voldemort was over, the Ministry of Magic and Witchcraft observed the emergence of radical voices reminiscent of the radical postulates of the deatheaters regarding the superiority of magicians (especially pure blood) over the Muggles.copyright protection4PENANABXo9vvJJwQ

The ministry, along with Hogwarts, have decided to transmit the Muggle race to the magical world in an effort to show that Muggles are not uncivilized barbarians, and what better way to do this than by showing great sporting competition like this.copyright protection4PENANA2vYtg8wIlq

"When I found out that James (Hogwarts' official reporter at the school's quidditch games) was going to cover this Muggle competition, I couldn't do anything else but volunteer," thought Nahikari, a Hufflepuff who was attracted to the griffindor with bulky, honey-colored curly hair, broad shoulders and green eyes like her famous father.copyright protection4PENANAHiBtWW93Hn

James was annoyed that Principal McGonagall had put him on as co-commenter.copyright protection4PENANAcjkBtP6czC

"I shouldn't have yelled in the game that Escorpious Malfoy was as bad a seeker as his father Draco," James thought grumpyly. "I shouldn't have yelled in front of the whole quidditch stadium that his whole family of deatheaters stank for quidditch either."copyright protection4PENANA2B705o8B6u

Principal McGonagall could not allow James' heated comments to defeat the ministry's intentions by adding more fuel to the fire. So she decided to make Nahikari the lead commentator.copyright protection4PENANA2NMDhJArMh

“And now the runners are coming with their picturesque vehicles for the presentation to the Muggle reporters," Nahikari said, looking out of the corner of her eye and a little worried about James.copyright protection4PENANAOZB9A4ZGgy

“Yeah…" said James, reluctantly.copyright protection4PENANAjiarjfPrQW

"Oh no, he's still mad at me about McGonagall's decision," Nahikari thought, as anime-style tears streamed down her cheeks.copyright protection4PENANAVSKIw1s6te

“Pst, Lovegood. It's your turn," the griffindor nudged her a little.copyright protection4PENANAoidZrO3qvk

“Hey, oh yes! The first vehicle approaching for the press is the... I don't know what Muggle model that is, but it's huge.”copyright protection4PENANAZPC9gWo6nf

Both Nahikari and James transmitted the magical world from the basket of a magical hot air balloon, since it did not depend on the wind, but could be moved at the will of the young magicians.copyright protection4PENANA2j8N2EPuKi

“Very tall as a two-story house and as long as a truck. Metallic gray... and the driver is Gru, who now leaves the vehicle and poses for the Muggle reporters.”copyright protection4PENANAJ8AX72Mbth

"The second vehicle is the match 5. Very nice model with aerodynamic characteristics and white except for the hood that has the driver's logo. A scarlet "M" with a stylish and elegant design... and there the pilot greets; his name: Meteoro.”copyright protection4PENANAvs68Bn40ts

"The third vehicle is an elongated design car: "tempestuous" driven by Pedro Bello... James.”copyright protection4PENANAfwMnjO19jM

“Pedro Bello's car is a drag racer with two huge rear wheels.”copyright protection4PENANAr3U2024Mdy

“The fourth vehicle is the Troncoswagen, driven by Brutus and his co-driver... a beaver named Listus?!” Nahikari said disconcertedly, as she took her omniculars and focused on the little animal wearing a helmet, a scarf and yellow gloves.copyright protection4PENANA4J0aRBxWB1

“Brutus looks like a woodcutter's cliché and his car seems to be made up of pieces of rough wood and wheels... circular saws instead of wheels!” James exclaimed, like Nahikari, took his omniculars to focus better on the vehicle.copyright protection4PENANAoRxafRZg1j

“The fifth car is coming, the Chatarra Special, driven by... I don't have a name here, James.”copyright protection4PENANA3smXvn0Aae

“The pilot is Private Meekly and the gunboat is Sergeant Blast.... they seem to be more their code names than anything else.”copyright protection4PENANA8eX8pPKXLm

