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The Blue Moon Rises * Book 1
Writer ToriHeadWolf
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The Blue Moon Rises * Book 1
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Nov 16, 2016
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!YC0YnkKjBAtscjlrVQuBposted on PENANA

Kady's POVcopyright protection52PENANAh9EPV98Aig

"Great. Just great," Brandyn says, pacing back and forth. We were currently at the Werewolves' territory, blaming each other for Tori's kidnapping by the Vampires.copyright protection52PENANAHgSIfg20AE

"Brandyn, you should've gone after her!" Olivia shouts, her black hair with fading red highlights falling in her face, covering her bright violet coloured eyes.copyright protection52PENANAB37OnsgiiK

"I'm sorry, but why didn't you?!" Brandyn screams back.copyright protection52PENANAUzTzoPIxq1

Olivia scoffs, "I was in the library with Kady! Remember?"copyright protection52PENANAN8iGQxXTyx

"Guys just stop!" Lea shouts at them, only to receive a "shut up!!" from both of them.copyright protection52PENANAx9AEXX6dgp

I rubbed my temples, completely annoyed at them. "Please shut up. Both of you. Tori's gone and none of us did anything to stop that. So deal with it," I snapped, causing Olivia and Brandyn to freeze.copyright protection52PENANAYaZSJnIrV8

"Jeez Kady. Didn't have to be so rude," Brandyn mutters. I roll my eyes at him, scoffing.copyright protection52PENANAtJgLp7im1Q

"Fine. At least I am gonna look for Tori. Anyone else who wants to join can follow," I say, then turn and walk away. I hear footsteps behind me and see Brandyn and Kaitlyn catching up to me.copyright protection52PENANAUy0udYskcI

"Hey! Wouldn't leave your pack behind now would ya?" Kaitlyn says, smirking. The three of us are in a pack called the Midnight Sun Pack. Brandyn's the Alpha, while Kaitlyn is his second-in-command. I'm the leftover.copyright protection52PENANAJaTJ3C6L41

I can't help but smile back. "You're right Kitty I wouldn't. Now let's go find Tori."copyright protection52PENANATxKaiaiBxj

We then phase into our Werewolf forms. Basically, you imagine yourself transforming into the animal and what you would look like. That's how you phase. It's the same for Shapeshifters but they call it "transforming". My senses escalated, along with my speed and agility. Brandyn, Kaitlyn, and I sprinted away from the Werewolves’ territory and into the woods.copyright protection52PENANAsrSsW5qpqC

Up ahead, Brandyn changes course and I know that he’s caught Tori’s scent. Suddenly, I sensed something strange, yet familiar, and slowed down. “Guys stop. I think the Vampires are near,” I tell Brandyn and Kaitlyn telepathically (Werewolves can do that), and they turn around and trot back.copyright protection52PENANA8aN1TQEZBJ

“I can sense them too,” Kaitlyn says, then phases back into her human form. I do also, followed by Brandyn. We take a look at our surroundings to find that we are in a large field with grass that’s a dull yellow colour surrounded in a forest and leaves scattered all around, blowing through the air with the wind. I look straight ahead and see faint silhouettes in the trees, walking towards us. As they got closer, it became clear that it was three figures that we know all too well. The Vampires; Izzy, Sarah, and Emily.copyright protection52PENANA1vgMFzXYau

They approached us with their Vampire speed, stopping just a few feet away. “Well, well. If it isn’t the Midnight Sun Pack. I bet you’re looking for Tori?” Izzy drawled, smirking.copyright protection52PENANAhCV95SewhF

Brandyn growled from beside me. “Stop smiling like you’ve beat us. There’s still six of us and only three of you. You’re at a disadvantage.”copyright protection52PENANA8pPWrIM5Io

Izzy laughs, giving us a crooked, cruel smile. “Are you now? Have you forgotten who Tori is?” Her gaze shifts to me.copyright protection52PENANAOJU5wzFtyQ

Brandyn and Kaitlyn glance in my direction also. “What is she talking about, Kady?” Brandyn asks, not in a friendly tone.copyright protection52PENANAYPtUYyMd44

I had overheard the Vampires talking once, and they were saying that Tori was more important than the rest because of what she is. That’s why the Vampires took her. But I never told the other Werewolves because I thought it didn’t matter. Now I realise, it does.copyright protection52PENANASduIaVqX18

I clear my throat and say, “Tori is kinda…..well, not really but….she’s the Head Wolf.”copyright protection52PENANAlQSfVpPBTn

I couldn’t describe what emotion was on Brandyn’s face. Anger? Betrayal? Hurt? All three? It was hard to tell. “AND YOU DIDN’T TELL US?!! YOU DIDN’T EVEN TELL ME, YOU’RE OWN ALPHA!!” He didn’t give me a chance to explain before he phased and sprinted off into the woods. copyright protection52PENANArRdULctyqx

Kaitlyn looked at me with sad eyes. “You shouldn’t have kept that kind of information from us, Kady. If we knew, we could’ve protected her. But it’s too late, now.” She also phases and runs in the direction where Brandyn had gone. It was just me and the Vampires now.copyright protection52PENANACjL61V2rS3

Izzy laughs and turns around, leaving in the same way she came. Sarah and Emily give me cold stares before following. Tears pricked the back of my eyes. Brandyn hates me, Kaitlyn pities me, I can’t go back to the den…copyright protection52PENANAAeTsuPSjqL

I suddenly take off towards the trees ahead of me hoping they didn’t leave. I slow down to a stop, leaning up against a tree to catch my breath. I heard snickering coming from above, and the three Vampires drop down to the ground.copyright protection52PENANAHRCVMo7fXx

“What do you want, Half-Wolf?” She demands, and I wince at the name. Half-Wolf means half human, half Werewolf. My mother was a human, my father a Vampire.copyright protection52PENANANzRzGSuIkn

