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The Blue Moon Rises * Book 1
Writer ToriHeadWolf
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The Blue Moon Rises * Book 1
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Creating A New Vampire
Apr 20, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!xAUSekWmFhbtPgKrx9Kzposted on PENANA

Emily’s POVcopyright protection63PENANAtGfLEHgcx6

I left the Witches’ Lair, running through the woods, heading towards the Vampires’ territory. I stopped suddenly, catching a human’s scent. I followed it, and saw a human girl ten feet ahead of me. I hid behind a tree, waiting quietly.copyright protection63PENANAp5HkXWFTjk

“Why do you act like you love me?” The girl’s voice drifted my way, and I looked around the tree at her sharply, only to see that she was speaking into a phone.copyright protection63PENANAbuO1LytiHd

“I’m not pretending! I love you, Jessica! You just need to find your sister and bring her back now!” A woman’s voice was yelling from the other line.copyright protection63PENANASbT7XyOeLm

“Mom, I’m telling you, she’s dead! I found her near a large field and...there was blood everywhere!” The girl, Jessica, shouted back.copyright protection63PENANAlbr2voYbii

“I don’t believe you! You’re just making up excuses to get away! You need to find her! Your father and I are worried sick for her!” The mother sounded angry.copyright protection63PENANAvuMkvxSYQA

“You never believe me! I’m telling you; she’s dead and there’s nothing I can do about it! Nobody cares about me any more!” Jessica pulls the phone away from her ear to hang up.copyright protection63PENANAcJM5QKEFYp

“Jessica~!” The mother was cut off from Jessica pressing the “end” button. She releases a shuddering sob, looking utterly broken. I couldn’t kill her. I stepped out into the clearing, and Jessica turns around to look at me, startled.copyright protection63PENANA2kAtm6Slhb

“Who are you?” She asks me. “Y-your eyes are s-silver looking,” She adds, staring into my eyes.copyright protection63PENANADNFq7bYZ9P

I nodded. “Yes, my eyes are silver, it’s because of what I am. You’re running away, aren’t you?” copyright protection63PENANAAlynrp7646

“H-how do you know?” Jessica asks, her eyes wide.copyright protection63PENANAw6q6ANdt8v

“I ran away when I was fifteen because I felt as though I never belonged there, so I left. You’re doing the same thing,” I reply.copyright protection63PENANAEMikdpvbpF

“I never even heard you walk up. It’s like you’re...I don’t know. Not human. I sound crazy don’t I?” She laughs softly.copyright protection63PENANA0Z1ynsXuz2

“No you don’t. I’m not human, Jessica,” I tell her, and her eyes widen again.copyright protection63PENANAB592cJPpcY

“Then what are you?” Her voice was barely audible, but I could hear it with my Vampire senses.copyright protection63PENANAURKcbXBG91

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”copyright protection63PENANAl90mInPGSp

There was a pleading look in her eyes. “I won’t freak out. I promise. Nothing scares me.”copyright protection63PENANAIuuRwGBl6O

“Fine. But if you run away screaming, I’ll have to kill you,” I say, then step back. My silver eyes flashed brighter, and I showed her my fangs. copyright protection63PENANAj0F4dQ2Pxb

“Y-you’re a Vampire,” Jessica stammers. “I didn’t t-think they existed..”copyright protection63PENANAQTlRg4f5K8

“Well, they do. I’m living proof,” I gestured at myself. “But now that I told you, I either have to kill you or Turn you.” A look of fear passes over Jessica’s face, and she stumbles backwards.copyright protection63PENANAutCZl8FWuL

“Please don’t kill me. Please,” She begs. “I would rather become a Vampire than die!”copyright protection63PENANAKOMqSZhVPO

I stare at her pathetic human body for a few more seconds, then I sighed, exasperated. “Fine. I will have to take you to Izzy, the Head Vampire. She’ll be the one to Turn you.” I turned and walked away at normal pace, not waiting for Jessica to respond. It took a few hours to get back, since I wasn’t using my Vampire speed. Once we reached the cave, I told Jessica to wait outside.copyright protection63PENANA7FHswXwM3h

