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Writer Capt. leon
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The Price of Power
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!FnmB8211UjVBQiqnS135posted on PENANA


Chapter 17: The Price of Powercopyright protection4PENANAWiJiTSkVUe

Global had a lot of problems with Khyron's zentraedis attacks, even the zentraedi had managed to take Kyle and Minmei hostage, thank goodness Lisa came up with a good plan and they were able to rescue the two hostages with Rick's help, however, Khyron's fame grew and more and more zentraedis joined his cause.copyright protection4PENANAePQ48gs0iv

Knight also had problems, but he solved them by restricting various civil rights of the population or by cheating, such as replacing each union or citizen association with parallel bodies that were subordinate to him.copyright protection4PENANA62ukT1gRoT

He also bought up all the media and made sure to enact laws that only served to curtail those who opposed him, even created a paramilitary agency that could not be traced back to him, which served as an instrument of intimidation and shock, and made military and political bribery an art. Knight couldn't afford to waste his time repelling popular demonstrations.copyright protection4PENANAekbXC5QX0K

In La Paz, the advance to fortify the city was 80% and the entire western and royal mountain range had bases that would repel medium zentraedis attacks.copyright protection4PENANAceA2jJjMKC

Now that we have completed the fortifications of the mountain ranges, we can breathe a sigh of relief in the Peru Quadrant," celebrated Anatole Leonard, who had gone to the site to see the advances in the city as supreme commander of the Southern Cross Army.copyright protection4PENANAiQEMayNqqb

“It is strange that they call this quadrant "the Peru Quadrant" because La Paz and the future base of the UN Spacy and the REF are in Bolivia.”copyright protection4PENANAjEvuC8zs6A

“And you, Mollinedo, where part of the quadrant did you serve," Leonard asked.copyright protection4PENANAdiPOl9xFVh

“In what was once Bolivia, of course, the highlands represented a small part of the country then, most of it is in what is now the Zentraedi Zone of Control," replied the old colonel.copyright protection4PENANAhd7WZhuNIV

“You did a magnificent job, Colonel," Knight flattered him.copyright protection4PENANAZ1zvwcE6FK

“Thank you, commander, I hope you will forgive me for focusing not only on the fortification of the city, but also on the cultural preservation of the city," Mollinedo told them as they made their way to what was once the old country's palace of government.copyright protection4PENANAGS2wGoFe3A

“Superb," said Leonard, "there are no more such buildings today, their baroque architecture is beautiful.”copyright protection4PENANAvlNDhNVMBD

“Actually, it's neoclassical," corrected Knight and Leonard was uncomfortable.copyright protection4PENANAHAFh6ctKj9

“This structure has the name of "burnt palace",” Mollinedo said happily.copyright protection4PENANAu02xwIVbXZ

“Burned palace? And why is that?” Leonard asked him.copyright protection4PENANALskz5Cn0oY

“An attempt was made to storm the palace, and when this was not achieved, it was set on fire in the 19th century.”copyright protection4PENANAE6zjnFwRqP

The commanders entered the site and Leonard suggested that to celebrate the launch of SDF-2, a gala party be held there with several South American RDF and Southern Cross commanders, to which Knight agreed.copyright protection4PENANA0UP2slLnxJ

.copyright protection4PENANAnibIShkfiI

.copyright protection4PENANAeWOOgcuM3U

On Christmas Eve, Knight received the sad news that Khyron had attacked Macross City, and it was a good thing that none of his friends were injured.copyright protection4PENANAC4Pr7hNTFk

“Come on, come on," said Leonard, "let's put aside the sadness and celebrate the early launch of SDF-2.”copyright protection4PENANAC2DOKv54Lo

Several waiters served fine drinks and Knight in his militar gown caught the attention of the commanders' wives and daughters in particular.copyright protection4PENANAN0lBOCNjoR

Knight was about to make a speech when he fell like a rock on the ground.copyright protection4PENANAe1W3s4lfX0

“Call a doctor, quick!” shouted Mollinedo.copyright protection4PENANAAA3doOIuTt

Several commanders surrounded Knight's stationary body and a doctor came to the scene and after examining him said:copyright protection4PENANATGueiiQ5Cf

