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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
13 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!CutlZdIQMPMnBFh1IE5xposted on PENANA

Previous notes: In this part of the fanfic I base myself on the role books of Palladium's Robotech. I also take robotech's comics as a source: "Promise" from wildstorm company.copyright protection3PENANAjWbPRulyZJ

THE BLACK VERITECHcopyright protection3PENANAtCeWYdaH3W

Chapter 14: Divergencecopyright protection3PENANAwPk7vB9dfe

Captain Global ordered all available veritechs and mechas to be ready for combat, the battle in space continued and nothing was known about Breetai's fleet after the destruction of the Dolza base.copyright protection3PENANAKzbVo3qJBq

The wait was the most distressing that Knight or any surviving pilot had experienced, but then around noon Breetai himself communicated with SDF-1, the battle for zentraedi supremacy was over and the Zentraedis allies had emerged victorious.copyright protection3PENANAt52H10VbHZ

All the military personnel breathed a sigh of relief when they heard the news. In fact, Global himself announced the end of the war to the civilians, although he did not inform them of the unfortunate fate of the planet.copyright protection3PENANA8eOsmk3vxj

Global communications had disappeared, the captain knew that all private or military satellites had been destroyed, so he asked Breetai's fleet to position itself on the planet and scan the entire surface from space in order to get a clear idea of the damage to the planet.copyright protection3PENANAKiSWeh0E0C

What he saw globally shook him up, the planet suffered destruction that covered 70% of the planet's surface.copyright protection3PENANA4tH7bI86UQ

Global immediately called an emergency meeting with the ship's commanders and Dr. Lang. Rick, Max and Knight had also been called up to be the leaders of their respective squadrons, along with other squadron leaders, which of course no longer meant a large number due to casualties.copyright protection3PENANA524UureyWM

.copyright protection3PENANASH5LEk2EY3

.copyright protection3PENANAg3xYbIGjOA

The meeting that took place the next day was more informative than anything else. Lang and Exedore reported that despite the destruction, the planet was lucky.copyright protection3PENANA9UDeO7F3GC

“Due to the lack of protoculture, only 80% of Dolza's ships with reflex weapons fired on the planet, and these discharges were made at only 20% of their destructive capacity," reported Exedore.copyright protection3PENANAQykVjYfmDe

“Due to the sudden attack, the Zentraedi ships did not select their targets, focusing on the areas that gave off the most light, i.e. the most important cities.”copyright protection3PENANApUiWStEzNt

“The area to be attacked was divided into two parts, 50% in the continents, especially in the northern hemisphere; the other 50% was on the islands in the oceans, Dolza believed that military bases were on islands around the planet's oceans, a matter of space warfare logic, the Micronians did not think that way and therefore the continents were spared from further damage” Exedore told them.copyright protection3PENANA9XnMbcURfA

“According to the data sent to us by Commander Breetai, the west coast of North America, southern Europe, eastern Russia and northern Africa along with the Middle East were devastated and rendered uninhabitable by radiation for the next 10,000 years," Lang reported, and several of those present swallowed saliva, making the planet's valuable oil and gas reserves overnight unusable.copyright protection3PENANAu59O1sNgPq

“Captain, what can we do?” Lisa asked worried.copyright protection3PENANAvekObdiQM5

“At the moment we can do nothing, fortunately the ship landed in one of the radiation-free zones on the planet, the other point in the northern hemisphere that was spared from destruction were the Nordic countries and Japan," Global reported.copyright protection3PENANAjW2HIeTD68

“The Grand Canyon in Alaska was responsible for the destruction of 250,000 Zentraedi ships, which caused Dolza to order the ships over Japan and the Nordic countries to head for Alaska and destroy the entire site with conventional laser fire due to the loss of protoculture to launch reflex attacks," reported Exedore.copyright protection3PENANAeAdnoeQbvF

“From all over the planet, the Caribbean, Central and South America were left without damage, except for the cities with more than a million inhabitants that were destroyed, the damage in this part of the planet was less, Exedore will explain the reason for this.”copyright protection3PENANAB1UWP597VW

“Thank you Dr. Lang, Dolza was informed that enormous amounts of energy were being concentrated in the Brazilian Amazon, the readings of these energies were similar to the one present in the grand canyon of the base in Alaska.”copyright protection3PENANAdfSgWBvQeB

“Were there other grand canyons besides Alaska?” Rick asked.copyright protection3PENANAYsbcQArHLX

