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Harry Potter and Sakura Card Captor
Writer Capt. leon
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Harry Potter and Sakura Card Captor
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A tale of twins, an expedition to the forest and Mom's image
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
5 Mins Read
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Chapter 8: A tale of twins, an expedition to the forest and Mom's imagecopyright protection4PENANAL01KP8qT3K

Sakura was having breakfast when she saw that in Griffindor's table happened a tumult; apparently at the center of this one was the Weasley twins. Sakura decided to approach to see what was happening.copyright protection4PENANAmEXN2ZuOWL

               “I tell you Neville, it was a pill growing nostrils but giant," said Fred or was it George?copyright protection4PENANAdMUiujjYei

               “No, it was a fart candy but it was giant," replied the other twin.copyright protection4PENANA90jbK9ja3m

               “What's going on?” Sakura asked.copyright protection4PENANAVp1Tc3SGRP

               “It so happens that the twins went to the forbidden forest to get ingredients for their jokes and now they come to us with a fake story," Hermione explained.copyright protection4PENANAs5Bno5GH4U

               Meiling, Tomoyo and Rika also approached.copyright protection4PENANA0eUkpEuJOx

               “What's that about a pill growing nostrils?” Meiling asked.copyright protection4PENANA5KX7DaavQ1

               “This is one of the best inventions that we have created, and for the modest price of...”copyright protection4PENANAki6VGv1mc5

               “Listen, don't try to sell your jokes to our guests," Hermione criticized her.copyright protection4PENANAgdjbyIP2rE

               “Could you tell us what you were talking about?” Tomoyo asked.copyright protection4PENANAzxoxE1HOxy

               “There are strange ghosts in the forbidden forest!” Ron exclaimed.copyright protection4PENANAQSQXNwsPTF

               “It is not known if they are ghosts, it is only known that strange things are appearing to students who dare to go into the forbidden forest, which of course is forbidden," Hermione said as she looked at the twins.copyright protection4PENANAU9TdkrWato

               “What kind of creature could do that?” Rika asked.copyright protection4PENANAP3VdAAfhpN

               “Maybe some kind of ghost," said Harry.copyright protection4PENANAPgFGdtdGi6

               “Gho.... Ghosts...” said Sakura.copyright protection4PENANAlcgfqBGnLa

               “Girls, how about we check it out!” Ron suggestedcopyright protection4PENANALAeHOOh46H

               “It looks fun," said Tomoyo.copyright protection4PENANARWXxCb0QRi

               “No, I do not think we should go, remember what Hermione said, it is forbidden...” said Sakura who was already turning blue.copyright protection4PENANAXdvdsWO9jA

               “Calm down Sakura, I will protect you," Meiling said, "any ghost who wants to intrude on you will know about my thousand years of martial art techniques.”copyright protection4PENANAk4byLZn33t

               “But Lady Rules will accuse us if we go to the forbidden forest," Ron said.copyright protection4PENANALVpJs2UtTM

               “Thinking it over, it’s a good idea to go to the forest, not very deep, only to travel the outer limit, and I am not Lady Rules.”copyright protection4PENANAMQ0h4teTCx

               “Hey, you didn't disagree before," Ron said.copyright protection4PENANAtWCEvoESrI

               “The forbidden forest is forbidden, however, perhaps the cause of this mystery is not due to some ghost, but rather to a clow card.”copyright protection4PENANAldELW6ORAH

.copyright protection4PENANADmyDED6SxJ

.copyright protection4PENANAq0G2Fbqk3S

Having said that, Sakura, Tomoyo, Meiling, Rika, Hermione, Ginny, Syaoran, Harry, Ron and Neville went the next day to the forest. Ron was arguing with Meiling. copyright protection4PENANA2p5Gb1NZSn

               “And what can you do with your quarate against a ghost?”copyright protection4PENANAHwJganThgq

               “First, it's Karate, not quarate; second, I don't know karate, I practice kung fu.”copyright protection4PENANA0GrHI7S9sW

               “It's the same thing, don't worry girls better entrust your safety to someone who does have a wand," Ron told the girls, smiling in what he considered a seductive smile, too bad that the redhead hadn't brushed his teeth.copyright protection4PENANA1um6bx8Zx1

