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Writer Capt. leon
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We will win
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
16 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!SdGUK6JtL1Czp8PViGHJposted on PENANA

THE BLACK VERITECHcopyright protection3PENANAAgRGy1dXkC

Capítulo 13: We will wincopyright protection3PENANA8cQP6AVQ3G

The zentraedis' attacks ceased and the pilots were able to enjoy a couple of days of calm, however both Rick's squadron and Knight's squadron were required due to the presence of a zentraedi mother ship.copyright protection3PENANASFghO5c6LU

Look Rick," said Knight, "that's the same Zentraedi ship that escaped the Daedalus attack and through which the enemy pods entered our ship.copyright protection3PENANAQlbI2KJfH3

I don't like this Knight, the Zentraedi ship is only there without doing any attack maneuvers, they haven't even released combat pods.copyright protection3PENANASQgIGmiCdm

On the bridge they tell us to wait, Rick.copyright protection3PENANAj52znQEzXp

After a couple of anguishing moments an enemy radar pod was headed only towards Rick and Knight's squadrons.copyright protection3PENANAuOLFwOpf37

Knight, we've received a transmission from the Zentraedi ship, indicating that the pod heading your way is coming in peace. Apparently a Zentraedi emissary is coming to negotiate with the ship," Sammie reported.copyright protection3PENANAjVYzDFWWha

He comes in peace?copyright protection3PENANAiAfl9DcNca

We don't know for sure, Knight, but the captain orders you and Lieutenant Hunter's squadron to escort the emissary safely to the ship.copyright protection3PENANAdHYZnvNNKR

Got it, Sammie. Did you hear that, Rick?copyright protection3PENANAU4NTEqyBnP

Strong and clear, Knight, we're going to escort the emissary.copyright protection3PENANALGq11zEdnR

Both squads proceeded to escort the emissary's pod, wondering what would happen next.copyright protection3PENANAnBzmAWRoKC

Once the enemy pod landed in the ship's hangar, Sammie informed them that under no circumstances should they divulge the presence of the Zentraedi emissary to anyone else.copyright protection3PENANAgEH3ylt7XR

Rick, do you think the Zentraedis are here for peace talks?copyright protection3PENANAWIxmKzWpMj

I hope so, it all depends on which side zentraedi is in power at the moment.copyright protection3PENANAhaVQwwNoUx

-What do you mean?copyright protection3PENANA0acHdL3HS0

You see Knight, Lisa once told me that according to the intelligence analysis, the enemy is divided into two groups, some of them want to destroy us and others want to recover what they call protoculture.copyright protection3PENANAzPJ6cuG8Tt

The arrival of an emissary bodes well for good," Knight reasoned, and then the two friends went to change their uniforms.copyright protection3PENANAsbDn1aTPzO

Rick and Knight were in the cafeteria when they were told that both were required in the military exhibit hall.copyright protection3PENANAnzZzhdkkVd

I wonder what they want? Rick asked himself,'Knight didn't answer because he was rushing the coffee.copyright protection3PENANAlu24Beyhms

I see they always call you when you're eating, brother," joked Rick, and then they both went to where they were summoned.copyright protection3PENANAKPDodFz7v8

The two friends arrived together in the huge hall and saw that Global and the other commanders, as well as other military personnel, were in it.copyright protection3PENANAVSIVsZ8Nk3

What will this meeting be for? Knight wondered, as he saw how Max and Mirilla were standing in front of them. The zentraedi looked embarrassed, while her husband seemed to be in a bad mood.copyright protection3PENANA0Fx2K9hjqE

Rick was asking Max a question, when in that a small, wimpy zentraedi got up at once and pointing the finger at Rick at Knight, yelled at them about remembering their faces from the zentraedi interrogation when both pilots were prisoners at Dolza base.copyright protection3PENANAMbtpAG59NA

And how did you escape, did you use a Micronian power?copyright protection3PENANAiJt0EV0NJk

No Micronian power, just a good plan, once in a pod zentraedi, we breathe easy because Rick is the best pilot in the galaxy and Commander Hayes the best officer we could wish for," Knight explained in a commanding voice.copyright protection3PENANAQJ0oMLx34Y

Global asked the four pilots to occupy their designated seats, after which he gave the floor to the zentraedi emissary who introduced himself as Exedore. In that instant the three former Zentraedi spies entered and were terrified to see Exedore, crying out for their lives.copyright protection3PENANAHQ9bgJRmTF

Gosh Rick, what kind of man that Exedore will be to make them so afraid of him.copyright protection3PENANAXcpqc4mdR5

