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Writer Capt. leon
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The gift of the spoiled princess
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
13 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!oKG01vE9G9kA3cWt7Zfkposted on PENANA


Capítulo 5: The gift of the spoiled princesscopyright protection5PENANAi6eZ7gvLpb

               Rick made a name for himself as the first human to enter an enemy ship and return to tell the tale.copyright protection5PENANAVJMYWJr3IH

               “That's my friend!” Knight shouted happily at the party he and Fokker had prepared for him at Minmei's relatives' restaurant.copyright protection5PENANAo5vaUfCYTk

               Knight explained to everyone who wanted to hear from him (and those who didn't) about Rick's pilot skills, whether it was as a veritech pilot or his previous exploits before the SDF-1 depart.copyright protection5PENANAscqHcyXHjn

               Rick, who was already used to fame, tried to cope as best he could, but was a little upset to see how Minmei looked at other pilots more than him.copyright protection5PENANATf6Fd3pF67

.copyright protection5PENANAnudTF78h61

.copyright protection5PENANACze3gqBe8V

               SDF-1 was approaching Earth, but constant skirmishes were already taking their toll on the resources that the space fortress could afford.copyright protection5PENANAB1aIHoL63S

               “We're not going to Earth?” Asked Knight.copyright protection5PENANAernrk2zskG

               “It seems that way," Rick said, "Roy told me that the enemy had cut us off and that he thought it would be a good idea to go to Mars to re-supply us with various materials.”copyright protection5PENANAuXgI0x9CLh

               “It sounds logical, that is, the fortress can make anything, but the use of recycling has its limits.”copyright protection5PENANAxmiI506Q6a

               “At least, Knight, we've been able to step on dry land since the war began.”copyright protection5PENANAIlB6MW8mot

               “You are right, in the void of space there is no place to lean, no star of reference is scary.”copyright protection5PENANA2TrjCrQL3B

.copyright protection5PENANA2BYlj3mqUt

.copyright protection5PENANAADOcJB8SXx

               The ship gobbled up without a problem near the Sara base on Mars, and several wicks and veritechs went out to verify that there was no danger.copyright protection5PENANAm0qNj2e9Oi

               “Did you know that the base is named after Major Hayes' mother?”copyright protection5PENANALRUJddNzDI

               “Really? I didn't know that”copyright protection5PENANA2elRq4syXp

               “Yes, it seems that the commander's mother died in an EBSIS terrorist attack, Lisa was nearby when it happened, she almost didn't count.”copyright protection5PENANA5jqw6KylUn

               “Wow, I didn't know that, but how do you know that, Knight?”copyright protection5PENANADFexprLd1p

               “Commander Kurt told me," Knight explained, but when he saw Rick's face of doubt, he added.copyright protection5PENANAV3DgU4lnCi

               “You know, the beard guy who always likes to smoke unfiltered cigarettes and who is always ready to show off his exploits, especially his involvement in the destruction of the greens and eggshells when Macross Island was brought close to Pluto.”copyright protection5PENANANIBdeIYN3S

               “Yes, I realize, I didn't think that happened to the commander, poor thing, so Admiral Hayes was the one who named the base after his dead wife?”copyright protection5PENANAaHxpfXR0bS

               “Yeah Rick, now I see why the commander is sometimes so strict, I guess she ran away from her pain by focusing on her career, don't you think?” Knight told him, and Rick started to think seriously about Lisa Hayes from that moment on.copyright protection5PENANAq6W3nR7JeK

               The mecha and veritech pilots were watching the place when the attack alarm went off.copyright protection5PENANA11tDfIldvp

               “Good get ready, we must buy time for everyone to enter the fortress” Roy instructed them.copyright protection5PENANA5G6D5lBWmM

               “What kind of units will attack us, Roy?” wanted to know, Rick.copyright protection5PENANAPMSLQgCYZR

               “I'm told they're all eggshells and they're already within a stone's throw of each other, so get ready.”copyright protection5PENANAJ1ScE7U0lq

               Roy was not exaggerating, the enemy units were already outside the base and the mechas and veritechs were doing everything possible to allow all the refueling units to enter the ship.copyright protection5PENANApr6w4cRG9e

               “Roy, what's going on? Why isn't the ship taking off?” asked Rick.copyright protection5PENANAsY0lJRBmPA

