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Harry Potter and Sakura Card Captor
Writer Capt. leon
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Harry Potter and Sakura Card Captor
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The fat lady disappeared? Our friends can't go to sleep.
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!IkxDlb7ks8KMf1mqAxQKposted on PENANA


Chapter 9: The fat lady disappeared? Our friends can't go to sleep.copyright protection3PENANAZDiwgDInYa

Sakura was thoughtful about what she felt towards Harry, she was supposed to be in love with Syaoran, but could not stop thinking about the English boy. Was it because he was from another country and that made him interesting and mysterious? No, it could not be the case since Syaoran was also a foreigner; he came from China and from his family Clow's lineage originated.copyright protection3PENANAwIXMKkckR3

               Then what could it be? Why was she always thinking about Harry? When the boy was not present, Sakura imagined the conversations that she could have had with him during his absence. Her mind and body were screaming for her to break away from her friends and head over to Harry and his friends to hang out and have fun. Why wasn't she chosen to go to Griffindor?copyright protection3PENANA5Q0gmbyjau

               “My head is a mess," Sakura said to herself, while she was holding her head with both hands. The girl did not know that on Gryffindor's long table, Harry had similar thoughts about Sakura.copyright protection3PENANAha7AGoeoMc

               "After she managed to catch all the cards, she will return to Japan," thought anguished Harry.copyright protection3PENANAziVw4GQh0I

               The boy went to his common room and said to the fat lady's portrait: "lion courage."copyright protection3PENANAk6zlmVwVfH

               Nothing happened...copyright protection3PENANApxRx7xVlWH

               “Lion's courage," he said again and the painting did not give way to him.copyright protection3PENANAyvZt249Tla

               Then the boy paid attention to the painting and saw to his surprise that another figure was found in it. Harry looked both ways; he hadn't gone the wrong way.copyright protection3PENANACGhb1E7xzm

               “Mmm, sorry you know where the fat lady went and what the new password is.”copyright protection3PENANAeZT6w1DsnA

               Harry was teleported away from the painting.copyright protection3PENANA9V59p8dz1z

               “Guys, the fat lady is gone! And a strange painting won't let me in," Harry told his friends.copyright protection3PENANAKEg1PhFWPf

               “That the fat lady disappeared?” Hermione asked. In that moment, several students were going to Percy Weasley.copyright protection3PENANAj4edaLfNdC

               “We can't go in.”copyright protection3PENANAonytwYCKxE

               “Every times he teleports us to the base of the stairs.”copyright protection3PENANAjhizj8RY5H

               “There's a strange painting at the entrance.”copyright protection3PENANAeoLtCVfRJs

               “The fat lady is gone.”copyright protection3PENANAt7P2Am0d6y

               Professor McGonagall appeared and the prefect informed her of the situation. The woman and a few students climbed the stairs and went to the portrait.copyright protection3PENANARpPaZ9iR8n

               “You're right Miss Humblegere, the fat lady is not, excuse me could tell us where...” McGonagall and the students were teleported to the base of the stairs. The teacher sent for Dumbledore and the same thing happened to him.copyright protection3PENANAymMjQoe5fX

               “Minerva, have Miss Kinomoto come," said the director.copyright protection3PENANAyJ5nLFKMTQ

Sakura, once informed, gone where the picture were, it was a clow card. The girl tried to catch the letter but in that:copyright protection3PENANAkLgaVgje7r

               “Look Harry, she is going to use her magic to get us through," Ron said from one of the side stairs. The clow letter opened her eyes and tele-transported Sakura back to the bottom of the stairs.copyright protection3PENANABGOn0EMfJ1

               Sakura tried again, but something always happened that alerted to the Clow card and had to start all over again, even some noisy pictures were removed from their places by Filch at the request of Dumbledore, besides the poltergeist Peves was picked up by the Bloody Baron because he ruined a couple of times the attempts of the girl.copyright protection3PENANAdhLiFxYpjR

               Sakura despite her good athletic condition was getting tired of climbing the stairs at every moment, in that moment she thought to use the card Shadow, and in this way was finally able to catch the card: Silence.copyright protection3PENANAfECvOyM8MU

               At last all the members of Gryffindor went to their common room, and in good time because it was already twelve o' clock at night and everyone was eager to go to sleep.copyright protection3PENANAzoAnMB1yQK

               All the Gryffindor thanked Sakura who was sweaty for the effort.copyright protection3PENANAz32lmHSk6c

               “Thank you Sakura,” said Harry to her, and Sakura blushed a lot.copyright protection3PENANAcmQORFnEN9

               “You're welcome, everyone can go to sleep now.”copyright protection3PENANAymx8KjKLSA

Harry and Sakura looked at each other, they did not notice that Syaoran looked at them as he stayed late with Filch taking out and then putting the paintings back in place.copyright protection3PENANAwsEyN0fFlm

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection3PENANASxIImAnJea

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