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Writer Capt. leon
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Bitter goodbye
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ODFABl2D6qH9ybhquPdVposted on PENANA

THE BLACK VERITECHcopyright protection4PENANAohoC8lMOBY

Capítulo 10: Bitter goodbyecopyright protection4PENANAcqBS0cd2Qj

Knight was writing the letters of condolence he would give to Shiru and Hyoga's relatives, when suddenly someone was knocking on his door very loudly.copyright protection4PENANAtys2JKseAF

“Max, Ben..... Why do you knock so loudly?" said Knight, who was surprised to see the broken faces of his friends.copyright protection4PENANA9YXxB6SnUu

“Knight, it's terrible... Roy died," said Max.copyright protection4PENANAm7VY0VadY1

“Roy died... explain yourself!”copyright protection4PENANAxrz0tjKWxk

“Roy died," said Ben, "they took him to the operating room, but they couldn't save him, now Claudia is in the hospital watching his body. “copyright protection4PENANABGjzeVF7jA

“What!.... But how did this happen, if he was okay a moment ago!” shouted Knight.copyright protection4PENANACFIxDItOVr

“Apparently he was wounded in the battle and then collapsed in Claudia's room, then they took him to the hospital, but he had already lost a lot of blood," Max reported.copyright protection4PENANAQtTqtnJdjh

“What? No.... don't fuck around, Max, that's so weird, why didn't he go to the hospital after he landed?” he asked in anguish.copyright protection4PENANAyVXSucNak6

“Nobody knows Knight and now... now Roy is dead” said Ben.copyright protection4PENANALWMttqbXf7

“...And Rick already knows that," Knight asked broken down.copyright protection4PENANAo5Aiv3FfhY

“Lisa went to tell him," Max said.copyright protection4PENANAwPUuIpGvA0

“Oh fuck, shit...” Knight cursed.copyright protection4PENANAClXpOrQ0o5

The pilots went to the hospital and tried to comfort Claudia without any success, then left Lisa to take care of her friend and headed for Rick's room.copyright protection4PENANA8MbI5HMKW4

“It doesn't make any sense, it doesn't make any sense at all.” said Rick.copyright protection4PENANAJsUEXC3D7D

Knight decided to stay with Rick and accompany him all night as he wanted to go see Roy's corpse but the doctors forbade him to move from his bed until he was healed of his wounds.copyright protection4PENANAEKYB9N3ZOr

“I don't explain it to myself either, brother, this shouldn't have happened, at least not in this way.... Poor Claudia, how's she doing?”copyright protection4PENANA5WehFjYs4V

Friends remained silent most of the night, except to mourn for Claudia.copyright protection4PENANAwNoqrl2vZa

.copyright protection4PENANA8DV7f4Vi4J

.copyright protection4PENANAKaGYrmhpOl

Rick recovered for Roy's funeral, the whole sky was clear and the weather was so nice, Knight could not believe that the weather was not accompanying the sad feelings that fell throughout the ship, at least in the military personnel Roy was known to everyone.copyright protection4PENANAkk9ILB4O63

“It's so strange.... So different from how it looks in the movies or on TV” Knight watched the sky.copyright protection4PENANAYfHTmXYhg3

“You know Knight," said Rick at the time, "this weather was Roy's favourite, he said it was the best for flying and acrobatics.....”copyright protection4PENANA10dIYF4g5S

“You're right, Rick... you're right, I don't think Roy would have liked tears to be shed at his funeral, maybe that's why he sent this beautiful day to all of us," Knight admitted in a broken voice.copyright protection4PENANABqdL8ZmdNs

“So long, brother," whispered Rick saying goodbye to Roy Fokker.copyright protection4PENANAgMIXG4VFmb

.copyright protection4PENANAIobW6aBaqG

.copyright protection4PENANA326hNfgat4

After the attack, the captain understood that he could no longer keep the civilians inside the ship, Roy's death affected the pilots' morale, so he considered that somehow he should have some city receive the civilians.copyright protection4PENANADJQlHwqCbM

The captain received threats from the military high command that they would attack the ship in case it went ashore, but he knew that the politicians of the United Earth government would not give any orders to fire on the ship.copyright protection4PENANANUaZQh9ssA

“No politician has the guts to give an order that would involve political suicide," Global explained to the girls on the bridge.copyright protection4PENANA9vDgNqw3BZ

The captain flew the ship in its modular transformation across American soil. On the journey, he ordered the fort's pilots to remain inside SDF-1 so that there would be no confrontation with the RDF forces.copyright protection4PENANA7eJYzqvZ2G

The communications were censored from the first day the SDF-1 flew over the continent, however, several people questioned the explanation given by the military or their politicians.copyright protection4PENANAMQBXPseZUG

“Hey, isn't SDF-1 supposed to have been destroyed by a terrorist attack?”copyright protection4PENANAA4cdlZER3f

“And why does it have the shape of a robot?”copyright protection4PENANARbuA940E43