“In fact," replied Global, "I understood that several Grand Canyons were being built around the planet, apart from the Grand Canyon of Alaska, only the Grand Canyon of the Amazon was operational, the others were in the early stages of construction.”copyright protection3PENANAmnZhkOnuWj

Lisa was impressed, now she understood why her father was so stubborn about using the SDF-1 as a decoy, it was to buy time and get all those robotech weapons ready before the enemy decided to invade Earth, however, Dolza moved the attack forward.copyright protection3PENANAqayiqvTVl8

“Dolza ordered several zentraedi ships to go to the Amazon and capture the Micronian base, he was curious about the Micronians' weapon. The ships landed but suffered much damage and now they cannot escape from the planet, but now the problem remains that it is in South America that the greatest number of hostile zentraedis are found.”copyright protection3PENANAxkBIxriZ84

“Can't Breetai's fleet do something?” Knight intervened.copyright protection3PENANAWvrWMMKagH

“This must not leave this room," said Global and proceeded to light his pipe. “Ninety percent of Breetais fleet left in pursuit of several hostile zentraedis ships, which is why it is impossible for him to help us at this time.”copyright protection3PENANAtGS2ZixSeT

"What's worse, Exedore told me that in the event of defeating the hostile zentraedis in space, their protoculture reserves would be reduced to almost 99%, and I doubt that of the four million zentraedis ships that came into battle, more than ten will be operational, including the Breetai ships, ships that will only have enough power to serve as giant communication satellites and nothing more.”copyright protection3PENANA1MeCuM3NLc

Everyone was silent at the seriousness of the news they received from Global.copyright protection3PENANARIIjEu5pFm

“Now I understand why the Zentraedis didn't want to destroy the fortress," whispered Max.copyright protection3PENANA783Za2iIVx

“However, I can assure you that so far we have found no trace of the protoculture matrix that is supposed to be hidden in the ship," said the commander of the Daedalus.copyright protection3PENANABWjQzNCCBo

“That's right, I asked the commanders of the Daedalus and the Prometheus to look for the matrix protoculture after the report you gave me after returning from Dolza's base, but they found nothing," Global said looking at Lisa, Rick and Knight.copyright protection3PENANAPt6xNL2SaH

“Perhaps Zor Prime, the creator of protoculture, expelled to the vacuum the protoculture matrix before crashing the ship here," Exedore told them, then told them a brief story of Zor and how he developed protoculture until the arrival of SDF-1 on earth.copyright protection3PENANAfhPih0lzIh

"I'm sorry for the gaps in my story," apologized Exedore, "the robotech masters never told us much about the history of protoculture, what I told you is all I could find, the zentraedi were an army that mobilized at the borders of the empire to protect the robotech masters, we don't even know the exact coordinates of the robotech home planet.”copyright protection3PENANA6kdpaMdNpO

“Excedore, do you think the robotechs will send reinforcements to finish off the Earth?” Claudia asked.copyright protection3PENANAbfhiM53PYd

“I don't know about that.”copyright protection3PENANAxdvnwMnRm5

“One problem at a time," said Global, "the first thing is to secure the surrounding area to see whether or not there is enemy activity near the ship, then we will look for urban or rural centers that have survived the destruction within a radius of the ship, and finally try to communicate with any base that has remained in South America, I am very concerned about the presence of the zentraedis in that area, Exedore tells me that they are hostile to the human race.”copyright protection3PENANA8sqmSB95oz

“Then we will face a war of attrition," said one of the ship's commanders.copyright protection3PENANAUAOcSBhWqf

“I'm afraid we no longer have men to send to fight," lamented Global, "so it's imperative that we secure the points I mentioned earlier.”copyright protection3PENANAaYsFlZsIQP

The rest of the meeting focused on observing and assessing the damage suffered on the planet according to the images obtained by Breetai's ships.copyright protection3PENANAOZiemaPvge

.copyright protection3PENANA4aOTnHuEDV

.copyright protection3PENANATNTmtemVXc

The next day, Global at a press conference informed the civilians of the situation on the planet, for the time being they would have to stay on the ship as there were no resources to accommodate them off it.copyright protection3PENANALLc3ZydO3t

The news was not taken with good cheer by the civilians and there were demonstrations led by Kyle, who incited the population with the excuse that the report that Global gave them was a lie and that they had every right to leave the ship.copyright protection3PENANA38ER11ywFb

Global ordered the Daedalus and Prometeus marines to take care of the protesters and arrest them, but the arrest could only be made for 24 hours so as not to break the law.copyright protection3PENANAszZmWsBioy