“The car, to put it mildly, is a strange combination of a jeep, a steamroller and the turret of a tank with a cannon included," said Nahikari, who was using her omniculars again.copyright protection4PENANAYaewktokKp

“And it looks like the whole thing is joined together by very precarious welds," James said.copyright protection4PENANADNR0LnnLYy

“And now we have the sixth car (finally a real car), the Antigualla Blindada, better known as the Chugabum. Whose pilot is Mafio and with him go his... six co-pilots?!”copyright protection4PENANA06MXfbN08y

“Well, considering their very low heights, I don't think they'd be uncomfortable in the big car," James laughed as he took an elbow from his partner. “What! They look like the seven snow-white dwarfs!”copyright protection4PENANAn7IBD341oO

“Seven what in white what?” Nahikari asked.copyright protection4PENANAq1Bi1nGp9E

“A Muggle fairy tale... well, let's get back to the exhibit. The vehicle is an old sedan from the 1920s.... Wait a minute, the pilot's name is Mafio and the rest of his co-pilots make up the "anthill mafia"?! These guys are runners or gangsters? And why does everyone crowd in the front seat when so much space is available?”copyright protection4PENANAX9KK70WU05

“The seventh car?!... is the car/convertible, driven by Dr. Locovitch, James.”copyright protection4PENANAtnccZQg3RE

“This is beyond me, I don't know what the hell it's driving. It looks like a boat with wheels, with a rear single-engine airplane... And it's spreading a pair of wings that makes the car fly right now!..... although at a very low altitude and not very well.”copyright protection4PENANARiGtBIRh80

“Oh no, and now what's this! James, you live in the Muggle world, please instruct us.”copyright protection4PENANAV5aGQhHMcI

“What, Did someone cast a confundus spell on you or something, how do I know what that thing is!”copyright protection4PENANARG64T5U98M

“Well (grrr), apparently the eighth "car" is the rocomobile, a hollowed-out piece of rock with tiny wheels also made of rock, driven by two... well, cavemen?.... the macana brothers, Piedro and Roco; each one carries a huge macana and they hit each other on the head with them... and they seem very happy about it!” Nahikari had to put her omnicular back on to check the scene, so hard that she hurt her nose bridge and the edge of her eyes.copyright protection4PENANAO04uuFclXk

“Lovegood, your turn.copyright protection4PENANAmSqwzgOg20

“...Nyu...”copyright protection4PENANAYUH4YAaSJi

“Well, in place of Lovegood. We have the ninth vehicle... at least this time it looks like a car. It's the Espantomovil, driven by the dark couple, a muggle as big as Hagrid, and a tiny, purple vampire.”copyright protection4PENANAExjJ2Npe9m

“What, no magical creature is supposed to be exposed to Muggles like that!” exclaimed Nahikari.copyright protection4PENANAzwf02OhR5k

“I think the Muggles think those two are just disguised.”copyright protection4PENANAS4ez9d9j5T

“But the "car" has a storm cloud following it everywhere!” the young witch exclaimed again.copyright protection4PENANABKqVutJTIS

“Maybe they think they're special effects," James said. “My maternal grandfather was right, the Muggles wouldn't recognize the magic even if it was in front of them dancing with a kettle hat cover.”copyright protection4PENANAghpviskzjp

“James!”copyright protection4PENANATbt8KClUWq

“What, my grandfather said without wishing to insult the Muggles, in fact he is a Muggle fan!..... Well, back in the race. The Espantomovil car is a mixture of an old design car from the 1920s, an old hearse, a Victorian or Gothic tower, and a bell tower... a dragon looks out of the tower, as well as several ghosts and witches... oh, for Merlin.”copyright protection4PENANANxbetGHczq

“Whether muggles think those are special effects or not, I'm sure the Ministry of Magic won't be too happy about this," Nahikari said with a frown.copyright protection4PENANA4PIul0WFzf

