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Harry Potter and Sakura Card Captor
Writer Capt. leon
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Harry Potter and Sakura Card Captor
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Working in the greenhouse, a green prophecy and a tropical forest
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!fi5jIqKdxlKj4cFzEMODposted on PENANA


Chapter 6: Working in the greenhouse, a green prophecy and a tropical forestcopyright protection3PENANAcqaiJTJt6g

“With the punishments in the nights with Snape I am exhausted," Sakura complained.copyright protection3PENANAPRAU4ftJ1i

               “Remember that until you catch all the cards, you can't go back to Japan." Kero reminded her.copyright protection3PENANAmujurnJ37U

               “I can’t stand this," said Sakura and collapsed in her bed.copyright protection3PENANAVkk6C3Zlx6

               "But what do you say, if it's only tomorrow, you better hurry to your classes in the greenhouse or they'll give you more punishments, remember that today you share classes with Griffindor.”copyright protection3PENANACmYch2sLLu

               Sakura got up reluctantly and went to the greenhouse with the same look as a criminal going to the electric chair.copyright protection3PENANA38YmCqJluR

.copyright protection3PENANAfpczwODvaa

.copyright protection3PENANACNxAZPDsAp

“As I was saying to you, to prepare the magic infusion, we must add strawberries specially cultivated in the greenhouse," Sprout explained, while showing the class a giant strawberry the size of a watermelon, which was an electric green color.copyright protection3PENANAXDxV09mJvQ

               “Are you sure they should look like this? Meilling asked, “I thought they were smaller and red.”copyright protection3PENANABKgNkMCYiM

               “The muggle strawberries are like that, girl, but the strawberries we need must look like this.”copyright protection3PENANA9UzGvzv825

               The teacher explained to everyone the correct way of growing the strange strawberries and sent them to practice in pairs.copyright protection3PENANAxZJ5VJehtJ

               Sakura was working at the bottom of the greenhouse when suddenly found a couple of clow cards: The Rain and The Forest.copyright protection3PENANA84uoSPauNt

               “Finally my luck is changing!”copyright protection3PENANAhWoRCTr82t

               “Well Sakura, little by little you will catch them all.”copyright protection3PENANAeAtXFoHUGa

               “Catch them now...”copyright protection3PENANAEOf8c7XnCK

               “Hum?”copyright protection3PENANAQTGeLj8csa

               "What, you didn't understand the joke..."copyright protection3PENANAGHK9Fpxmkd

               “Sakura, you have seen a lot of anime.”copyright protection3PENANAxY1M6eU4Bw

               “Have you never seen pokemon?”copyright protection3PENANAPsqwHbQPoi

               “In my spare time, all I do is practice martial arts.”copyright protection3PENANAZ40JdF9K1t

               “Only that?”copyright protection3PENANAYzr0lyefDP

               “Well, I'm also a girl, I'm also interested...”copyright protection3PENANAMticZZoPOM

               The friends kept on talking and did not realize that all their companions were already finishing their work, so the two girls panicked went to finish their work as quickly as possible and left with the time just before the teacher closed the greenhouse, Sakura had forgotten to write her name on the clow cards.copyright protection3PENANA8NQ8x3OHOQ

.copyright protection3PENANAbNpDNKc10P

.copyright protection3PENANARNi9Zi8o8W

Already very late in the afternoon, with the classes she shared with Slyterin in divination, the teacher after seeing through the window said to the students:copyright protection3PENANAahK1qi5e0U

               “I see a misfortune looming over the school... I see a green threat that will bring misfortune and death.”copyright protection3PENANA4bHtOue0wf

               “What kind of misfortune, Professor?” Asked Makaias Frounelle, a student of Slyterin.copyright protection3PENANAQn29x2sFqA

               “It will be in the shape of trees and...” The teacher fainted just as she stood in front of her favorite armchair.copyright protection3PENANACBSnDiFIxG

               Sakura who did not know about how deceitful her teacher was, was very frightened.copyright protection3PENANACCRk6GPkHl

.copyright protection3PENANAAxJCHhF9W5

.copyright protection3PENANAKzHCWkVC3s

Already at night while she was serving her punishment with Snape, Cedric knocked at the door.copyright protection3PENANAiF590bPPwx

               “Professor Snape, I am sorry to bother you but Director Dumbledore requests the presence of Sakura Kinomoto in the greenhouses.”copyright protection3PENANAb64VJLcoV9

               “What's going on?” Snape asked.copyright protection3PENANAuFIciFwehz

               “I'm not quite sure sir, Professor Sprout sent me to come as soon as possible to you.”copyright protection3PENANAGzfMJgXz6t

               “Well, me and Miss Kinomoto will be right there.”copyright protection3PENANA6iAbdjXqIS

               Snape told Sakura about the order of Dumbledore and they both hurried towards the greenhouses. Upon arrival they saw that both the roofs and glass walls of one of them had exploded, due to what appeared to be a tropical forest that had grown out of control from within the structure.copyright protection3PENANAAdyjpQYV4g

               “I don't understand Albus, the crystals were reinforced with magic; however, they exploded easily.”copyright protection3PENANAvLPLyz1v88

               “I fear that the magic involved has to do with the magician Clow, and speaking of it, I see that the capturer of the clow cards has arrived.”copyright protection3PENANAZfqzqETn5B

               Dumbledore explained to Sakura that most likely a Clow card was involved. He and Sakura would go into the greenhouse and try to fix things.copyright protection3PENANAgFPOYeFXaK

               Sakura thanked the director for his help, since this one made to go backwards the branches and roots of the trees that otherwise would have crushed Sakura. In the end, they arrived at the clow cards, and Sakura captured Rain with the Water card, and the Forest card was delivered on its own.copyright protection3PENANAdGw3r4CtAL

               “I'm very sorry for what happened director, if I hadn't forgotten the cards in the greenhouse and written my name to them this wouldn't have happened.”copyright protection3PENANABz019rG2PL

               “So you were the responsible Miss Kinomoto," said Professor Sprout when she heard Sakura's confession when she was leaving the greenhouses with Dumbledore.copyright protection3PENANAE5qtUpIAmS

               The chief of the badgers, imposed a punishment on Sakura, which consisted of helping in the greenhouses every afternoon for a month.copyright protection3PENANAkzyRC0Wftw

               “So this was the misfortune that Professor Trelawney warned us about," said Sakura weeping, while from the window of the divination class Professor Trelawney said to herself:copyright protection3PENANA05617fsNii

               “How fortunate that I saw how the greenhouse was about to explode from my window, now that I have more credibility I will ask Dumbledore for a raise, jo,jo,jo,jo”copyright protection3PENANAyXnZrio9SL

               “I want to go home!” Sakura cried down in the greenhouses.copyright protection3PENANA2ckA4XB0d4

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection3PENANAwdaCfhSH4a

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