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Writer Capt. leon
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Bitter welcome
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!NAbAXc12V7M7rXGtPVu2posted on PENANA

THE BLACK VERITECHcopyright protection6PENANAAWdfkMxjLs

Capítulo 9: Bitter welcomecopyright protection6PENANAXy3880la2g

Knight was happy that they were finally able to return to Earth, however, for some reason all communication with the outside world was interrupted. Knight and Rick asked Roy the reason for this, but they were surprised to see that Roy didn't know much either.copyright protection6PENANAhOoJM5cB0G

“I don't like this guys, according to what Claudia told me, neither does Captain Global know much about it..... I don't know what to think, all this is out of the established protocol, the high command behaves as if we were the enemy.....”copyright protection6PENANAEADSQXEnhp

The civilians on the ship were unhappy, but Global reassured them that this was a normal quarantine procedure, but several were not satisfied with this explanation, especially with regard to the blocked communications.copyright protection6PENANAQeYTn7TIiW

Minmei was a key factor in reassuring the population as her continuous presentations distracted people's attention from more important issues. After a couple of days Minmei was allowed to visit the mainland, all this only propaganda to reassure the most nervous citizens of the city.copyright protection6PENANAZzLnjxsw9t

“Lucky Rick, I hope you have fun getting off the ship," Knight told his friend.copyright protection6PENANAdN4QFUOki5

“Yes, I heard that it was Minmei who asked me to be her pilot," Rick told him when Minmei and her representative arrived.copyright protection6PENANAK9kI3HQXq8

Minmei was very polite, something that made Knight assume that the girl was only acting for the media, while her representative was not happy with the young pilot's presence.copyright protection6PENANATqIFO1chxm

“But he looks so young," said the nasty fellow, and Knight reprimanded him for what a good pilot Rick was both before and after he joined the army.copyright protection6PENANAKKaPBQKpa2

After Rick left, Knight went to the ship's cafeteria to hang out, where he found that several pilots and commanders were a little uneasy with the military high command's actions.copyright protection6PENANAvVcPDfxudY

.copyright protection6PENANAC6okLdmYuU

.copyright protection6PENANAlfFv4gmOGx

Knight waited for Rick's arrival in the evening and was surprised to see an oriental-looking young man with them. The pilot tried to talk to the man but several people working with Minmei had already surrounded him and taken him inside the ship.copyright protection6PENANARbs416jzAw

“Who was that guy Rick?”copyright protection6PENANAycDXxpaUoF

“Oh, hello Knight.... That guy is Kyle, Minmei's cousin," said Rick, who was disturbed by something.copyright protection6PENANAOJUtfZKBOq

“Is something wrong, Rick?”copyright protection6PENANA8FCAKEH4eh

“It's nothing Knight, let's go inside the ship, the wind's getting strong.”copyright protection6PENANABMueJ2ETW2

Knight followed Rick inside the ship and kept thinking about Kyle.copyright protection6PENANAyKMte2sZEh

"I don't know, I've only seen him once, but I'm sure the guy will be trouble."copyright protection6PENANAqNX3oHH5LV

.10Please respect copyright.PENANAkFpBhqgwM5
.copyright protection6PENANAmmIQBrTflP

After a couple of days things were getting more and more difficult, the civilians were getting more and more upset and rightly so, the conduct of the high command of the SPACY left much to be desired.copyright protection6PENANAiTA5nO7QNM

Knight and the others went to Minmei's restaurant and there they met Lisa and the other girls, apparently Minmei's uncles were having a party in Kyle's honor. The girl introduced her cousin and Knight was able to prove he was a first-rate asshole.copyright protection6PENANA7ez4hXLY2w

"I didn't join the army to kill," Knight thought. "Only to use violence in a lawful manner."copyright protection6PENANAUpTCgu49Jp

In this regard, a television advertisement informed those present that the United Earth Government and the UN SPACY would not allow civilians to return to the mainland under any circumstances. This announcement was disastrous and the parishioners who were there, emboldened by the alcohol consumed, went to complain to Lisa and the others, and there was even one who rudely held Lisa's arm.copyright protection6PENANAY2jz7Gnfwb

Knight threatened the aggressive drunkard, but he was not deterred and threw a punch at Knight, which he easily dodged, and then struck the drunkard in the face.copyright protection6PENANA1DpAIGytFB

