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Writer Capt. leon
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Pilot again
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!71tV2xXYtsTKgzrLSUCVposted on PENANA

THE BLACK VERITECH copyright protection5PENANABtTAxta9CL

Capítulo 4: Pilot againcopyright protection5PENANADKN7FPECN7

               Knight was happy that Rick was safe, but it was nothing compared to how happy Roy was.copyright protection5PENANA5GRmgi78dJ

               “So I have to stay in the hospital for a week," Rick said sadly.copyright protection5PENANA4PdXqKqAU3

               “That's how it is, champion," Roy said, "since you gave your rations to that girl, you're in bad shape.”copyright protection5PENANAlyN9FsYk5M

               “How's Minmei?” Rick asked.copyright protection5PENANArbtjxJCFSQ

               “Don't worry, Rick," Knight told him, "as Roy said, she wasn't as bad as you, she's already been checked out and is at her uncles' house.”copyright protection5PENANAoWFCT6nkGi

               “Thank goodness," said Rick in a downbeat mood.copyright protection5PENANAn2QbbvEaQJ

.copyright protection5PENANAXiUqBs9e72

.copyright protection5PENANA4vYK8SQwcx

               The week flew by and Rick left the hospital, was amazed to see that the city of Macross was rebuilt inside the ship, there was a lot of garbage in the streets because just a day before there was a demonstration of civilians when they learned that they were in Pluto's orbit and that the transposition system had disappeared from the ship.copyright protection5PENANAOAAFLLbpW1

               “Poor captain, I wouldn't want to be in his shoes," Rick said to himself, as he watched a burnt doll representing global.copyright protection5PENANA9Tj4kVwu9D

.copyright protection5PENANAwe9vZhnQOA

.copyright protection5PENANAnDaXiVJtlG

               Days went by and Rick found himself in a melancholy, aimless stroll through the city of Macross.copyright protection5PENANAuuAOyUJ4pT

               “Rick, can I have your plane?” Knight asked him happily as he hugged the remains of Rick's plane.copyright protection5PENANAHV7Qr78OXX

               “Of course," Rick said, a little upset by his friend's fanaticism, "thanks for bringing my plane to this place.”copyright protection5PENANAolAzjTu2nP

               “You're welcome, Rick, it took me a while but it was worth it, anyway the crane attendants were saddened by the accident that almost crushed you and helped me with the plane, when we get home I'll take it to my parents and treasure it forever.”copyright protection5PENANAISkjGSdpXC

               “Of course....”copyright protection5PENANAiFyqwZxFOv

               “Hey Rick, why don't you join the UNSpacy?”copyright protection5PENANACdQdM96hct

               “Join the army?”copyright protection5PENANA7Vlre2ksri

               “Enlist to be a pilot Rick, stop being sad all the time, fly again like you did before.”copyright protection5PENANA5KXEbtDI9s

               “I don't know, I don't want to be a fighter pilot, I don't want to fight in a war.”copyright protection5PENANAeLF5Zsf5Jr

               “Don't worry, Rick, once we get back to Earth, you can go back to your civilian life and fly free in your circus of the air again.”copyright protection5PENANAzQnVhCXC4p

               “When there is a war a pilot can't just abandon the army.”copyright protection5PENANAUa9SOkms3v

               “You know Roy, he'll make something up and you can do it, come on Rick!”copyright protection5PENANAUhhzmg1BmL

               “Let me think about it first.”copyright protection5PENANA3WBrRT3Ov8

               “All right, Rick, but don't be too long, huh?” Knight said goodbye.copyright protection5PENANAdqini6IFyL

.copyright protection5PENANAas3r2qI425

.copyright protection5PENANAQ51rwSlAHR

               The enemy's attacks became more frequent, fortunately they were only skirmishes and served to temper the pilots.copyright protection5PENANAIVh0iA60fF

               “Roy, these greens are more agile here in space than on earth.”copyright protection5PENANAMq8PSbfAfi

               “You're right, Knight, their ships are made more for space than atmospheric combat.”copyright protection5PENANAF5nHxUzSuh

               Thus, over and over again the enemy launched small attacks, it seemed that in reality their only objective was to harass the ship and not to destroy it.copyright protection5PENANAJdc1dvBkwR

               Knight took advantage of every opportunity to visit Rick, he lived at Minmei's uncles' house, and when he spoke with the girl he realized that although she was cheerful and funny, she had a whimsical personality and wanted to do whatever she wanted. Rick was still apparently interested in the girl and was dragging his feet when it came to deciding whether or not to join the military.copyright protection5PENANAZih889joKz

