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    hi there! to be honest i'm not reeeeeally running this page anymore, but i promised myself i'd finish the Percy Jackson fanfic i started on here forever ago sooooo yeah! coool. idk
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Bella Cooper and the Half-Bloods (FanFic)

(Completed-25k+ words) 

Bella Cooper is defiant and strong, even when her modernized finishing school for girls tries to rip her opinionated personality from her. However, dealing with prissy rich girls and 'feminine manners' are the least of her worries.  Recently, she's come face to face with crazy weird monsters and learned about some new Greek family that has some on-going drama which, unfortunately, she is now part of. 
Luckily, Camp Half-Blood is a place where kids can learn about their new powers and abilities, and explore their history safely. Sounds perfect, and the only thing Bella needs is to be a demi-god!

Well, she doesn't meet that criterion either.  Now she's only got three days to fix her broken family, learn how to have normal teenage relationships, and tell the truth about her Greek Underworld parent.

Let's hope that's enough time.

(This is a fanfiction set in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians world created by Rick Riordan. It doesn't include any lore from Trials of Apollo or Heros of Olympus. I do not claim to own any of the characters created by Rick Riordan, including Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, or Nico di Angelo.  I have taken creative license regarding the facts about the Greek mythological creatures mentioned, so don't take them for fact! The same can be said for my use of witchcraft. Not all my information is accurate as I used it for story-telling purposes. Feel free to use my story however you like, but please ask and link me in whatever works you publish with my content in them.  The cover art is an altered photo from a reference photo site online. Let me know if you would like a direct link to the photo. Enjoy!)

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