These and other questions were all over cyberspace, and the situation was very tense for the leaders of the RDF and the United Earth Government.copyright protection4PENANAlQUXNKp2Jk

Unaware of all these problems, Rick found himself on the lookout-café of the ship contemplating the landscape.copyright protection4PENANAJkpVxKUcCY

“Enjoying the scenery, Rick?” Knight asked him.copyright protection4PENANArt9W3j04Y4

“Hi Knight, I was just looking around, it's a change from always watching the emptiness of space.”copyright protection4PENANA8kV2hJMGLw

“You're right Rick, how I'd like to find the Hollywood guys who brainwashed us with the idea that in outer space you can see all the stars and in HD, blueray or whatever... I'd love to shoot them.”copyright protection4PENANA1uQqqoalBM

“Thanks Knight, I needed that” Rick laughed at his friend's occurrence.copyright protection4PENANAj3gtZkMZpK

“You're welcome, brother, that's what friends are for," Knight replied, and the two friends looked out over the barren landscape in front of them.copyright protection4PENANA4x4ZAlIm2u

“Is Claudia still mad at you?” asked Rick after a while.copyright protection4PENANAT3ZKup9FLK

“I'm exhausted," Knight sighed, "all the other pilots are at rest except me, Claudia has me as her errand boy, I have to go back and forth on the ship delivering reports and so forth to all the ship's commanders including Captain Global, my feet are screaming right now.”copyright protection4PENANAs4NIxM3kMs

“No wonder you take turns picking up one foot and then the other, wouldn't it be better to sit down?”copyright protection4PENANA4Q09QAvyXx

“No, it's better this way, otherwise it would hurt when I got up.”copyright protection4PENANA2QB1B5rKLc

“You shouldn't have challenged Claudia and kissed Sammie in front of her.”copyright protection4PENANAudhiVP5Y9R

“You didn't see Sammie? She's cute!”copyright protection4PENANAreIroy1T6Z

“Oh, Knight, but look at you now, you're pale.”copyright protection4PENANAr9P2br8CbT

“It was worth it, Rick.”copyright protection4PENANAPG76Y2W315

“Did you really kiss her not only in front of Claudia but also in front of the other girls?”copyright protection4PENANAVskDUIbVCi

“Yes, even Diana, one of the people in charge of the pinpoint barrier, saw me.”copyright protection4PENANAU3rK6Dbfgn

“I don't know her.”copyright protection4PENANA854gc3i87k

“Really? Well, she has long, light blonde hair and is very pretty.... Speaking of which, I hear Dr. Lang is developing some sort of barrier that this time will cover the entire ship.”copyright protection4PENANAe2NzGHiSDU

“How do you know that?”copyright protection4PENANAayXCj3fviv

“It's because of the work Claudia gives me, I listen to many important conversations and even ask some questions.”copyright protection4PENANASrAXHN00V7

“I don't know whether to be jealous or not, I find myself very bored with nothing to do.”copyright protection4PENANAlaa8JQP1It

“And of course you can't talk to Minmei because of her career and now you can't talk to that obnoxious Kyle who plays the watchdog," Knight pointed out, and Rick sighed in frustration.copyright protection4PENANAVT1TvkXKPg

"Global isn't too happy with that asshole, did you know he's encouraging civilians to rebel?”copyright protection4PENANAgIHRFpEFqA

“It's my fault, I should never have been convinced by Minmei to come with us to the ship.”copyright protection4PENANANLKXTuOJwx

“Hey brother.... you shouldn't think about her anymore," he said, and Rick looked at her angrily.copyright protection4PENANAdsqelVziGo

“Please Rick! When she came to visit you at the hospital she didn't even ask about your health, she talked about her problems and she fell asleep.... you told me!... Lisa, on the other hand, brought you flowers and cared a lot about you.... In fact, just now she asked me about you, you know, about Roy.”copyright protection4PENANAyX7gOMGss6

“I'm fine, you don't have to worry.”copyright protection4PENANA3gSOeLi2vP

“Roy was very good.... He always cared about you, too bad he was different with Claudia.”copyright protection4PENANAAIh0XCWwVD

“What do you mean?”copyright protection4PENANAVuA2LoPrRi

“Well...” Knight swallowed spit, “you know, he might as well have gone to the hospital, but, but he went to Claudia's room like it was nothing.”copyright protection4PENANAyVyqJMc2PI

“Roy knew there was nothing to do.....”copyright protection4PENANARpr8qoLmVH

“That's not true, Rick! And you know it, I talked to the doctor and he told me that Roy could have been saved if he had gone to the hospital..... He, he.... he didn't care, he didn't care about anybody, he gave up.”copyright protection4PENANA0QcATXZJpR