.copyright protection5PENANAGqF47cZH5u

.copyright protection5PENANAYPHaQVGsfd

               One day the battle was very hard, because instead of just showing up green and eggshells, the enemies were supported by a group of three huge green ships.copyright protection5PENANAjfvAnEKG3u

               “Hell, I think they've had enough of playing with us, Roy.”copyright protection5PENANAgKVVO28OJd

               “Calm down, Knight, remember everything I taught you and you'll be fine.”copyright protection5PENANAjH20STWzlb

The enemy's mother ships were firing energy weapons and missiles at SDF-1, when the ship suddenly began to transform.copyright protection5PENANAMErifPW0wZ

               “Hurry up, boys, get out of the range," Roy said, "the ship will fire its main cannon.”copyright protection5PENANAvMJqHysQnc

               The veritech of the Skull squadron hurried out of the red area and shortly after, a giant column of energy shot out toward the enemy ships. A colossal glow was born in space and when it went out, there was no trace of any of the mother ships.copyright protection5PENANA4GT6HM0Dll

               “Unbelievable... What was that?” Knight said as he tried to fix the controls on his ship because they were miscalibrated by the energy of the powerful weapon.copyright protection5PENANAP80gqf6ngC

               That's the power of the Reflex cannon, our ace in the hole against the enemy.copyright protection5PENANAnLo7b6FEX3

               “Skull squadron, return to the ship soon, no sign of enemy activity” he was informed from the bridge and all pilots headed for SDF-1.copyright protection5PENANAR1JK8qx84T

               As soon as Knight arrived at the hangar, he had to help with the search and rescue of civilians, as many of the Macross city buildings were crushed or thrown into the void along with its inhabitants during the transformation.copyright protection5PENANAtT1uarKgO0

               “It's horrible," said Knight as he looked at an iron wall in front of him, "this wall wasn't there before, and behind it was a family who lived there, surely now their bodies are floating in space.”copyright protection5PENANAScMhjYoYCl

               “I heard that they sent a squadron to recover the bodies," one pilot told him, and the two boys looked around with a serious gesture.copyright protection5PENANA2tmLeucMDg

               “Knight, Knight!” shouted Rick, who hurriedly approached the place.copyright protection5PENANAF79HBj9lAY

               “Rick, are you all right?”copyright protection5PENANAmta8Kt68sJ

               “I am, Knight, you know, I've made up my mind, I'm going into UNSpacy.”copyright protection5PENANAuucQfrlreZ

               “Welcome brother," Knight said with a smile and shook his hand.copyright protection5PENANAHT6RBHbK3L

.copyright protection5PENANAIpeSyZlE8N

.copyright protection5PENANAnCiAtx2PZg

               Rick's training was just as hard as the one Knight had to face, but in the end Rick managed to graduate and become a fighter pilot. Roy couldn't fit in with the joy and organized a party at Minmei's restaurant. The girl was very cuddly with Rick, but Knight suspected she was only in love with the pilot's uniform.copyright protection5PENANAOHaUyLCKvG

               The next day, the skirmishes began and Rick soon got used to the combat because the missions were constant. The enemy was an undiscerned, especially their tactics as they let SDF-1 approach Saturn's orbit.copyright protection5PENANAwd6L6EKriT

               “A counterattack?” Rick asked.copyright protection5PENANAfGwyhZ5jP5

               “Yes, it seems so, I heard that Dr. Lang developed a kind of shield like in the star trek movies," Knight told him.copyright protection5PENANAzDMKylvb50

               “And where will the counterattack take place?” wanted to know, Rick.copyright protection5PENANARCeXnkC7MV

               “Roy told me that it will be in Saturn's rings, we will go to the dark zone of the rings and ambush them. With the reflex cannon and the shields, we'll send those greens back to the planet they came from.”copyright protection5PENANA12BxASwFcm

               “I hope the plan works out so we can go home without having to worry about having more fights.”copyright protection5PENANALM0ywyT1KZ

               “You're right, if everything goes well, we'll take advantage of Saturn's gravitational force and we'll be on Mars in a jiffy, and from there straight to Earth.”copyright protection5PENANA2CBgAZAc7m