“He's dead, Colonel Knight is dead.”copyright protection4PENANAXQgTUJXfZV

Several shouts of both men and women present reverberated throughout the place. Intelligence personnel rushed Knight's inert body to the military hospital to cover appearances, and other officials ordered that none of this be disclosed to government journalists.copyright protection4PENANAgzvkMU8up1

.8Please respect copyright.PENANASkxq8ZvUXo
.copyright protection4PENANAYiHsx0Lo6o

Late at night, Leonard and several high commanders were in one of the rooms of the burnt palace discussing what had happened to Knight.copyright protection4PENANAD3eUX9DVpC

“I don't deny it, I got very nervous when Knight drank the poison," said an RDF commander.copyright protection4PENANARFcnZYh8sH

“Everything came out by mouth, we even have the scapegoats for Knight's death," said another Southern Cross commander.copyright protection4PENANA9rZRUxRGVX

“Yes, Mollinedo will serve this purpose well, the man is too good for his own good.”copyright protection4PENANA4y1jtYs7UR

“Men like Mollinedo have a very clear destiny... destruction.”copyright protection4PENANAKLxW8xUqFn

Several other commanders, including Leonard, who planned the entire conspiracy, were present and were uncomfortable but also somewhat rested because Knight had been taken out of the way.copyright protection4PENANA8PP7HJEzpA

“Excuse me, sir, your daughter sent you this errand," a young officer showed Leonard and he prepared to leave the room.copyright protection4PENANAwu9yNCxfJr

“Excuse me, I'm informed that my daughter is ill.”copyright protection4PENANA7udFqmdlNT

Leonard left the palace, and as soon as he took a few steps outside the door, he stopped short with his face broken. In front of him was Knight.copyright protection4PENANAIVIy3qhIZH

“My daughter, give me back my daughter," Leonard said as he knelt in front of Knight, who looked down at the palace with a beautiful face and a strange smile.copyright protection4PENANAiwbr4Z3CfN

“You know, Leonard, I can forgive you for trying to kill me, but I can't forgive you for failing.”copyright protection4PENANA4mih2IEf3r

“I don't care what happens to me, but please my daughter....”copyright protection4PENANA8MmRlqiC8h

“Of course, your daughter, I must say she's a beautiful child, and she's just about the right age to eat her, it's a shame they lose the adorable when they reach adolescence.”copyright protection4PENANAkqOwSTvVvK

“Monster, monster...” Cried Leonard lying at Knight's feet.copyright protection4PENANAJz61R9KvpO

“Please Anatole, you least of all are the one to tell me that. I know you worked for the Anti-unification League and the EBSIS since before the arrival of the zentraedis, in fact you were the one who sabotaged the valkyrie project in favor of the destroid project and with the help of your dog, Colonel Edwards tried to destroy the SDF-1 before it was operational.... Had it not been for Roy's intervention in his veritech prototype...”copyright protection4PENANAXyBkpWKIzT

Leonard looked up and turned and saw in horror that the palace was being consumed by the flames and several shouts were coming out of the place but no bodies. As he turned around, he no longer saw the image of Knight, but of a young Roy Fokker, the same young man who destroyed his plans to destroy the United Earth Government so many years ago.copyright protection4PENANAZTjOpbHU7c

“Forgive me, forgive me, forgive my life... I'll do anything.”copyright protection4PENANAERMLTDVD9k

“You, you conspired behind my back, you Leonard, you are vile and treacherous... Good! I can use a man like you.”copyright protection4PENANAs6S3qiZb0z

.copyright protection4PENANA40soOSAwNI

.copyright protection4PENANAJszvdt897i

The death of several senior military commanders in the fire did not receive much media coverage by order of Knight and after a couple of weeks was old news with the launch of SDF-2, which descended from the factory satellite to the Bolivian highlands.copyright protection4PENANAtzpmCQFC1G

Knight's deception paid off; intelligence reports reported that the Zentraedi and Manaus Zone of Control were at peace, with a significant decrease in the number of skirmishes against hostile forces, whether these be Zentraedis or EBSIS.copyright protection4PENANAc6HEuwx42k

