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Writer Capt. leon
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The Southern Cross and the REF
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
13 Mins Read
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Chapter 15: The Southern Cross and the REFcopyright protection4PENANAcRMKCq7R3C

Knight said goodbye to Lisa, Rick, and Max and headed straight for Central America, towards the Yucatan peninsula, that place would be a connecting link between that part of the continent and the Caribbean.copyright protection4PENANA4qajP7W4rg

Fifty percent of the resources that could be offered by SDF-1 were placed under Knight's control, so that he could be respected in any eventuality, which in the end was very useful as several military leaders who survived the zentraedi attack were very keen to establish their own chains of command and to disown SDF-1's military command.copyright protection4PENANA4D0cnWaVCO

Knight saw that the only way to speed up the logistics of channelling resources for planetary defence was through the political and administrative centralisation of large territories, so he focused on erasing the political borders that existed before the Zentraedi holocaust and brought all of Central America together into a single quadrant, as did all the countries of the Caribbean.copyright protection4PENANAGOGtyjTFaX

The Central American quadrant and the Caribbean quadrant should be safe from any zentraedi threats from the south, so Knight headed to South America.copyright protection4PENANAifnsydAuh1

“How is the situation in Central America and the Caribbean?” Global asked him one day about the command communicator.copyright protection4PENANALmFLz2IKXk

“Everything was easier than expected, Admiral, except for some military commanders who were somewhat reluctant to recognize the authority of the RDF. As for the civilians, they were delighted with the new political-administrative division, and no wonder, after decades of corruption anything is better, and they will be cooperative as long as their quadrants are not in the front line of the Zentraedi control zone in South America.”copyright protection4PENANAyE8f7Hy0nJ

“And South America?” Global asked.copyright protection4PENANAYFYl8wzI1Q

“That's the problem, several military leaders are at best complicated, fortunately having the Zentraedis at the gates of their own bases will be a decisive factor in establishing RDF-compliant quadrants.”copyright protection4PENANAJMdpyMrgwp

“Quadrants?”copyright protection4PENANAA53JlbrUcO

“I'm afraid so, sir, the territory to be covered is too vast and several political and military leaders would not agree to submit to a unified political command. This is slowing down the plans, but fortunately the Zentraedis are spending more time fighting each other. The only attacks we have been reported of refer to simple zentraedi looting to gain resources to fight against other rival zentraedi forces.”copyright protection4PENANADauCwC95la

“How long do you think this situation will last, Colonel Knight?”copyright protection4PENANAW5X9uvWVMs

“A couple of years, then I foresee that the Zentraedi will be under a unified command.”copyright protection4PENANAlnyp6UAxOM

“Two years... For God's sake, heaven help us.”copyright protection4PENANAmsXR5ttezO

“Don't worry Admiral, in two years I will secure the zentraedi control zone so that the enemies can't make any attack, maybe we won't be able to defeat them, but at least we will contain them.”copyright protection4PENANApvUmFoSBkF

“Thank you for your efforts, Knight.”copyright protection4PENANA4F2C48wFGl

“I give my best, however, to the fact that half of the logistical and other resources are focused on the containment of the Zentraedi Control Zone, how are you doing?”copyright protection4PENANAr3NoUSSo7r

“It's ironic, but Khyron and Azonia with their few men are giving us more trouble than all the Zentraedi armies in South America.”copyright protection4PENANAdwX7TCvMdQ

“Is the situation that serious, Admiral?”copyright protection4PENANArhvtUACrfj

“Not at the moment, the Zentraedis are eager to adopt the peaceful lifestyle of the Earth, but the ship's psychologists doubt that this fact will remain stable for long.”copyright protection4PENANAMHnA6htYGB

“And how long before they are pulled back by their warlike instinct?”copyright protection4PENANAqT8n11ZxOc

“I estimate about two years.”copyright protection4PENANAnfuTJotlPJ

“I understand, either we solve all our problems in two years or we risk being defeated by the enemy.”copyright protection4PENANAFCq2dxkHv0

“I'm afraid so, Colonel, that's why we in North America are giving priority to the development of robotech weapons. Veritechs are difficult and very expensive to manufacture, so we are focusing on mechas production.”copyright protection4PENANAiVUqjWritg

“Won't that delay the reconstruction of the civilian goals you planned, sir? What about Kyle and his protests?”copyright protection4PENANAvRv0LfofBe

“The best way to deal with Kyle was to give him all the freedom he wanted, so he had no excuse to call a demonstration, and the civilian population is focused on starting from scratch, and has no time to dedicate to following that individual.”copyright protection4PENANAYgRpj4WDLs

