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Harry Potter and Sakura Card Captor
Writer Capt. leon
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Harry Potter and Sakura Card Captor
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A visit to Hogsmeade, a duel of swords and unexpected decisions
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
6 Mins Read
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Chapter 11: A visit to Hogsmeade, a duel of swords and unexpected decisionscopyright protection4PENANAxTjK3WRjpP

Sakura was depressed by Syaoran´s behavior and did not feel like eating anything.copyright protection4PENANAJRQ3E1P3bh

               “It's been two weeks and he is still annoying," explained Sakura to her friends.copyright protection4PENANAYi690H3ruu

               “I never thought Li was that kind of person," Tomoyo said.copyright protection4PENANAk2oDMrAEKZ

               “Since he is the only son of the Li family, I suppose he is a bit spoiled," Meiling said.copyright protection4PENANAuuQkxvlnyx

               “And how's your relationship with Cedric, Meiling?” Ginny asked, trying to change the subject.copyright protection4PENANAEwPKGPrKhW

               “Wonderful, could not be better," Meiling said, but seeing the sad expression of Sakura decided to explain something else. “Well, I had a couple of run-ins with Choo, but I put her in her place.”copyright protection4PENANAfCYDfL5PpQ

               “You didn't fight with her, did you?” said Rika, a little worried.copyright protection4PENANAPUkFeRaAeJ

               “No, not at all, I did what you told me Rika, I didn't resort to violence.”copyright protection4PENANA8TfXDWN5G5

               “What did Choo also like Cedric?” Hermione asked.copyright protection4PENANA1WH0zXMFMc

               “Hermione, you don't know anything about it, of course Choo liked Cedric, it was obvious a mile away. And from what Meiling told me Choo behaved like a harpy.”copyright protection4PENANAvC6QilItVX

               “And how did you handle it, Meiling?”copyright protection4PENANAc3Qs1toOz5

               “I gave hiera few cookies to eat and she grew nostrils, Cedric found it very funny and Choo got angry with him. Now Cedric and I are a couple.”copyright protection4PENANAUA1CBBzngm

               “I told the twins not to sell you their crap!”copyright protection4PENANAAMYGDg1lJX

               “Quiet Hermione, they didn't do it, I was inspired by her invention and transformed her pills into biscuits of Chinese fortune, Choo fell round.”copyright protection4PENANAiV08o1CMQb

               “Syaoran also deserves to eat those cookies too," said Sakura painedly.copyright protection4PENANASLMTnnuWLL

               A”nd after that Sakura? You can't be with someone who is so possessive, it would hurt you in the end," Hermione said.copyright protection4PENANAjlyh2by4wh

               “Mmm... You're not the best person to give that advice, Hermione.”copyright protection4PENANA1Od1XC3zoU

               “What do you mean, Ginny?”copyright protection4PENANALgFxa2VEZH

               “Because your case is the same as Sakura, Ron does not respect you, he only sees you as an object of which he can dispose at will, you are like his toy, the toy of a spoiled child who does not tolerate that someone even looks at it.”copyright protection4PENANAqi3YA5999G

               Hermione remained mute and was about to answer in a bad way to the redhead but in that Sakura intervened.copyright protection4PENANAqbuEcrgg1F

               “Is Ron possessive too?”copyright protection4PENANAaMWQk6SfLS

               “Well, I know that sometimes he behaves badly but...”copyright protection4PENANAWcb0aM5kVf

               “But nothing, my brother is not good for you Hermione, it hurts me because I speak of my brother, but it is the truth.”copyright protection4PENANA0mrv1DWiUY

               “What if we go to Hogsmeade tomorrow," Rika said nervously.copyright protection4PENANAX4LUU50NlM

               “Rika is a wonderful idea, what if we all go girls," said Tomoyo.copyright protection4PENANAGiYSi9EotA

               In the end all the girls decided to go to town to spend an afternoon just for girls and forget about their problems.copyright protection4PENANAEtW5YXJVfD

.copyright protection4PENANAUdIF7DL8r7

.copyright protection4PENANAU7pT0I2E6w

Hogsmeade was more picturesque than ever and the girls had fun as they had never had before, throwing away all the stress accumulated during the year. Why the hell did they need men, if female friendship was stronger than romance with someone who was actually an asshole?copyright protection4PENANAeL0bQZ8AVo

               After an afternoon of shopping, strolls and so on, the girls returned to school very happy because they would not have classes tomorrow.copyright protection4PENANAdPBWvJzhR0

.copyright protection4PENANAoM8OF8wIND

.copyright protection4PENANAe2oedfemP9

Sakura and her friends were having breakfast and chatting when Professor Flitwick came running towards them.copyright protection4PENANAK3YmZu5zLX

               “Miss Kinomoto, it's an emergency!”copyright protection4PENANAAaJJYpSu8F

               “What's happening, professor!” Sakura exclaimed as she saw the worried face of her teacher.copyright protection4PENANA7nIwBVLQhA

               “It's Miss Sasaki, it looks like she's been possessed by a clow card.”copyright protection4PENANAZ2EYoEstde