He looks like someone who wouldn't kill a fly, but appearances can be deceiving, brother.copyright protection3PENANAxIPy6BjEFo

The three zentraedis occupied their seats and Global asked Exedore to continue but he asked for the presence of two more people, one who used martial arts to fight and who could exterminate giants with a kind of lightning bolt that could come out of her fists, and a female whose voice was the key to her psychological dominance.copyright protection3PENANACmeLxvvpRp

In order to better explain himself, Exedore rose from his seat and began to sing one of Minmei's songs, while imitating her voice and choreographic movements in a disastrous and ridiculous manner.copyright protection3PENANA5OBvfOzB1q

Everyone present was very surprised and uncomfortable with the situation and Global sent for Minmei and Kyle.copyright protection3PENANAHz8w7f8rTN

When the two civilians arrived, Rick was a little tense, Minmei seemed a little shy, while Kyle was already starting his anti-military speech.copyright protection3PENANAPva4hIzN7r

Global told Kyle to shut up and invited them to take their seats, then informed them that everything they would discuss at the meeting should be treated as a classified matter, and they could not discuss anything they heard or saw at the meeting with anyone else.copyright protection3PENANAcdfOIvDh7E

Exedore questioned Kyle, but he denied having the powers that Exedore attributed to him. The zentraedi was confused but Global explained to him the difference between the fantasy of the film and reality. Exedore however, insisted on the power of Minmei's songs and love scenes (kisses)copyright protection3PENANAIOeRll6uNZ

Unbeknownst to Rick and Knight, the entire meeting was broadcast to the senior officials of the United Earth government, as well as to the high command of the RDF.copyright protection3PENANAhCvsGMagAh

The zentraedi fleet in which Exedore was located had more than one million ships and was under the command of Breetai, who assumed an ambiguous position regarding the destruction of the space fortress, although he was very strict with officers like Khyron, who wanted to destroy the SDF-1, despite being ordered not to damage the fortress.copyright protection3PENANAHNvXBdsfvA

The information Exedore provided was very valuable as to the nature of the enemy and others, however, it was interrupted because Breetai apparently wanted to communicate with him. An officer handed the phone to Exedore and he listened to the words of his commander.copyright protection3PENANATdp74Ltbfg

Everyone present had a bad feeling when Exedore suddenly got up and started shouting in Zentraedi language, then hung up the phone and sat down as if nothing had happened.copyright protection3PENANAbxTGZzt9Q3

You must leave this planetary system - that was all he said, with a calm that made the hair on the back of the neck of those present stand up.copyright protection3PENANArxRWvt9YIF

"Our supreme leader, Dolza, has ordered the destruction of your planet, for which he will summon the zentraedi fleet of more than four million ships.copyright protection3PENANAyBSXJXId8Y

It was as if everyone's heart had stopped, even Rick and the other pilots who knew the number of the zentraedi fleet could not help but notice the fear on their faces.copyright protection3PENANAtjvnZuXtEN

We will not abandon our planet, we are military and we will face any enemy to defend our home," said Global and the other commanders supported him.copyright protection3PENANAx5lo2QRbOz

Kyle who always showed himself as a macho broke down, but was comforted by Minmei. Max and Mirilla were also hugging each other at the prospect of certain death.copyright protection3PENANAQmbJkUG38O

Rick saw the two couples and was very lonely but Knight put his hand on his shoulder while he had a hard, lost look on the front wall imagining God knows what.copyright protection3PENANA1C8wZ81WBF

Maybe not all of this lost," Exedore spoke again, "this ship came out free in every encounter, I don't know how, but there must be some way for us to defeat Dolza.copyright protection3PENANAJ8L4wNVnZJ

Exedore got up from his seat and went to Global to shake his hand.copyright protection3PENANAXQ68zq3gtb

Are you sure about this? Global asked himcopyright protection3PENANA5vOd2Nl3JX

Surely Dolza ordered the extermination of the fleet that is in this system because it was already contaminated with the culture of the Earth, therefore, we have nothing else to do but fight - analyzed the zentraedi shaking hands with Global.copyright protection3PENANAJt5vyCit0i

Breetai's fleet stood still, demonstrating zentraedi discipline while waiting for the orders of his commanders; in the end, they all decided to stay and face Dolza's fleet, with the exception of Khyron's squadron of ships that decided to escape.copyright protection3PENANAdX8j6IKaZe

