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Writer Capt. leon
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From illusion to hell
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!UsHVdglrFXi0bFbEOvzRposted on PENANA

THE BLACK VERITECHcopyright protection4PENANA5v9oRxJ0yS

Capítulo 11: From illusion to hellcopyright protection4PENANAUslCoyTJ0y

“Emeril landing” Knight reported to the bridge.copyright protection4PENANAHizSYKwMf6

“Emeril 2, good flight," said Sammie.copyright protection4PENANAElBNJtlsuT

“Thank you Sammie, but next time don't make me keep going around the ship's transmission tower.”copyright protection4PENANAlomG1KfUuf

“I'm sorry, Knight," apologized Sammie as she put on a nice little pity face.copyright protection4PENANAsby24wMBj2

“Ahem!” Claudia clarified her voice and Sammie concentrated again on her work.copyright protection4PENANAIXokL7O6Ai

“Knight out," Knight hurriedly said who did not want to be lectured by Claudia.copyright protection4PENANAZWHmDI6SCA

Knight left his ship in charge of the ship's mechanics and went to the barracks to change, after which he headed for the ship's cafeteria which he found deserted.copyright protection4PENANA85LG7QdUrw

"Of course, I had forgotten that this is the premiere of Minmei's film," Knight thought and wanted to go there, but then he remembered that Kyle was also the main character.copyright protection4PENANAWaukufsim2

"Fucking asshole, I'm sure he'll be very popular after the premiere."copyright protection4PENANAAmZhIC0OvC

Knight asked for a cup of tea, and after drinking it slowly, decided to go near the bridge and wait for Sammie's shift to end before he could meet her.copyright protection4PENANAoDIakP1xKt

"Hey, before I forget, I'd better go buy a little present," thought Knight, and went to the coffee shop and bought something nice for Sammie.copyright protection4PENANA4GDy17Ouqa

"Thank you, Roy," he thanked the cowboy as he remembered how he told him that it drove the girls crazy:copyright protection4PENANAx1wwif8i3D

“If they like you, they will really appreciate your gift and think about you all the time, and if they hate you they will not stop thinking about you while they decide for days and days whether or not to throw your gift in the garbage can, anyway they never stop thinking about you and that my boy is already having 25% of the battle won.”copyright protection4PENANAVshDDBtE9e

.copyright protection4PENANA7dVLMWSBqj

.copyright protection4PENANALXkiuDxCVB

Knight was happy to wait for Sammie near the bridge when the ship's loudspeakers announced that a modular transformation was to take place.copyright protection4PENANAgR3xvG9Zli

“What, without warning!” he shouted to himself Knight and headed for the command bridge.copyright protection4PENANAdtw8ej57Uw

“What's going on!” Knight raised his voice once inside the bridge, apparently neither Lisa nor Global were present.copyright protection4PENANAqGuKZYnwBj

“Knight, what are you doing here?” Kim asked when she saw the pilot entering the bridge.copyright protection4PENANA8RbbpGSzGe

“A Zentraedi ship is very close to us," said Sammie, frightened.copyright protection4PENANARTHo2VH73B

“Lieutenant Knight, get off the bridge immediately!” shouted Claudia.copyright protection4PENANADth8dg6BNH

“Sammie, you must have given everyone time to go somewhere safe. You know Minmei's movie's opening today? The whole place is packed with people," Knight told her, and Sammie didn't know where to go from the embarrassment.copyright protection4PENANAUVz67ZM0yt

“Lieutenant, I'm warning you” Claudia threatened him.copyright protection4PENANAeqmWOpSvxV

“Commander Grant, you should have advised Sammie better," Knight let him go and Claudia clenched her fists in anger.copyright protection4PENANA7bppjDFpet

“Knight, Knight... Shut up.” Vanessa advised him.copyright protection4PENANA79pHfxG2xf

“What's going on here? Why did you order the modular transformation?” asked Captain Global, who had just entered the bridge. Sammie explained the situation in a shaky voice and Global shook his head.copyright protection4PENANAvMFSJuhCZP

"Order a squadron out to cover the ship and advise Dr. Lang to have the omni-directional barrier ready. Lieutenant Knight, what are you doing here?”copyright protection4PENANAx70WwjzcIO

“Emm, I'm only here for moral support for Sammie, sir," Knight replied as he squared off to Global.copyright protection4PENANAFQX5xdCefa

