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The Blue Moon Rises * Book 1
Writer ToriHeadWolf
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The Blue Moon Rises * Book 1
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Meeting K.C
Nov 16, 2016
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Xl6XQUDdJPvTQccCUs6nposted on PENANA

Lea’s POVcopyright protection95PENANAh0wXCU26jR

“What happened? Did you find Tori?” I ask Kaitlyn, who had just arrived back at the cave. She shakes her head.copyright protection95PENANAlhdre3mSh5

“No. We ran into the Vampires, turns out that Kady had kept a secret from us. A very important one, in fact,” she says, causing all of us to surround her curiously.copyright protection95PENANAHMZxZbaUEg

“What is it?” I ask when nobody else did.copyright protection95PENANAhVhOTUIV02

Kaitlyn takes a deep breath. “That Tori was━is━Head Wolf.”copyright protection95PENANANlj0Mx48pl

The others and I gasped. “So that’s why the Vampires took her! So we are left vulnerable!” Olivia shouts, enraged. “Why would Kady keep something like that from us?”copyright protection95PENANAe78dF7pP13

“I don’t know. But Brandyn was really upset. He phased and ran off and when I followed him, he told me to leave him alone,” Kaitlyn replied. “And he’s still not back yet.”copyright protection95PENANA5jYm7SgQNg

“Let’s look for him then,” Mckayla says, laying a hand on Kaitlyn’s shoulder. She nods and turns to head out into the opening, but stops. I noticed that she was staring at something, so I glanced in that same direction and saw a person. Kady.copyright protection95PENANATBCdBoLGxb

I smiled and ran up to her, the other Werewolves following. “Kady! Where have you been! I looked everywhere for you!” Kaitlyn exclaims. “And where’s Brandyn?”copyright protection95PENANA2LibZXjoMl

Kady doesn’t say anything, just stands there and stares at us, a cold expression on her face. A foul, yet familiar, scent was coming from her direction. “Kady...have you been with the Vampires?” I ask cautiously.copyright protection95PENANAsSEqfMivC6

She laughs slightly. “Yeah. Kaitlyn was there too, so I bet she smells kinda like one also.”copyright protection95PENANAMwIoJkNu0k

I shake my head. “It’s not as strong. It smells as though you were in contact with one of them.”copyright protection95PENANAF26Yd6VwvI

Kady smiles then, a smile wide enough to expose her teeth. I fell back a step once I saw what she was hiding. Fangs. “Why are you one of them?! WHY ARE YOU A VAMPIRE?!!” I shout, but Kady makes no motive to answer.copyright protection95PENANARXBwoQiHmV

“And where’s Brandyn? Did you kill him?” Kaitlyn demands, her voice breaking on the word “kill”.copyright protection95PENANAO8rwxbQkFQ

Kady shakes her head. “I didn’t kill him. But Izzy did. And I helped her.” A cruel smile was on her face.copyright protection95PENANAFlTMj7TfEo

Tears filled Kaitlyn’s eyes, and I was horrified. “But...he was your Alpha. Why would you help kill him?” My voice was faint.copyright protection95PENANAXwmy2KplsL

“Brandyn was angry, Kaitlyn felt bad for me, and I couldn’t go back to the cave, so I went back to the Vampires and had them turn me into one of them. It was the right choice,” Kady says. “Oh, and I know where they’re keeping Tori. I saw her.”copyright protection95PENANAggUIMrUCMz

“Is she alive?” Mckayla demanded, an angry look on her face.copyright protection95PENANAtsVnfeu8t8

Kady’s gaze shifted over to Mckayla. “Yes, she is still alive. Not that you’ll ever find her anytime soon.”copyright protection95PENANAxrET0HEp26

Kaitlyn growled at her, then phased into her Werewolf form and attacked. Kady was expecting it, though, so she wrapped her arms around Kaitlyn and gave her a light squeeze. It didn’t look like much, but with Kady’s Vampire strength, it hurt a lot to us Werewolves.copyright protection95PENANAbjm519xVMj

Kaitlyn whimpered and Kady let her go. Kaitlyn phased back and rejoined us, rubbing her sides. Kady was staring at us with a triumphant grin on her face. It infuriated me. “Go away, Kady. You’re no longer one of us. Now leave,” I hiss in an unpleasant tone. Kady gives me one last cold glare before running towards the woods with her Vampire speed.copyright protection95PENANAvfMrC1F7a9

She stopped just at the treeline and looked back, a confused look on her face. It was the forcefield that the Witches had placed around our territory that was confusing her. All territories have it except for the Witches’ Lair. It only allowed members of the same kind to locate and enter it. So since Kady is now a Vampire, she can no longer find our territory. She turns back around and sprints off, leaving the other Werewolves and I to mourn alone.copyright protection95PENANAfHBUBCBg2D