               “I don't know.... Claudia, let me know, baby, why don't you leave now.”copyright protection5PENANAdyC6LgeFhz

               “Roy, apparently they have put up some kind of magnetic mines all over the place, the captain has sent Lisa to activate a bomb that will destroy them all, in the meantime you must give us some time.”copyright protection5PENANA5G0cc5o4Lx

               “I understand, but tell me if the mines are underground and the bomb destroys us all?”copyright protection5PENANAidvjyfbaB0

               “Let's hope the ship can withstand the impact”copyright protection5PENANALPznVkE90V

               “I understand, let's cross our fingers then.... You heard the man, guys, let's give Lisa as much time as we can and protect the ship.”copyright protection5PENANAI5CJhPOGTz

               “Understood," they all replied.copyright protection5PENANAdcNJwmYHwA

               The battle grew fiercer and fiercer, but somehow they had managed to stop the enemy.copyright protection5PENANAHhphEkCitC

               “Wow, the guy really outdid himself," said Roy, proud to see how Rick had become a great pilot.copyright protection5PENANAecIQV0FJGz

               “Oh, for heaven's sake, Rick!” exclaimed Knight as he watched Rick descend into the enemy and then in batloid mode gave an impossible account of the enemies.copyright protection5PENANAjUL6EhsCYZ

               “Don't worry, Knight, Rick can take care of himself," Roy reassured him.copyright protection5PENANAdGgCYVXAeq

               “I see..." Knight muttered, open-mouthed to see his friend's great skill, "incredible, I wonder if he really is human.”copyright protection5PENANAdsDVjyWYiD

               “You can declare your love to him later, when we return to the ship," Roy mocked, when he received a transmission from Claudia.copyright protection5PENANAyCyjJcBcPA

               “Then I must go and rescue the commander?” Rick once asked Roy about the situation.copyright protection5PENANAb2hsFfnCQB

               “Exactly, the commander has already activated the subterranean bombs, but she is still not leaving the base," said Roy, "you must follow the commander's clock signal and rescue her.”copyright protection5PENANA334GZnfVmx

               Rick headed to the back of the base, while the other pilots covered the ship.copyright protection5PENANAzUa7eTjP58

               “Is it okay for Rick to go alone?”copyright protection5PENANApgaGIPW6sM

               “Stop worrying, Knight. Rick will rescue Lisa and they'll come back safe and sound.”copyright protection5PENANAIvQMbPaqLw

               After a couple of minutes all the veritechs were called to return to the ship quickly, the enemy thought the veritechs were fleeing and ran to take over the space fortress, however, a strong explosion shook the place destroying several enemy units, the SDF-1 was finally able to escape.copyright protection5PENANAYlr9sF2Mu8

               Knight stayed in the hangars to wait for Rick, and he showed up with Lisa. Knight wanted to get closer but saw that between Rick and Lisa there was a kind of understanding and preferred to leave the place.copyright protection5PENANAUUp5B8Vxen

               “Those two would make a good couple.”copyright protection5PENANAkWSbJ40TvM

.copyright protection5PENANAqu7RDAxFm2

.copyright protection5PENANAOgWdmyli6A

               Knight was talking with Rick in the barracks here about various issues after surviving the battle and subsequent destruction of the Martian base.copyright protection5PENANAFqxyBgDCa8

               “Therefore, until the repairs are ready, we will continue orbiting Mars, but once they are finished, we will take advantage of the planet's gravitational pull to head for Earth," Knight told him.copyright protection5PENANApADxsg7ZWt

               “Do you think the enemy will cut us off from the road to get to Earth? “copyright protection5PENANA2KKYY6wjoD

               “Most likely, I still don't understand their intentions, they could have already destroyed us if they wanted Rick.”copyright protection5PENANAT43qDFHgiR

               “It is true, it would seem that they have a particular interest in the fortress.”copyright protection5PENANApHs2eVjmVf

               “You're right, Rick, if they got serious on Mars they would have won... And speaking of Mars, what were you and Lisa talking about in the hangar?”copyright protection5PENANAPX0zWYGti5

               “We weren't really talking much, Knight.”copyright protection5PENANA6caaDNQk48

               Knight sighed a sigh of disappointment.copyright protection5PENANAcuQFw5BPrw

               “You know Rick, I think you and Lisa would make a good couple," he reasoned aloud and at that moment Rick choked on his drink.copyright protection5PENANA5hu5Rq4xUm