"The tenth vehicle... I don't know, but for some reason something tells me this isn't a car, I'm not so sure, James.”2copyright protection4PENANA5trzBccW68

“Because it's not Lovegood, it looks more like a World War 1 biplane.... a Muggle war.”copyright protection4PENANAnUGz99fRlP

“I think all magicians know what Muggle World War 1 was. We saw it in Muggle History at Hogwarts.”copyright protection4PENANAhqEZU0ZQFz

“Almost nobody takes that stuff, Lovegood, just the brainiacs.”copyright protection4PENANA6L3xkEKxBR

At that moment Harry was holding on to the bridge of his nose while Ginny spat out her soda and Hermione looked at Ron, who was laughing his head off, as she remembered how the fat redhead told her the same thing when they were in school.copyright protection4PENANAFYLlxUuNLQ

“Well (more grrr) James, now you're the brainiac when it comes to Muggle machinery so tell us more about the "car".”copyright protection4PENANAC3gh2bh21X

“Well, the stuka rakuda is a mixture of an old car and a biplane, and I suppose it's scarlet in honor of the red triplane of Baron Manfred von Richthofen, alias the Red Baron... What's up with Lovegood, why do you look so bewildered, I thought you passed Muggle History.”copyright protection4PENANAB8IFG3jqAU

“You're insufferable, James Potter!” Nahikari shouted as she hanged her companion. He only looked at the magic chamber and stuck out his tongue at the same time as he was making at the "V" of victory.copyright protection4PENANAhfT3BrX6eJ

This time it was McGonagall who spat her tea and threw sparks in her eyes, not realizing that the Minister of Magic next to her was preparing a boldo tea for stress with trembling hands.copyright protection4PENANAWQMd7PopRq

“Sorry to interrupt," a red Nahikari excused herself. “The stuka rakuda is driven by Baron Hans Fritz, and although it seems to have an advantage over the other cars, we actually see that like Dr. Locovitch's "car", the stuka rakuda also flies flush with the ground and not very well. Thanks for the dissertation, Potter. You look like a real brainiac.”copyright protection4PENANAmtz58f8sGI

Everyone was laughing at James, who had a red face, knowing that he had been defeated by the girl in front of the magic world.copyright protection4PENANAmXYf0AHYGV

"And in eleventh place, we have the Alambique Veloz, brainy Potter, do the honors.”copyright protection4PENANAIDMvQTkfjc

“Well, the Alambique Veloz (male grrr) is that, a rusty still that acts as a motor for a wooden car that looks like it was made by the driver, Lucas who looks like a hillbillies’ cliché, and his co-driver is the scaredy bear, which is that, a huge bear with a helmet and a scarf.”copyright protection4PENANAFFFeKOuTga

“Now we have in 12th place the super Ferrari, driven by Pierre no doy Una.... eh James, is that a common name in the Muggle world?”copyright protection4PENANACD7AS8aA7R

“Now you leave the Potter and call me James again, Lovegood.”copyright protection4PENANAvPuhlkbGAu

“Let's be professional James (grrr don't make me throw you the cruciatus), and by the way, my name is Nahikari if you'd be so kind.”copyright protection4PENANASfayuVnYOD

“...Well, Nakihari, yes, that's his name, Pierre, no doy Una, and no, it's not a very common name among the Muggles. Pierre's copilot is another animal in clothes, his dog Muttley. As for the car, it's a jet Ferrari (wow, I want one now) with spikes and fins here and there that give it an evil appearance.”copyright protection4PENANA8qgg19pcJw

“One runner is missing, what happened to Penelope Glamour?” Nahikari asked.copyright protection4PENANA4fmyxITIot

In the distance you could hear the roar of a car coming at such a speed that it looked like a pink trail.copyright protection4PENANAdhJoPdjcc8

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection4PENANAQkz6BBg0OZ

Don't forget to vote and comment so Penelope can make a great entry, folks.copyright protection4PENANAxSfTqMBkv0

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