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Writer Capt. leon
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YF-21 Reactivation
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!8lGaNGp1YNl2E7rrLrTgposted on PENANA

This is a non-profit fanfic that does not intend to infringe the rights of those who own the Macross/Robotech franchise. Translation done with DeepL and myself, forgive grammar and punctuation errors.copyright protection4PENANApwCtIzHEZn

.copyright protection4PENANAg8IXjvDIwC

.copyright protection4PENANAvSFa06BLyu

MACROSS 7: THE POWER OF WORD FORCEcopyright protection4PENANA2Y1ErKd9pd

Prologuecopyright protection4PENANAwFleDEKgmg

The concert hall was full, I could finally see my idol: Mylene Jenius. Lights and other effects such as pressurized smoke and glossy, multicolored paper filled the room.copyright protection4PENANATS9y2aFEWe

First Neki Basara sang a wild song true to his style and then it would be Mylene's turn to perform a beautiful song like herself, or so it must have been next.copyright protection4PENANA8YcaDEUQOj

The enemy Protodevil attacked the ship and we all had to flee to the shelters. I was one of the unfortunate ones, not wounded by any enemy weapon. It was a beautiful dark angel who gave me the kiss of eternal sleep.copyright protection4PENANA4lZpAC4kTr

.copyright protection4PENANABMjKlmV10R

.copyright protection4PENANAg9Ptjs8djW

Chapter 1: YF-21 Reactivationcopyright protection4PENANAxniwNS9Sc2

“Mr. Utis Otonashi, Mr. Utis Otonashi, can you hear me? Can you answer me?" said a doctor from the ship.copyright protection4PENANAjNPDybZtdZ

“Ug, what's wrong? Where am I?” asked Utis as his eyes grew accustomed to the strong light.copyright protection4PENANAlt9bWsD4GX

“Mr. Otonashi, you just woke up from your coma, but don't worry, the tests you've had indicate that you're not suffering from any bodily harm and you'll soon be able to be released.”copyright protection4PENANA1dlkK9cT1p

“An attack... How long have I been in a coma?”copyright protection4PENANAWldMYLYYfb

“Just under a year. Don't worry, the enemy was defeated by the Sound Force.”copyright protection4PENANAYBE7MBzpGf

Utis Otonashi did not understand the Sound Force very well, so he asked for more explanations, which a nurse had to give him, as the doctor had a busy schedule due to the other coma patients who were beginning to wake up thanks to the use of sound energy, used by the Sound Force.copyright protection4PENANAnItI2dSe7T

.copyright protection4PENANAD4fQQdCOcS

.copyright protection4PENANAZatEhffRFW

When he was getting bored of bed, he was released, but Utis' situation was not the best. His dream had always been to belong to the army or the police, since he wanted to protect the people in the space fleet with all his might.copyright protection4PENANA62EALGNEVV

When the Macross 7 fleet was at war with the space enemy, the army didn't make much trouble and expanded the spectrum of fit-for-service citizens, but now it was more selective and Utis was not accepted as a valkyrie pilot.copyright protection4PENANAxy0MpQ02Fc

Seeing the option of being a transformable fighter pilot closed, he saw that another noble and proud option was to be part of the fleet's police force, but his aspirations were also dashed.copyright protection4PENANAUFnokEDAwj

"What am I going to do now?" thought Utis, who wanted to protect people like his Mylene idol.copyright protection4PENANAwDmad8Q1ML

“Mr. Utis Otonashi?” Asks a guy in a military suit.copyright protection4PENANAWkkW7KN7Mt

“Yes, it's me.”copyright protection4PENANAkH9I5tmJ3T

“Excuse me, I'm Major Rubio Aristizabal, I come from UNSpacy headquarters on Earth. The military intelligence team looks for subjects who were exposed to the enemy's attack, we believe that the protodeviln did not attack their victims at random and that there was a pattern present.”copyright protection4PENANA3zwpKJxBKk

“And what pattern could that be?”copyright protection4PENANAnHEHELssTe

“That is classified information, however, you can get more information if you decide to join the UNSpacy project. Please have this card, you can contact me at any time of the day.”copyright protection4PENANAWdW5V2ziLD

“You couldn't give me any more information, this all looks very suspicious!" Utis shouted as he saw the man turn around and start to retreat at a fast pace.copyright protection4PENANAcOdIeXsMyc

“I can only tell you that it has to do with Dr. Chiba and Colonel Burton's project.”copyright protection4PENANA6WUKDzw62p

Utis was surprised with this information, so he had managed to find out, Dr. Chiba was the one who discovered the sound energy, which was then applied to fight the enemy and heal the victims of it. For this the military created the Sound Force, which had two branches: the military branch made up of the Jamming Bird team; and the civilian branch, made up of a group of singers including Mylene Jenius and Neki Basara.copyright protection4PENANAlYDh4zjDS5