On earth the situation was very different, chaos broke out in all the high military commanders because the chain of command had been broken. The top political leaders of the United Earth Government had magically vanished and no member of the military high command knew what to do.copyright protection3PENANAl4JaiLXDPH

In the barracks of the Grand Canyon in Alaska, Admiral Hayes decided to take full responsibility for the lack of political leadership, but the climate on the base was still fear.copyright protection3PENANAAyaG3Jjmcj

At SDF-1, Exedore was talking to global when the bridge informed them of immeasurable transposition operations which began to surround the planet.copyright protection3PENANAEqhNJnwtxv

Impossible numbers, yes, that was the expression for what they saw through the screens, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of ships surrounding the planet Earth and as impossible as it may seem, began to hide it little by little, at the end the Dolza star base made its appearance.copyright protection3PENANAITzr3Rd1v2

There was no more time for strategy, so Exedore suggested a desperate plan. Breetai's fleet would attack Dolza's fleet by covering SDF-1. Once near the space fortress, it would penetrate Dolza's base and destroy it from the inside, and they would take advantage of the surprise factor by suddenly appearing behind the moon and using Minmei's image and voice that would be transmitted to all of Dolza's ships.copyright protection3PENANAI6BTNFC62P

Well, brother, I'll wait for you in the hangar," Knight said to Rick.copyright protection3PENANAqHfHuZ51tD

All right, Knight, but first I want to talk to Captain Global about something.copyright protection3PENANAwbx6DAYQCu

What do you want to tell him, Rick?copyright protection3PENANATkAveobQud

I have an idea, I think a kiss from Minmei and Kyle will do more damage to the enemy, I'll suggest that, brother.copyright protection3PENANAGUUWCpVHqo

Rick... You, you don't have to fight brother, you could be the one next to Minmei.copyright protection3PENANAkXzR4ds245

No brother, I am a pilot, my duty is to protect everyone on the ship.copyright protection3PENANAwXp7tEwEv0

-I understand Rick, I'm sorry I was such an idiot -Knight apologized and headed for the ship's hangar.copyright protection3PENANARbVM7xc2fD

In SDF-1, all the veritech and mecha pilots were preparing and mobilizing, Knight was very proud to be in the army at the time, when he suddenly saw something that would change him for the rest of his life.copyright protection3PENANArAB1sFeVHi

Dolza's fleet surrounding the planet began to fire on Earth, the bombing was massive, it was impossible, there was no way anyone could have survived such an attack of apocalyptic proportions.copyright protection3PENANA0egqmJ4Soz

No... no... They're destroying everything," Knight whispered and covered his face with his hands and then slid them into his hair and started pulling it out as if he wanted to pull it out.copyright protection3PENANATgKO2SmfVB

Knight watched helplessly as the planet's surface was razed to the ground, when an impossible beam of light came out of the planet and vaporized a large portion of the zentraedi fleet.copyright protection3PENANASmctnE8CzQ

What the hell was that? Knight asked himself, but was interrupted by Sammie who informed him that the Hunter-Minmei attack would soon begin.copyright protection3PENANAUz5bZrV3kj

The Hunter-Minmei attack?copyright protection3PENANADdzo1BgoRb

That's right," said Sammy, "Captain Global will use Rick's idea. In the middle of battle Minmei will stop singing and kiss Kyle, so we can penetrate the enemy's base through a side zone.copyright protection3PENANA0JxcdVQmxq

A side area? What about penetrating through the main gate?copyright protection3PENANAdsZiDZKy34

Commander Breetai explained to Captain Global that Dolza would surely put a zentraedi ship with a reflex cannon ready to fire at any ship entering through this point. Breetai knows of a weak point in the enemy starbase through which we can enter and take the other ships inside the Dolza base by surprise.copyright protection3PENANARGhq4j2lIT

Of course, Breetai is a senior zentraedi leader, it's not unusual for him to know this information... And what about you Sammie, are you calm?copyright protection3PENANAwID4URZLdw

I am, Knight. I know you and the girls will be by my side. Just promise me you'll take care of yourself.copyright protection3PENANAcqYcJCbtaf

I promise you Sammie, with Exedore's plan we have an opportunity, we just have to concentrate, I swear I will protect you in the whole battle.copyright protection3PENANAy2WPt19wmR

-I know.... Thank you Knight....copyright protection3PENANApTz3XuUXg8

Knight approached the tele-communicator of his veritech and sent her a kiss.copyright protection3PENANAtszsFi5RMf

