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Writer Capt. leon
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Beyond the land of Oz
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
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THE BLACK VERITECHcopyright protection5PENANAtpgCviATlA

Capítulo 3: Beyond the land of Ozcopyright protection5PENANAbwr1sBzsrj

               “What the hell is this!” Knight shouted with all his might.copyright protection5PENANA6tX6Y0zE8B

               Scientists had explained to him that a transposition operation was something he didn't even feel, but something seemed to have gone wrong, Knight's body felt the same as when he had an intense fever and he felt that his teeth were going to fall out at any moment.copyright protection5PENANAbB0sewKPq6

               “Don't take your helmet off, don't take your helmet off!” Roy shouted at him as he saw Knight trying to take off his helmet.copyright protection5PENANApBCQD5sdxU

               “Sir, I'm going to vomit...” said one pilot.copyright protection5PENANAwEnuKmvk1D

               “I can't breathe," said another.copyright protection5PENANAVcfWEutpjT

               “Fuck, I'm telling you to keep your helmets on! If you're going to throw up, throw it up in your damn helmets," said Roy.copyright protection5PENANAvJv8z8d2lL

               Knight stuck his tongue against his palate to avoid vomiting and prayed that the transposition would stop.copyright protection5PENANAWSqknaHSvI

               “Well, guys, it seems that's all over," Roy told his pilots.copyright protection5PENANAwqVMnAgRZA

               Knight unstuck his tongue and saw the outer space with tearful eyes from the effort of not vomiting, which he saw was not to his liking one bit.copyright protection5PENANAKujfCToQWJ

               In the movies you could always see in outer space like something beautiful and full of stars, but in reality the stars were only seen from the Earth. There in the void of space, there was no star in sight, all around it was total and infinite blackness, Knight had a shudder all over his body.copyright protection5PENANACTC2dZdVSI

               “Sir, where is the moon?” asked one pilot.copyright protection5PENANADp8ybw9sn8

               “It's right underneath us.... Wait a minute, what the hell is that!” shouted Roy.copyright protection5PENANA28DmogfM7c

               “I think it's Macross Island," said another pilot with his eyes open like a plate.copyright protection5PENANAwJ58Lj8Ye0

               “Claudia, Claudia! Roy shouted on the telemarketer, "What the fuck, that's Macross Island! Where is the moon!”copyright protection5PENANAGRpPqBmz3J

               “I don't know, Roy," Claudia said nervously. “Vanessa is calculating our position immediately... Roy, we've been informed that the enemy is in the vicinity of the ship and Macross Island! You must go and destroy them immediately.”copyright protection5PENANAI6SmtgCJ3J

               “I'll be right with you, Claudia," said Roy, cutting off the teleprompter.copyright protection5PENANAVzt0IejQcx

               “Knight, I want you to do me another favor.”copyright protection5PENANAQTpgIQR4qV

               “Whatever you say, Roy," said Knight, who was nervous about the present situation.copyright protection5PENANAO82GvvX7e0

               “Go to the ship and make sure Rick's okay.”copyright protection5PENANAR9zkahzt8M

               “Right away, Roy," said Knight and promptly headed to SDF-1.copyright protection5PENANA1YFqfoh6tH

.9Please respect copyright.PENANAbnqGB2XeQs
.copyright protection5PENANA2iP4ZlzWtO

               Once on the ship, Knight got into a jeep and went to where Rick and Minmei were supposed to be.copyright protection5PENANAXkXwF8OfBW

               “Oh no, oh no," said Knight when he saw that neither Rick nor his plane were on the scene.copyright protection5PENANA1DVH4a5lhz

               Knight shouted Rick's name several times but got no answer, so he decided to walk around the place a couple of times and after an unsuccessful search, returned to the hangar and told Roy about it on the telemarketer.copyright protection5PENANA2jRSoRdXNG

               Knight could see Roy's voice filled with fear and ordered him to continue the search. The pilot did so but after a few hours he returned to the hangar, this time Roy was present.copyright protection5PENANALK1JhHR6Wt

               “Knight, where's Rick!”copyright protection5PENANA3Y6ZFa9Lvr

               “Roy, they're nowhere to be found, I've been all over the ship and nothing.”copyright protection5PENANAlyLdq94D6S