Only the borders of El Vencedor reported unusual activity as General Mendoza moved several mechanized units to the border, but for that there was Leonard, who was sent to the border of ancient Uruguay to stop the advance of Mendoza.copyright protection4PENANANLMmg0QpaX

“So, Knight, you and the other senior officers of the RDF are going on SDF-2 to Macross City?” Colonel Mollinedo asked him.copyright protection4PENANAIEw709XGMY

“That's right, Maistroff and the others will go with me, except Leonard, the image of SDF-2 will be very important to raise the morale of the population and I want to arrive in the city with style, Colonel .”copyright protection4PENANAmY43DzzbEC

“Knight, I think it's time you called me by my name," said the old man.copyright protection4PENANAvrniNEjE4t

“I couldn't get used to it, you're one of the few good soldiers I've met in my life, it was an honor to have worked alongside you, Colonel. I hope that when I return La Paz will be fortified.”copyright protection4PENANABM78T8iRO4

“Count on it, Knight, and have a good trip.”copyright protection4PENANAPb3UeHtOS8

.copyright protection4PENANAqnzOGnsZ1x

.copyright protection4PENANAtCkALdJ34x

Knight didn't know that the death of several Southern Cross commanders left a void that would impact intelligence work, so he didn't imagine that Khyron's zentraedi cruiser had taken off from the Amazon and was also heading for Macross City.copyright protection4PENANA8UIbPXSjMK

“Are you all right, sir?” The captain of SDF-2 asked Knight.copyright protection4PENANArc801OnuOo

“Yes, Captain, it's just that I have a few things on my mind. What about you?”copyright protection4PENANA1h1lSMzBQE

“It's an honor to captain the ship, at least to Macross City as it will be Commander Hayes who will be the captain of SDF-2.”copyright protection4PENANA9YyRaoP2HB

“Yes, Lisa deserves that position after all she gave to the RDF, she will surely be an excellent captain.... Excuse me Captain, but I think I will take a veritech and fly around the ship for a while.”copyright protection4PENANAN8OW8PLwjz

“Sir?”copyright protection4PENANAVlRWGKJglA

“Out of nostalgia, I still remember my flights around SDF-1, and I also need to clear my head about certain skirt problems that I have.”copyright protection4PENANAUuytmIRcLy

“Don't worry, sir, you can go to the hangar anytime you want," said a surprised captain.copyright protection4PENANANyHBvQrgmK

Knight was in his cabin and changing his clothes in order to pilot the veritech.copyright protection4PENANAQh5HeMrX2N

“Roy... What the hell am I doing with my life... Every time I went to Macross City and then back to La Paz...”copyright protection4PENANAxWi6pEOhQA

Knight stopped dressing, his torso was naked and he started moaning.copyright protection4PENANAQE9xgEnHUK

“Sammie... Kim... Diana... Please forgive me, I'm shit.... I don't deserve to have received your love, I shouldn't have cheated on you... Roy, help me...”copyright protection4PENANAsK1xsfjUdm

.copyright protection4PENANAILi0SIFH0w

.copyright protection4PENANAhQaqnq5L8Z

Knight climbed up to the veritech and flew around the ship, the feeling at the controls of the ship made every worry go out of his mind and even played a little bit and did some acrobatic flights trying to emulate the aerial shows he once saw in his childhood, in which Rick Hunter was the protagonist.copyright protection4PENANAvAKx8dNr71

“Captain, I'm getting some strange readings," an officer on the bridge said.copyright protection4PENANAOQM7QEPvlP

“Can you specify the source?”copyright protection4PENANA1DGc34C8PL

“Unknown sir, but they are ahead of us.”copyright protection4PENANA8llTSt6FVe

“Damn it, just as we were approaching Macross City, I want you to communicate with SDF-1 and... Oh my God, EVASIVE ACTION!”copyright protection4PENANAGK4tRU8Gqu

“VERY LATE, SIR, IT' S GOING TO HIT US HARD!”copyright protection4PENANAwr7dDbhgk6

Knight saw a beam of light heading towards SDF-2 and decided within milliseconds to move away from the ship, but he still knew that the blast wave of the explosion would hit him hard.copyright protection4PENANA2srolkRs0N