.copyright protection4PENANAg4UuM9reV0

.copyright protection4PENANAr1WmMAWiGY

Late in the afternoon, Utis was still fiddling around in his apartment with the blessed card.copyright protection4PENANAI1Xlj2UDGN

"What a frustration," he thought, as he watched his book's sales fall to zero, neither his fanfics nor his short stories posted on the Galaxy Network had achieved the success he had hoped for. "It seems that not only I, but my stories have fallen into a coma, with the difference that they have not yet awakened."copyright protection4PENANAIXRDrEMTTI

"I can't believe all the popular stories on the Galaxy Network are "rayita" and Fire Bomber."copyright protection4PENANATkKPHwqDP6

Turning off the monitor and cursing everyone, Utis decided to accept Major Aristizabal's proposal, after all, humanity was not the big happy family it appeared to be. There was a strong and aggressive mistrust among the fleets that sailed through space, all of them distrusting each other and if that wasn't enough, there was the problem of the Earth, whose government or military leadership wanted to control everything.copyright protection4PENANACx8ATrDN4j

"What the hell, I got nothing to lose. Of course, I can't sing... but I still have nothing to lose. This is so unfair."copyright protection4PENANAANgsqI6dBZ

.copyright protection4PENANAWukGk1dKF3

.copyright protection4PENANARiBZTuqwiu

The next morning, Utis and the Major took a ship that would take them straight to the planet Eden, to the Edwards military base.copyright protection4PENANAPTi6lIPsWq

Eden was within the Earth's area of influence because it was the first planet colonized by the human race and it was on its military base that the prototypes were tested: the YF-19 Alpha One, and the YF-21 Omega One, both of which would originate the production of the VF-19 Excalibur, and VF-22 Sturmvogel.copyright protection4PENANArSVMzgON1t

Apparently, part of the military high command could not yet forget the defeat of the Omega One at the hands of the Alpha One civilian project.copyright protection4PENANAQSMrSFVjbd

“I thought the military was in favor of the Ghost Fighter project. They finally turned their backs on his prototype," Utis said when he learned more about the purpose of his trip.copyright protection4PENANAO0767sPWUL

“After the disaster with the Ghost Fighter and Sharon Apple, the high command of the UNS fell into disgrace.”copyright protection4PENANAnmEi8ezW1A

"I think the Ghost Fighter project had a lot of potential, however, due to the scandal, the whole AI project was shelved.”copyright protection4PENANAqStcklRgE2

"The new military command believes that the time has come to reactivate the YF-21 project, especially due to the poor performance of both the VF-19 Excalibur and the VF-22 Sturmvogel, in the Macross 7 fleet's war against the Protodeviln.”copyright protection4PENANAts3Bzb3o7Y

The Sturmvogel, unlike their prototype, lacked several technical aspects of both human and zentraedi origin and meltran, not to mention the BDI and BCS systems, which gave the pilot's brain information about their environment and most impressive of all, allowed it to handle the valkyrie with the mind.copyright protection4PENANAaukONt3mq5

“Don't tell me that in the end the Omega One lost because it was a better valkyrie than the Alpha One," Utis said in surprise.copyright protection4PENANAXRXq3hLVyq

“I would rather say that it was too much of a ship for the pilots', but yes, it is as you said.”copyright protection4PENANAX1T1DscGRk

“Wow... but what does the YF-21 have to do with the Sound Force?”copyright protection4PENANAE1PZQCtTZT

“The Firebomber was too.... civilian for the military's taste, that's why the Jamming Bird unit was created, however, it was not very effective compared to Neki Basara's group. In addition, the Firebomber was so successful that it is planned to implement more military or civilian forces in the future that will use sound energy with the same... aesthetics as the famous rock band.”copyright protection4PENANAYWKWnOe9JM

“In other words, the military doesn't want the galaxy to be saved by a group of clowns as surely as they should call the concept of singers who also perform choreographies.”copyright protection4PENANAzHOtIrVV8N

The Major coughed because Utis had hit the nail on the head, but said nothing, but smiled halfway through.copyright protection4PENANAfNO4MEHgxG

“Please don't despair, when we get to the base you will realize what the project is about.”copyright protection4PENANAawDUt0JI9t

Aristizabal was right, Utis could not help but open his mouth in a funny way, in a hangar at the base were the YF-21 and a Jamming Bird, apparently to Omega One was adding technology that applied sound energy.copyright protection4PENANAuJajcTL8OT

"Well, I guess the trip was worth it. Of course I feel sorry for the Major... when he finds out I can't sing."copyright protection4PENANAV3GJ8toPJW

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection4PENANAwTtaOWbxEl

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