In contrast to what you see in the movies, where people fight and rarely get bruises (or even unkempt), there was spectacular blood flow here, even gore'. With one punch from Knight the drunk was shot down, but a lot of blood from him stained Knight's face and clothes. The other parishioners attacked the pilots and everything was chaotic, even Kyle participated in the battle.copyright protection6PENANA0A0Tchngq7

“Hey, the way you fight you don't look like a pacifist” Knight questioned Minmei's cousin.copyright protection6PENANAFp9YYhFmwb

Lisa and the girls retired from the restaurant, just like the pilots, Knight was upset, as the blood of a drunk always stinks and more if he had consumed wine before.copyright protection6PENANAyxPX8xEG1k

.copyright protection6PENANAh1UiV7zio0

.copyright protection6PENANAp4pz3oQIKn

Knight was taking a shower when the ship's alarms rang and after drying and getting dressed very quickly, he rushed to the hangar.copyright protection6PENANAUiUKg3iVKj

“Well, guys, it got ugly," Roy told them. “A zentraedi ship penetrated the atmosphere and is heading straight for us, the UN SPACY launched conventional missiles that did not tickle the enemy, nor do they intend to send reinforcements to the fortress.”copyright protection6PENANAg2lakgiUzG

“Are we alone?” Knight asked indignantly.copyright protection6PENANAUYKjyNHows

“Our presence makes the bosses up there uncomfortable, don't expect help from those bastards.”copyright protection6PENANALrKGb1KtXu

Knight and Rick exchanged worried looks but had no time for further conversation so they turned to their veritechs and took off from the ship.copyright protection6PENANANdw9nRpGLY

Roy was not joking, several enemy combat pods were already hovering over them and there were too many of them.copyright protection6PENANAmFX7ZwVHUr

“Hell, it seems they are serious this time, Shiru, Hyoga, they tell us to cover the Prometeus," he pointed out to his men.copyright protection6PENANA9GSUn4W8yT

“Understood," said the pilots and headed for the assigned area.copyright protection6PENANACl69vu1UaN

The situation was urgent, more and more pods were appearing. The mechas of the Prometeus had been destroyed and only Knight and his men had covered that sector.copyright protection6PENANATxtREsnzai

“Damn it, now the power armor of the Zentraedi women are coming, this time we're not going to tell it.”copyright protection6PENANA1jZUenYbvw

Knight and his men were sheltered behind an improvised barricade when Shiru decided to go ahead to take down the enemies.copyright protection6PENANA48SbinGjiR

“Shiru no!” shouted Knight, but Shiru continued onward and his veritech was destroyed by enemy fire.copyright protection6PENANA6coA332rCc

“Shiruuuu!” Hyoga shouted forward and destroyed the enemy pod with a punch that he punched into his leg, causing the pod to collapse to the ground and explode. Other combat pods fired point-blank at Hyoga's veritech destroying it.copyright protection6PENANAKEwJyL6xWC

“NOOO! Shiru and Hyoga have fallen, you hear me, Shiru and Hyoga are on the ground," shouted Knight and unloaded his ammunition on the enemies already on their way to him. In that the pods retreated and Knight watched in horror as the Zentraedi ship charged into SDF-1.copyright protection6PENANA41KXc2kSlD

The SDF-1 started to move and Knight had to take off, he saw how the mechas of the ship were firing their cannons against the enormous mass that was approaching, then, the ship started to move and using the Daedalus as an arm, he destroyed the Zentraedi ship.copyright protection6PENANAJsP82Tb5lO

“Rick... That was close.” Knight was trying to get in touch with his friend, but he didn't make it.copyright protection6PENANAi5sPP1AWzx

They told Knight about what happened to Rick and he went to find his friend right away.copyright protection6PENANAyDyiALkVDG

.copyright protection6PENANAyn9owciHhE

.copyright protection6PENANAwAKZpz00vz

“Rick!” Knight shouted as he spotted his friend who was unconscious and proceeded to rescue him from the cold waters and take him to the nearest hospital.copyright protection6PENANAx3d5lNQGJu

“How are you feeling, Knight?” Ben asked him in the waiting room of the ship's hospital.copyright protection6PENANAmhSwGpIZ7Z

