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The Blue Moon Rises * Book 1
Writer ToriHeadWolf
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The Blue Moon Rises * Book 1
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The Truth
Jan 26, 2017
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ltwxIuvgSDrQ4j4Wmj2uposted on PENANA

Tori’s POVcopyright protection49PENANA254nFO0b3G

Death was peaceful, almost painless. All I remembered was my vision fading out and falling into a deep, endless sleep. I couldn’t see anything, but I heard voices in the distance.“She’s dead, isn’t she?” “What if…” The voices then faded out, and I knew the answer to the first question; I am dead. I would never see Brooke again, never get a boyfriend, and never graduate. Well, I should’ve graduated last year…copyright protection49PENANAno9UWSpr8h

But that’s not the point. I’m dead, and there was nothing I could do about it. I saw a light ahead of me, and I knew that it was the end of my black-out journey. The light got brighter, and it consumed me. It didn’t last long, though. I was suddenly pulled back into the darkness, and the light got smaller until it was gone.copyright protection49PENANA4z88Sc5ev7

I slammed into hard ground, but felt no pain. I opened my eyes and focused on my surroundings. It was a cave, and it almost reminded me of the Werewolves’ territory…..I was alive! How was that possible? I remember dying, but apparently I was brought back to life. I then saw a figure lying in front of me and I stumbled backwards, startled.copyright protection49PENANAJycOVRDV3G

The figure must’ve heard my movement, because it looked straight at me. “W-who are you?” I asked, and wasn’t surprised to hear how hoarse my voice sounded.copyright protection49PENANABq5Ll1DKtL

“Tori?” The figure replied in a shocked tone, and I immediately recognised the voice. “It’s Brandyn,” he said, which I already knew that.copyright protection49PENANA2ylaHdmMsS

“You’re alive also? Either that or we’re still dead and were able to meet up,” I say.copyright protection49PENANATcq60mYDi1

“Wait. You died? How?” Brandyn demands.copyright protection49PENANAkTrpFMrixV

“There was a war between the Werewolves and Vampires. These other...things joined the Vampires in versing us. It ended in a draw,” I explained.copyright protection49PENANA4ztqJaE6X7

“The Shapeshifters? Who else died?” He asks, and I thought for a moment. “And who killed them?” He added.copyright protection49PENANAYQjpWjLUX3

“Well, Tanner killed K.C, Lea, and I. Mckayla killed Izzy and helped kill Alex, who was also killed by Izzy and Sarah. Sarah was killed by Olivia, and that’s it,” I reply.copyright protection49PENANAWhXnHDa9WI

“So...are we dead? Or were we somehow brought back to life?” Brandyn asked (he’s asking so many questions!).copyright protection49PENANA40hyr1I57G

“I don’t know,” I say, then hear footsteps in the distance. I freeze, then three figures walked into my view. The Werewolves.copyright protection49PENANAc6wvwtPioM

“TORI!” They shout (this reminds me of when I got back from the Vampires’ territory) in unison. I was then hugged by all of them at once.copyright protection49PENANAmk4jILWTVS

“Woah! You know Brandyn’s here too right?” I say, laughing. They then shout Brandyn’s name and ran into the darkness to hug him. When I heard him cry out, I laughed again.copyright protection49PENANABZTTxlUgq2

“I’m so glad you’re alive!” Olivia says once they walk back.copyright protection49PENANAWC9t8FWYXl

“Wait. How are we alive?” I question.copyright protection49PENANAKjFPDoBAhw

They hesitate a moment. “Brooke resurrected you,” Mckayla replies.copyright protection49PENANAtTwnM4IHk8

I was not expecting that. “How did she do that?” I ask, even though I guessed the answer.copyright protection49PENANAJhLSLUyISw

“She’s a Witch, Tori. She never told you so you wouldn’t hate her,” Olivia tells me, placing a hand on my shoulder. I shrug it off and walk to the opening of the cave.copyright protection49PENANA3DPJst833p

“I’m gonna talk to her. Don’t think about following me,” I say, then phase into my Werewolf form. I had no idea where Brooke was, but I went to the one place where she might be. Her house. I phased back right before I arrived, making sure that nobody saw me. I walked up to the door and knocked, waiting sort-of patiently.copyright protection49PENANAAxj6U5aDMv

The door opens, and Brooke’s mom stands in the doorway, a surprised look on her face. “Tori? What are you doing here?” She asks politely.copyright protection49PENANALwNxpyrXhk

“I’m looking for Brooke. Is she here?” I say, and she shakes her head. copyright protection49PENANAtkXj4pMctQ

“No she isn’t. She’s at the Witches’ Lair, where she always is. Didn’t you know that? Aren’t you a Werewolf?” She asks it cautiously, in case I didn’t know.copyright protection49PENANAC4oVai0lVN

“Yes, but I didn’t know that Brooke was a Witch,” I say. “Where’s the Witches’ Lair?” I ask her.copyright protection49PENANARHjEfJdHHu

“Over in those woods, about ten miles from here. It’s a cave,” She replies, pointing into the woods behind her house.copyright protection49PENANA1aPYuToh6S

