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Harry Potter and Sakura Card Captor
Writer Capt. leon
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Harry Potter and Sakura Card Captor
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A loving poltergeist, crazy furniture and a frustrated cameraman
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!aM56eKJ2NCYAabSe86EBposted on PENANA


Chapter 4: A loving poltergeist, crazy furniture and a frustrated cameramancopyright protection4PENANAGZhM5vwPyk

Sakura was heading to her defense classes against the dark arts, when she heard a very strong commotion; several first-year students were bombarded with water balloons for what appeared to be a poltergeist! Sakura who was very afraid of the ghosts, petrified and for her bad luck the ghost went to her.copyright protection4PENANAsxUCINRQUw

               As he ran out of balloons, Peves pulled out his tongue and in the purest style of "sticky" (the green ghost of ghost busters), he stepped towards her screaming and glued himself to the poor girl's face and began licking her face.copyright protection4PENANAsLLq45qnfe

               “¡KYAAA!”copyright protection4PENANARWd8IjEf9d

               “Peves, stop bothering her," Hermione shouted, but peves began the same procedure with the Griffindor.copyright protection4PENANAzBKudth5jb

               The girls held hands and got lost in the corridors; the poltergeist laughed loudly and stopped chasing them.copyright protection4PENANABMXmc2rCpG

               “Are you.... ok... Sakura...” Hermione said to her with difficulty.copyright protection4PENANARhC4qlo5Ax

               “Yes, thank you, Hermione," she replied. Unlike Hermione, Sakura enjoyed an impressive athletic state, in fact in Japan, in her school; she was the most athletic of all and always stood out in sports.copyright protection4PENANAi983DmwVsQ

               “I' m... glad... damn... I... miss... the... breath," complained Hermione.copyright protection4PENANA73C5pP7Rrx

               “Come let me take you to a seat... What's going on here!” Suddenly Sakura shouted.copyright protection4PENANAyiOanewMk6

               The classroom furniture was precariously placed on top of each other and could fall on the girls at any time.copyright protection4PENANAjCfsGTPcPh

               “We better get out of here," Sakura said.copyright protection4PENANA3WlG2Kv9CW

               “You're right.”copyright protection4PENANAGafvlDKRp4

               Once outside, Hermione sat down on the floor and told Sakura better to hurry to her classes. After the girl made sure Hermione was well, she went straight to Defense Against the Dark Arts. Sakura thought she would be late but to her surprise the class was just beginning. It turns out that Professor Kaho took a long time to start her class because all the furniture had been placed in the middle of the classroom as a precarious Tetris tower.copyright protection4PENANAXJGdcn72zW

               “Sakura, this is the work of a clow card, you have to do something or we will always have to delay classes at Hogwarts in this way," her teacher said worried.copyright protection4PENANAkDTFjVqO52

.copyright protection4PENANALMc1hyE1p4

.copyright protection4PENANA5nNMA09I2J

Already at night, she set out to look for the naughty card, previously asked Dumbledore for a special permit to roam the corridors of the castle in order to capture the card and so that no one punished her as Filch or some teacher.copyright protection4PENANAEnmy2Fusuz

               The girl saw that the castle at night looked very scary, fortunately Tomoyo went with her.copyright protection4PENANAvflIgCgVEF

               “It is not exciting Sakura” she said happily, as she filmed the child with a "new battle suit".copyright protection4PENANAZJ2NvDNFlQ

               “Tomoyo, that we are not playing," said Sakura as she closed her eyes and forced a smile. In that they saw how a shadow passed through one of the corridors of the castle.copyright protection4PENANAo0dLzfr3IV

               Sakura wasted no time and using the wind card, captured a new card: The Shadow.copyright protection4PENANACeaYWrBcmf

               Tomoyo was in glory because she filmed all the action, but when she wanted to review what she filmed...copyright protection4PENANASlYV8uzWaV

               “¡NOOO!”copyright protection4PENANAMyVZkufLyY

               “What's wrong, Tomoyo!” Sakura shouted with her heart beating at a thousand per hour.copyright protection4PENANAGacR99jKlF

               “It didn't record... nothing was recorded...”copyright protection4PENANAZe1X99sI6C

               “Heh?”copyright protection4PENANAESbzSv48hC

.copyright protection4PENANA7YNkQWt9HP

.copyright protection4PENANAPG3QEd06W6

The next morning, director Dumbledore explained to a weeping Tomoyo, that due to the magic accumulated in the place and the magical barriers that protected the school, electronic devices such as digital cameras or video cameras did not function within the walls of the castle, not even cameras from the early twentieth century.copyright protection4PENANAJAZVaRqf0I

               The poor Tomoyo became The Scream, the famous painting. While Sakura was in glory.copyright protection4PENANAR7HFrxCUGj

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection4PENANAKv0OmE1mLY

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