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The Blue Moon Rises * Book 1
Writer ToriHeadWolf
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The Blue Moon Rises * Book 1
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Weirdest Monday Ever
Nov 16, 2016
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!FEZDAHynKxjV6AZWCK4zposted on PENANA

Tori's POVcopyright protection42PENANAZrmTjDjtMd

"You're a Werewolf, Tori. You always have been."copyright protection42PENANAvrSv4tdDQX

Honestly, the thought never occurred to me that I would be told that. I always thought I was a normal teenager with a normal life. That is, until that one Monday arrived. That's when someone told me that. And not just any someone; a Vampire. Life just never goes your way, does it?copyright protection42PENANAbaTiKSemCj

{»«}{»«}{»«}{»«}{»«}copyright protection42PENANAVBLiv4WPxI

Two Weeks Beforecopyright protection42PENANA33aVzfoMSf

{»«}{»«}{»«}{»«}{»«}copyright protection42PENANAJ3pDl9vAw7

"Hurry up Tori or we'll be late!!" My only blonde friend, Mckayla, shouts. I roll my eyes at her while walking in slow-motion down the hallway.copyright protection42PENANAUsJFKfKG4i

Mckayla sighs dramatically and grabs my arm, pulling me towards our classroom. Right as she opens the door, the tardy bell rings. Mrs. Reymond, the English teacher, glares at me. Mrs. Reymond is an old lady with grey (almost white) hair and glasses that slid down her nose. She's mean to pretty much everyone.copyright protection42PENANAo7lz3UOsHH

"Miss Jefferson! You are late once again! One more tardy and you'll have detention!" She scolds, completely ignoring Mckayla.copyright protection42PENANAHrK646gzHN

"I'm sorry Mrs. Reymond, it's just that my watch was behind and I wasn't able to know what time it was," I say with an apologetic voice.copyright protection42PENANAHBfrh0G1GK

Mrs. Reymond glances down at my bare wrists, then back up at my face. "You're not wearing a watch, Miss Jefferson," she says, stating the obvious.copyright protection42PENANAj5SFEVAtnh

"Oh, I know. I really don't care what time it is. As long as I get to this boring class, I'm OK," I smiled at her, and she replies with another cold stare.copyright protection42PENANAa4JVbN1snJ

She points to my desk, which is in the very front of the room, and walks back to her podium. I fake groan, stomping to my desk, gathering the attention of a few classmates. I hear a few stifled laughs and I smirk. Mrs. Reymond locked eyes with me and huffed.copyright protection42PENANAf4lvvCvbEc

"Faster Miss Jefferson!!!" She nearly screeches. I stopped, pretending to be startled. I placed a hand over my chest, saying, "Wow, with a tone like that, no wonder everyone hates you. All you do is yell and scream at them. I think you'd be better as a drill sergeant rather than a teacher."copyright protection42PENANAWXiODXJdq7

Mrs. Reymond recoils from my harsh words, narrowing her eyes at me and everybody in the room. A girl with long, brown hair and hazel eyes stood up. "Yeah. You need to be nicer to us."copyright protection42PENANAvAbevn1xQp

"Izzy, you have an A+ in this class because of me. Don't make me change that," Mrs. Reymond snaps, and the girl sits back down, fuming. The teacher turns back to me. "Don't expect to get away with this, Tori."copyright protection42PENANAh5tCBZe7bS

"Oh, so we're on first name basis now, Pam?" I said, exposing her real name. On our schedules, it said "Barbara Reymond".copyright protection42PENANAk8QCWtzGG0

Her face turns red in anger and screams, "DETENTION!!!"copyright protection42PENANANcAZq6nsEd

. . . . .copyright protection42PENANARVilxUkM1w

"Two hour detention? Nice," Brandyn, another one of my friends, says.copyright protection42PENANAElEuYBYyhF

"Yeah," I laugh.copyright protection42PENANAy5R95hgsJU

"I mean, did you see her face? It was almost purple!!" Lea, a girl with shoulder length black hair and brown eyes, says. She was talking to Mckayla, but everyone laughed at what she said.copyright protection42PENANAFBPYWnSh9U

Basically, everyone in our friend circle was; me, Brandyn, Mckayla, Lea, Olivia, Kady, Kaitlyn, Brooke, Kaeden, and Kayla. We all were really close.copyright protection42PENANANNgsie3gMl

"Who cares what colour her face was? You should've been paying attention to the way she spoke to me." I turned around and saw the girl from earlier. Izzy, I think her name was. And she was glaring in my direction.copyright protection42PENANAVlrNuw4LYO

I put my hands on my hips, rolling my eyes. "It's not my fault you stood up to Mrs. Reymond. I was handling it myself and I didn't need your help. You got in trouble on your own accord."copyright protection42PENANAFDpvCmSuD1

Izzy's face turns red with rage and I swear I saw her eyes flash red. "You better watch yourself, Jefferson. I'll make you suffer," she hisses.copyright protection42PENANAorPFU8TXoG