I looked over at Kaitlyn, who was in tears. “H-he was my A-Alpha, I should’ve gone b-back for him.”copyright protection95PENANAmdWJiYSPUE

I placed a hand on her shoulder, giving it a light squeeze. “Brandyn said that he wanted to be left alone. He had no idea that the Vampires were coming for him.”copyright protection95PENANA9qUWRxXwE8

“Or that Kady was a Vampire,” Kaitlyn adds in a cold tone.copyright protection95PENANAGUQiPsUqIW

“I still can’t believe that she did that. She loved being a Werewolf,” I say. “I don’t understand why she would Turn herself.”copyright protection95PENANA4591Os0HiU

“Well, maybe like she said, she couldn’t go back because of the situation she was in and went to the only people who would do something to help her,” Olivia explains. “She could’ve gone to the Witches though.” We all nod in agreement.copyright protection95PENANAmskhocOmJt

I sigh, “So the Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack is kidnapped and Head Wolf and the Alpha of the Midnight Sun Pack is dead. I guess the second-in-commands are in charge of their packs now.” Mckayla and Kaitlyn agreed to do so.copyright protection95PENANAupnkHcMBDv

“Wait, since I only have one member, myself, I think that Olivia should join my pack so we have two and you guys have three. Just to even it out,” Kaitlyn says and Olivia stands by her side.copyright protection95PENANAyIAIKpaK7s

“I’m fine with it,” she says. I yawn, just now realising how tired and worn out I was.copyright protection95PENANAFtV0KjczFV

“We need sleep. Especially since we have a half-day of school tomorrow,” I smirk slightly at the last part. Since we’re we’re Werewolves, we have a different schedule for our day. Also, there’s a barrier around the Supernatural World area that once you pass it, you’re automatically two hours ahead. It sounds confusing, but it’s mostly for the Vampires and their sleep schedule.copyright protection95PENANA2alqv3DiFg

If we pass the barrier into the human side, then we go back two hours. We leave school right before lunch, which is at 12:15 for us, so when we pass the barrier it’s 2:15. That gives us time to get to our territory that is hours away from the barrier and head to the field behind our cave to work on battle strategies in Wolf form.copyright protection95PENANANdZoVJN5uU

A small chorus of “fine” or “okay” was said by the living Werewolves. We walked into the bedroom in the back (Brandyn always slept on the floor outside the room) and went to our separate beds. I lay there, thinking about how Tori might be feeling at this moment and about we’ll never see him again. Then sleep overtook me, interrupting my thoughts.copyright protection95PENANAy9ota9NnIt

{»«}{»«}{»«}{»«}{»«}{»«}{»«}copyright protection95PENANAiLDEb8HOqm

9 In The Morning...copyright protection95PENANA5ez4CvOpBi

{»«}{»«}{»«}{»«}{»«}{»«}{»«}copyright protection95PENANAk9sIDCRr0A

“WAKE UP!!!!” I awoke to a piercing voice screaming in my ear. My eyes open slowly to see Olivia standing in the doorway, grinning at everyone. It turns out that I wasn’t the only one sleeping in. Or trying to at least. I get out of bed reluctantly and changed into different clothes, the others doing the same. Except for Olivia of course. We then walk out of the cave and phase into Werewolf forms, heading in the direction of the school.copyright protection95PENANAUilxXxGEm7

Once we reached the barrier, we phased back and walked through it in human form. We weren’t allowed to pass through it in our Werewolf forms. It’s just for the safety of the humans. The barrier is right behind the high school (of course), so we approached the school from where we were. I pulled out my phone and checked the time. “7:25. Right on time,” I say, then I put my phone back in my pocket.copyright protection95PENANA0rlAwY5koG

“I am so thrilled to be here today…” Mckayla says sarcastically. The others and I laughed, and I knew that they were thinking the exact same thing. Once we reached the school doors, I sighed. copyright protection95PENANADIQ6rtJjVJ

“What is it, Lea?” Olivia asks, her face filled with concern.copyright protection95PENANATP2fnZN4D9

“Nothing. It’s just that Tori was kidnapped here. Things are gonna be different now that we’re missing her and Brandyn and that Kady’s on the other side now,” I reply sadly. The others avert their gaze, each with a faraway look in their eyes. I open the doors and step inside, the smell of newly-cleaned floors greeting me almost instantly. As always, my first class is Mrs. Reymond’s along with Mckayla and unfortunately, Izzy.copyright protection95PENANAbEBxe7vjsU

