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Harry Potter and Sakura Card Captor
Writer Capt. leon
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Harry Potter and Sakura Card Captor
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The request of Dumbledore, aromatic coffee and a teacher not so cold
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!nCzF0JxLLK6mP4XPh2mvposted on PENANA


Chapter 7: The request of Dumbledore, aromatic coffee and a teacher not so coldcopyright protection4PENANAaQOKwPt4Bf

“Damn Dumbledore!” Snape complained, "It's not enough that I have to put up with the whole group of mentally retarded people I have for students, and now the company of that woman imposes itself on me.”copyright protection4PENANAOIBENzt4BP

               The professor arrived in his quarters and collapsed on his couch. An hour earlier he was called in by Dumbledore, and the old headmaster told him that Miss Maki Matsumoto, from now on, would help Snape prepare his preclassroom for each class.copyright protection4PENANAAOOliGORIh

               “This is outrageous Dumbledore! I don't need any help.”copyright protection4PENANA3T8SEEH7Ij

               “I had reports of small accidents that happened in your classroom, because your students are flocking as quickly as possible to take away the material needed to make the potions. Miss Matsumoto, gladly offered to help you with that problem.”copyright protection4PENANAnx1ZbOyFTa

               “What report Dumbledore, who was the mom's son who said that?”copyright protection4PENANAuuZjPh0E8J

               “Severus, no student told me in person, I heard it from some teachers in the teachers' lounge, while we shared an exquisite muggle coffee prepared by Miss Matsumoto.”copyright protection4PENANAWcC44gIMoq

               “So now the other teachers are talking behind my back.”copyright protection4PENANA5LY6L9VjOO

               “No one is talking behind your back, my boy, but if you came to the teachers' lounge at least once, I assure you that you would share pleasant conversations with your colleagues.”copyright protection4PENANAujjtD9LDNT

               “I am not a child for you to order me to go and talk to someone I don't care, and to all this, what was that woman doing inside the teachers' room, if she is a muggle?”copyright protection4PENANAmJ6ZNafwXE

               2Miss Matsumoto, is for all intents and purposes a witch until Miss Kinomoto recovers all the clow cards. Besides, she's a guest at school; you don't expect me to restrict her entrance to the teachers' lounge, do you?”copyright protection4PENANAX2qV9b55vT

               “You can go where you please, but you won't go to my classroom! Period, it's over, you understand me Dumbledore?”copyright protection4PENANAUZddtQmeu9

.copyright protection4PENANA8QTeQHp6dm

.copyright protection4PENANAKapb6zmbER

Now the man was ruminating his defeat against the director, who had won and now would have to endure the presence of the woman in his classroom, and that is that he not only convinced him that the woman would help him prepare the class materials before he started each of these, but also that she would stay in his classroom during them!copyright protection4PENANA5yRiLk98zD

               “I would have remained silent, at least I would not have had that woman during my classes," he said bitterly, "perhaps if I had said something else...”copyright protection4PENANAiHubWlSlr6

.copyright protection4PENANAIch8nnIJym

.copyright protection4PENANABDVtVHN5Pm

But I already have Kinomoto helping me!” He remembered that he told the principal.copyright protection4PENANAJ74dj0ycm0

               “Miss Kinomoto, only helps you at night and only in your pantry. Punishment in which Severus I disagree, she had to capture the clow card as appropriate, but you punished her without seeing that aspect.”copyright protection4PENANAi4czdzWViv

               “I'll take away her punishment, but don't put that woman on me.”copyright protection4PENANAiU8dn4Vb9K

               “Severus, you cannot take away a student's punishment just for not wanting to accept Miss Matsumoto's help.”copyright protection4PENANAySSC6bCEnY

               “I will change it then! Let Kinomoto help me prepare my classroom before and during my classes.”copyright protection4PENANAEG3QfhqccJ

               “My child, what are you saying?, anyone would say that you are afraid of Miss Matsumoto.”copyright protection4PENANAHuDPI0UDc3

               “What?, I.... I'm not afraid of her, why should I be?”copyright protection4PENANAoKVhm1sZGQ

               “So... So you tell me you're afraid of women?” He remembered how Dumbledore told him, scanning it with that look of his. “Severus, you have problems relating to women...”copyright protection4PENANAYlx2cMjCZw

.copyright protection4PENANAlH0ZxJ0rmc

.copyright protection4PENANAuLWq2jrvj8

Defeated, Snape rose from his chair, no longer wished to continue remembering the conversation with the old man, but the images of it continued to hit his brain. He remembered how Dumbledore called Matsumoto and she thanked him for this opportunity to feel useful. The woman, after bowing, took him by the hands and with a warm smile, assured him that she would help him as much as possible.copyright protection4PENANAmhuTjGGCjF

