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The Blue Moon Rises * Book 1
Writer ToriHeadWolf
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The Blue Moon Rises * Book 1
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Good Witch, Bad Witch
Mar 10, 2017
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!pj5AxB3ZRWC7v20uy02dposted on PENANA

Alex’s POVcopyright protection40PENANANdx9LkqkWf

I’ve always hated the Werewolves and Vampires. It’s not like I was raised that way, it’s just that I’ve met them and hate their personalities. They’re just so...stuck up. Well, except for Brandyn. Him and I met at school and became friends. We talk crap on the Vampires, and I refrain on talking trash on the Werewolves while he’s around.copyright protection40PENANA2mz8X6J05B

I transformed into my panther form, Olivia placing the unconscious Tori on my back. “Don’t hurt her Alex,” She says, and I roll my eyes at her, then take off towards the Witches’ Lair.copyright protection40PENANAXHItKJYiK0

Once we arrived, I transformed back, Tori falling to the ground beside me. She stirred, then sat up, rubbing her side. I grabbed her by her reddish-brown hair, dragging her into the large cave. “Hey Alex!” Tristan, one of the other Shapeshifters says to me as I pass by him, and I respond with a nod. He glances at Tori with a confused look on his face, but shrugs and walks away without a word.copyright protection40PENANAvyd3HYo8jk

I open the door to Brooke’s office, throwing Tori to the ground in front of Brooke’s desk. She gets up hastily, glaring at me. “You little~” She starts to say, but Brooke clears her throat, interrupting her.copyright protection40PENANAnmHXuE3eF9

“Thank you Alex. I have no idea what Kaeden and Kayla need her for, but could you take her to Kaeden’s office?” She asks me, and I groan.copyright protection40PENANAPCRy5Bi3U2

“Why Kaeden? You know she doesn’t like me,” I tell her, but when she gives me “the look”, I grab Tori’s arm and pull her out of the room. “I hate Kaeden so much,” I mutter.copyright protection40PENANA4qBitjhRrB

“Why?” Tori asked, god she’s so annoying.copyright protection40PENANAcPXTMrxQFc

“Shut up and don’t worry about it Wolf,” I saw her flinch at the name.copyright protection40PENANA0vPR3VtlZn

I stopped walking, facing Kaeden’s office door. I sighed dramatically before knocking on the door. It opened to reveal Kaeden, her teal eyes glaring at me. “Oh, it’s you,” She says with disgust.copyright protection40PENANAo4OZmhiD9J

I roll my grey eyes at her. “Go ride a broomstick, Witch.”copyright protection40PENANAelzcflDMbj

“You wish,” Kaeden shoots back, then glances at Tori, who wore an annoyed, yet pain-filled expression. “Hello again, Tori,” Kaeden says kindly.copyright protection40PENANAZcOO3SKxeJ

Tori gives her a pained smile. “Hi.” She glares at me. “Can you let me go now?” She hisses in a venomous tone. I release her arm, and there was a bruise where my hand was. She rubs her arm, stepping away from me.copyright protection40PENANAVCNJC91UNa

“Come in Tori,” Kaeden says, then to me; “You’ve done your job, you’re no longer needed here, Alex.”copyright protection40PENANAE2wdfLzTxL

I cross my arms and stay where I was. Kaeden sighs and waves her hand, muttering a spell. The world faded away for a few seconds, and when it came back into focus, I was in my bedroom. I walk towards the door, but was blasted backwards once I passed the door frame. “What the…?” I ask aloud, then scream; “KAEDEN YOU WITCH!!”copyright protection40PENANAcxX1m1T6y7

“Alex?” I look over to see Tanner standing in the doorway. “You alright?”copyright protection40PENANAPuKDemNfhA

I slammed my hands down on the bed, exasperated. “No, I’m not ‘alright’ Tanner. Kaeden freaking cast a spell on my bedroom door so I can’t get out!”copyright protection40PENANApWDV9SGJLe

“Have you tried getting out through the window?” He asks, and I shake my head no.copyright protection40PENANAuYMr08tTe2

I walk to the large window in my room and open the black curtains. But as soon as my fingertips grazed the cool glass of the window, I was thrown back onto the floor. “That Witch!” I yell, then add; “Be lucky I censored myself, Tanner. That could’ve been way worse.”copyright protection40PENANA14wMHK8u0q

Tanner walks over to me and offers me his hand. I take it and stand up. “Thanks,” I say.copyright protection40PENANA4qmIlwB2fn

“Welcome. Why would Kaeden do this? I know she hates you, but this is a little extreme,” Tanner says, and I shrug.copyright protection40PENANAhJl3bmbEfq

“I don’t know. I brought Tori to her office and she transported me here. And how can you come in?” I ask.copyright protection40PENANAGhud4bYcFY