.copyright protection3PENANAv9jHcigq7j

.copyright protection3PENANAUasy2uAB1g

The next day, Global called another meeting in which tasks were distributed to secure the area around the ship, commissions were established to deal with various aspects such as the construction of an urban area around the ship, as well as an industrial area to meet civil and military requirements, all of which would be powered by the ship's power generators at first, then build their own power plants for this purpose.copyright protection3PENANANtQMQMer5D

Other commissions would be dedicated to covering and securing a perimeter of defense as well as looking for rural or urban populations that had survived the Holocaust.copyright protection3PENANAZBMjjZCzpJ

“If we find survivors we will do everything we can to prevent them from migrating from cities to rural areas or vice versa," Global reports, "otherwise we will create a time bomb that we cannot control in the long run.”copyright protection3PENANATkUlSXQsyR

“Captain Global, we must establish compulsory military service, it is the only solution to replace the men we lost in the battle," suggested Knight and Global got nervous but had to agree with Knight, there was no other possible solution.copyright protection3PENANAIlly7blmDr

"Sir, I also think we should allow forced recruitment of underage children, I think 14 years of age would be an ideal age to do this," Knight said.copyright protection3PENANAZC2LVmLxVb

“That would be illegal," said Lisa, "we can't do that.”copyright protection3PENANAhPvcbn91QI

“And what do you suggest, Lisa, we don't have any more men or women to cover the quota we need to do everything we have to do.”copyright protection3PENANATz3f8brux4

“I don't think the politicians will allow it," Rick told him.copyright protection3PENANAVxHYjCl4ag

“What politicians you mean, everyone fled and we have no news of anyone from the high command of the United Earth, in fact if they are still alive they will surely hide like cockroaches because they denied the general public until the last minute the presence of the Zentraedis and for this reason not millions but billions of lives were lost that could be saved," Knight replied.copyright protection3PENANAfs5KFh8PiZ

"In fact, I believe that in this meeting we should discuss how we, the military, should take over and be the leaders who dictate legal and political matters around the planet, otherwise everything will fall into chaos because politicians will never agree and jurists will put obstacles in our way with the excuse that we restrict civil rights," Knight continued.copyright protection3PENANAxcyBrHMSbk

“I think we can save that for later, Lieutenant," Global said calmly.copyright protection3PENANAW7RD6agser

“No, we can't do that, sir, and the reason is that we can't protect the civilians on the ship if they don't see credible and sustainable political and military leadership Kyle. continues to incite the population to rebel or make a movement of peaceful resistance and everyone listens to him.”copyright protection3PENANAIuTOez5noo

“Peaceful resistance? But it's absurd! If we only want to help them," shouted Claudia indignantly.copyright protection3PENANAmVAVw1CjTO

“Civilians are afraid of uncertainty, uncertainty that comes with the disappearance of the United Earth Government," Knight said. “Sir, the chain of command at the planetary level was broken, not only the political chain of command, but also the military chain of command.”copyright protection3PENANADQWut3FKvU

“Captain, Lieutenant Knight is right," said one commander.copyright protection3PENANAbeo53DE903

“Sirs commanders," said Knight, "I suggest that we choose Captain Global as the new Admiral of UNSpacy, RDF and President of the United Earth Government at this time.”copyright protection3PENANAxnY8iv9VP3

Several commanders applauded Knight's idea, but Global stood up and denied it with his hands but eventually agreed to be an Admiral of the RDF since the UNSpacy did not have a space fleet, and as for the political government, it would be shared with the leaders of the cities that had survived, of course, all of them would now be under military jurisdiction.copyright protection3PENANAKsTHXnKC7g

Global's first action was to give promotions to his subordinates, but to Knight's disappointment, he only promoted him from lieutenant to captain, the reason Global gave him was that there were few experienced pilots and he needed them at the front and not behind a desk.copyright protection3PENANAxjvVoyy3Hz

At the end of the meeting several points were agreed and several tasks were shared, but legal aspects of the civil restrictions were still pending.copyright protection3PENANA6fW5neBx9q

“We cannot violate the civil rights of an entire population, so I suggest we restrict the rights of one person, the one who constantly calls for demonstrations," Knight said.copyright protection3PENANAAUTuBRSlu0

“Kyle is a very popular star, citizens won't allow him to be arrested for more than 24 hours, and the law protects him in this respect," Rick told him.copyright protection3PENANAC1j7WIFvMn

“Who says we have to hold him for 24 hours.... Let's leave the damn door open and then it all comes down to cause and effect," Knight replied.copyright protection3PENANA4SC0Y0ezxo