I walked in the large cave, looking around the darkness for Izzy. “Izzy?” I called, and she appears in front of me seconds later. “It’s great to see you again. I chose to resurrect you since you are the Head Vampire,” I tell her, and she smiles slightly.copyright protection63PENANAUyKwx5Fd19

“Why do I smell human?” She eyes me, then glances out of the cave.copyright protection63PENANAZMYLdQLuMA

“I brought a human here,” My voice was barely above a whisper. I really didn’t want Izzy to be mad at me right after she was resurrected.copyright protection63PENANAjTf1lMZSz2

Izzy gives me a cold stare. “Why?”copyright protection63PENANA9tBUZ9ZFm1

“Because I overheard her talking to her mom..she’s running away. I thought of myself, Izzy, and I felt sympathy for her. But I told here what I was, and that she had two choices; either I kill her for knowing or she gets Turned into a Vampire. You obviously know the choice she made,” I explained, and Izzy’s expression didn’t change.copyright protection63PENANAPlON71ESvq

“So why didn’t you Turn her?” She asks, and I sigh.copyright protection63PENANAsPjIQFvPy4

“It felt right if you were the one to Turn her, Izzy. Since you’re Head Vampire and all,” I reply, and a look of understanding flashed across her face.copyright protection63PENANASIxtCxCBdZ

“I see. Okay, I’ll turn her. But don’t think I’m only doing this to replace Sarah, okay? We will resurrect her,” And with that, she left the cave.copyright protection63PENANAC2kqPssukY

I waited a few seconds before following her. When I got outside, Jessica was lying on the ground, unconscious. “What now?” I asked Izzy, who was wiping blood off her lips.copyright protection63PENANAUMNdvDT1ss

“We wait,” She replies, then heads back into the cave.copyright protection63PENANA5kaDOMbroo

***TIMESKIP***copyright protection63PENANAq0rLrhdULy

After what seemed like forever, Jessica finally stirred. She stood up, wobbled a bit, then steadied herself. “I’m a Vampire..” She breathed.copyright protection63PENANASFlFTQjNRL

“Yes,” Izzy says, but not impatiently. “So now that we have three Vampires again, we can get our revenge.”copyright protection63PENANAfX6pBVbMmz

“Revenge? On who?” Jessica asks, her voice shaking slightly.copyright protection63PENANAbNACz2TNXE

“On the people who killed me and Sarah, Jessica,” Izzy replies, a cold look in her eyes.copyright protection63PENANAlPkGvdxO0p

“Oh. And call me Jessie, by the way. I never really liked Jessica. Made me sound older than I actually am. I’m just a sixteen year old sophomore,” She softly laughs.copyright protection63PENANAAfmHFXCRKZ

“Okay, Jessie. Emily, who killed me and Sarah?” Izzy transferred her attention to me.copyright protection63PENANArVN1ym4s91

“Um, well, Alex tried to kill you, but Mckayla succeeded in killing you. Olivia and Kaitlyn killed Sarah,” I inform her.copyright protection63PENANA7vRrbmFIaG

Izzy pretends to think. “I think we should just kill Alex. I don’t care much for the Werewolves, and I just want to kill Alex anyways.”copyright protection63PENANA7LWusBs5sc

“Wait. When did all these people die?” Jessie asks, looking somewhat scared.copyright protection63PENANA4T8SVHe0ao

Izzy looks uncertain. “Um..well I guess now that you’re a Vampire you should know. There was this war that the Werewolves caused, and a lot of people died. The Werewolves had told a human about the Supernatural World and the human died during the war. That solved the problem.”copyright protection63PENANA2hTTJ5goOr

Jessie suddenly got quiet. “We should kill that Shapeshifter who killed you, Izzy. It would make you happier, since you’re alive now.”copyright protection63PENANA5Wc1qFDTK6

Izzy smiled at Jessie. “Now you’re talking like a Vampire.” We took off for the the Witches’ Lair, preparing to avenge Izzy’s death.copyright protection63PENANA6P0eHWWWW6

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