“Maybe the spell is there just so you can’t leave, but other people can come in. Try and figure it out. I have to train with Tristan. Bye Alex,” He says, then walks out of the room.copyright protection40PENANACKoZsKv4NK

I put my hands in the air, exasperated. “Kayla!” I shouted, and seconds later Kayla appears in the doorway.copyright protection40PENANAr4tN8F9jkp

“Yes Alex?” She asks.copyright protection40PENANAJ0HeeLpdY4

“Kaeden has cursed my bedroom somehow and now I can’t get out! Can you un-curse it or something?” I ask her, filled with hope, but it fades once I see the look on Kayla’s face.copyright protection40PENANAcBOAAhl5l9

“I’m so sorry but only the Witch who placed the curse can reverse it. I’ll tell Brooke so she can convince Kaeden to un-curse your room,” She says, and I crossed my arms.copyright protection40PENANAPNdjBmZKGj

“Whatever. As long as the stupid curse is gone, I’m fine,” I say, and Kayla gives me an apologetic smile before leaving me in silence. I groan and turn around, smashing my face into my bed comforter.copyright protection40PENANAaqkREyC3LA

I heard familiar, yet annoying laughter coming from behind me, and a voice to match. “Aww, Alex can’t get out of her room! Poor her.” I whirled around to see Kaeden smirking at me.copyright protection40PENANA7XcWyMeURA

I lunged at her, not realising she was outside the door frame until after I was blasted backwards onto my butt. Kaeden laughed again, a harsh, high-pitched sound that made me hate her more. “Shut up, Witch,” I growl, and she scoffs.copyright protection40PENANA3Hnh1YD0Jj

“Or what? You can’t even get out of your room! And I’m outside your room so you can’t touch me!” Kaeden says, and I stood up, furious.copyright protection40PENANAjTJDKncnqX

“I will find a way. And when this curse is removed, I’m going to hurt you so bad that you’re gonna wish you never put this curse here,” I hiss.copyright protection40PENANAYyVavuWJoO

Kaeden raises her eyebrows, “Who says I’m gonna remove the curse?”copyright protection40PENANAjsvHJwFnwp

“I say. Now remove the curse, Kaeden,” Brooke says, and Kaeden whirls around, startled to see Brooke standing right behind her.copyright protection40PENANAGPiqt2NFqe

“O-oh. S-sorry,” Kaeden says, and waves her hand, muttering unintelligible words. I walk over to the doorway and stick my hand through, breathing a sigh of relief when nothing happened.copyright protection40PENANADoNzyi3v2s

“Thanks,” I say to Brooke, who nods once before disappearing. Or “disapparating” as she likes to call it. She always loves a good Harry Potter reference. Kaeden then smirks at me before pulling out a handful of powder, dropping it on the floor in a circle around her. I just stared at her, utterly bored. Kaeden then claps her hands once, and the powder rises up and spins around her, continuing to rise. When it reached her head, in caved in and fell to the ground. Kaeden was nowhere in sight.copyright protection40PENANAjmVO3ElJ2R

I was suddenly pushed to the ground by an unseen force, smacking my face on the cement floor. Ouch. “You freaking turned invisible!!” I shouted, and the twins appeared in the doorway.copyright protection40PENANA8IHq8atWQT

“What happened?” Tristan asked.copyright protection40PENANAbthY2Qh6lj

I huffed, pushing myself up into a sitting position. “Kaeden turned invisible, that’s what.”copyright protection40PENANAyEFttJ8Osa

“How do you know? Maybe she’s just using her magic,” Tanner suggested, and I threw my hands in the air.copyright protection40PENANAGATn12yuYo

“Heck I don’t know! All I know is that it was her doing and━” I was cut off when I was shoved from my right side, slamming into the cement wall. I gingerly touched the side of my head, and when I pulled back my hand, my fingers were slightly bloody. “I’m gonna kill you Witch,” I snarled, and a strong force of magic slams me into the wall again, causing me to cry out.copyright protection40PENANAnaSF8Uwq1R

The twins were at my side now, helping me to my feet. “Kaeden, cut it out. You don’t need to do this,” Tanner says, his voice cold.copyright protection40PENANAJzwp3Z8bOA

Kaeden’s giggle was heard from the other side of the room. “Aww..why can’t I hurt her? She hurt me, so it should be okay for me to get even with her?”copyright protection40PENANAmubfScirGg

Tanner glanced at me. “What’s she talking about, Alex?”copyright protection40PENANAQ4qIKzDgZE

“Nothing. It happened years ago. Nothing major,” I say, and I could feel the anger radiating off of Kaeden.copyright protection40PENANA8JeE8hEhtt

“Nothing?! Nothing?! You call giving me your phone in detention and saying that I took it isnothing?” Kaeden seethed, then shot a burst of magic at me. It slammed my head against the wall, and I instantly blacked out.copyright protection40PENANASQX36QfohW

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