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The Blue Moon Rises * Book 1
Writer ToriHeadWolf
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The Blue Moon Rises * Book 1
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Time For War
Dec 21, 2016
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!A5FM2ygFFuADyABn847Lposted on PENANA

Izzy’s POVcopyright protection130PENANA1tXgQGuY09

“I can’t wait to kill that Head Wolf,” I say to Sarah as the four of us stand on one side of the battle field.copyright protection130PENANAhBfWnhvDWa

She laughs, “Yeah. I’m glad we have the Shapeshifters on our side. Even if Alex hates you, at least she’s helping us against the Werewolves.”copyright protection130PENANA8xOG7q4gub

I nod in agreement, then I spot three people walking out of the treeline on the opposite side, approaching us. Two were twins, one with blonde hair, the other with brown. The blonde had golden coloured eyes and his twin had black. The third was a girl with shoulder length black hair and her grey eyes were glaring in my direction. I knew them well, Tristan (the blonde), Tanner (his twin), and Alex. The Shapeshifters.copyright protection130PENANA2wFZMvGhtH

“I call killing the human if she shows up,” Tanner says when they were only a few feet away.copyright protection130PENANAqLiFIFXdjU

Tristan gives his brother a shove. “No we agreed that I would kill the human! Not you!”copyright protection130PENANAosrc8zCdQ6

Tanner shoves him back. “You’re just making up excuses to kill her! I said I would and we’re going with that!”copyright protection130PENANApSC4SpAyG3

“Whatever! You’re lying!”copyright protection130PENANAf6PyMxdJLx

“AM NOT!”copyright protection130PENANAD9Z5m8EYmu

Sarah jumps in between them making them back down with her piercing orange gaze. “Shut up! How about this: whoever spots the human can kill her. It doesn’t matter who! As long as she’s dead and has paid the price, it’s fine! Now separate and cool off!”copyright protection130PENANA5LnIPf7pON

Tanner sighed and stood next to Emily while Tristan stood on my right side, and when Alex passes by me, I grab her arm. “If you attack me again, I won’t hesitate to kill you,” I hissed, and she yanked her arm back, muttering under her breath.copyright protection130PENANAt4UjCHQQqC

We stand in silence for a few moments, then the Werewolves walk out of the trees on the other side, standing in a line. I glare at Tori and she glares right back, but looks uneasy at the same time. I can tell that this will be an easy win, especially since they’re down two Werewolves. Let’s begin this.copyright protection130PENANAn4Ln97wO6S

Olivia’s POVcopyright protection130PENANAjbDGUtW1TL

I glance at Tori, who’s slightly shaking. “You’ll be fine,” I tell her telepathically. She jumps, startled, and gives me a confused look. “We can talk telepathically. All Werewolves can do that,” I say, and I can hear the other Werewolves laughing quietly. I look over at Izzy, who looks impatient. I nod at her, and she nods back.copyright protection130PENANAPnPJGsqxiR

I take off in a sprint, heading towards Sarah, phasing halfway. Everything went into chaos after that. The Shapeshifters transformed into their Animal forms: Tanner into a black dragon, Tristan into a giant golden owl, and Alex into a large panther (about the size of a Werewolf). Almost immediately, the twins went for Tori. I would’ve stepped in to help if Sarah wasn’t charging for me at the moment. copyright protection130PENANA9GWU462AU8

I growled at her fiercely, and swipe a paw at her, but missed. She gets behind me somehow and wraps her arms around me, squeezing tightly. I howl at the pain, which was almost unbearable. I would have been completely crushed if Kaitlyn hadn’t slammed into my side, knocking Sarah off. I then hear a pain-filled howl, and I look over at Tori, who’s left side was cut badly. She was doing her best to fight off the Shapeshifters, who were rapidly trying to kill her. She had to avoid Tristan’s razor-sharp claws and Tanner’s spiked tail.copyright protection130PENANAsdk6UfzRgs

I looked at the others, and they gave me worried glances. Mckayla then slashed at Tristan, creating a large gash on one of his golden wings (I don’t know how that worked but it did). He crashed down into the trees and Mckayla shouted “YES!” in all of our heads, causing us to wince.copyright protection130PENANAC5PsPwVg3d