               "Some black eyes," he thought. "And that hair, so black and long, and her hands were so soft, not very warm but not as cold as mine, but warm enough to be a pleasant sensation."copyright protection4PENANA8Fm9ETTFlg

.copyright protection4PENANARP1Of47Hzq

.copyright protection4PENANAQVIkP11vEl

The next evening, after Snape had instructed Ms. Matsumoto how to prepare the materials that the students would need each class.copyright protection4PENANAaN0xXFrQkM

               “Would you like a coffee, professor?”copyright protection4PENANA6cC80Rc8zM

               “I heard you were serving coffee to the other teachers in the teacher's lounge.”copyright protection4PENANAzpIhKxjL2Y

               “I only did it once, it was difficult for me to find in Hogsmeade the necessary ingredients to prepare coffee to my taste profesor.”copyright protection4PENANA7dL8LJNdz8

               Snape tasted the aromatic coffee; it was tasty and had something special that he didn't know what it was.copyright protection4PENANAZGlCOlt1u3

               “Did you like it, Professor Snape?”copyright protection4PENANAN3svld2FZ5

               “It was good," he said laconically. “You know, you don't have to stay during my classes, whatever Director Dumbledore told you Miss Matsumoto...”copyright protection4PENANAD6ipe482hI

               “No need for that Miss, Professor Snape.”copyright protection4PENANAbhpwTeSnfm

               “But you are already married?”copyright protection4PENANAq2qTyM6Br5

               “Widow.”copyright protection4PENANAG5cZur3Duk

               “Oh, I'm sorry.”copyright protection4PENANAmFBLcv05Sf

               Maki shook her head and said it was not necessary to feel sorry for her.copyright protection4PENANAsiiSbRFis6

               “And you, professor?”copyright protection4PENANAo8bA7G2bjw

               “Me what?”copyright protection4PENANAwGc7roCsuv

               “I mean, when were you married?”copyright protection4PENANAHWN0PZRuhj

               “Me, I never married.”copyright protection4PENANAAFsMgAsiLM

               “Oh, excuse me, but Professor Flitwick gave me a different understanding...”copyright protection4PENANAPhs1pUq2mU

               “He surely implied that I was married to my job,” said Snape and took another sip of coffee to rush the conversation.copyright protection4PENANAx4Qk5FkWaB

               “Director Dumbledore also told me that you were grieving.”copyright protection4PENANAgLhJxxj0Q4

               Snape accidentally spit out the coffee.copyright protection4PENANANFmfHMa7Ox

               “Profesor beware!” Maki said to him and wiped his chest with her handkerchiefcopyright protection4PENANA2lBTGHz0DJ

               Snape could tell how the woman gave off a coffee aroma, it was so nice. He hated how women put on too much perfume. In that moment the woman looked up and the eyes of both met, Maki looked at him with a serene and kind expression, Snape begged that she would not listen to his heartbeat...copyright protection4PENANACUuTD2rW2i

               ¡Crash!copyright protection4PENANA1QYo6GagOY

               “What was that!” Snape exclaimed.copyright protection4PENANANQkpJ16i2K

               “It looks like it comes from the materials pantry profesor.”copyright protection4PENANA1FFwziy1fA

               Both Snape and Maki ran to the site and when they arrived, they saw how all the specimen jars had gathered and formed a kind of giant rabbit. Sakura tried to stop the monster but was unsuccessful.copyright protection4PENANAjhqiFwYPNM

               “Watch out, Maki!” cried Snape and grabbed the woman before she was crushed by the creature before collapsing on the ground and breaking into hundreds of fragments. Sakura took advantage to capture the Jump card at that time.copyright protection4PENANAOBC91mb8Fd

               “Are you okay, are you hurt?”copyright protection4PENANATHSydrQLt6

               “I feel fine, what about Sakura?”copyright protection4PENANAmMnN53k3S7

               “I'll go see, you go back to the classroom.”copyright protection4PENANAQHJtQKQ1Sv

               Sakura was unharmed but before the spectacle of all the samples in jars discarded before her feet, she began to cry.copyright protection4PENANAfLc8jpAab3

               “I'm sorry professor... All the jars are broken... don't punish me please...”copyright protection4PENANAhxQEkVHFZA

               “Kinomoto," said the man, "it wasn't his fault, so stop crying. Regarding your punishment, this one is lifted. Don't forget not to be distracted in my classes or I will consider making up the punishment and now go to your common room, if Filch surprises you I won't advocate for you.”copyright protection4PENANAMPhvj8f9a8

               “Thank you sir," said Sakura and hurried to run to her common room, lest the man change his decision.copyright protection4PENANAEqURyeh8os

               The whole scene was chaos; it would take the man all night to fix everything, even with the help of magic.copyright protection4PENANAcG02klX20X

               “Well this can wait, I haven't finished drinking all that aromatic coffee yet...”copyright protection4PENANACMNUi63yfd

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection4PENANAHUEBLcP3le

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