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Harry Potter and Sakura Card Captor
Writer Capt. leon
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Harry Potter and Sakura Card Captor
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Two pairs of green eyes, a giant tanning, a shower of petals and shy looks
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!8DV6tUNXWepXWHOhfRO9posted on PENANA


Chapter 12: Two pairs of green eyes, a giant tanning, a shower of petals and shy lookscopyright protection3PENANARd2MkvH7tD

It had passed a couple of days and both Sakura and Hermione had recovered and they no longer thought for nothing of the two idiots they had before as a boyfriends. Sakura one afternoon after finishing the exams, made her way towards the lake and decided to stroll along the shore, the giant squid tanned happily the tentacles, while the twins tempted their luck by piercing them.copyright protection3PENANAmSBiApAQhp

               “Hey, leave the poor squid alone.”copyright protection3PENANAZWuzBsD4JI

               “Let's go, Fred, the other Lady Rules will punish us.”copyright protection3PENANAtAWvmg14ov

               “You said it George, we'd better leave before her twin comes along.” Saying this, the twins left laughing.copyright protection3PENANAHLni4YIEOZ

               “Humm, I'm sure they think they are very funny, but they aren't," said Sakura tor herself and raising her shoulders.copyright protection3PENANA3OWyny01CK

               “I don't know, sometimes they have their good moments," said Harry.copyright protection3PENANAK5lGBHXCLl

               “Harry, I didn't know you were here," said a surprised Sakura.copyright protection3PENANA8t7vLbtuPi

               “Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you, again...”copyright protection3PENANAuT6qrtYsvB

               “Yeah, I remember, I also remember that the squid saved us that time.”copyright protection3PENANAdfGyWhgTU2

               “Do you want to go for a boat ride Sakura?”copyright protection3PENANAf2vmyhx2Ln

               “No, if I fall again, the poor squid would have to give up his tan and I would feel guilty.”copyright protection3PENANAkghqHJUFcp

               “I would save you, now I know how to swim, of course I am not very good but I could rescue my damsel in distress.”copyright protection3PENANAhpEXYBfeu9

               “So I would be your damsel.”copyright protection3PENANAgKcM7K3FMP

               “If you allow me...”copyright protection3PENANA365kxM4rsg

               “I could do it, it all depends if the swimmer has good arms, you need strong arms to rescue someone.”copyright protection3PENANAQJGvHE6WSB

Harry approached Sakura and hugged her tenderly.copyright protection3PENANA69miVt2Z8P

               “Do they seem strong enough to you?”copyright protection3PENANAObVUwsHATa

               “It is also necessary to have a strong look so that the rescued one does not get scared.”copyright protection3PENANARKUxfBbly4

               Harry looked at Sakura.copyright protection3PENANAXEdjW8NZ8V

               “With those green eyes you will cause the damsel to drown.”copyright protection3PENANAOW7KREdyf7

               “And with those green eyes of yours you will also cause the swimmer to drown.”copyright protection3PENANAJ6RDD7fPtN

               “To drown in our feelings, in our joy...”copyright protection3PENANATqs6Kofxon

               The two boys' faces were getting closer and closer... And they shared their breath in the tender embrace of their lips and then parted to make the sweet embrace warmer this time.copyright protection3PENANAtckAXbfaKu

               The two boys felt that their waists were caressed.copyright protection3PENANAhtA97ehm3K

               “Harry, don't...”copyright protection3PENANAaWbC3V1jsp

               “But Sakura, you are doing it...”copyright protection3PENANAHVB2wyeLJY

               “What! It’s not me.”copyright protection3PENANAg1sQaA5rW8

               “Neither do I!”copyright protection3PENANAc75nJ9iKtK

               The boys noticed that the squid tentacles left their waists and settled on the heads of the two boys.copyright protection3PENANA9bGLdckrY3

               “I don't think we should have come this close," Harry said.copyright protection3PENANAqe4T5ftaHq

               “It seems to me that he is congratulating us for clarifying our feelings," Sakura said smilingly.copyright protection3PENANAjUxohhyz11

               Both laughing boys escaped from the squid and headed for the castle. Sakura clutched herself flirtatiously to the boy’s arm, in that a shower of petals descended on the whole castle, and both teachers and students looked astonished.copyright protection3PENANAkbc1XqdhSc

               “Sakura?”copyright protection3PENANAliqqcwGFGo

               “Shush” She shut him up and kissed him as the shower of petals fell on them. The Flower card, descended next to them and Sakura grabbed it between her hands.copyright protection3PENANA5ZiDozUW9W

               “You know, the Forest and Flower cards are among the gentiles that there are," Sakura said, "but not as gentle as you.”  She finished as she hugged him and rested her head on the boy’s chest.copyright protection3PENANAXu7av5BImt

               Harry didn't know what to think, he didn't notice his heart beating in a gentle way, but full of passion.copyright protection3PENANAVIMl8YRODy

               The two of them decided to go to the dining room and in that they met Hermione who was going hand in hand with... Neville! The two couples stopped in the dry and watched each other for a few seconds.copyright protection3PENANAcJyvnW4hSe

               “Oh, hello Hermione.” Said Sakura to her while she was blushingcopyright protection3PENANAdQIl1dqCWN

               “Hi Sakura," Hermione replied that while she was just as red. “I see, I see you and Harry, well, you're already dating.”copyright protection3PENANA6RvSdDQ5su

               “Yes, and you and Neville...”copyright protection3PENANAEFecaB8fS1

               Hermione nodded her head and clung tightly to Neville's arm.copyright protection3PENANAt6RcrTqSwn

               The two boys were also red and did not know what to say, but in that Hermione grabbed Sakura's arm and took her a little far away, enough so that the boys did not listen to them and they began to murmur among themselves in the midst of nervous giggles.copyright protection3PENANAGCfbusPlyh

               Harry and Neville struggled to look only at the girls because whenever the two boys eyes met, they looked at each other shyly. For the boys' relief, the girls returned smiling and each holding their partner by the hand and rushed to the large dining room to celebrate a new beginning for both of them.copyright protection3PENANAPdX3p7Fxnx

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection3PENANAzQEr36ktYQ

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