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Writer Capt. leon
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The appearance of the superhero
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!BRmJPlqcKyKaz1ynAsw7posted on PENANA

DESPICABLE MEcopyright protection3PENANAi3v4L3d7MN

Capítulo 13: The appearance of the superherocopyright protection3PENANAZoFl8uGyHr

Lucas, the countryman; Brutus, the enormous lumberjack; Piedro and Roco, the cave brothers; and Meena, the girl scout, followed the trail left by the red porsche of mama Lobo, who in reality was none other than Scarlet Overkill, who had kidnapped Margo, Edith and Agnes, for revenge on Gru and the minions.copyright protection3PENANA6sBGta33Cz

"Good thing my minion-tracking device works with those three," thought Meena, who was driving her car ahead of the other adults following her in their own vehicles. "They stink so much of minion that they'll be easy to find."copyright protection3PENANAaUDFZoJcvv

The trail led the group to an area of abandoned warehouses and buildings on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro.copyright protection3PENANAZvUFQ29xAQ

“I think it's that warehouse over there," Lucas said, pointing to the lights on in the place.copyright protection3PENANAYGjAmMKpQm

“I see only one door and it's locked," Brutus reported.copyright protection3PENANAZ1hCHg1qtx

“We can't just walk in, we'd put those brats in danger," Meena said.copyright protection3PENANAWt2Q8SShqt

“Blablug notaglu” Piedro babbled.copyright protection3PENANA8p9rZweKV4

“Ohgbi nugotablag” his brother Roco babbled this time.copyright protection3PENANA7V5oxNFyd8

The other members of the group did not understand what the cavemen meant, but they signaled that the adults would create a diversion while the girl scout would enter the place through one of the ventilation corridors.copyright protection3PENANA5aB81J1U1r

“I don't want to get my scout suit dirty, but it's already ruined anyway, so I will have to," Meena said in a tsundere way and proceeded with the plan.copyright protection3PENANAnaRxBR3QBZ

Scarlet Overkill while she was challenging Gru and the minions to find her.copyright protection3PENANAUIU07sNM11

“And if you don't give me what I ask for, I will turn these three little girls into precious jewels. You don't see the irony of it, you took away my crown jewels and now those girls will soon become gem sculptures.”copyright protection3PENANAV7cwfegg8i

Of course the villain didn't try to free the girls, whatever they brought her, she just wanted to torture Gru and the minions.copyright protection3PENANAHwsz33q7T1

Suddenly a shrill noise like that of burning tires from the friction in the asphalt reverberated all over the place.copyright protection3PENANA7OK2PRuDDv

“What the hell is that!” shouted the woman and turned off the transmission of her threats and then looked at the monitor that showed several camera shots from various areas outside.copyright protection3PENANAEzDR5S5m8e

"How did those clowns find this place!copyright protection3PENANAEQK6pOaPW3

The villain rushed out of the place and Meena descended through a vent and landed gracelessly on the ground.copyright protection3PENANAR3SB5HsAk6

“Meena, what are you doing here!” Margo shouted from the impression, making his lenses slide down to the tip of his nose.copyright protection3PENANA6ZFJQLBW7K

“Jo, what a beating you gave yourself.” Edith laughed unintentionally.copyright protection3PENANAaMAVS0K2QH

“Did you come to save us?” said Agnes, who clutched her stuffed unicorn.copyright protection3PENANA6HKZiQHLq1

“Ag, shut up, you're too scandalous. I just came to settle up with that lady after...”copyright protection3PENANASw1yfSjROr

“After she kicked your ass?” Edith sneered, at Meena's silence.copyright protection3PENANABZecV6dG93

“Edith, stop it!” Margo scolded her.copyright protection3PENANAngL8f3YXPp

“What! I'm just saying," replied her otaku ninja sister, and she stick out her tongue just as her older sister looked back at Meena.copyright protection3PENANAYHV0gbSz3H

Meena glared at Edith, but she smiled sarcastically back.copyright protection3PENANA1EHfRDm4jw

“Meena, can you free us?”copyright protection3PENANA8HMTP2XOZM

“And why should I do that?”copyright protection3PENANAdYu9ZKlSko

“Because that woman is planning to kill us, that's why!” Margo replied in an indignant tone.copyright protection3PENANAzm3hCUUYZe

“All right... but you'll have to do something for me.”copyright protection3PENANAv7Vi0LkXzk

“What!” shouted Margo and exchanged confused looks with his two sisters.copyright protection3PENANAKMjeWiZhbk

“You'll have your father smash the minions' car in the middle of the race for the whole world to see," Meena said with a psychotic smile. “Of course it's my right to crush those yellow things, but it wouldn't look good around the world if an innocent, good girl scout like me acted that way... I'll take care of those minions later.”copyright protection3PENANAFLGI2jDXiD

“You're out of your mind, not a chance!” Edith shouted, At that moment she wanted Meena in front of her, without a barrier to separate them. Just her, her katana and Meena's hateful face. “Please help us," Agnes asked, as she put on her familiar pity face and those eyes with the kawaii cat on boots style.copyright protection3PENANAbNK75LSqJr

“Hey... no, no, no... Stop looking at me like that!” A series of explosions sounded off-site and Meena saw the exit. As she turned around, she stared at the sad look on the face of the girl holding her cuddly unicorn tenderly. It was too much for Meena.copyright protection3PENANALte4IanHry

“Bruaaaaaaaa... Okay, okay!” she roared with frustration, and she'd head for the checkpoints.copyright protection3PENANA27jJQm2tkk