               “Rika, can't be! Now I understand why she and Tomoyo didn't go to breakfast," said Sakura and went running to the common room of Ravenclaw.copyright protection4PENANArOobxmBqRJ

               When she arrived, she saw that the whole room was destroyed; it seemed that someone tore it apart using a sword.copyright protection4PENANA5Y6OuIJgy1

               “Sakura!” Tomoyo shoutedcopyright protection4PENANARx3vwr9YVn

               “Tomoyo, what happened?”copyright protection4PENANAdmcBxKY8aP

               “Rika was possessed by a clow card and with a sword shattered the place, then went to the quidditch camp and there she is waiting for you.”copyright protection4PENANASgOY4jHNzf

               “Is she waiting for me?”copyright protection4PENANAOqNSWjj6ie

               “Apparently she wants to challenge you in front of the whole school, the principal Dumbledore and other teachers wanted to stop the card, but this made Rika attack the first year students, you have to go Sakura and save Rika!”copyright protection4PENANAtvBG79q5iA

               “Don't worry Tomoyo, I'll take care of rescuing our friend.”copyright protection4PENANAVaQK9V3QJD

               Sakura arrived at the quidditch camp, in that place Rika and the clow card were waiting for her.copyright protection4PENANA5y4Tq0cJ6u

               “Sakura you must attack Rika with the Thunder card!” Syaoran shouted to hercopyright protection4PENANAYA0zg7IGc1

               “You're crazy! I won't hurt Rika.”copyright protection4PENANAh8b8Sk3WbM

               “She'll be all right; the important thing now is that you get the clow card back!”copyright protection4PENANAzgkDaLDmuK

               “Will she be all right?  You and Ron stayed in the infirmary for a week and your treatment was painful because of the magic effect of the card!”copyright protection4PENANARskR2BYLhb

               “Sakura, sacrifices must be made if we want to recover all the clow cards.”copyright protection4PENANAMzkYHciL8t

               “No, Rika didn't ask for this, she never asked to be possessed by a clow card, and she never had the mission to retrieve the clow cards unlike us.”copyright protection4PENANAyHKSlUEZh8

               “You don't see that the faster you retrieve the clow cards, the faster we'll go home.”copyright protection4PENANAJ9B41EF0pX

               “Is that what you're worried about? Having to get rid of your chores," said a staggering Sakura.copyright protection4PENANAccwwaeItZR

               “Watch out Sakura!” Harry yelled at her and Sakura came out of shock dodging Rika's attack at the last second.copyright protection4PENANAXxzHqUC4TU

               Sakura did not know what to do, some students shouted for her to attack the girl and others asked her to do everything possible to save her, the rest of students only shouted words of encouragement. Sakura had an inspiration and decided to use the card Illusion; with it she could distract the clow card and without harming Rika could catch the card: The Sword.copyright protection4PENANAdD4OH5tn6S

               Dumbledore ordered that they take Rika to the infirmary since she had fainted, Sakura and her friends followed her, Hermione had stayed behind and shouted to Ron for supporting Syaoran.copyright protection4PENANAki5ROf5wI5

               The nurse allowed the girls to stay next to the patient on the condition that they didn't wake her up, after an hour Syaoran became nervous.copyright protection4PENANAoGDXn3S08L

               “What do you want, Syaoran?” Sakura asked him.copyright protection4PENANAVlpZa65Dtb

               “You know that the most successful decision was the one that I said to you Sakura, if you had not used the Illusion card, sure...”copyright protection4PENANAwOtBFiRLPz

               “You mean the right decision for you. I'd like to argue with you but I won't and for two reasons: first, the nurse would get us out of here; and second, I'm not interested in having anything to do with you anymore, I'm sorry for your sisters and your mother Li, they'll be disappointed, but we are done.”copyright protection4PENANARdguaDx2EG

               “Sakura... what do you say...”copyright protection4PENANAOA1dAckFPN

“Your mother is right Li," Meiling said to him while she was struggling not to cry, “you need to mature, accept what Sakura said to you and leave her alone.”copyright protection4PENANARlCkXiDO3s

               The boy, seeing the looks of disdain and disappointment on the part of the girls, withdrew crestfallen. Hermione came in and gave him a hateful look, Syaoran hurried out of the infirmary.copyright protection4PENANAoUFEpQiWSX

               Hermione sat next to her friends and started crying.copyright protection4PENANACHxEV7QfNG

               “Hermione, what's going on?” Tomoyo asked her worried.copyright protection4PENANA3E2FZZXCO1

               “I finished with Ron... It's all over...”copyright protection4PENANA4cWJRlz9is

               “I'm really sorry, Hermione, but I'm sure it's for the best” Ginny comforted her.copyright protection4PENANA6VaDz5Lqky

               Sakura embraced Hermione and she was surprised, Sakura surely suffered more than her but still tried to console her, Hermione began to cry and the same Sakura did.copyright protection4PENANA6nc93b80OW

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection4PENANA2S9YC0kcaC

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