               Rick wanted to replicate, but the ship's intercom made it known to the pilots that their presence was required in one of the ship's military rooms.copyright protection5PENANAD0yOabC0wG

               “You know what they'll want with us, Knight?”copyright protection5PENANA9Ja0oH5Zxw

               “No idea Rick, they also called other pilots and of higher rank than us, maybe they will assign us a mission.”copyright protection5PENANAwDO0JFrNcl

               “But they sent for us on the intercom, that's not the procedure.”copyright protection5PENANAaQlIEwUgxr

               “Maybe it's an emergency and they want us to intervene soon, Rick.”copyright protection5PENANAXGa8GzPMyn

               Friends were still talking and finally arrived at the designated place.copyright protection5PENANAj5075JMxxZ

               “Well, here we go, brother," said Knight and the two pilots took some air to calm their nerves and entered the place.copyright protection5PENANATHQequLlLi

               The official hall was severe in appearance, and the head table included none other than Captain Global, along with the commanding colonels of the Daedalus and Prometheus, as well as other commanders including Roy. Rick and Knight got nervous and showed up trying not to let their voices tremble. An officer sent them to train with the other pilots, beside them the two friends looked as if they were children.copyright protection5PENANAMIZXRGwGt4

               Turns out they'd been called in to decorate them! And nothing less than the Titanium Medal for Valor.copyright protection5PENANA4Ma5UfPGNm

               "This is like a dream come true," Knight thought happily.copyright protection5PENANAGG4wVv1GQM

               After the decoration, Roy sent for them to a private room.copyright protection5PENANAZDvZAmG639

               “Congratulations guys, here are a couple more medals for your collection," he said as he threw the medals at them.copyright protection5PENANAb8WldQB2xo

               “But Roy, these medals are... was trying to say Rick.”copyright protection5PENANApd5tJ0YKHP

               “Exactly, congratulations to both of you, you've just been promoted to first lieutenant.”copyright protection5PENANAwHs2H3pn9s

               “First Lieutenant, Roy? We were just pilots a moment ago.”copyright protection5PENANAxlAtGOkiQR

               “Not just Knight fighter pilots, you are the elite elite of the elite, veritech pilots, and you have demonstrated mission skills and leadership under pressure, so you have each been assigned two subordinates to supervise them.”copyright protection5PENANAGg4MKNMIyu

               Knight could not believe it, he was now a squadron leader with two pilots in charge by the names of Shiru and Hyoga. Rick was assigned to Max and Ben as his subordinates.copyright protection5PENANAy5b17S4wgd

               After the new pilots introduced themselves, Rick and Knight apologized because they had things to do (go to Minmei's party), but the four newcomers decided to accompany their new commanders.copyright protection5PENANAZNzAhfoBxf

               “Are you sure about this, Rick?”copyright protection5PENANAtevx0flNYT

               “Sure, I don't see why they can't come with us," said Rick, and all six of them headed to the party in a lively way. Roy seemed a little worried.copyright protection5PENANAhxYsy6lCCB

               “More like a group of schoolchildren, I hope I'm not mistaken.”copyright protection5PENANAQCppcGFBic

.copyright protection5PENANAQMrmjrCEfB

.copyright protection5PENANAyw8wYGCkjf

               At Minmei's restaurant, things didn't work out the way Rick would have wanted them to, and the girl got very sweet on Max, Shiru and Hyoga in the first place.copyright protection5PENANAV9Rkz41eFk

               “You're very handsome, Max, and those glasses look good on you.”copyright protection5PENANAqw6SSqku5z

               “Thank you, Miss Minmei, at first I thought I would not be accepted to fly a veritech because of these.”copyright protection5PENANA5D5ea4UNoe

               “What nonsense, I think they look fabulous on you.”copyright protection5PENANA3knVEWZGaF

               Max blushed and looked down, Minmei's Chinese suit didn't leave much to the imagination.copyright protection5PENANA1Bb7u4yOzD

               “And you Shiru, where are you from?”copyright protection5PENANAnEhtTsyOfW

               “My parents are from Japan, but I was born and raised in China, I went to visit Macross Island to see the ship and here I am," said Shiru, making him look more mature than he was, Minmei was delighted.copyright protection5PENANA2jgqeVneCy

               “What about you Hyoga, what is your story?”copyright protection5PENANATD95LE9jsI

               “My mother raised me in Europe, but then we went to Siberia.”copyright protection5PENANAXQnejgGR4W

