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For this contest, I want you to take the image below and create something with it. A story. A quote. A song. A poem. Any form of art you wish. Here is my example, it came to mind the first time I saw this picture:

As I jumped and skipped in the pouring rain, I knew people around me enjoying the sunny weather. All of them under their dimly lit umbrellas, seeing an imaged sunny day. You may not know but, the world has changed. It rains everyday without end. We’re lucky to see a sunny day. People started to complain, get lazy, and slow go into depression.  So, in response, scientists created an umbrella that creates an image the holder wishes to view. It was created for the greater good but also as an experiment. Everyone in the world received one of these ‘wondrous’ umbrellas. I did was well, and you would consider me an outlier in this experiment. I tried it and within the first second I threw it into the back of the closet. I didn’t need an umbrella to enjoy life. I could see it with my own eyes. Rain falls everyday, just like everyone’s hopes for a sunny day. I didn’t lose my hope, I never had to have hope. I had all I needed. A light, even if these clouds brought what everyone else saw as a darkness.

I never understood why, I still don’t. But, it doesn’t matter. Life can continue to pour down on me but I’ll never coward away. I’ll always stay out, taking anything and seeing it as a light. Even if no one else sees it.

That's just my example, I just want your response or thoughts to this picture in a form of art.

Go crazy! Have fun! Think Deep! IDK! Do what you do! :)


(If this goes well. I hope to do more Picture Responses later on :) Maybe I'll do Song Responses, *shrugs* idk :)  )

Artist of the masterpiece above is in this link.

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Valentine's Day Contest with foodpanda!
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foodpanda x Penana Valentine’s Day Contest!

Hello Everyone!

Penana has been working on hosting different creative and cultural writing campaigns from around the world for our beloved writers! As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we are very delighted to cohost a Valentine's Day creative writing contest with Food Delivery App, foodpanda(www.foodpanda.hk)!

Let’s make the most of this very special occasion by putting your imagination to test with our fun Valentine’s Day contest!

*Contest Mechanism*

Prompt:Write a story to promotefoodpanda based on the three elements :

- Valentine’s Day

- foodpanda

- Ex-significant other

Duration:Feb 8, 2016– Feb 21, 2016 (GMT+8 Time Zone)

Word Limit:Around 300-500Words

It’s the time to relive your most romantic and memorable experiences!


1st Place:

- Story Entry Featured on foodpanda’s Online Magazine

- $500 HKD Foodpanda voucher

- Penana Story Postcard (with your winning story entry on it)

2nd Place:

- $400 HKD foodpanda voucher

- Penana Story Postcard (with your winning story entry on it)

3rd Place:

- $300 HKD foodpanda voucher

- Penana Story Postcard (with your winning entry story on it)

(Note:foodpanda Vouchers can be used in Hong Kong only. However, participants in other countries are strongly encouraged to join the contest to win the chance of featuring their entries in foodpanda’s online magazine and win Penana’s beautifully designed gifts!)


1. foodpanda and Penana will judge the contest entries based on their creativity, quality, originality, and uniqueness.

2. Each contest submission shall not have been previously exploited or published in any form.

3. The contest submissions should not contain any material that is libelous, defamatory, profane or obscene, as determined by foodpanda and Penana.

4. All submissions must be in English.

Words from foodpanda:)

Food Delivery just got faster. We’re foodpanda, a delivery service bringing you the restaurants you love right to your doorstep or your office. Often, with busy schedules and in the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, eating schedules are often neglected, so we want to be your solution. And, we definitely want to hear what young people have to say about trending food scenes.

Drawn to Penana, we are looking for aspiring writers, who might also happen to be a foodie to exercise in creative writing. So if you are one, or know anyone who might be one…stop waiting and enter our competition now!

Follow foodpanda’s facebook and Instagram!



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