Lea was busy fighting Alex to notice that Tanner had raised his spiked tail above her. “Lea!!” I shouted, but it was too late. His tail was brought down and the spikes dug into Lea’s side, Lea letting out a howl that made my ears ring. She phased back into a human, and her entire right side was covered in dark crimson blood. She collapsed to the ground, and Kaitlyn ran up to her in human form.copyright protection130PENANA7cU47Yaaz4

Everyone stood in silence, the Werewolves and I hoping she was alright, the Vampires and Shapeshifters hoping she’s dead. Kaitlyn stood up, saying; “She’s okay for now.” She glances behind me and phases back into wolf form running at me. I duck down at the last second to see her leaping over me and striking at Tristan, who has recovered from Mckayla’s attack earlier. His wing was still bleeding from the wound, but he looked fine. I shoot a worried look at Lea’s unmoving figure. It’s going to be a lot harder to fight this war at this rate. I just hope no other Werewolves get hurt.copyright protection130PENANAi1iD7dSH49

Tori’s POV {Before the war}copyright protection130PENANA9HfZa4v5ky

We approach the “Battlefield” as they call it, and I’m terrified. I’ve never been in a real war before and I’m going to be facing Vampires and other creatures that I’ve never heard of before. We step out into the clearing, and I see the Vampires on the other side with three other people standing with them. Two were twins and the third was a girl. I took a deep breath and didn’t realise that I was shaking until I heard a voice say, “You’ll be fine.”copyright protection130PENANAjsKdwScG2L

I jumped, because the voice I heard was inside my head. I suddenly felt like I was being watched and I turned to see Olivia staring at me. “We can talk telepathically. All Werewolves can do that,” the voice says again and Olivia smiles at me. I heard laughing in my head, and noticed the other Werewolves smirking slightly. Olivia turns back to the field and nods once, and takes off in a sprint.copyright protection130PENANALlN4ZVhSCl

I stand, frozen, not knowing what to do. I watched as she phased into Werewolf form, which caused everyone to run into the field. The three people I didn’t know suddenly became animals. One was a black dragon that had spikes on the end of its tail, another was a GIANT golden-coloured owl and the last was a sleek black panther about the size of the Werewolves. I didn’t phase, mostly because I forgot how to. But when I saw the dragon and owl heading in my direction, I immediately phased and ran in the opposite direction.copyright protection130PENANA1M3gLdlgiG

Having absolutely no idea what I was doing, I slashed at them, trying to keep them away. I felt a searing pain on my left side, and I saw claw marks running up my side. I growled at the owl, who was looking triumphant. I was about to attack him when a flash of brown attacks him for me. It was a Werewolf, and it slashes at the owl, catching his wings. He crashes down into the trees and a voice yelled “YES!” in my head. I then realised that it was Mckayla who attacked the owl (she was the one who yelled).copyright protection130PENANAOB9zPFr2mu

I turn around to see the dragon raising his tail above Lea, who was fighting the panther, and I froze in terror. He was going to kill her. “LEA!!” Olivia screamed in our heads, but not fast enough for Lea to react. The spikes on the end of the dragon’s tail hit Lea in the side and she howls loudly. She phases back into her human form, and I saw her right side covered in her blood. When she collapses to the ground, it was as if everything just froze. Nobody moved except for Kaitlyn, who ran over to Lea’s side in her human form.copyright protection130PENANAO8PCcOxtGa

There was a long moment of silence, and I thought that Lea was dead. Kaitlyn stood up and said; “She’s okay for now.” She then phased and ran into the field at another Werewolf, and I thought that she was going to betray us until I saw her attack the owl instead. I turned to the dragon, whose tail was tipped with Lea’s blood. It enraged me. I charged at him and slashed at him, missing completely. copyright protection130PENANAPIWSZH5kXo

I could’ve sworn he laughed at me, and he swung his tail at me. I didn’t react, which was a very bad idea. His tail wrapped around me, crushing me. The spikes dug into my side, the one the owl cut, and I couldn’t even howl in pain. I felt myself suffocating, when I was suddenly dropped to the ground. I lied on the ground, unable to move, watching the fight around me. This is what I was afraid of. Attempting to do something and failing. I’m surprised that I wasn’t dead already. I swear we’re going to lose this fight because of one human.copyright protection130PENANA1MZalPQNRd