“I can't believe it, Knight, are you suggesting we apply him the escape law?” Lisa said indignantly.copyright protection3PENANA08iTDULvff

“Knight, don't joke about that," said Rick, but he swallowed spit when he saw his friend's serious expression.copyright protection3PENANAwSgQZdyFIl

“We have no time to waste in repelling protesters and waging war with hostile Zentraedi forces around the planet at the same time, not to mention all the time that will be consumed by the other pending tasks we have," Knight assessed and a silence took hold of the meeting.copyright protection3PENANA2NdFNbF2Ld

“Captain Knight," said Global, "I'll pretend I didn't hear that comment from you.”copyright protection3PENANAqLlJFYDquT

.copyright protection3PENANAG1LWRLaqrT

.copyright protection3PENANALuGY9taPwV

Knight was frustrated and in the evening he decided to go to the ship's cafeteria to have a juice to calm his nerves when a soldier told him that he had to go to Maistroff's office.copyright protection3PENANA3WGoGlnkMS

Knight made his way to the site and as he entered he realized that not only the commander of the Daedalus was waiting for him, but also the commander of the Prometeus and other commanders of the ship.copyright protection3PENANAesT0pKLzac

Knight stood up to his superiors and Maistroff invited him to sit down.copyright protection3PENANAtWG9VQD5G9

“Captain, I liked your presentation on the priorities that the Admiral should have regarding certain problems that he should deal with as soon as possible, and I assure you that I and the other commanders share your position. Like you said, we must have a chain of command or everything will fall apart.”copyright protection3PENANA1J6H7N3v8P

“I thank you for your words, sir, and I hope I can always serve the chain of command for the good of the RDF.”copyright protection3PENANAnmihmH18hc

“I'm glad to hear it, Knight, so I think you're the right person for my assignment.”copyright protection3PENANAkK91U4Sy9y

“Sir.”copyright protection3PENANAIahOSpCWVK

“You see Knight, even if all of the Global Admiral's plans to restore some civilization to this part of North America are fulfilled, there remains the problem of South America and the Zentraedi presence. We need a trusted commander to go there and establish a chain of command with SDF-1," explained maistroff.copyright protection3PENANAMj64AsMCB3

“We can't risk any military command taking on positions that don't concern them and thus hindering the pacification of that part of the continent and at the same time hindering reconstruction plans in North America," said another commander.copyright protection3PENANAPWOYXJ3Qhd

“The commanders met and we agreed that you are the right man for this mission, Captain Knight," another commander told him.copyright protection3PENANAoZoGOg6qd2

“I appreciate your trust, but what could a simple captain do in such a remote area?”copyright protection3PENANAaZlg4WJQyk

“Don't worry about that, Knight, we'll assign you all the logistics we can and you'll get a new rank.”copyright protection3PENANATogInerq4I

“A range that will logically be superior to any commander in the South American zone," Maistroff told him.copyright protection3PENANADtH1avigWv

“Congratulations Knight, you have just been promoted to Colonel, and you will now assume the position of war commander of the Central and South American and Caribbean Quadrant.”copyright protection3PENANAi6vEnzA7p9

“I promise you, gentlemen, that I will take office responsibly and carry out my mission as effectively as possible," Knight said to the room commanders.copyright protection3PENANArjyI1VXtm2

.copyright protection3PENANAb0vT2FpkWl

.copyright protection3PENANAQfrmUPVuWl

The next day, Knight reported the news to Sammie.copyright protection3PENANAEoFc6H84au

“How long will you be gone for?”copyright protection3PENANA6luCfwhERe

“I'll be back to speed up the requirements of the mission, but I'm afraid this is a mission that will take years, Sammie.”copyright protection3PENANAZIur4og0Td

“I'd like to go with you.”copyright protection3PENANAmxB1KIISMS

“That's impossible, Global needs you in this place, you're an experienced officer, which is very difficult to find at a time like this.”copyright protection3PENANAmTeRvuoN8g

“Promise me you'll take care of yourself.”copyright protection3PENANA28YwA3VR3O

“I promise.”copyright protection3PENANA4qmGr6oaYb

“Promise you'll come back, no matter what.”copyright protection3PENANA3l4idzMBnU

“Whatever it takes, I swear.”copyright protection3PENANARp3QVETQvX

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANAFAn1gP7EZ6

Thanks for Reading dear friends, don’t forget to vote and comment pretty pleasecopyright protection3PENANAQ3sVlFu7hS

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