We head to the senior lockers, Kaitlyn to the juniors, and grabbed our supplies before parting our ways and heading to our 1st period class. As Mckayla and I pass the doorway to our English classroom, I suddenly remember how Tori had humiliated Mrs. Reymond in front of the class the other day when she arrived late with Mckayla. When I glanced at Mckayla, her expression told me she was thinking about it also. We sat in our assigned seats, and it turns out mine is right behind Izzy’s. Luckily, her seat was empty.copyright protection95PENANAZ6CPc3jVmf

The tardy bell rang, and seconds after, the door bursts open and Izzy walks right in and plops into her seat, making me scowl. Mrs. Reymond eyes Izzy with her beady gaze. “Izzy. Why are you late?” Her tone wasn’t exactly nice, but it wasn’t harsh either. It annoyed me. She speaks to everyone else in her harsher tone, but Izzy is the only one who Mrs. Reymond uses the nice(ish) tone.copyright protection95PENANAFg4HwsGjwk

Izzy tilts her head slightly to the left, and I’m pretty sure that she’s giving Mrs. Reymond a convincing smile (I can’t see because I’m behind her). “I’m sorry, Mrs. Reymond. My watch was behind and I didn’t know what time it was,” She says, and I suddenly got angry because she was using the same lines Tori said before. I expected Mrs. Reymond to get angry at Izzy or at least annoyed. Mrs. Reymond’s gaze went to Izzy’s wrist, where a silver watch was sitting. As I inspected it, it was five minutes behind the actual time. I knew automatically that Izzy had set this up.copyright protection95PENANAtHY4fcbLwE

Mrs. Reymond nods once and opens the teacher copy of our textbooks. “Turn to page 394.” The class suddenly bursts out laughing, including myself. But the laughter soon dies down when Mrs. Reymond glares at everyone. Everyone but Izzy. Mrs. Reymond reads us the passage, not noticing that more than half of the class isn’t paying attention. She looks up and asks, “What did we learn here?”copyright protection95PENANAFwKhmXlGTI

Nobody says anything. Izzy raises her hand and replies, “That we can’t always get what we want. And sometimes if we do, it comes with a price.”copyright protection95PENANAVyZZgwrXPY

Mrs. Reymond smiles, it’s a very rare sight to see, “Correct, Izzy. Great job.”copyright protection95PENANAhiFgmVtyGZ

“Teacher’s pet,” Mckayla coughs into her sleeve, making the people around her giggle. Mrs. Reymond gives her a cold look.copyright protection95PENANAcmwXDSUZyN

“What did you say, Mckayla?” She demands.copyright protection95PENANAItmHtCdVz3

Mckayla gives her a smile. “Nothing, Mrs. Reymond. I didn’t say anything.” Mrs. Reymond shakes her head and goes back to reading her passage. Once again, I ignored her.copyright protection95PENANATRmz7JuAhb

{»«}{»«}{»«}{»«}copyright protection95PENANAAux6rbYmbx

Before Lunchcopyright protection95PENANAaT1wBu9OqI

{»«}{»«}{»«}{»«}copyright protection95PENANASkzeUHXohf

“Ready to go?” Olivia asks us once we all met up outside the cafeteria.copyright protection95PENANAARJ8XbjWyu

“Get me out of my mind,” I reply.copyright protection95PENANAtIoufZZpOq

“Enough with the Panic! At the Disco references!” Kaitlyn scolds, which just makes me laugh.copyright protection95PENANA7GKHUFpS4G

“Let’s go,” Mckayla says, shaking her head at Kaitlyn and I. We make our way down the hallway, dropping our bags off in our lockers, and heading towards the front doors. But we were soon stopped by a small girl with brown hair that was up in a ponytail, a black hair band was holding back the rest of her hair. She was wearing a white crop-top with a black tank top underneath and faded jean shorts. For shoes she was wearing white palm tree Roshes and no-show white socks. To me, she looked as though she played soccer or softball. Her black-framed glasses were nerdy-style, but not quite as square. Her teeth showed braces when she talked. copyright protection95PENANA7EyQMw26tA

“Where are you going? It’s the middle of school,” she demands, and gives us a cold look.copyright protection95PENANABWjZryYrXN

“It’s none of your business,” Mckayla says, and pushes past the girl. Or..tries to at least. The girl grabs Mckayla’s arm and yanks her back with quite some force. “Who the heck do you think you are?” Mckayla demands, and I can tell she’s not cussing because the girl looks pretty young.copyright protection95PENANAR5tCNohcgl

“K.C Renner. I’m a freshman here. My real name’s Kasey, but I go by my first two initials. Kasey Cym. K.C...Kasey? They are very similar, right?” She smiled at us with her braces.copyright protection95PENANATo0seNZhTs

I roll my eyes at her. “Whatever K.C. We have to go so if you’d excuse us…” We then tried to maneuver around her, but she stuck out her arms and held us back.copyright protection95PENANARvpauQJtiH