Kaitlyn’s POVcopyright protection130PENANAhGl7iyVP2C

I saw Tanner crushing Tori with his tail and I growled ferociously. I ran at him and leaped onto his back, sinking my claws into him. He thrashed around in pain, dropping Tori in the process. I was relieved, and apparently forgot that I was attacking Tanner. He launched me off his back and I flew across the field, slamming into the grass unharmed. I up quickly, relieved to see Tori standing back up. She went after Emily, who was heading in my direction.copyright protection130PENANAZRlWKkEPFB

I watched Alex attack Izzy, and would’ve succeeded in killing her if Sarah hadn’t grabbed her from behind and attempted to crush her. Izzy spins around and wraps her arms around Alex, shattering bones inside her body. Alex managed to get out of Izzy’s iron grip and made a run for it, but was stopped by Mckayla, who tackled Alex to the ground and tore her apart.copyright protection130PENANAeGodQK3HxV

I saw Kady standing behind Lea’s unmoving figure, and I growled. I ran into the woods behind me, then phased back into human form, moving to where I was right behind Kady.copyright protection130PENANAUPBgWTOSIR

“I know you’re there, Kaitlyn,” She says, turning around.copyright protection130PENANAvIIQFtbjiQ

“Why did you Turn yourself? And why did you kill your Alpha?!!” I screamed at her, angry tears forming in my eyes. Kady gives me a sad smile.copyright protection130PENANAVxxjLo4O5C

“Well, Brandyn was furious and you felt bad for me so I went to the Vampires. They helped me by Turning me into a Vampire,” She replies simply, as if it were obvious. She stared at me with sad eyes. “Would you forgive me?”copyright protection130PENANAJ0rkgoe5hX

I stopped, pretending to think for a moment. “No,” I seethed, then phased into wolf form and attacked her.copyright protection130PENANAWNFFEl8PEr

Lea’s POVcopyright protection130PENANAGzYdTJBXxH

The pain was excruciating. I didn’t see it coming, and by the time I heard “LEA!” in my head, Tanner’s tail had already hit me in the side. The spikes cut deep, and my vision blurred. I phased back, hoping it couldn’t be any worse, but I was wrong. The pain got worse, and my entire right side felt like it was fire. I saw all the blood and felt nauseous.  My legs gave out and I fell to the ground, staining the grass crimson with my blood.copyright protection130PENANAzhH1CYqQ3H

I heard footsteps approaching and saw Kaitlyn’s face above mine. “Lea?” She whispered, and my hand twitched. She noticed it and stood up. “She’ll be okay for now,” I heard her say, then she was gone. I was lying there for what seemed like forever until I looked up and saw K.C standing in the treeline, holding up her phone. Her mouth was wide open in shock. I saw Tanner and Tristan glance in her direction and I shrieked to warn her, but she didn’t hear.copyright protection130PENANANZvtE9PNYt

I heard an ear-piercing scream and when I looked back, there was a gaping hole in the trees where K.C was once standing. She was gone. I suddenly felt like I couldn’t take in any air, because when I shrieked, it used up a lot of my air. I was suffocating. The edges my eyes were spotted with red and my vision was fading in and out.copyright protection130PENANAeE3cSXWtUt

Tears were streaking my face and I cried in silence. I suddenly heard a lot of footsteps coming in my direction, and I feared that it was the Vampires. Instead, I was surrounded by the other Werewolves. They were battered and bruised, and Tori’s left side was soaked with blood. I hoped it wasn’t her own. Kaitlyn and Mckayla were helping her stand up, because it seemed like she couldn’t stand on her own.copyright protection130PENANAbuLSwoQWeU

“We ended in a draw. Only one Vampire was left and K.C was killed. That’s all that mattered to them. At least we’re all alive,” Olivia said, but I barely heard her. They must have noticed me not able to reply, because they became really concerned.copyright protection130PENANAE2T9wyilmg

“Lea? Lea!” Someone shouted, but I wasn’t able to identify who.copyright protection130PENANAPAVTNNQJhL

“I..don’t want to...die…” I rasped, my voice barely audible.copyright protection130PENANAdsfYlLmcIB

“Don’t die on us Lea! Please!” I could tell that this was Mckayla. “Please don’t die on me,” She added softly. Mckayla was the first friend I made and I didn’t want to lose her either. My breath shortened and I gasped. I suddenly couldn’t breathe anymore. My head hurt and my vision darkened. The last thing I saw was Mckayla’s stricken face before everything disappeared.copyright protection130PENANA6mE0vbzNxV

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