“Don't say that!”copyright protection4PENANA2XMAownByd

“It's true Rick, he gave up! He didn't care about anything else anymore, except running away, he told everyone to go to hell, he told us to go to hell, just like Claudia, he didn't give a damn about her feelings,” Knight couldn't go on because Rick punched him in the face that made him fall.copyright protection4PENANAjpCKy28kp4

“Lieutenant Hunter!” Claudia shouted as she approached Knight to give him another assignment and listened to the whole conversation without the two pilots noticing.copyright protection4PENANA1pUd0Ob0yA

“Rick... Knight is right," said Claudia and Rick turned his face as he trembled, clenching his fists, but then calmed down.copyright protection4PENANARAyEbXayyJ

Knight stood up, but his eyes were fixed on the ground.copyright protection4PENANALR9oBHrK1Q

“Knight, forgive me, I didn't mean to....”copyright protection4PENANAO3gJghyrh7

“Don't worry, Rick, I understand you, but.... WHY THE HELL HE HAD TO DIE!” Knight suddenly shouted looking at Rick as tears streamed down his face.copyright protection4PENANA28HBNSyXr7

The ship left the desert landscape and approached a city.copyright protection4PENANAHcYQAAx2lz

.copyright protection4PENANASaC9UTqtkH

.copyright protection4PENANAAnQhZDaxBB

Global's pleas were heard when the Ontario sector in North America agreed to shelter the ship's civilians.copyright protection4PENANAEiND8oeGqz

“Will you eat all that?” Max asked Ben at a restaurant on the ship.copyright protection4PENANAfjJRtEKT75

“I always ask for one more," said Ben, as he gave his cheerful laughter.copyright protection4PENANABHtrYs590G

“Really? I always repeat myself, too," Knight said gladly, when the ship's alarms sounded.copyright protection4PENANAKFYyi6WwMn

“Cof... Why do they always.... call when I'm eating," said Knight as he rushed a glass of water and hit his chest as he was drowning.copyright protection4PENANA62HQUauF4B

When the boys left the ship in their veritechs, they didn't like what they saw at all. A group of zentraedi mother ships stood in front of the space fortress, several combat pods came out of these and went to repel the enemy.copyright protection4PENANAKFie7hHcqH

The enemy's mother ships were firing at SDF-1, but the ship activated its omni-directional barrier, which completely protected the ship, but the drawback was that it could not fire its main weapon.copyright protection4PENANASbmQJFXGbK

The situation was desperate, Lisa told the pilots that the shield was overheating and asked them to go where the zentraedi ships were and to destroy the enemy laser turrets.copyright protection4PENANA3iNL8HVCm0

Rick, Max, Ben and Knight (who offered to accompany Rick) went on the mission.copyright protection4PENANAd7FwlMO2Zf

“This is crazy, brother, this is a lot of turrets and missile launchers," Knight said, "we won't be able to finish them all off, not even with just one ship!”copyright protection4PENANAKRq6IaLGQX

“We have to do it somehow, Knight.”copyright protection4PENANAqUfeFoVB0h

“Rick, you've got to get out of there," said Lisa frightened, "the shield will explode at any moment.”copyright protection4PENANABephKK4zN3

The pilots watched the tele-communicator in their cockpits in fear and switched from batloid mode to guard as quickly as they could and then to fighter, there was no time to lose, in fact there was no time at all since at that moment the shield exploded disintegrating several zentraedi ships.copyright protection4PENANAOxVfEDpqkg

“Rick, I'm not gonna make it! Arrrgh” shouted Ben who was hit by the energy of the explosion and his veritech was destroyed on the spot.copyright protection4PENANAoLaEZQ2Ur2

“Ben...” Knight whispered incredulously, refusing to believe his friend's fate.copyright protection4PENANAc3gBl1mpBa

.copyright protection4PENANAtqHoFm25Mm

.copyright protection4PENANAlb7wP6mR0N

The Ontario disaster was lapidary for the fate of the ship and the civilians aboard it, the ship was saved, but the Earth city and an area of 25 square miles was devastated in the explosion. Now Global had no choice, he had to go to the ocean and wait to be refueled, this time the threats that they would attack the ship for sure would come true.copyright protection4PENANAUdRbOcdbBO

Rick, Max and Knight were on one of the ship's outer decks overlooking the ocean when a military helicopter from the mainland landed on the ship and intimidating-looking military personnel descended and headed inside the fortress.copyright protection4PENANAl5e3tUpw0c

“Well, apparently the rumors are true," said Knight, "they will surely order us to leave immediately.”copyright protection4PENANASmnZSc6e47

“The high command doesn't have much love for us," said Max saddened.copyright protection4PENANA2YkT995mkH

“All we have left is the SDF-1, yes, from now on this will be our home," said Rick, and the three pilots watched a wonderful sunset, the last one they would see before the Earth turned into hell.copyright protection4PENANAbFMqIgk8Ml

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection4PENANAlEHIEzVKO0

Thanks for reading, don´t forget to vote and comment pretty pleasecopyright protection4PENANASQYcK8lPuG

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