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Harry Potter and Sakura Card Captor
Writer Capt. leon
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Harry Potter and Sakura Card Captor
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A boat ride, a gentle giant and a very cold teacher
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!vGqFYwcCnSmSMfATsSZOposted on PENANA


Chapter 5: A boat ride, a gentle giant and a very cold teacher9Please respect copyright.PENANAO8KUMflfn7
9Please respect copyright.PENANAsGuwSr6QLu
copyright protection5PENANAYQjpwhVJUi

Sakura was walking alone near the lake, she was frustrated because the caretaker Filch, had not freed poor Syaoran from his daily chores. Without noticing it, she had arrived at the landing of the boats, in that place she saw how some boys took the boats and went for a tour in the lakecopyright protection5PENANABhaowLhYDh

               “Sakura? You also come for a boat ride," Harry asked.copyright protection5PENANAN0T8UQn57H

               “Hey, that's your Harry, I didn't see you.”copyright protection5PENANAI6y1w4jrNd

               “Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.”copyright protection5PENANAKpvVN1G40k

               “No, you didn't...” Sakura answered a little nervously.copyright protection5PENANAlOkfWe5jkd

               “And tell me, would you like to go boating with me?”copyright protection5PENANA12kA3QFmit

               “Yes, of course, it will be fun.”copyright protection5PENANAA2S5XF7EK7

               Already in the middle of the lake the two friends were having fun when Harry wanted to ask Sakura about his key-staff.copyright protection5PENANAY6VjlSxrcR

               “I've never seen a staff before in my life," Harry told her.copyright protection5PENANAFeUZOXPuk7

               “I know that in the West you use the sticks instead of the staffs," Sakura said to him, while she showed her staff key to the boy.copyright protection5PENANAXUaP08v8Mf

               “Could you show me how you invoke your staff?”copyright protection5PENANAfLlb4H4C9g

               “Surely," said Sakura and took the staff between her two hands.copyright protection5PENANAtOvnNjlDNF

               “Staff who keep the powers of darkness...”copyright protection5PENANALLAWAB45JR

               At that point something shook the boat. Sakura who was standing at that moment, fell to the lake in a strong splash.copyright protection5PENANAlZCGaHoejx

               “Sakura, Sakura!” Harry cried desperately, he wanted to help Sakura but he had never learned to swim, his uncles never cared about it.copyright protection5PENANAvNl0b9kwN8

               Without further thought, Harry threw himself into the lake and then saw her... Sakura unconscious sunk into the lake. Without knowing how, the boy reached her, now the problem was to bring her to the surface.copyright protection5PENANAczTMvuozA7

               Harry tried and tried, but they kept sinking deeper and deeper. Suddenly, something came up from the dark waters and caught the teens!copyright protection5PENANArV64ChL0w4

               The magicians were lifted to the surface and deposited inside the boat; the giant squid had saved them.copyright protection5PENANAx1ST232nzQ

               Sakura still remained unconscious and Harry remembering an episode he saw on TV, proceeded to give the sorceress mouth-to-mouth breathing. Sakura regained consciousness and Harry explained what happened.copyright protection5PENANAvMppyUTXut

               “But you can't swim, and yet you went for me?” said Sakura to him tenderly.copyright protection5PENANA4VpaZ1sL1Y

               “Well, I couldn't let anything bad happen to you...”copyright protection5PENANAPzZHs2Lvpk

               The girl hugged Harry tightly and then they broke up blushingly, they tried to say something to each other but the squid tentacles touched the two teens' heads as if trying to calm them down because they were almost dead. The two teens looked surprised and then began to laugh, the squid lazily moved away.copyright protection5PENANAlV6KkFFeCa

               “You know, I think it was one of the clow cards that shook the boat," said Sakuracopyright protection5PENANAIH57S58kQ9

               “You think?”copyright protection5PENANAiGIiobk9GK

               “I am sure, before I lost consciousness, I could detect the magic of a clow card.”copyright protection5PENANAu2FBNZhseU

               The incident with the boys was not the only one, several reported that the same thing happened to them as well, but it was because of the squid that saved each student....copyright protection5PENANADWBJ3tOcNF

.copyright protection5PENANAl5m4nLgIVW

.copyright protection5PENANAsqZ71M7jfl

The card captor meditated on how to catch the card, something very dangerous, especially if you should be paying attention in potion classes.copyright protection5PENANAdShOBlhqx4

               “Ms. Kinomoto, ten points less to your house for being distracted in my class and you will be punished tonight.”copyright protection5PENANA6TatYxeefa

.copyright protection5PENANAbHAaPCWWVc

.copyright protection5PENANAh84zWGUe7s

Already at night the poor of Sakura had to classify the repugnant specimens enclosed in the bottles that Snape used, and then she placed them in a special pantry which was enchanted so that it simulated the temperature of an industrial refrigerator... That was the solution! The card captor already had a plan.copyright protection5PENANAjdltGj0Vxg

.copyright protection5PENANA5IYGTNiQJd

.copyright protection5PENANA21m7AjNvxV

In the evening, with Dumbledore's permission, Sakura went to the lake and with her staff challenged the card to present fight. The card accepted the challenge, but Sakura pretending that she fled, took the card towards Snape's pantry and once inside closed the door. When reopening it, Sakura was able to verify that the card had frozen and in that way was able to catch the card easily, now had one more card: The Watercopyright protection5PENANAXQ8jkPCkKa

.copyright protection5PENANABQTzwMnOC7

.copyright protection5PENANA2F8oMJIAef

“TWENTY, TWENTY POINTS LESS!, and from now on for a whole month you will be punished by repairing the pantry you thwarted," Snape shouted in the morning.copyright protection5PENANAvc6Dvqt8Ld

               “I want to go home!” complained Sakuracopyright protection5PENANAin3bXzYkoB

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection5PENANArrgzQ2jyDx

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