Harry Potter and Sakura Card Captor - Dumbledore's concern, farewells, to enjoy the last chapter | Penana

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Harry Potter and Sakura Card Captor
Writer Capt. leon
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Harry Potter and Sakura Card Captor
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Dumbledore's concern, farewells, to enjoy the last chapter
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
5 Mins Read
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Chapter 13: Dumbledore's concern, farewells, to enjoy the last chaptercopyright protection4PENANASUrYSX4Sow

Sakura was in the office of Dumbledore, lends to listen to the reason why the director sent her to call.copyright protection4PENANA6fgcMQys4F

               “Sakura," said the director, who already had a great appreciation for the card captor and began to call her by name, "I see that you feel much better.”copyright protection4PENANAO9FMbFquwE

               “Thank you sir, the recovery of the Clow letters will not be a problem, I assure you.”copyright protection4PENANAlpzNorKsk9

               “This is precisely what I wanted to talk to you about.”copyright protection4PENANAZqogDb6bDb

               “Something wrong, sir?”copyright protection4PENANARslxfxcG1I

               “Well, actually I was very worried, the fact that the clow cards came to Hogwarts involved a series of problems, problems that in the long run became a reality. You see Sakura, not all cards have a friendly personality like the cards Forest and Flower, some decided to attack you.”copyright protection4PENANAln8UawmVZG

               “You mean when the Water card threw me out of the boat causing me to almost drown?”copyright protection4PENANA4Z6tfJEmVi

               “Yes, fortunately Harry, like a gentleman he is, proceeded to rescue his damsel in distress.”copyright protection4PENANAxMKSj0pvGr

               Sakura turned red like a tomato, how would the director know about her relationship with Harry?copyright protection4PENANAe1OmVZTiUS

               “Oh, love, a magic that makes us forget our fears. Now Harry knows how to swim and you Sakura no longer feel uncomfortable with the ghosts of the school. Isn't that right?”copyright protection4PENANAYZR5s7P7tK

               Sakura could only look at the floor and move her foot as if she were a little girl.copyright protection4PENANAp1xaURaknR

               “Hem, sir, about the Clow cards.”copyright protection4PENANALCTAZPzS7u

               “Oh yes, as I told you Sakura, not all the Clow cards have a gentle nature, some decided to attack you and other students, if not for our dear cephalopod...”copyright protection4PENANAL6tCbVK03e

               “Excuse me?”copyright protection4PENANALsfjDaaOuy

               “I am referring to the giant squid," said the director paternally.copyright protection4PENANAFfayP9np2v

               “Sakura," continued the director, "the incident of the lake was not the only one, the card that possessed Miss Sasaki, tried to hurt the first year students, and another card wounded Mr. Li and Mr. Weasley.”copyright protection4PENANATNBmqNiaOm

               Sakura frowned.copyright protection4PENANApzPFTsP4hj

               “My child, I know that you and your friends had some differences, but believe me, like love, friendship is the other strength we must have in our lives. I'm sure Ron and Syaoran will mature with this experience, please don't throw away their friendship.”copyright protection4PENANACWyNvoXTNZ

               “You are right sir, I can't act childishly," said Sakura and Dumbledore smiled at her.copyright protection4PENANAoHM04cNnnB

               “Going back to the issue that concerns us," Dumbledore continued, "although your performance in catching the cards was more than exemplary, there are still many more cards and the possibility of a student being hurt, I'm afraid, is very high. That's why Professor Flitwick and I came up with a plan.”copyright protection4PENANAJMbyr40h8h

               “A plan, sir?”copyright protection4PENANAAKe8yKxvDl

               “That's right, you see, when the Clow cards were unleashed by accident, they went to Hogwarts as the most magical place in the area, but the school is so large, not only the structure of the castle, the owls, the quidditch field, the greenhouses, the other school grounds like the lake and even the forbidden forest. Therefore, we saw that it would be more convenient to focus the magic of the school in a place that already contains an important amount of magic.”copyright protection4PENANAu22h26tQtR