.copyright protection3PENANA6ki39L4jhr

.copyright protection3PENANAaHlKLifFfv

Everything was ready, the zentraedi fleet moved towards the Dolza base covering the SDF-1, the surprise factor was important, they gained a lot of ground by leaving the hidden side of the moon and when the Dolza fleet realized and was ready to attack, the image and song of Minmei was transmitted to every zentraedi ship including the Dolza base.copyright protection3PENANAOJYncDGhvs

Breetai's fleet fired all of its available SLRs, as well as all of its anti-ship cannons and anti-ship missiles, along with its anti-ship torpedoes.copyright protection3PENANAxBMPFWBKfS

The destruction was total, the enemy taken by surprise could not answer the attack and let themselves be killed without resistance, only the zentraedi mechas fought but were intercepted by the mechas of Breetai's fleet.copyright protection3PENANAbqAwblPq05

The enemy was not yet reacting, but Breetai could no longer use reflex weapons for two reasons: first, the protoculture was exhausted; and second, the few ships that had enough energy could not fire any shots as their mechas were right in front of them trying to destroy the mechas of Dolza's fleet.copyright protection3PENANAWPPUc1ySj3

Breetai continued to move forward confidently, knowing that the situation of Dolza's ships was much worse, having fired on the ground, they had surely exhausted all the protoculture necessary to fire any reflex weaponry. Yes, things were going perfectly, but then something Breetai did not count on put the whole plan in jeopardy.copyright protection3PENANAlQF7Gk4h5k

Khyron's traitor decided to attack Breetai's fleet. It seemed suicidal that a few Zentraedi ships could defeat a million ships, but the boldness of Khyron's ships caused the commanders of Dolza's ships to recover from their stupor over Minmeis image and song and they began to attack Breetais fleet.copyright protection3PENANAagKKNW6Dm7

Knight, the Khyron ships are attacking from the rear and are very close to SDF-1, your squadron and the others must face Khyron's ships because Breetai's fleet cannot break formation if we are to succeed in the mission of destroying the Dolza base," Sammie explained with a poise that made Knight surprised, She no longer looked like the insecure little girl who couldn't wait for Lisa to return to her post, now she looked like an experienced officer who didn't need any help.copyright protection3PENANAIiWxd8zM1S

I understand Sammie, Knight out.copyright protection3PENANAPmJvuqQyIV

The SDF-1 veritechs took off to face the traitor's ships and mechas.copyright protection3PENANATTcED0AJDW

Rick, brother, I think it's time.copyright protection3PENANAQmfNTsWteX

We'll get out of this Knight, don't worry.copyright protection3PENANAm4k6APwqof

Rick, I always wanted to tell you something.... I always admired you brother, I always wanted to be like you, if in the end I don't tell it, I want you to know that I always admired you and that I considered it an honor to fight beside you.copyright protection3PENANAmh8zVLzwvd

Thank you Knight, although you've been telling me that you're my fan since day one.copyright protection3PENANAsmzH9sa5Wp

-Ja, ja, ja You're right, Rick, then... see you soon, brother... Knight out.copyright protection3PENANA3itoo4dVvB

Knight roared and headed to face the enemy with a stiff expression on his face.copyright protection3PENANAaRSirO40kA

Khyron believed he was making a clever move by attacking SDF-1 treacherously, but he did not count on Dolza's ships discriminating between Breetai's ships and his own. The entire protoculture of SLRs on Khyron's ships was used against Dolza's ships, instead of against SDF-1.copyright protection3PENANAdNWMv6fFcc

Khyron, seeing himself between the anvil and the hammer, decided to escape but even his own ship was damaged and had to land on the planet in an emergency, abandoning all his other ships which were destroyed in a few minutes.copyright protection3PENANA4fuyDTCQO7

"This is hell," Knight thought as he faced the enemy.copyright protection3PENANAsZZkhq9mrt

The pilot was outnumbered in an astonishing way, so he decided to attack in the form of a fighter instead of a batloid, as this way he avoided being attacked from all sides. In this way, he reduced the combat to one on one as the other enemy mechas could not all shoot at the same time as they would bring down his companions instead of the Micronian.copyright protection3PENANAWFgTrMZHrc

Knight saw that little by little the commanders of Dolza's ships were beginning to attack seriously and he headed for SDF-1, and just in time as a damaged mecha almost crashed into the bridge but Knight destroyed it before that happened.copyright protection3PENANATwro55hHW6

Now that the battle was at its height, Kyle entered the scene and his kiss with Minmei was transmitted to all of Dolza's ships. Breetai seized this opportunity and made a breakthrough for SDF-1 to enter the enemy base.copyright protection3PENANAPo5PJnfTJH