“I-I wanted t-to find you b-b-because I want to be like y-you,” I say, nervousness filling my voice.copyright protection52PENANAMUCGn6vfqW

Izzy’s face filled with surprise. “Wow. I didn’t think you would say that. But, I kinda did, knowing that you would have to go somewhere after betraying the others.”copyright protection52PENANA08OD3A2aQZ

I didn’t say anything, I only nodded once. Izzy glances at Emily, who suddenly appears at my side. I jump instinctively. “This will only hurt a bit,” She says, then reveals her fangs. Fear is the only thing I felt at the moment. Emily places her palm on the side of my head, tilting it sideways so my neck was exposed. I took two deeps breaths and counted to ten. I only made it to three when my vision darkened.copyright protection52PENANAIDyzcfrHYM

. . . . .copyright protection52PENANA4KGHq3NWjd

I awoke what seemed like days later, surrounded in black. I sensed someone watching me and I turned to see a figure crouching in the corner of the “room”. I noticed that I could see clearly in the dark, but I couldn’t identify who it was. They reached up and brushed the hair out of their face, revealing their identity to me. I stifled a gasp. Tori.copyright protection52PENANASjlHXohZz8

I then realised that I was in the Vampires’ lair, where they were keeping her. I put my hand up to my teeth, where I felt two that were larger and more sharp than the others. I had fangs, I told myself mentally. My dark hair was longer, falling past my shoulders. Before, it was a little above. I stood up and walked over to Tori, seeing that she was shackled to the stone wall she was sitting against.copyright protection52PENANAYiLxSYMkFL

Her face was masked with pain, terror, and shock. “K-Kady?” she asked, her voice barely audible. I reached out and gripped the chain on her right hand, about to break it when I hand was laid on my shoulder. Izzy.copyright protection52PENANA6KvMrWQeT9

“Don’t. She needs to stay here, where the Werewolves can’t find her. Besides, to show us your loyalty, you have to prove yourself.”copyright protection52PENANAsMtOtqdLqN

I didn’t like the sound of that. “How would I do that exactly?”copyright protection52PENANATp5EWXDJhi

Izzy just smiles at me. “Think about it.” A terrible thought popped into my head and I stare at her, open-mouthed. She nods slightly and motions for me to lead the way.copyright protection52PENANAvn31auX0JR

I walk past her, towards the entrance, where Emily and Sarah were waiting. “Let’s go kill ourselves a Werewolf,” I tell them and their faces light up. I hated saying it, but my mind has gotten colder since the Changing.copyright protection52PENANAacDD064dSv

I sprinted into the forest ahead, knowing for the first time what it’s like to run with Vampire speed. The world is blurred all around me, the wind blowing my hair back, my senses were sharper than ever. When I caught his scent, I immediately ran in that direction, the others close behind me. copyright protection52PENANA1LU6qR33Bl

I stopped suddenly, seeing him ahead of me. Izzy, Sarah, and Emily were on either side of me, staring at the Werewolf five feet away. “Split up and surround him,” I whisper to them and they nod, running off in different directions. When they were in place, I stepped into the clearing, watching as his head perks up and looks at me.copyright protection52PENANAm6Jp7TU5TD

“Hello Brandyn,” I say. I watched as he phased back into human form. His face told me that he was still angry, but apparently he couldn’t see the change.copyright protection52PENANAW4QzHQGM4y

“Kady? Why are you here? I told you to leave me alone!” He practically shouts.copyright protection52PENANAh5kbcK2gOE

I tilt my head in confusion. “No you didn’t.”copyright protection52PENANABaKkAReuW8

“Yeah I did! I said it to everyone telepathically after I ran off! You can still hear me while you’re in human form!” Then he realised why I was acting this way. “Kady…….did you…?” Terror was evident in his voice.copyright protection52PENANA8ScYsTP8FU

I smiled, exposing my fangs. Brandyn recoiled and phased back into his Werewolf form, growling viciously at me. “See what you did to me?! You made me feel as though I didn’t mean anything to you guys and now look at me!! I’m a Vampire and Izzy is now my leader! Not you or anyone else! NOW!” I screamed, Izzy and the other Vampires stepping out.copyright protection52PENANAHX028cNbtB

“You’ve been a real pain, Brandyn. Izzy’s been waiting for this moment. Let’s not ruin it,” I say in a deep tone. Brandyn runs for an opening, but Sarah grabs him and throws him into a tree, and he whimpers in pain. He gets back up and goes to run again, but Izzy wraps her arms around him and squeezes tightly. I could hear the bones breaking inside him.copyright protection52PENANAP4MApmrEQo

Brandyn breaks out of her grasp and takes a step forward, but was blocked by me. “Where do you think you’re going?” I shoved him backwards, and he falls to the ground. Izzy grabs him again and gives him one last bone-breaking squeeze. Literally. Brandyn howls in agony and Izzy drops him. I watch as the light leaves his eyes, not feeling terrible for what I did at all. copyright protection52PENANAMZgYXJSNSy

Sarah pulls out a lighter and hands it to me. I stare at it questioningly. “It’s just best to burn the corpse rather than just let it sit there and rot.” She tells me.copyright protection52PENANAHzvHBEUoQn

I nod and step closer to Brandyn, noticing how he automatically turns back to normal. “Goodbye Brandyn.” I say, igniting the lighter and dropping it on his body. It immediately catches fire and in five seconds, the whole corpse was burning.copyright protection52PENANA0FsMfS9Hw0

“Looks like you’re one of us now, Kady. You’ve proved yourself to us,” Izzy smiles at me appreciatively and the four of us head back to our territory. I didn’t look back.copyright protection52PENANA5iZmhW59JX

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