Agnes was flattered by Edith.copyright protection3PENANA6v8RDeCwEl

Edith was released with her sisters and went to Meena's to hit her, but she was stopped by Agnes who hugged her.copyright protection3PENANAYqPcvxnTfP

“Thank you, I knew you were good!”copyright protection3PENANArhWL1M83gs

“No, get away, you're too sweet... Oh, my gosh, how did they convince me into it? This girl is dangerous," Meena thought as she sighed in frustration.copyright protection3PENANAonYweCLR8p

“Agnes, let's go," asked Margo, and the three sisters and Meena went to the exit.copyright protection3PENANAc6P2jlzHeO

When they opened the door though, they saw how right in front of them and looking at them with insane eyes, there was Scarlet Overkill.copyright protection3PENANAwG6ts7gAbw

“Were my girls going somewhere? You know, it's dangerous out there, you might run into the big bad wolf.”copyright protection3PENANA3AU168DRZL

Behind the evil woman, you could see how Lucas and Brutus' cars were shattered and their occupants lay passed out on the ground. Piedro and Roco, they were inside the rocomovil, but they were frozen by one of the villain's weapons.copyright protection3PENANAhcS7ecsOTH

“What pretty little pigs this wolf found," Scarlet said insanely. “It's not three, it's four. And they left the door open, I won't have to blow and blow to break it down.... I'm going to eat them like gingerbread cookies!”copyright protection3PENANADqnJUPRap3

Scarlet moved closer and closer to the four trembling girls with a threatening gesture and threatening arms raised.copyright protection3PENANAHsDBuJK7BK

A loud explosion rumbled right where the Rocomovil was.copyright protection3PENANATTWM1bZuZT

“CAPTAIN CAAAVEMAN”copyright protection3PENANAbDkymeoeoO

The Piedro and Roco brothers merged and created the oldest superhero of mankind: Captain Caveman.copyright protection3PENANAh6gUHLErTg

The captain caveman  flew off and headed straight for Scarlet.copyright protection3PENANAbNa8zbkzFk

“No, who the hell are you!” shouted the villain as she fired her cold gun at the superhero.copyright protection3PENANAsRXMqk0Oyp

“Beware!” the girls shouted at him, but it wasn't necessary. The tip of the caveman captain's huge baton opened and a small dragon cub emerged from it that began to spit fire, neutralizing and then destroying Scarlet Overkill's weapon.copyright protection3PENANACQvTKdEoFx

Me stopping you, evil woman. Girls not to worry about saving yours” the superhero encouraged them and again charged in mid-flight against his adversary.copyright protection3PENANAFRlPZU0kuG

“Two can play that game.” The villain hissed and then her skirt turned into a kind of rocket and she too flew off to her rival.copyright protection3PENANAEWyBJYWJMv

“Uga buga!” exclaimed the captain as he saw his rival approaching him and launching a dozen missiles from his skirt/propeller.copyright protection3PENANA9olFh5SWux

The captain retreated as one of his hands was lost in his thick, tangled, long hair covering his entire body in search of something.copyright protection3PENANAu9oPZoKZIe

The captain laid several prehistoric eggs and threw them into the sky. Pterodactyl wings hatched from the eggs and they went to intercept the missiles.copyright protection3PENANAGnbeZUcVDZ

"No, it's impossible, nothing can intercept my high-speed IA micro missiles!" thought Scarlet who was surprised to see all her missiles explode.copyright protection3PENANAqNoLsFRkCl

Scarlet's "skirt" provided her with two weapons: one launched a beam of electricity and the other spiral fired a series of lethal acid shots. Both discharges formed chains that spanned several meters and seemed not to decrease in length, so lethal were the weapons.copyright protection3PENANAS6vhVuFGuo

The capi was not deterred and from his club emerged a caveman electric eel brood that shot out towards Scarlet. The eel swallowed the entire electricity discharge and then crashed into the villain's weapon, destroying it.copyright protection3PENANAUbL5qKZDGD

The capi then pulled a baby caveman turtle out of its "fur" and threw it at its opponent.copyright protection3PENANAC6q0STGJei

The acid discharge hit the shell of the turtle and in the end the acid was neutralized. Like the other weapon, this one was also destroyed.copyright protection3PENANA56pBol641B

“No!” Scarlet shouted, but she didn't have time for distractions because the captain was already charging at her.copyright protection3PENANAsWMe1cZ1PG

Scarlet was retreating but more and more the captain was closing the gap. Something seemed to be happening to the captain who was starting to convulse in a ridiculous way.copyright protection3PENANAEsM5tFZ9od

“Oh, run out of fuel!”copyright protection3PENANAsukS5IdbMf

The captain began to fall to the ground, not without first throwing his baton at the woman.copyright protection3PENANANfbzucMueC

The baton reached Scarlet's "skirt" and she too fell to the ground.copyright protection3PENANAaS4XYyCXH1

The capi was battered on the ground unable to move when suddenly he was covered by a shadow.copyright protection3PENANAbavv2BegN0

“Now you will see what happens to those who face me," the villain gesticulated as she lifted a large rock above her head with the intention of crushing her antagonist.copyright protection3PENANAvAgG9LTWf7

Suddenly an explosion enveloped Scarlet Overkill, sending her flying several meters into a scrap metal wreck.copyright protection3PENANAyq0DnZbZXT

“Wow, nice toys that lady has," said an impressed Meena, who had taken the gun out of the warehouse's weapons compartment, .copyright protection3PENANA183wD68SmV

The sound of several police sirens approached the place, the girls were safe.copyright protection3PENANASSv9zFVsCa

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANAAaBBOYA0Yx

Thanks for Reading dear friends, don’t forget to vote and comment pretty please. copyright protection3PENANAUZGYwk4Ecr

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