               “Siberia, that place must be very cold," said Minmei rubbing her arms.copyright protection5PENANAO7f4xt0UIC

               “It's bearable," replied the blond, who apparently wasn't very fond of socializing with the girls, but that didn't stop Minmei from hitting him more than enough, Rick was starting to get upset.copyright protection5PENANAtBfDG0hQkJ

               “I think Minmei has something strange about her," said Ben, "she left out the better-looking guys.”copyright protection5PENANAyhzVwTcdLh

               “I don't see how great she is," Knight whispered to Ben so Rick wouldn't hear him.copyright protection5PENANA9zooEWSERA

               “What are you talking about? she's such a babe.”copyright protection5PENANAhkcwXTxfJR

               “Well, yes, in fact she is my type, but I don't know.... Something repels me about the girl, maybe because she is capricious and just wants to do whatever she wants.”copyright protection5PENANAYi9yeFsqTd

               “But why don't she look at you, sir.”copyright protection5PENANAI2N7rr3k6V

               “Ben, call me Knight, Minmei doesn't notice me because I don't give her a ball, besides, if It's about the most beautiful girl in the place, I'd choose her aunt... Don't tell me you didn't see her.”copyright protection5PENANAVng7Ue1rtK

               “So, Knight, do you like older women?” Max asked him since he heard about the conversation.copyright protection5PENANAjs2s1g8tH1

               “It depends on the girl, I like them older or younger, it all depends on the situation, boys," Knight whispered to them and suddenly something hit him in the chest.copyright protection5PENANAHp4uwwWAQ2

               "Oh, shit! I'm talking the same as Roy... Or my father," Knight thought alarmed and remained silent. Ben wanted to ask him something else, but the mayor asked Minmei to sing something to liven up the party.copyright protection5PENANAwMqMUk0VLt

               “I don't want to sing, why doesn't he sing?” Minmei said angrily when she saw that Rick had forgotten to take the girl's present.copyright protection5PENANAG5WIxXZGqH

               The mayor was a humble man, after all, his position was more honorary, since all authority was vested in the captain Global (Macross Island was under military jurisdiction), and the mayor of Macross did not earn much, so no one ran for office. The mayor tried to explain to Minmei that it was not Rick's fault that he had forgotten her gift, when the ship's alarms sounded at that moment.copyright protection5PENANAI87NDEjzea

               “Guys, come on!” Knight urged his subordinates and they left the restaurant quickly.copyright protection5PENANACKW2xQmxL8

               “Knight look, a taxi!” Rick told him, and they both entered the vehicle followed by their subordinates. Several pilots had the same idea.copyright protection5PENANA1sdXbLUasl

               “Hey, I can't take you all!” The taxi driver shouted at them.copyright protection5PENANASbuZY7EiGS

“You'll have to make it, it's an emergency," said one pilot with a mocking smile. Rick looked like he was about to get crushed.copyright protection5PENANAsjDolafII1

               “NO, YOU WON'T HAVE TO!” Knight shouted and turned around and kicked the other drivers out of the car with both legs together.copyright protection5PENANARJt4HEQBPi

               “Hey, what do you think you're doing!” said one of the ejected pilots.copyright protection5PENANAXIurHsylKf

               “Look closely at who the hell you're talking to," said Knight in the most poisonous way he could, while pointing to his first lieutenant badge, and the same way he did with his Titanium medal for bravery.copyright protection5PENANAecySBU3RCM

               “Excuse me, sir...” The pilot excused himself, while his companions stood up and stood in front of their superior officer.copyright protection5PENANATtvmyd1pOQ

               “Do you know who that commander is?" Knight rebuked him, pointing to Ricky, "it's First Lieutenant Rick Hunter! Newly promoted and decorated with the Titanium Medal of Valor, and the same goes for me, now get out of my sight and get another cab!”copyright protection5PENANAIMzcehEMCp

               “Yes, sir!” The pilots said in unison and ran in search of another mobility.copyright protection5PENANA2RCAKeuO57

               “Knight! What did you do that for? It was no way to treat them," Rick told him.copyright protection5PENANAAYB5l9imz7

               “And what else could Rick do? We were almost crushed by those brutes, and you deserve to be as comfortable as possible," he replied, and Rick was speechless.copyright protection5PENANAdhUMu838VG