               “You're an idiot," Ginny said. “Meiling now that she's a witch, she can use the wand now and I assure you she uses it better than you do.”copyright protection4PENANAmey6vIupZL

               “But it's only temporary, and what always counts is male strength," Ron insisted.copyright protection4PENANAP0rhHapzjR

               “I've had enough of you Weasley, Ginny, don't interfere.”copyright protection4PENANAwkmSrypAxW

               “Go ahead, don't be soft with him," Ginny said bored.copyright protection4PENANACUba1GTw5S

               The Chinese beauty rushed against Ron and though she did not hit him, she did apply every fight key. Ron was humiliated, Meiling had kept his tunic.copyright protection4PENANAhVTIdATCac

               “Battle spoils!” Meiling shouted triumphantly. Ron wanted to take it from her, but when he saw the hateful look the girl gave him, he gave it up, sure that this time he would really get beaten up.copyright protection4PENANAuGxQyZoXzW

               “I told you not to be soft with him. what you think Meiling if I show you my curse of the snot-bats, we could practice with Ron.”copyright protection4PENANAUcQ5nSMgoR

               “It would be great," replied the Chinese woman.copyright protection4PENANA9FN2o0ChCM

               “Let me film everything," said dreamy Tomoyo.copyright protection4PENANAu6t1X11lZA

               “I will prepare the pastries," said Rika elegantly.copyright protection4PENANAiUN90a1Mqp

               “Listen, girls, that's not a show," said Harry. At that moment, the mysterious phenomenon made its appearance.copyright protection4PENANAEA5rCtrfL4

               Ron, who a moment ago became the macho man, was the first to run and everyone else followed him.copyright protection4PENANA1fbvh8wiuw

.copyright protection4PENANATMqHWqRXci

.copyright protection4PENANAmRSsiuVKJG

Comparing what they had seen, they noticed that each of the boys saw something different and not at all frightening; they just ran away instinctively as they saw the redhead running.copyright protection4PENANAPLW0ge9NxD

               “I can't believe it," said Syaoran, "we fled like little children.”copyright protection4PENANAjrqJ8maZkn

               “And what did you see Sakura?” Rika asked.copyright protection4PENANAhHe99wE4hn

               “I saw my mom.”copyright protection4PENANAL69I6qWfdu

               They all looked at Sakura, they knew that her mother passed away a long time ago.copyright protection4PENANATwVkg3Hq31

               “I saw my parents too," said Harry.copyright protection4PENANANkI1uRy8WQ

.copyright protection4PENANAwHWGq36njj

.copyright protection4PENANARcQMw6QdxT

The next morning, Sakura stepped into the dark forest and in that she saw a glow, the girl ran hastily and saw that Harry was near a precipice deceived by the clow card. Sakura could see how Harry's parents drove the boy closer and closer to the precipice.copyright protection4PENANAfleXnJOWSL

               The girl could not waste any more time and invoking her staff, she captured the card clow: The Illusion.copyright protection4PENANAMosI5TLbg5

               “Harry, are you okay?”copyright protection4PENANAv8hmVOtL20

               “Sakura? What happened.”copyright protection4PENANAFhmTfJD4Fv

               “The clow card almost makes you fall down the cliff, took the shape of your parents and almost fell into the trap.”copyright protection4PENANAPrUiaZbWbs

               “Did you get to see my parents?”copyright protection4PENANA1GAj3v8wha

               “Yes.... Now that I think about it, how could I see them? The card should show me the image of my mother, not your parents.”copyright protection4PENANAxWsTQHCuLi

               “Thank you Sakura, I owe you my life.”copyright protection4PENANAZAKTSVS4S4

               “You saved me before, I wasn't going to let you fall.”copyright protection4PENANAwTL7dOClkU

               Harry hugged Sakura and then got up helping her friend to stand up, then gave her a kiss on the cheek.copyright protection4PENANAvRRYLIFncr

               "Why am I so nervous?" Sakura thought.copyright protection4PENANAGb2r4VmXZe

               "Why did I kiss her? I'm not so brave with girls," Harry thought.copyright protection4PENANA2w8NDlBgGW

               The two teens returned to the castle in silence and very blushing.copyright protection4PENANAacN1byJRWV

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection4PENANAiD7k4cfraf

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