“Nooo!”copyright protection4PENANAHHxLboGj57

.copyright protection4PENANANCzVPd66uq

.copyright protection4PENANAdwTFUfZMH0

Knight's veritech had crashed and its entire surface was burnt and blackened but did not appear to present any further damage, yet the pilot was unconscious.copyright protection4PENANAApH8bSxRcD

“Knight, Knight, do you hear me... Get up, won't you save the girls?”copyright protection4PENANAZ0fyV5L2cf

“Roy...”copyright protection4PENANAspLm5GB5sj

“Do me one last favor.... Save Claudia.”copyright protection4PENANA53INbTFILS

“ROY!” Knight shouted, as he woke up and put his hands to his right eye, apparently he had lost it, along with a good part of his left hand and right foot.copyright protection4PENANAmKSBjOH4QT

The black veritech ascended to the sky in the form ofguardian and then with the engines roaring it headed for Macross City.copyright protection4PENANAkij5EoMgtf

“GRRRRHWWAAA!” Knight roared as he directed his veritech toward SDF-1.copyright protection4PENANAzziimuc2dX

The ship's Achilles' heel was the ramming attacks and Khyron's ship, which had reportedly been damaged, was headed for a suicide attack on SDF-1.copyright protection4PENANAUzIMb1AS6q

Knight remembered how he protected the SDF-1 bridge during Dolza's attack, but now he shot at the armored glass on the bridge and went to where the girls were.copyright protection4PENANAMqJ6wouiEY

“Colonel Knight!” Global shouted the same as the girls.copyright protection4PENANAyexRxTlJVy

“Hurry up, hurry up!” said Knight in a plea.copyright protection4PENANAHQ8qDjsecy

Sammie, Kim and Diana clung to the veritech's left arm, while Claudia and Vanessa did it to the right arm.copyright protection4PENANAFYZo4vNzOs

“Lisa, where's Lisa!” shouted Knight.copyright protection4PENANAymH6deZzYV

“I already sent Lisa in an escape pod, she's safe," Global told him.copyright protection4PENANA8GMg6pzyDL

“Sir, hurry up!” Knight said, but Global just smiled and shook his head.copyright protection4PENANA7iK7HPCuor

Knight wept for the eye he still had and went away with the officers.copyright protection4PENANAWXOD32S3BQ

Knight's veritech was flying erratically, but somehow he managed to land smoothly to save the women.copyright protection4PENANAZJwL0CazbO

“Knight! Knight!”copyright protection4PENANAlj65qNU3ij

“Oh my God.”copyright protection4PENANAvfgjSjmKmX

“Claudia, help me get him down!”copyright protection4PENANABlH76HKhhW

“Hurry up, call an ambulance.”copyright protection4PENANA5CgbHGZCKi

“Hold on, Knight.”copyright protection4PENANAVfxbzpuVaR

“Vanessa, come with me," asked Claudia, and the two women left to seek help.copyright protection4PENANATMcATjiEAz

Knight opened his eye and saw how Sammie, Kim and Diana surrounded him as they wept. The pilot wanted to get up but the forces failed him.copyright protection4PENANABGcRSUyRwi

Knight turned his head and saw something in the distance.copyright protection4PENANA9ryGD7682h

“Those, those two over there.... Is that Lisa and Rick?”copyright protection4PENANAZV3cwXvOB6

“Yes, it's Lisa and Rick, they seem safe," said one of the girls, although Knight couldn't pinpoint who. That's when it started to snow.copyright protection4PENANAocMB4EvCw2

“It snows... that's good... the snow covers and purifies everything... Lisa and Rick.... They... they must remain pure, only I must get dirty...”copyright protection4PENANAVGutn7AtfC

Knight smiled at the three girls he loved so much and gave himself over to sleep, wrapped in a snowy blanket that descended gently from the sky.copyright protection4PENANAKfyOr4LXTn

FINcopyright protection4PENANA4hzRTEvog2

Thanks for Reading, please tell me your opinions of this fanficcopyright protection4PENANAqbIUF52fzi

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