               “And what is that place, sir?”copyright protection4PENANArcECK5GLmO

               “I refer to the room of the necessities, a magical room hidden from most students, only visible to those who require its prompt appearance, a room ready to change its functionality depending on the needs of those who need it. That's where Professor Flitwick and I locked up the clow cards.”copyright protection4PENANA3Xzh672DCG

               “Really, have they been captured?”copyright protection4PENANAY7I0oL7SBA

               “Only a descendant of the magician Clow can capture the cards, the only thing we teachers can do is to corner the cards. Now these are locked in the room of the necessities, apparently a card seems to guard the entrance of the room, once you capture this one, you will be able to capture all the other cards without problems.”copyright protection4PENANAK3MoFxumiQ

               “All of them, sir?”copyright protection4PENANAbmOKDUSGxv

               “Well, you can do it if you want one a day.”copyright protection4PENANAmwC4x1QEUr

               “Sir, I would like, well, I would like...”copyright protection4PENANAeEv12azwxR

               “Talk to your friends first and tell them about the cards," Dumbledore said with a smile.copyright protection4PENANAnIebtS5lyD

.copyright protection4PENANARU9uZGvPlp

.copyright protection4PENANAhz4MB6XaCu

Sakura after leaving Dumbledore's office called her friends and told them the news.copyright protection4PENANA20cgbG8h2G

               “Then now you will be able to go back home," Ginny said, amid joy and sorrow.copyright protection4PENANAUTB4nALSp6

               “No, I don't want to go home! I'm very happy here with Cedric by my side," complained Meiling.copyright protection4PENANAiGGmthtqr6

               “I don't want to leave either, it's so much fun to do magic," said Rika sadly.copyright protection4PENANAUu67KiOTzQ

               “It will be a shame to come back so soon," Tomoyo told them.copyright protection4PENANAAtJbx6LiZa

               “You know, the director told me that it wasn't necessary to catch all the Clow cards at once.”copyright protection4PENANApiR5Fkm9LO

               “That's great Sakura, you can stay longer," Hermione said to them cheerfully, "but what will Li's mother say.”copyright protection4PENANAfGimN3ECWd

               “I know Syaoran's mother, she is very strict and she will want her son to stay all year until the end of the course," Meiling said.copyright protection4PENANAswGcHeisxi

               “What about Miss Maki?” Ginny askedcopyright protection4PENANADWBu2hPoqA

               The girls looked at each other worried and decided to go see the woman, she was probably in the potion lab. When they arrived, they saw that Miss Maki was sitting and leaning on Snape's shoulder! The man smiled (something the girls never saw) and caressed her long black hair as he whispered tender words of love.copyright protection4PENANAdFgv14yFGv

               “I see.”copyright protection4PENANAS91zlJOEbm

               “Yes, I see.”copyright protection4PENANAXPjyklP9Kf

               “So that's what it was.”copyright protection4PENANAKXV1sX61DN

               “Great, the twins won't believe me.”copyright protection4PENANAwwWy5ihUWt

               “What a sweet scene.”copyright protection4PENANAgTizsCViMF

               “Don't rat them out, Ginny, please.”copyright protection4PENANAxxCtz5qG63

               The girls quietly withdrew, confident that Ms. Maki would also like to stay in school longer.copyright protection4PENANAtDzqbFIszF

.copyright protection4PENANAWQzeq2RlkE

.copyright protection4PENANA0RbDlLILrP

Sakura went the next day where the room of the necessities and saw that it was the Shield card guarded the place, using the Sword card, captured it and kept it in her pocket.copyright protection4PENANAPUsolE346D

               “And now what will you do Sakura?” Kero asked her.copyright protection4PENANAK3ujhUl9gF

               “I know that one day the classes will end, but in the meantime, I plan to enjoy every day that I stay here in Hogwarts with my friends and Harry.”copyright protection4PENANANhxZUSKDEb

               “And then?”copyright protection4PENANAst6URsyVwF

               “Then we'll keep in touch, you know, the carnival doesn't have to end while we still keep our friendship.”copyright protection4PENANAzgJ3A0XVad

THE ENDcopyright protection4PENANABXv8Wp1H2F

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