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    Amy Symilton
    Amy Symilton
    I'm a writer from Indonesia. I mostly write stories of mixed genres for children such as adventure, fantasy, and action mixed with supernatural, magic, martial art, sci-fi, myth, or mystical folklore elements of each country including my own. I also sometimes write fable stories but with improvised plots (I'm not sticking too much with the classic storytelling of once upon a time nowadays. Usually, I just stick to the beginning without using the classic quote in older stories even though I still love the classic tales and folklore myself).
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Adventure of Alice Maro The Fifth Story : The Lycanthropy War
PG Completed

Having failed to save Vathek on her fourth adventure, Alice and Vine return home with a sad look on their face. Before Alice goes to bed, an elderly woman named Grandma Tata enters her tent. She asked Alice about her sadness and she replied how she failed to save Vathek from his doomed destiny. Grandma Tata comforted her and tell her a story about her deceased husband who coincidentally had the same fate as Vathek when he was still alive. Meanwhile...Mirage has sent an army of werewolves known as the Silver Moon clan into Alice's world from a dimension gateway he opened that connects between Mirage Realm and Alice's world. The arrival of the Silver Moon clan along with Mirage has turned into a confrontation war between the magicians of Magi Village and the Silver Moon led by Mirage. Alice, Vine, and Martha being children, had no choice but to run. Their escape has turned into a dead-end as they end up near a cliff while the werewolves are coming for them. How will Alice, Vine, and Martha stop the war against a clan of werewolves? Will the confrontation against Mirage end the war?

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