“How do you think I feel about Ben.... Shiru and Hyoga died and Rick is in operations right now.”copyright protection6PENANADDznCZXDZs

“We're so sorry, Knight.” Max comforted him.copyright protection6PENANAcwwqCSdtyW

“Thanks guys, I really just hope Rick gets out of the operation well," said Knight worried when Lisa approached the group.copyright protection6PENANAYVeRsVgaUn

Lisa also tried to encourage Knight and confessed that it was her fault that Rick was injured.copyright protection6PENANAay0KWDJUgJ

“Don't say that, Lisa! You were not to blame, the situation was desperate, and if you had given the order to release the missiles earlier, Rick would surely have been hurt by the shock of the blast as well, so don't think it's your fault” Knight tried to calm her down, although Lisa seemed still sad.copyright protection6PENANAntgTTSL7mk

One of the doctors approached the group and told them that the operation was a success.copyright protection6PENANA3lgicIetT9

“When will Rick wake up?” Knight asked anxiously.copyright protection6PENANAQ3HRNEuxyK

“I think your friend regained consciousness in about 24 hours," the doctor told them and then returned to work.copyright protection6PENANAgWdwP7pBeM

All the friends breathed a sigh of relief and decided to return to the barracks.copyright protection6PENANAWi7cAkVPNO

.copyright protection6PENANAYESGvGk0dT

.copyright protection6PENANAKuPY1F6rhk

Knight came back the next day to see Rick. Ben, Max and Roy Fokker were with him. Rick was complaining about being alone, but Ben and Max noticed the vase of flowers in Rick's room.copyright protection6PENANAddClqdFl2s

“I hope you were nice to Lisa," Knight said, "she still feels guilty about what happened to you.”copyright protection6PENANAa073GCJ1CW

“Don't worry, I told her it wasn't her fault.”copyright protection6PENANAVnrLmsqsTH

The boys left after the visit and Roy told them he would go to Minmei's to see if he could convince her to go visit Rick.copyright protection6PENANAN7VpslC7HF

.copyright protection6PENANAASFHVmkEoW

.copyright protection6PENANABjk24Hvv9p

A couple of hours later Roy informed them that a Zentraedi ship was approaching and that they should be ready for the attack.copyright protection6PENANAdWw8mYuZ6b

“Apparently the enemy forces consist of power armors zentraedi” Knight pointed out to Roy.copyright protection6PENANAEG4koZGIE4

“You're right, Knight, a word of warning, guys, don't be fooled, women can be scary," Roy advised.copyright protection6PENANAFgoZjsGOYQ

The enemy attack was strange, it seemed that the zentraedi were attacking according to a rehearsed choreography, but then a zentraedi warrior seemed to take it out on Max and then the other zentraedi began to attack seriously.1copyright protection6PENANAdbNJk9IO8O

Knight saw firsthand that the power armor of the zentraedi women was very maneuverable, fortunately he and the other pilots were professionals and did not let themselves be intimidated.copyright protection6PENANA0Mu47S4NBI

“Roy, Max is heading for the fortress and a zentraedi is after him.”copyright protection6PENANASgYgghJW5I

“I know Knight, Max was ordered to leave because it seems that the zentraedi unit chasing him has a very particular interest in him.”copyright protection6PENANANjUA3eJL3S

“I hope Max will take care of himself," Knight muttered and returned to the battle, which did not last long.copyright protection6PENANAz3F38MWcAy

“Roy, are you all right? Your flight is somewhat erratic," Knight noted.copyright protection6PENANAUsOTJ4at1g

“Don't worry Knight, I'm just tired, but I'll get over it with a nice pineapple salad that Claudia will make for me.”copyright protection6PENANAbOz6pDk8oo

“Lucky Roy, but be careful, the pineapple cracks your tongue.”copyright protection6PENANA0XsG1AsYN2

“The remedy for that is Claudia's tongue.”copyright protection6PENANAwHvlAfqLJr

“Oh, yeah," said Knight somewhat uncomfortably and proceeded to land his veritech, not suspecting that this would be the last time he spoke to Roy.copyright protection6PENANA1UgB1FelOD

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection6PENANAKPAcvCNXBA

Thanks for Reading, don´t forget to vote and comment pretty pleasecopyright protection6PENANA07hwtSLTEu

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