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Harry Potter and Sakura Card Captor
Writer Capt. leon
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Harry Potter and Sakura Card Captor
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Sakura, Kaho, the ritual and the gluttonous asshole
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!rYE2ZWdWyHnhQBTbSQkqposted on PENANA

Disclaimer: this is a non-profit fanfiction that does not attempt to infringe the rights of those who have legal ownership of the franchises: Harry Potter and Sakura Card Captors.copyright protection4PENANAlTnR9ayigd

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Chapter 1: Sakura, Kaho, the ritual and the gluttonous asshole8Please respect copyright.PENANA0sqtefU7SB
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The English countryside looked spectacular from teacher Kaho Mizuki's house. The owner of the cards clow, Sakura, still could not believe her luck, only a couple of weeks ago she together with her friend Rika Sasaki, had won a lottery prize consisting of visiting the English countryside, prize sponsored by the federation of traders of Tomoeda, and now both were in the house of their former teacher, who gladly agreed to provide their home for the event. The girls went from Japan to the United Kingdom accompanied by Miss Maki Matsumoto, who as an affiliate of the federation of traders was responsible for guarding the girls.copyright protection4PENANA8l3pSbAzcC

               Professor Kaho discovered a spell, which could provide the Muggles, limited magical capacity and for this reason the presence of Sakura came as a ring to the finger. Card captor's best friend Tomoyo Daidouji, who was in Hong Kong at the time with her mother on a business trip, when she found out that her friend was going to the United Kingdom, also decided to fly on her private jet (her mother had another one for her), taking Meiling and Syaoran, promising them that they would have fun and that they would return soon.copyright protection4PENANAADYvsczsZV

               So, the five boys enjoyed the stay when teacher Kaho told them she would have visitors to attend, a trio of boys studying at Hogwarts, a magic school in the country.copyright protection4PENANAIZ7GbOoAX4

When they arrived, the teacher introduced her former students to the English trio. All together accompanied by Miss Maki, enjoyed a pleasant dinner and commented on the discovery of Professor Kaho.copyright protection4PENANA75qbvim6Sy

               “It is incredible that you have discovered a method for the Muggles to have magic, Professor Kaho," said Hermione.copyright protection4PENANAIscHYFUx7T

               The teacher replied: "By combining the magic of both worlds, that of Japan and that of the West, such a miracle can be performed.”copyright protection4PENANAtQSBx4qVEn

               Both Rika and Miss Maki already knew of the existence of magic because Kero had accidentally become Cerberos in front of them both once, in order to prevent them from being killed by a truck. But they were still surprised when they heard of the possibility that they too could make magic thanks to the discoveries made by Kaho, Meiling who also did not know how to use magic was also amazed.copyright protection4PENANA0MtrXZKk5C

               “If it's all right with you, we can perform the ritual tonight," Kaho suggested.copyright protection4PENANATO55v3LpBT

               They all nodded anxiously, eager to experience what it felt like to have some magic.copyright protection4PENANAi4JbGgf6cU

               The magic ritual was prolonged. Sakura, Kaho and Cerberos, found themselves around the magic circle while Tomoyo, Rika, Meiling and Miss Maki were close to the center, in which the Sakura cards were deposited.copyright protection4PENANAudGYEEXpY3

               The three griffindors watched the process with astonishment (they had never seen a magic circle before), but after a while, Ron decided that he had had enough and went to raid the refrigerator of the house.copyright protection4PENANA1SR6Ym9JML

               “Ron, don't be rude! Ask teacher Kaho for permission," Hermione admonished.copyright protection4PENANAC5QmgwDvCQ

               “And how do you want me to do that? Don't you see she's been in a trance for a long time," he said and left the room.copyright protection4PENANAp7365IK27J

               “Leave him. Hermione, I'm starving too," said Harry, her friend just shook her head.copyright protection4PENANA68CXfAjpj6

               The redhead returned after a couple of minutes loaded with various foods including a long chain of sausages. Harry was happy, but Hermione couldn't believe the brazenness of his friend.copyright protection4PENANAaWb0irxVWa

               The red-haired was stuffing himself with food when he decided to go and bother for a while and headed for Cerberos, pulling his tail.copyright protection4PENANALmhPtnxeqF

               “Ron, what the hell are you doing, stop it!” Hermione ordered him offended.copyright protection4PENANAXwOAt3aNtt

               “But if he doesn't even notice it, they are all in a trance.”copyright protection4PENANATDp4EIvbDs

               “Ron, listen to Hermione.”copyright protection4PENANAlpPDei0Mwq

               The redhead ignored and went to where Sakura, touching her cheek with his finger.copyright protection4PENANAruWg4qjedN

               “Ron, stop it!” Harry yelled at him and went to his friend, who put the food on him.copyright protection4PENANAI6q8b5QHhu

               In that moment the redhead stepped on the sausage chain that held Harry and slipped pushing Sakura and his friend towards the center of the magic circle. The girl fell face down and woke up from the pain.copyright protection4PENANAaDUZh9ihVP

               “But what... Hey, what are you doing here” she told Harry that he had also fallen and that because his arms were full of food, he couldn't help hitting his face.copyright protection4PENANAInjFDo5XDi

               A very strong light came out of the magical circle which grew twice its size, finally the whole house exploded into a thousand fragments. Fortunately, all those inside the circle were unharmed.copyright protection4PENANAKmpbuBhliz

               Professor Kaho once awakened and upon learning that Ron was to blame for everything, she charged him.copyright protection4PENANAPscJstSLLO

               Sakura and her friends watched with their eyes open like plates. The gentle teacher Kaho was furious and wanted to strike the redhead, but fortunately Miss Maki and Syaoran were holding her, they had never heard so many curses in their entire lives.copyright protection4PENANAAtcU8QieNV

               The Sakura cards had disappeared and Cerberos returned to their form of Kero.copyright protection4PENANAwyiWKMx17P

               Kaho explained to them that having broken the ritual, along with the entrance of food caused the Sakura cards to return to their primitive form of clow cards and that they went to the place that emanated more magic from the place... Hogwarts. There was no choice, Sakura had to start from zero and recapture the clow cards.copyright protection4PENANAAXiNHLhAw2

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection4PENANAo6wA1FqjTe

.copyright protection4PENANAfqNxmykTzs

.copyright protection4PENANAJap2Y6NfHk

This fanfic was translated from Spanish into English using the DeepL program, and my knowledge of English. Forgive any grammatical and punctuation errors.copyright protection4PENANAi5rOGst7Mm

.copyright protection4PENANAm1Maz9IT3i

.copyright protection4PENANAlMtLOrSCHz

Harry Potter and Sakura card captorcopyright protection4PENANAWZFnOlQitC

Original tittle: Harry Potter y Sakura card captorcopyright protection4PENANAEPDrZdBI7E

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