               “Anyway, we don't have time for this," said Knight and got back in the cab.copyright protection5PENANAyXyaxio27u

"Hurry to the hangars!” Knight ordered, as Shiru and Hyoga exchanged nervous looks, their commander was undoubtedly a Rikotaku (Rick + otaku).copyright protection5PENANA9HtKMOU5bt

.9Please respect copyright.PENANAiw8v5AV6MT
.copyright protection5PENANAdpL7cfgfob

               Knight was in glory when he asked permission to take off with his squadron.copyright protection5PENANAWW8v6GOvIV

               “Shiru, Hyoga, you are my wings, so be with me and pay attention.”copyright protection5PENANA0SCtCpiwvu

               The battle was no different from any other Knight had fought before, which was a relief as he did not know what his subordinates' capabilities were, however, both Hyoga and Shiru were excellent pilots.copyright protection5PENANA0ITLQ506lo

               “This maneuver is called the "dragon's fist”," said Shiru, as he ascended under a green and then descended upon it with accurate fire.copyright protection5PENANAiilrNs7BXQ

               “And this," said Hyoga, "is the "flight of the swan”.” And the blond pilot would shoot down a green one and then pass through the middle of the explosion.copyright protection5PENANAwXI8rkyJR3

               “Shiru, why descend if you could have eliminated the green one in the first ascent... Hyoga, flying through the middle of the explosion can look beautiful in a star wars movie but in real life that is suicidal.”copyright protection5PENANAeRL7DCdDJz

               “Yes sir," said the two pilots smiling, Knight had a bad feeling, he knew those two exhibitionists would continue their suicidal maneuvers.copyright protection5PENANA21RosEQAgN

.copyright protection5PENANAqML8VcttWk

.copyright protection5PENANAwaciiPUwtD

               Back at the ship, Knight watched as Rick was nervous.copyright protection5PENANA5wFWU7AKHQ

               “What's going on, Rick?”copyright protection5PENANAy8DjgzwK2t

               “Knight, it's too late and I still don't have a present for Minmei.”copyright protection5PENANA4zEhRX6LtA

               “You can give it to her tomorrow, Rick.”copyright protection5PENANApy64u0b5KT

               “It's just that you didn't see how she got, I have to give her something before the end of the day.”copyright protection5PENANAWi1ACi982b

               “Oh, Rick... Well, let's go into town together and find her something.”copyright protection5PENANAC7LgpCdvnG

               “Thank you for helping me, Knight.”copyright protection5PENANA5NfcRKc3PX

               The two friends rushed to the city to try to find a gift, to buy time they went in different directions and agreed to meet in a specific place.copyright protection5PENANAWMgYmShw1j

               "Damn it, we should have asked our subordinates to help us with this," thought Knight, who was exhausted from all the roaming.copyright protection5PENANAHErsUQ58mt

               “Rick... I'm sorry... I didn't... find anything... everything is closed," said Knight, short of breath, after an hour of useless searching.copyright protection5PENANAPsg4E7ORaE

               “And now... What am I going to do...?” said Rick, who was also exhausted.copyright protection5PENANAO7r46NXnjZ

               Both Rick and Knight went to Minmei's house.copyright protection5PENANAH1D8uyZAGm

               “I'll wait for you at this corner, Rick," said his friend and Rick went straight to the girl's balcony.copyright protection5PENANA3wPjBtrqkC

               Rick was nervously spinning under the balcony when Minmei saw Rick and opening her window asked for her present.copyright protection5PENANA59JwePkccE

               Rick was talking something when he threw his Titanium medal for bravery at the girl, Knight couldn't believe it.copyright protection5PENANAbTGP2bn2L4

               Rick said goodbye to Minmei and went to meet his friend.copyright protection5PENANApOAe8cIzC3

               “Rick, why did you do that!”copyright protection5PENANAbHcVdrKxDX

               “I couldn't think of anything else to do, and Minmei loved it.”copyright protection5PENANAcORSDU31XO

               “But it was your medal, Rick!”copyright protection5PENANA5mCGALSjkv

               “I don't care about it, Knight, I'm glad she got her present before midnight.”copyright protection5PENANAmwczrq0cYD

               “I don't know, Rick.... Anyway, next time buy something in advance.”copyright protection5PENANAaas126W58T

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection5PENANAUdfwUQhNaC

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