“I suggest, sir, that the civilian population have more variety of entertainment so that Kyle or Minmei are not the only escape valves available to civilians, and that we save ourselves a lot of trouble.”copyright protection4PENANAE4oyuHvW0Z

"Fame is a passing thing, Admiral, and I'm sure they'd soon get tired of those two, and I doubt in the end that Minmei and Kyle would attract as much attention as before, while other celebrities could be subsidized by the army to be controllable. The same should apply to the media.”copyright protection4PENANAcwQIwCXVRy

“I'll take that into account, Colonel, I just hope I don't have to resort to such measures.”copyright protection4PENANAaQP1f86cLS

.copyright protection4PENANAEqW2ZqKumL

.copyright protection4PENANAtzhkhNWfJO

As Knight explained to Global, the situation in South America was far from easy; the first task was to convince military and political warlords to align themselves with the RDF, using fear as a factor of intimidation.copyright protection4PENANANTEDVUL16x

Venezuela was home to the richest oil and gas fields on the planet, at least those that could be used, but several soldiers were reluctant to collaborate with the RDF, so Knight ordered a bomber to take off off the coast of the country and drop a nuclear bomb, a few miles from the small Venezuelan army.copyright protection4PENANATLXQOWgyrD

The next day, the military leaders submitted to Knight's mandate, the only time the RDF attacked South America with nuclear weapons.copyright protection4PENANAjUcBfuobJ8

Global was furious, but acknowledged that the measure was successful in the short term as the same system was applied throughout the continent, although only as a measure of intimidation as it was never again necessary for the RDF to use nuclear bombing.copyright protection4PENANA0x1EaWyVYF

The measure was so successful that new quadrants were soon established: the Venezuelan quadrant to the north, the Brazilian quadrant to the east, the Argentinean quadrant to the south, and the Peruvian quadrant to the west. All these quadrants surrounded the entire Amazon jungle in which the hostile zentraedis were located, an area that was called the Zentraedi Zone of Control.copyright protection4PENANAtRqrIeoYNP

.copyright protection4PENANAC7KOIZi7b2

.copyright protection4PENANAfbzhPJdoFb

Knight returned to SDF-1 to report to Global and the other commanders, things were not going as he expected.copyright protection4PENANA383uzLJYKw

“I need more resources, Admiral.”copyright protection4PENANANmExbmwuuH

“Colonel, we're allocating half our military resources to you.”copyright protection4PENANAwKT51IOe7t

“I need more, the Zentraedi Control Zone is very large, even with four quadrants surrounding the entire Amazon jungle, I only have 150,000 troops scattered in a protective ring which is ineffective in containing the enemy.”copyright protection4PENANAqaCuFcgoa0

“How many zentraedi are we talking about, Knight?” Lisa asked him,copyright protection4PENANAVXnzvyW22r

“Of at least 150,000 zentraedis, perhaps half a million," he said, and everyone present exchanged nervous looks.copyright protection4PENANAJybDDclsrt

“What about Breetai's fleet?” Knight asked.copyright protection4PENANAWSDymjLCHV

“He still fights the enemy in different skirmishes," Rick told him.copyright protection4PENANADDT0cpz9rB

“Does the enemy fight under a single command?” Knight asked again.copyright protection4PENANAAbaLOOXagp

“No, the hostile zentraedis are divided and focused on attacking Breetai, they believe that whoever does so must be the new supreme zentraedi leader," Claudia told him.copyright protection4PENANADchhLDAwgi

“That is why Breetais fleet fights outside the solar system not to tempt the other zentraedis to attack the planet," Exedore told him.copyright protection4PENANAsUVmU8Luhd

“What about the other RDF armies in Europe, Africa and Indonesia?”copyright protection4PENANA6SogDc4Bml

“I'm sorry, Colonel, we won't be able to make it more effective," Global excused himself, "what an irony that we are victims of our own success, we discovered several population centers and these require the efforts of the RDF to rebuild them.”copyright protection4PENANA1ZyigjWRQc

“Admiral, the position I'm in is very delicate," said Knight and passed several reports on to those present, which bore the seal of "classified".copyright protection4PENANA9j64G1drwu

“Apparently a zentraedi command is becoming strong in Manaus, and it is only a matter of time before all the hostile zentraedis are unified.”copyright protection4PENANAECn3S1fXDC

“How much time do we have?” Maistroff asked.copyright protection4PENANAjEBRWSbSK2

“Less than two years, if you cannot grant me more men, I have other requests that will make up for the lack of men.”copyright protection4PENANA5TmcY2ebuK

“What's your proposal, Knight?” Max asked him.copyright protection4PENANAG9m3cf4rdH