“I thought that after all the work Commander Grant had asked you to do, you wouldn't try your luck again, go to the hangars if you don't want to have free time, Lieutenant.”copyright protection4PENANAuLXaEHEWjE

“Yes, sir!” Knight responded nervously and shot out of the place.copyright protection4PENANALQLLNh4ntN

Kim took the opportunity to slap him on the buttocks as he came out and Diana covered her mouth with one hand to avoid laughing out loud.copyright protection4PENANAb9D9fbnRqD

As Knight came out, he could hear how Global was criticizing not Sammie but Claudia for not having paid more attention to the actions of her subordinate.copyright protection4PENANA2UoZ42HJY0

.copyright protection4PENANAnJR8vEqz2U

.copyright protection4PENANAme40njcKaC

“Oh Kim, you're terrible," said Diana, laughing after the girls' turn was over.copyright protection4PENANAncxMcCPTlO

“That wasn't right," Vanessa criticized, "it's sexual harassment.”copyright protection4PENANAUIyLR3qhCs

“Unlike women, men love to be pushed around by girls," Kim replied.copyright protection4PENANAcZGg03zcOJ

“Good thing the captain didn't see you," said Diana, who was wiping away a tear.copyright protection4PENANAPcWmZ9ZO3k

“I couldn't help it! Didn't you see those buttocks? You asked me why men have flat buttocks? Knight is an exception to the rule.”copyright protection4PENANACX3aJUe9bR

“Stop talking about buttocks, Sammie and Claudia are coming," Vanessa warned them. The women were approaching the group, Claudia was apparently preaching to Sammie, while she was just nodding her head and looking sad.copyright protection4PENANABoQhERld3a

Claudia gave a few more pieces of advice to Sammie and said goodbye to the girls, and then Knight came out of a corner and went to the girls.copyright protection4PENANAXSmUfl3ea7

“Were you hiding from Major Grant, Lieutenant?” Kim asked jokingly.copyright protection4PENANAzM5CXOwbXI

“No, not at all.... Well, maybe a little bit," said Knight as he rehearsed his sad face.copyright protection4PENANA2z6TRKKcXO

“That's sweet Knight, Sammie, you're lucky that Knight is your boyfriend," Diana said.copyright protection4PENANAmUHJOW5Sbf

“What's that you're holding, Knight?” Sammie asked him.copyright protection4PENANA0K25m0USbS

“It's a little gift I bought you, as soon as I saw it I knew it was for you, I couldn't resist waiting for you by the bridge," Knight said and handed the gift to Sammie, taking longer than usual to caress Sammie's fingers as he handed her the gift packet.copyright protection4PENANABerH8irSvp

“At least the day didn't end in disaster.”copyright protection4PENANAHSkoC9lH2w

“Disaster for both of you," Vanessa interrupted. “Sammie, next time don't act so impulsive, and you Knight don't go back on the bridge without permission.”copyright protection4PENANAX2gZ8DZ2wb

The group went out to the civilian area and saw that everything was a disaster, there were several things scattered all over the floor and broken.copyright protection4PENANAV7qmOyFgra

Knight hugged Sammie to cheer her on when they saw Lisa and Rick walking down the desolate street together.copyright protection4PENANAG831wFaRmd

"I hope those two will become a couple," Knight thought without paying attention to the girls who were beginning to whisper to each other.copyright protection4PENANAokgFkoikrO

.copyright protection4PENANAvmVVJKuo1V

.copyright protection4PENANAzH4CIBiTtF

Several days passed without the enemy approaching the ship and a peaceful atmosphere was breathed in.copyright protection4PENANA6RZmwjLPDc

“This makes me nervous, guys," Knight told his men as he was making a routine flight, "I was always nervous about the emptiness of space and now we haven't heard anything from the enemy in a while, they're probably planning something.”copyright protection4PENANAD9zz5ijzGk

Knight did not care what his subordinates told him to reassure him, he could feel in his skin as something bad approached.copyright protection4PENANAvg2ATLbbEF

Minmei was getting ready to give a concert and the pilots were warned of zentraedi presence in the area.copyright protection4PENANAQLwP839USN

“I wonder what took them so long this time, brother," Knight told Rick as they entered the hangar.copyright protection4PENANA7wWG51YpBF

“I don't know, I just hope they don't give us any trouble.”copyright protection4PENANAK7VMHPyT0c