               Roy's face broke for a moment, but then it regained its hardness and he held Knight by the shoulders and gave him new orders.copyright protection5PENANAkSDlCV3t10

               “Knight, I was ordered to help with the evacuation of the civilians to the ship," said Roy, Knight was impressed, he thought they were all dead, he wanted to say something but Roy interrupted him.copyright protection5PENANAX5Y34EeepK

               “I want you to get out of the ship and search the whole place, the island, the surroundings of the ship, I don't care, but you have to find them. You know, don't answer the tele-com and pretend you're deaf, and then I'll find an excuse.”copyright protection5PENANAGLirYJA2nH

               “Yes, Roy," said Knight and left immediately in search of Rick.copyright protection5PENANAVHzy3bt6Fv

               “Skull 27, skull 27, you are not allowed to take off, I repeat, you are not allowed to take off” they informed him from the bridge.copyright protection5PENANA6CB5GGJUU9

               "I gotta find Rick, you better make up a good excuse for what I'm doing," Knight thought.copyright protection5PENANAFBUX2SHCV4

               Knight searched around regardless of the bridge calls, Lisa and Claudia were furious and Captain Global went to the tele-communicator.copyright protection5PENANAjRLTpP5TVK

               “Knight, this is your captain, come in or I swear I'll put you in solitary.”copyright protection5PENANAp2m072HQXB

               "What I do, what I do," Knight thought in panic, finally responded, but only used the audio channel.copyright protection5PENANAZCcUAfNhRI

               “Psss... sorry pssst sir, pssst I've got pssst inter pssst rences, bad pssst comu... I'll follow your pssst orders pssst patrol the pssst sector like pssst told me psst... Over.”copyright protection5PENANAmbA75ZWaTS

               “KNIGHT!”copyright protection5PENANAUiUhj1k0Si

               “Oh, Roy, I hope you get me out of this.”copyright protection5PENANACSUPMv4zNW

               Knight could find no trace of Rick and headed to the hangar, where he informed Roy of the unsuccessful search.copyright protection5PENANAi98ShdSeoL

.9Please respect copyright.PENANA1GKnpAAT4x
.copyright protection5PENANA7j41Bo3VoW

               Roy bailed out Knight (he prevented him from being ignominiously discharged) but still couldn't stop him from being sent to the cell for a whole week.copyright protection5PENANAd1O8QAEVar

               Roy went to visit him and informed him of the news about how global was commanding the reconstruction of the city of Macross inside the ship, however, there was no news of Rick or Minmei.copyright protection5PENANASsB0kTed7C

               “Don't worry, Roy, Rick was probably far from Macross Island when It started the transposition operation," Knight told him one afternoon after he left the cell.copyright protection5PENANAYeW3gxrksP

               “I hope so," said Roy in a depressed, sighing mood. “Well, I have to go now.”copyright protection5PENANAgGR5PHFtDQ

               “Sure, Roy, I'll go for a walk around the city, I still have two hours left," said Knight and said goodbye to his commander, leaving the ship's cafeteria.copyright protection5PENANAVvixwDqLQy

.copyright protection5PENANAnPNjS3Rjoj

.copyright protection5PENANA9E00JQIpkm

               Knight was strolling around, amazed at how quickly the city was beginning to take shape, when he heard a loud rumble two blocks away and decided to go and see to investigate.copyright protection5PENANAfgSyNpbda2

               It appears that one of the cranes had dropped a containment platform and is across the floor, leaving a large section of it exposed. A forklift was carrying two young men covering their eyes with their hands.copyright protection5PENANAMySzSLCJ50

               “That's Rick and Minmei!” Knight shouted and pushed his way to his friend.copyright protection5PENANA3eF3foTYOe

               Rick, thank God you're safe! He was yelling at Rick when he approached him, his friend seemed a little malnourished and confused.copyright protection5PENANAl3udChCNvN

               The mayor of the city slapped him in the back hard and Rick fainted right there, Knight called for a military jeep and took Rick to the ship's hospital.copyright protection5PENANAQhlIQdttWy

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection5PENANAtZN933yX2m

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