.copyright protection5PENANA78oJFYBcEO

.copyright protection5PENANAypAyY67R8R

               The day of the attack arrived and the ship and its pilots took refuge in the dark area of Saturn's rings. The pilots had to navigate through the dark zone, relying only on their instruments as there was nothing to be seen outside, and what's worse, Claudia and Lisa had apparently caught up with Knight, sure for having faked an interference when she went to look for Rick. And speaking of Rick, it seems Lisa also took it out on him, probably because he crashed a veritech the day the Greens attacked.2copyright protection5PENANARattq4s0gz

               “This is going to be a long mission," Knight told Rick.copyright protection5PENANAnoHM7mKJzp

               “You're right, the commanders aren't very happy with us," said Rick.copyright protection5PENANAx7P7GNeNFm

               “Well, I better not distract you and let's get on with the mission," concluded Knight.copyright protection5PENANAFwx90XdsYt

               The veritechs emerged from the dark zone and both Rick and Knight were disappointed, the plan was supposed to be to destroy all the enemy's motherships, but they could only see one mother ship heading towards them.copyright protection5PENANA1mSJ8Z6TIF

               “What happened? There were supposed to be more mother ships," Rick asked.copyright protection5PENANAjfN8ntWCgB

               “Maybe they read our strategy, Rick," Knight replied.copyright protection5PENANAZV8w58uiAt

               “Roy, what do we do?” asked Rick.copyright protection5PENANAMCPElYDsRm

               “There is nothing to do but continue with the plan, stop the Greens and the egshellss until they tell us to withdraw so that the ship can fire the reflex cannon.”copyright protection5PENANA7aBUjZofBE

               “Understood.” All the pilots answered and confronted the enemy.copyright protection5PENANAQBAY7G7CYH

               The plan was going perfectly, but after a while the pilots wondered why they were still not firing the reflex barrel.copyright protection5PENANA5KkVpGT38L

               “Roy, what's going on? Why they haven't fired the main cannon yet," Rick complained.copyright protection5PENANApgW1bf0zuC

               “Claudia, what's going on? Fire the cannon at once, my men won't be able to hold out any longer covering these coordinates.”copyright protection5PENANAeldOklvrXt

               “I'm sorry Roy, but apparently there was a problem with the barrel when it was transposed and it won't be able to fire.”copyright protection5PENANA92etXD9RGh

               “And you tell me now! What the fuck is Lang and his team doing!”copyright protection5PENANAC5xy7IO7ij

               “Roy, you'll have to intercept the mother ships and give us some time.”copyright protection5PENANAKwEXlZiQqf

               “You heard guys, change of plans, let's go to the mother ships and destroy as many turrets as you can," ordered Roy and all the pilots headed for the big ships.copyright protection5PENANAjAiy3fcd7S

               “Rick, I can't believe the size of this thing, it's huge!” exclaimed Knight in amazement.copyright protection5PENANAuJY2h5L6d3

               “I know, it dwarfs SDF-1, and to think that our ship is a giant compared to our other ships.”copyright protection5PENANApXA3VV3dLu

               The pilots did what they could but the ship had many turrets, missile launchers and torpedo boats, and they fired their cargo at the SDF-1.copyright protection5PENANAt54LD81Pl8

               “Is that the famous shield they developed?” Knight asked with derision as he saw three discs-shields moving across the front surface of the SDF-1.copyright protection5PENANAIQSHSaNEg1

               “I knew you couldn't trust all those brainiacs, especially that Lang," Knight complained, "didn't you, Rick? Rick?”copyright protection5PENANAIFYiJUdM7Z

               Knight called Rick, and he showed up after a while coming out of one of the hatches of the alien ship.copyright protection5PENANAgB4knHspxO

               “Were you inside the ship?”copyright protection5PENANAygEqXwALbQ

               “It looks that way.”copyright protection5PENANAMTwLbfFp1N

               “Good thing you got out because it looks like SDF-1 is going to hit the alien ship.”copyright protection5PENANAohpsCMa5bI

               “It'll ram her!”copyright protection5PENANAUJYy9W5KIg

               “It seems so, so we'd better go.”copyright protection5PENANABva7hmmWLn

               SDF-1 attacked the alien ship using the Daedalus as if it were a giant arm and thus destroyed the enemy ship from the inside.copyright protection5PENANAKaF9CiWNo7

               “It's incredible," said Rick and all the pilots returned to SDF-1.copyright protection5PENANAwiRuQ1rWL9

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection5PENANAcnFmuWIQTu

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