Knight transformed his fighter into a batloid and made it square in front of the bridge, saying goodbye to Sammie and returning to battle.copyright protection3PENANAmGmDzOpzwR

Knight and the other Breetais mechas and mother ships were heading away from Dolza's base as they knew what would happen next.copyright protection3PENANALpndOsi5af

The enemy was greatly confused by Breetais tactics and this caused both Earth and allied zentraedis casualties to be minimal. The Dolza base then began to explode, taking with it several enemy zentraedi ships.copyright protection3PENANAc0EiPnG5gq

Sammie," said Knight, hoping that the SDF-1 would be unscathed, "and indeed, the figure of the Earth ship was drawn on what was once Dolza's base, it seemed that several parts of its surface were melted by the heat, but in the end Dr. Lang's omni-directional barrier had managed to save the ship, which was beginning to move toward Earth for an emergency landing.copyright protection3PENANAMD69hGXGft

Knight wanted to follow SDF-1 but a treason attack occurred. Apparently Azonia wanted to imitate Khyron's attack on Breetai, Knight headed for that new hell with the other remaining veritech ships.copyright protection3PENANAy0TWdHowNz

Like Khyron, Azonia's move did not yield the results she had hoped for, Dolza's surviving ships did not help her in the least, with the chain of command broken, they simply watched the battle and in the end the numbers gave Breetai the advantage, so that all Azonia's ships were destroyed and the traitor's ship had to make an emergency landing on the planet.copyright protection3PENANAL0ApjpNZv4

"At last," thought Knight exhausted, who had run out of missiles or ammunition.copyright protection3PENANApiIwrZcpGr

The remaining ships of Dolza did not know how to react, but Breetai contacted them and ordered them to submit to his command. Some did, but most attacked Breetais fleet. Fortunately, Breetai had enough protoculture and fired his remaining reflex guns at the enemy, which, together with the enemy's disorder, caused several ships that still insisted on fighting to be destroyed.copyright protection3PENANATfsNbFvAci

The battle of SDF-1 was over, but the battle for zentraedi supremacy would continue.copyright protection3PENANA9YjJoC9bBF

Knight had nothing left to do in this battle, without ammunition, all he had left to do was to head for SDF-1. Knight activated his heat shields and headed for the coordinates from the bridge.copyright protection3PENANAg1XZxpZKOF

Sammie, Sammie, can you hear me, this is Knight, point me in the direction of the front door, as I can see that I cannot land on the Daedalus or Prometheus.copyright protection3PENANAbIUDv6j0Gw

Knight, thank God you're safe," Sammie said with tears in her eyes, "very few pilots came back from the battle.copyright protection3PENANAjPuCzSfJ4Q

Some news from my squadron.copyright protection3PENANAolSmkqLjaz

Nobody made it, Knight, you're the only one who came back.copyright protection3PENANAZliUZN0jNG

What about Rick, or Max?copyright protection3PENANAP6wkJ6cYPg

Max and Mirilla came back safe and sound, as for Rick, we don't know if he's safe and sound.copyright protection3PENANAPeBHAW7lfh

-Sammie.... Lieutenant Hunter's veritech is heading for the ship! Diana informed him.copyright protection3PENANAVeDd8D09XO

Sammie, tell me where Rick is!copyright protection3PENANAPNVl7FrjDh

He's heading straight for the ship, I'll give you the coordinates.copyright protection3PENANAAtvca68iro

Knight headed towards Rick's veritech and the two ships stopped facing each other, Knight couldn't believe it, not only was Rick safe, but also Lisa was with her friend.copyright protection3PENANAAnCdALRBVO

Rick, Lisa, I can't believe you're safe, it's a miracle! Knight shouted and hugged Rick and then Lisa.copyright protection3PENANApKBl6J0x3E

Lisa and Rick asked Knight about the battle and Knight told them everything he had seen and the news he had received from Sammie.copyright protection3PENANAPD7lPhrYAT

The three friends returned to the veritechs and headed towards the SDF-1, which was being bathed in the sunset light giving it a magnificent appearance while also highlighting the damage to the entire structure after the battle, but the ship was still operational and with all the civilians aboard safe and sound, all grateful for having survived the horrible battle and having the opportunity to start over.copyright protection3PENANAmagZoRLfsG

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANA4SqGdwpd4s

Thanks for Reading, please don’t forget to comment dear friendscopyright protection3PENANAST6ZfWhGUR

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