“I need carte blanche with regard to the creation of a global command that is intended to lock the zentraedis into the zentraedi control zone. The whole united government of Eath has to collaborate in that, I plan to call this whole operation the SASTRAC forces.”copyright protection4PENANA4wmGoiyzbj

"In addition," Knight continued, "I need freedom to create a new army independent of the RDF, which will focus on the use of conventional weapons, although it can then use robotech mechas in the near future and be created for the fighting ground on which they will be deployed.”copyright protection4PENANAChcYtb0Inu

“What army would this be?” Global asked.copyright protection4PENANAt3DP7Q5chi

“The Army of the Southern Cross.”copyright protection4PENANATmPg2dyBNK

“Is it necessary to create all this?” asked Exedore.copyright protection4PENANAUp17ovipdF

“It is vital.... You see, I have disturbing reports that the former EBSIS, the Anti-Unification League, is operating in South America," Knight said at Exedore's expression.copyright protection4PENANAUHJxwRnC3F

All present moved nervously in their seats, especially Global and the other senior commanders.copyright protection4PENANAUX1Kd4XLFL

“The EBSIS, are you sure, Knight?” Global asked him.copyright protection4PENANAwzaxGz3ZYh

“Very sure, they try to monopolize all the robotech technology, and what is worse, they offer their services both in logistics, exploration guidance and repair of mechas to the hostile zentraedis in exchange for being able to acquire zentraedi technology... And of course the zentraedis are delighted with the deal.”copyright protection4PENANAFSYpqvgO7j

“God...” Claudia murmurs.copyright protection4PENANAu2gwMtAKff

“The whole continent is in total chaos, I have already established several RDF headquarters, but even so both political and military leaders negotiate with both sides at the same time, and even three or four sides at the same time.”copyright protection4PENANAvLPGjvfmve

“What do you mean, Colonel?” asked one commander.copyright protection4PENANADa6CAx7Qle

“Not only do we have the Zentraedis or EBSIS, we also have the problem of the new country El Vencedor, led by General Mendoza, in what used to be Uruguay. He's powerful enough to challenge the RDF and he's building up power.”copyright protection4PENANA9Pgqm3TWN9

“Not that the government of El Vencedor is allied to the RDF?” asked Lisa.copyright protection4PENANAciU1YdxeA2

“Only on paper, there is a strong traffic of robotech and zentraedi technology from one side of the border to the other, and not only in El Vencedor, but also throughout each of the four quadrants in South America, it is impossible to stop the entire black market protected by the mercenaries, whether they come from EBSIS or not.”copyright protection4PENANAsedzQO6XEs

“I understand Knight," said Global, "I didn't think the situation was so worrying.... You have carte blanche in South America.”copyright protection4PENANAbNiseEv7Bj

“Thank you, sir, but I need something else.”copyright protection4PENANAgNBbPApmO0

“Go ahead, Colonel.”copyright protection4PENANApheDQ4rX25

“If successful, I will secure the Zentraedi Zone of Control, however, I am aware that it will be impossible to defeat the hostile zentraedis if the reports are not accurate and we are underestimating the number of zentraedis. I propose to create in the city of La Paz, the old capital of Bolivia, the new headquarters of the RDF, Cruz del Sur, and the UN Spacy.”copyright protection4PENANApeTIG7mcfY

“But the resources for that task would be too many," Rick said.copyright protection4PENANAvwL7HAH7Xw

“That's why I don't plan to execute them immediately, this is a long-term plan. La Paz is surrounded by the western and eastern Andes mountain ranges, and the Titicaca Lake, the largest freshwater reservoir on the continent, is just a stone's throw away, nestled in a plateau suitable for the development of bases for our future space exploration ships for a force that I am planning to create and which will be called the Robotech Expeditionary Force or REF, which will be supported by Bolivia's gas reserves and the largest lithium reservoir in the world, which is also located in Bolivia and is also surrounded by both mountain ranges.”copyright protection4PENANA7mOl0FqrCs

“For all of this, you'll have to go against the clock, Colonel," Global told him worried.copyright protection4PENANAx2GrLnz8AO

“I will have to sacrifice the reconstruction of the civilian villages in south america to give all the resources to strengthen La Paz, the city is not flat, it is located in a ravine that is a labyrinth of chains of land that emulate high hills. Once fortified it would be suicide for any Zentraedi army to penetrate such a place, whether it be this one of 150,000 units or more. Its topography makes dozens of streams pass through the place and to the south of the city there are fields protected by more streams that ensure its food sovereignty, and as I said its topography is so unusual that it ensures its invincibility in the face of an attack from outer space, of course this means fortifying the city.”copyright protection4PENANA65lRd3sVap