“I know what you are,” she said in a hollow voice, which freaked me out. I exchanged a worried glance with the others, who looked just as terrified as me. I sighed, grabbing onto K.C’s arm and dragging her into an empty classroom nearby. Shortly after Kaitlyn, Olivia, and Mckayla joined us, I closed the door and turned around to face K.C. “How?” I asked.copyright protection95PENANAgaNKNA84Np

She gives me a sly smirk. “I have the ability to tell whether people are human or not. If they’re not, then I’m able to see what they really are. You’re Werewolves.”copyright protection95PENANAqHNra2e9j7

“So you’re a Witch?” Olivia asks. “I’ve never seen you at the Witches’ Lair, though.”copyright protection95PENANACbC1m7S5Ba

K.C shifts her gaze over to her. “No. I’m human. I just have a Witch’s ability. My cousin’s a Werewolf, though.”copyright protection95PENANANRkAB7bKcZ

“Who?” I couldn’t help myself asking.copyright protection95PENANA9DHW4RYi1i

“Tori. But she’s gone missing. I don’t know where she is,” K.C’s eyes were filled with worry and sadness.copyright protection95PENANAqDt3EPbxVM

“She’s with the Vampires. They kidnapped her a few days ago,” I tell her. “And you do not want to mess with them.”copyright protection95PENANAHJE2jgav0n

“Or the Shapeshifters,” Olivia adds.copyright protection95PENANAva0c7536o4

K.C stares at us. “So it’s true? Every time I think I see a Shapeshifter, Vampire, Werewolf, or Witch, they’re actually real?” copyright protection95PENANAoPISSmH4TD

“Yes,” I say, and I know it’s a risk to tell her the truth, but if she suspects it, it’s better if she knows it’s true.copyright protection95PENANAQBmvEGLOcM

“Oh.” She looked frightened. “Do the Vampires hurt humans?”copyright protection95PENANAcHWdU3iX9G

“Not all of them,” I say, but that just scares her even more. Her eyes watered up from behind her glasses and was staring down at the floor, obviously avoiding eye contact with any of us.copyright protection95PENANA2yvKqo78t1

“Are the Witches evil?” She asks after a few moments.copyright protection95PENANALkC8PhPA62

“No. But some could be,” A voice behind us said, making us all jump. I turn around to see Brooke, Tori’s closest (and bestest) friend. She was also known as the Head Witch, who is not only in charge of all Witches, but in charge of everyone in the Supernatural World. She glared at me. “What did you tell her?”copyright protection95PENANAniJjvDnNBx

“The truth. She was already suspecting it, so we confirmed her suspicion. She has this ability to tell if humans actually are human, or if they’re something else. Like Witches, Werewolves, Vampires, etc. But she never believed them, so we told her that whatever she sees is real,” I explained to her.copyright protection95PENANAuE50pvpwDS

“But she’s human,” Mckayla adds before Brooke could say anything about K.C not being a Witch that she knows of.copyright protection95PENANAypcby1soCy

Brooke glances around the room, then lands her eyes back on me. “Where’s the rest of you? There were seven and now there’s only four.”copyright protection95PENANAqZQajlOH9q

I nervously look at the three others and they nod, allowing me to tell Brooke. (I mean, I would’ve anyways because she’s Head Witch and all..) “Well...Kady’s a Vampire, Tori’s kidnapped━well, wolf-napped━and Brandyn’s,” I choke up, then regain my posture. “Dead.”copyright protection95PENANAeE4kEuP30t

Brooke stared at me with sympathy-filled eyes. “I’m sorry for your loss. Hopefully you can get Tori back. In the meantime, there’s a consequence for telling humans about the Supernatural World. Even if they suspect of it.”copyright protection95PENANAVzT8Ks9cQM

K.C shrank back when Brooke’s cold gaze turns to her. “What’s the consequence?” Her voice was barely above a whisper.copyright protection95PENANAKgMBr6XfN6

Brooke said only one word: “War.” She turned and walked out of the room after that.copyright protection95PENANAG2KKmpectf

We stood in silence for a few moments until someone’s voice broke it. “Well. Now we have a real reason to kill you.” Izzy walks into the room, the three other Vampires following her. “Whenever there’s a war, the Witches don’t participate. So it’s the Werewolves against the Vampires. The Shapeshifters choose their sides, and since I’m close to the twins, they’re on our side. Good luck winning,” She turns and walks away without another word.copyright protection95PENANAGpOzxy1HLS

I glare at K.C. “It’s all your fault! If you hadn’t come up to us and said that we were Werewolves, none of this would’ve happened!! Now there’s a war and you’re gonna pay an awful price,” I snarl, then storm out of the room, the other Werewolves following.copyright protection95PENANAtw9g7An4Qb

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