“Thanks,” I say, then sprint into the woods, phasing as soon as I hit the treeline. As I ran, I thought about what Brooke’s mom had said. She knew that I was a Werewolf, and Brooke probably knew also. And she never told me. That’s even worse than finding out by the Vampires.copyright protection49PENANA8IWwD6PEsL

About fifteen minutes later, I saw a cave in the distance, and I phased back when I got closer to the entrance. The cave wasn’t very big, just a little smaller than the Werewolves’ territory. But when I walked inside, I noticed that it wasn’t small at all. It reminded me of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when they were at the quidditch world cup and their tent was way bigger on the inside. Or the TARDIS in Doctor Who. I had a hard time locating Brooke’s office (if she had one). I found a girl in the hallway with dirty-blonde hair, and when I got closer to her, I noticed that her eyes were teal coloured.copyright protection49PENANArjsLYIvbpc

“Can I help you?” The girl asked me.copyright protection49PENANAFrnvpRoO9u

“Uh, yeah. I’m looking for Brooke’s office. I’m her friend Tori,” I say and the girl’s teal eyes flashed with recognition.copyright protection49PENANAGhcCOQJDuc

“Oh I know you! Brooke talks about you all the time! Her office is right down this hall, you really can’t miss it,” She says, pointing to the hall on her left.copyright protection49PENANAoWvRItzdFZ

“Thanks,” I mutter before walking away. The girl was right, I couldn’t miss it. There was only one door in the hallway. It was a wooden door with “BROOKE: HEAD WITCH” carved into it. Head Witch? That makes sense. I put my hand up to knock, but it automatically opens. Well, it only did because Brooke was leaving the office.copyright protection49PENANAplqMQQEeEO

She looks up at me, a surprised look on her face. “Tori! What are you doing here?” She was smiling at me.copyright protection49PENANAJl5WYTNHxh

I wasn’t smiling back. “Why didn’t you tell me you’re a Witch? Or that I was a Werewolf?”copyright protection49PENANAUVepMWTmay

The smile slips from her face. “I-I couldn’t tell you. People who aren’t involved in the Supernatural World━humans━can’t know what we are. You didn’t know that you were a Werewolf yet, so I couldn’t tell you what I was. Otherwise the Shapeshifters or the Vampires would’ve killed you and started a war with the Witches. You remember what happened to K.C when she found out,” Brooke explains, and I suddenly heard K.C’s screams in my head.copyright protection49PENANAlzTMmKC1Yh

Even though I hated Brooke at the moment, she had a point. “It doesn’t matter. You could’ve told me that I was a Werewolf, then told me that you were a Witch.”copyright protection49PENANAPICVFAPsim

Brooke stares at me with an apologetic look on her face. “I’m really sorry that I didn’t, Tori. Can you please forgive me?”copyright protection49PENANAKchYC4Vwq5

As much as I wanted to say yes, I turned away. “No.” I walked down the hallway and out the Witches’ Lair, leaving Brooke behind me.copyright protection49PENANA5MFZy2Jb3I

***TIMESKIP***copyright protection49PENANAsTq5P6GEyZ

I stepped past the barrier that surrounds the Werewolves’ territory (the Werewolves told me about it before the war), and immediately noticed something was off. Olivia and Mckayla were yelling at someone, while Kaitlyn and Brandyn stood there, not doing anything.copyright protection49PENANA1ibjgOnclO

As I got closer, I realised that the girl who they were yelling at was the black haired girl from the war. She was a Shapeshifter I think. “What’s going on?” I demanded, walking up to the argument.copyright protection49PENANAhqAWp8Y8j2

“I’m taking you back to the Witches’ Lair. The Witches need you for something━I don’t know what━and they said that you’re gonna be there for a while. They knew that you wouldn’t come willingly, so they sent me to get you. You’re coming with me,” The girl says to me, and I glare at her.copyright protection49PENANAQMWhRLnxqW

“How did you even get past the barrier?” I demand.copyright protection49PENANAwreILvx8HS

“Your Werewolf friends let me in. Now let’s go before I force you to come,” The girls says, slowly approaching me.copyright protection49PENANAWZjxWIFURZ

“And who are you to boss me around like that? I only listen to my friends,” I snap, and look at the other Werewolves for their support.copyright protection49PENANAXILU0DGob6

They shift uncomfortably, and Olivia speaks up. “Um, Tori, I think that you should go with Alex.”copyright protection49PENANAkIyzrj4ZsM

“What?!” I exclaim. “I was just there! Why couldn’t they tell me while I was ‘visiting’?”copyright protection49PENANASpMbWITCDL

“They told me after you left. Are you coming or not?” Alex asks, impatient and a little annoyed.copyright protection49PENANABBtnvt1bRc

“No,” I say, and walk towards the cave.copyright protection49PENANAhcVQLnaQmC

“Thought you would say that,” Alex says with a sneer, and smacks me on the side of the head, causing me to fall and slightly black out. I looked up to see her holding a rock in her hand (she probably hit me with that). She grins at me before slamming the rock on my head again, and the world suddenly goes dark.copyright protection49PENANADe1ppY7jAL

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