I scoff, "whatever." Izzy makes a whistling sound and two more girls walk up, one taking each side of her. One was about six foot with long, dark, slightly reddish-brown hair that had an emo-ish look to it, and pale skin. She wore a dark grey hoodie that had an "O" with an "X" through it design, a black and red striped scarf, dark coloured skinny jeans, and black converse. She also had black fishnet sleeves under black fingerless gloves. Her eyes were slightly shifting from hazel to orange. Might be contacts.copyright protection42PENANAjk1K8whcif

The other looked 5'4" with shoulder length black hair and also had pale skin. She was wearing a black "Get Scared" tank-top with a black zip-up jacket on top, torn blue jeans, and black converse, like the first girl. Black earbuds were wrapped around her neck, but not tight enough to suffocate her. Her eyes were silver; again, probably contacts, and were flashing with anger.copyright protection42PENANA0XTqtvMl0p

"Sarah, Emily, this might be who we're looking for," Izzy said smugly and before I could reply, I was picked up and thrown over the tall one's shoulder.copyright protection42PENANAnpRc4LkXJJ

"Hey!! Put me down NOW!!" I screamed, pounding my fists into her back. The girl didn't even flinch. All of a sudden, dizziness crept into my mind, and when I glanced up, the world was passing by in a blur. It was so sickening to my stomach that I had to squeeze my eyes shut. I shouted insults to the girl, but like before, she didn't react at all.copyright protection42PENANAE24GNcd5pv

We then stopped moving and I was dropped to the floor, which felt like cement. I didn't even get to glance at my surroundings before the darkness took over.copyright protection42PENANAlqseQWKChK

{»«}{»«}{»«}{»«}{»«}copyright protection42PENANA2FaUReFccp

 Some Time Latercopyright protection42PENANAWQs1xfeKlD

{»«}{»«}{»«}{»«}{»«}copyright protection42PENANAfG3IUTEFwV

"Oww...." I groaned as my eyes fluttered open, pain exploding my head. My wrists itched and when I looked down at them, I realised that they were the cement wall behind me. My breathing quickened as I panicked.copyright protection42PENANAqzBAtsP8F1

I've been kidnapped. Oh my God... I can't believe this is happening! I need to-copyright protection42PENANAyCS0DqfRaA

My screaming thoughts were interrupted by the three culprits walking into my view. All of them had sick, twisted grins on their faces. Izzy smirked at me. "Not so intimidating now, are you, Tori?" I didn't reply.copyright protection42PENANAvphy7bsLRZ

"Answer her!" The tall girl demands, but Izzy places a hand on the girl's shoulder.copyright protection42PENANAHhyiS1LHar

"Calm yourself, Sarah. It was a rhetorical question anyway," she says, then turns back to me. "Do you know why we took you, Tori?"copyright protection42PENANAJJ3CJH2Zzc

"Cause you're idiots?" I muttered, but somehow they heard me.copyright protection42PENANAA4CRDJ36vU

"No. It was because you're special to us." Izzy says, unamused.copyright protection42PENANA5dcEw4GiMR

I almost laughed. "Special? How am I special?"copyright protection42PENANAJwAN8jvai4

This time, Izzy laughs. "You don't know?" She doesn't even wait for my reply. "You're a Werewolf, Tori. You always have been. Your whole life. And you're Head Wolf. That means you're leader of all the Werewolves that are out there in the world."copyright protection42PENANAnS9ZJMJMSf

There was still one question she hasn't answered yet. "So how am I special to you?"copyright protection42PENANAHYtTDZYjiL

Izzy gives me a cold smile. "To kill you of course. Without their leader, the Werewolves will be so lost and won't know what to do. That gives us an advantage against them."copyright protection42PENANAa2hLPp4kAn

I gasped at her words, still not believing them. "And how would you kill these so called Werewolves?"copyright protection42PENANApYfyYZkHMd

"We're Vampires, Tori. I'll even prove it to you." Izzy's eyes turned bright red and widened her smile. When I saw her teeth, I also noticed two of them were sharper, longer than the others. Fangs. I screamed bloody murder and the shorter one, I'm guessing she's Emily, walks over to me and covers my mouth with her hand.copyright protection42PENANAXtcqnPqm8I

I bite her hand, and she jerks it away, clearly enraged at my sudden action. With that hand, she smacks me upside the head with her Vampire strength. And it hurt. A lot.copyright protection42PENANA7jKp4AP9Vp

"Also, we bit you to knock you out when we got here. It's not gonna do anything to you. But we were able to tap into your mind and see your memories." Izzy gives a sad smile, clearly faking. "I'm sorry you got held back. But it's not my fault you got in trouble so many times. I was doing what I needed to do. You got in trouble on your own accord." I growl at her, upset that she was mocking me from earlier. She just smirks at me. Again.copyright protection42PENANAwkoMSmLc4y

"You're going to pay for this," I snarled.copyright protection42PENANAq11DspsSMB

Izzy approaches me while Emily backs away. "Not if you're unconscious." She then whacks me so hard that I see stars. I shoot her the dirtiest look I could before she hits me again and the world goes black.copyright protection42PENANABTUljZW89R

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