All the senior commanders exchanged glances and Global spoke out.copyright protection4PENANAsiMgDMV4dy

“All right, Knight, you have carte blanche to operate in South America in any way you prefer, but please hurry.”copyright protection4PENANAwLBdcmBLvb

Knight stood up to Global, continuing the meeting this time by deepening various aspects of the security of the other sectors of the planet and so on.copyright protection4PENANAABhWtuZVpa

Knight was surprised that Lang had gone to Japan and that the SDF-1's EVE computer development center had been established there, as well as the development of prototype mechas and veritech.copyright protection4PENANAlSs785T4a7

As for northern Europe, the second restart and implementation of the veritech programme was undertaken by Colonel Emerson, who had previously competed against Colonel Leonard as to whether the bulk of the army should consist only of mechas or veritechs.copyright protection4PENANADGSfU5CvQ7

As for Anatole Leonard, Knight considered it prudent to put him in charge of the new Army of the Southern Cross, because Leonard was the commander of the Brazilian quadrant and was a strong asset against General Mendoza of El Vencedor.copyright protection4PENANAGrIXnbrn7R

.copyright protection4PENANAxsJZAS5tXf

.copyright protection4PENANABBWtQRzsmp

“Sir, here are the reports from the commanders you requested," an officer told Knight as soon as he arrived in La Paz.copyright protection4PENANAA2Rj0fusDC

“Umm, I see that nothing comes out of the blue," Knight assessed as he read the report.copyright protection4PENANAka44aFWg8U

“Excuse me sir, but the reports are very worrying, all these officers are very committed to either EBSIS, or the strength of El Vencedor, or to various mercenary groups. They make and break alliances, in order to follow their personal agenda," the officer told him with concern.”copyright protection4PENANAwKvtdlkNOG

“That's just what I want, Major," Knight told him.copyright protection4PENANAdoJ4HJkcbX

“But sir, even Colonel Leonard is involved," whispered the concerned officer, looking both ways.copyright protection4PENANAOw8TAjywzH

“That's what I love most about all this shit. I can't control, let alone replace, 95% of the military high command here in South America. So I trust you'll continue to do your intelligence work.”copyright protection4PENANAr6rWzFhTs6

“Sir?”copyright protection4PENANAAFvjKd34qf

“Please, Major, dou you believe that the loyalty of these men depends on the nuclear loyalty of the RDF? that will not last forever, they also keep the whole continent in line and if they want to go too fast I have the right measures to extort them thanks to the intelligence work.”copyright protection4PENANA2fLb8luHS4

“You won't have any trouble with the Admiral, sir?”copyright protection4PENANApjaRfKwxEZ

“No, besides, how am I supposed to raise the funding to fortify the city of La Paz, the commanders here in South America are doing big illegal deals and some of that money goes to La Paz. Do you think there's any other way to stop the zentraedis?”copyright protection4PENANAEfF9ypnCuN

“I didn't see it that way, sir.”copyright protection4PENANASx2DIbZdSS

“Of course not Major, you and the SDF-1 high command think you can play as fair as you can, but if you did it that way, we would have to wage war against each of the countries of South America before we face the Zentraedis, or both at the same time. Did you know that El Vencedor's forces have well-equipped zentraedi soldiers?”copyright protection4PENANAhics9sdG0R

“Yes, sir, I received that report.”copyright protection4PENANAGE6lOFLbig

“When I arrived in South America, only General Mendoza had such help, now it seems that every damn military warlord has the help of Zentraedi soldiers and EBSIS support as if this were not enough. I will use Leonard or any other commander who gives me the advantage to exterminate Manaus, my goodness, I could even meet with the damned EBSIS, to wipe Manaus off the map!”copyright protection4PENANAZaO1OwcOK5

“We're approaching Colonel Mollinedo's quarters now, sir.”copyright protection4PENANAG1oSuxlHdl

“Thank God, Mollinedo is probably the only high-ranking military man who didn't come to his post because he kissed the other men's butts.”copyright protection4PENANAyUZFfOk10C

“For his age he should be a general.”copyright protection4PENANAhZN51BCepm

“You are still to young Mayor. Even though he's older, the rank of General is more political than anything else. A soldier reaches the peak of his career as a Colonel, the designation as General is more political than anything else. I respect Mollinedo, a military man of the old guard dedicated to serving others before himself, is the perfect person to be in charge of the strengthening of the city of La Paz and the establishment of the base of the future REF.”copyright protection4PENANAj6oHYSfjzt

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection4PENANAF8nFNDt8Et

Thanks for Reading dear friends, don’t forget to vote and comment pretty pleasecopyright protection4PENANALWty1u9EIz

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