Rick and Knight each headed to their respective squadrons and left the ship. The enemy pods didn't pose any challenge to the pilots, but Knight had a bad feeling, they acted in the same choreographed way as when the zentraedi women's mechas attacked them and then launched a serious attack, including a mother ship attack.copyright protection4PENANAyQY5G78P11

Enemy pods attacked with such a formation that the veritechs were forced to stand in front of the ship and thus could not use the reflex cannon.copyright protection4PENANAD8xzODBN3c

In the end the enemy attack was a carbon copy of what happened on Earth, the enemy pods intensified the attack and a zentraedi ship, the largest one he had ever seen, proceeded to ram them.copyright protection4PENANAsNkoA2d8Ve

"Good thing it's Lisa and not Sammie in charge this time," Knight thought with relief.copyright protection4PENANAlu4kzLrIBs

SDF-1 made a Daedalus attack, but for some strange reason the zentraedi ship did not explode from the inside, in fact the fortress seemed to want to detach itself from the zentraedi ship but something was holding back the Daedalus.copyright protection4PENANAJeBhNqVpdY

The SDF-1 was released and the zentraedi ship withdrew from the scene, suddenly more zentraedi mother ships appeared releasing huge numbers of enemy pods. Again they had the veritechs follow their game and positioned them in direct combat right in front of the Earth ship so that it wouldn't fire its main weapon.copyright protection4PENANACFMW4nYivU

"This is not right," Knight thought, and his fears were confirmed by the ship's bridge, apparently huge numbers of enemy pods entered the fortress taking advantage of the failed Daedalus attack.copyright protection4PENANAwRoBbXmDFY

Knight and his squad volunteered to control the situation that threatened to get out of control and headed to SDF-1 with Rick's squad.copyright protection4PENANA5pcHG07Cqk

To say that the situation threatened to get out of control was not enough, it was hell itself in there, the enemies didn't just move through the military areas, but they entered the city and fired at everything in the place, whether it moved or not.copyright protection4PENANAA20nY4KXng

Damn, we've got a lot to cover! Knight shouted to his men and ordered them to disperse to cover more streets of the wrecked city that was being ravaged by fire and enemy gunfire.copyright protection4PENANAST8gvjeSWU

Knight was thinking about his men and the hard battle they had to fight. With the explosion of the omni-directional barrier on Earth, many experienced and veteran pilots died and now many veritech pilots were just a few new entrants to the academy, they were too green for the pressure they faced at this time.copyright protection4PENANAQ2j3J04QCu

"I hope you'll take care of yourself, Rick," Knight thought, but then his thoughts turned to his men who cried out in fear.copyright protection4PENANAbdwbAvgltE

Knight had to take great risks to destroy the enemies in front of him and set out to rescue his men one by one.copyright protection4PENANABlxKC33QV0

"Hell, they're still very green, it was foolish to send them to fight the enemy in these conditions," Knight thought, and decided to make him and his men strong in a section of the city that was already being invaded by the enemy.copyright protection4PENANALL24OM5SDH

“Fire at will!” Knight commanded his men at the approaching tide.copyright protection4PENANAmOVT0wohRR

“I'm running out of ammo!” shouted one of his men, and then another and another shouted the same thing.copyright protection4PENANAVtdtdPwhFr

“Let every shot count, let every shot count! Remember, there is nowhere to run, we must not only resist but also win!”copyright protection4PENANAhqdkv27AUL

Knight's harangue motivated his men and in the end the enemy pods were repelled.copyright protection4PENANAihzebAKzSC

“Lisa, Lisa, you hear me, my sector is clear, but we can't pursue the enemy for lack of ammunition.”copyright protection4PENANArN6EgktNB9

“You don't have to, Knight," said Lisa, "the enemy is beginning to retreat.”copyright protection4PENANAeTAse5ulGo

“Did we repel them?” asked Knight.copyright protection4PENANA7ZGGeRhYr9

“No, that's the strange thing, they already had us but suddenly their attacks became erratic and then they started attacking each other.”copyright protection4PENANABSXHxd101D

“In the end it doesn't matter what it was, the important thing is that we survived, tell me Lisa, you have news of Rick.”copyright protection4PENANAafxKHLQc7x

“He's fine, apparently they attacked the concert but our reports indicate that Minmei, Kyle and Rick are fine," said Lisa and Knight breathed a sigh of relief.copyright protection4PENANAAewhVL9dJA

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection4PENANAnltk30x51z

Thank you for reading, please don't forget to comment pretty pleasecopyright protection4PENANAIbPgWx1MJ9

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