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Writer Capt. leon
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The Entry of the Disappeared
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!vZ7WGZYH7bK1LEK1SpMPposted on PENANA

MACROSS 7: THE POWER OF WORD FORCEcopyright protection7PENANA9uUKX5a8ms

Chapter 7: The Entry of the Disappearedcopyright protection7PENANAvRsCO9CNQJ

Admiral Maximilian Jenius and Mayor Milia Fallyna were not happy, both military and civilian personnel had been assaulted and put in a coma. At first the attacks were related to protodeviln entities that did not want to leave this universe, however, the reality was more disturbing.copyright protection7PENANAZBLKgvM8Vy

Dr. Chiba, in his good faith, had shared in the Galaxy Network all the information from his (now proven) theory regarding sound energy, Colonel Burton was not pleased but the evil was already done, and he hoped that all the information leaked to the public would not be misused.copyright protection7PENANAX53SP0X08k

“You should have talked to me, Milia! As soon as you heard Chiba's idea, you should have informed me!” protested the Admiral in the office of the Mayor of Macross 7.copyright protection7PENANAtEcWg05TOW

“How was I to know that all this calamity would happen?”copyright protection7PENANADNxoyNUkWP

Jenius leaned on the back of his seat and took off his glasses so that he could massage the bridge of his nose more comfortably.copyright protection7PENANATUVWMKXKL5

Drugs had always accompanied humanity since it first planted the roots of civilization, even before. The 20th and 21st centuries had seen an alarming increase in the number of consumers, as had the variety of illegal substances. Human creativity to invent ways to destroy their own bodies and minds apparently knew no limits, drugs no longer needed to be tangible, even music itself could become a drug, a clear example was Idosing.copyright protection7PENANA4fJgb0hgU6

And if music could be used as a drug, what would stop someone from inventing a way to turn sound energy into some kind of drug?copyright protection7PENANAdxTKWsyQNu

“This kind of eventuality was not supposed to happen in this kind of fleet," said Jenius, who then turned his eyes to his grieving wife. “After the launch of the Megaroad class fleets, it was deemed convenient to redesign all the deep space exploration and colonization fleets. We were supposed to be safe from all that junk that is now getting out of hand!”copyright protection7PENANAGGoBDbmAV8

Several psychologists noted that a large number of people confined in a single space could be affected by various psychiatric conditions regardless of the size of the ship on which they were traveling. Entertainment centers such as concert halls, parks, arcades and others were not a permanent solution, this problem was seen in the SDF-1 Macross ship, whose civilian population was highly influenced by civilian elements who only wanted to revolt in the population.copyright protection7PENANAG0nqhyrzPl

Both psychologists and structural engineers joined forces to avoid these problems and the result was a very innovative design. Not only would civilians have more space and a sense of free movement with New Macross-type ships, they would also have free access to other ships, such as the Riviera, whose objective would be to provide the sensation of being safe on a planet and not to be on a mission of exploration and space colonization with uncertain results and an indefinite time frame.copyright protection7PENANAF2TzMQ2lGP

The new design of the exploration fleets reduced to zero the risk of civil protests or, in the case that now concerned Jenius and Fallyna, drug use by a majority of the population.copyright protection7PENANAPnweZapmLl

“I won't lie to you, Milia, the Earth is very worried about what's happening in our fleet. The current design of the fleets was supposed to be so perfect that they would last not only decades, but centuries, at least five hundred years before being reassessed for structure and shape. “copyright protection7PENANAurlRSDqkdf

“How is the situation in the other fleets?”copyright protection7PENANAFTizt5pvq6

“Except for a few incidents that were censored on the Galaxy Network, everything is under control, at least for the time being.”copyright protection7PENANAlfuRtt1TQM

“Then only our fleet is affected... I am a disgrace as Mayor.”copyright protection7PENANAekeAc6eDrr

Although his marriage was in the midst of a divorce, Maximilian got up from his seat and went to comfort his wife.copyright protection7PENANAS7kaGNf6jG

“Milia, none of this is your fault. It's their fault, OpMithril's.”copyright protection7PENANAcEVHvpawi0

OpMithril, was a criminal organization of recent creation and that trafficked a drug similar to the Idosing, which elaborated it from the anima spiritia extracted of the people, using for this theories of Doctor Chiba. The anima spiritia was then processed and created sound energy, which was not the same as the one developed for the Sound Force project, but very different.copyright protection7PENANAjxlx7xEla5

At first this new drug was the rage of the richest and most influential citizens in the fleet, because it was guaranteed to have no side effects, but without the knowledge of the wealthy consumers they were brainwashed. The most serious cases were reported in those people who were or had zentran or meltran genes, apart from brainwashing, could be turned into killers without their own will.copyright protection7PENANAM3d7eTUuZd

“Maximilian, what do the UNS on Earth say?”copyright protection7PENANAacR6Tnv4UO

“Even if it hurts, we must admit that the problem is no longer under our control. Milia... I'm going to ask for Earth's help.”copyright protection7PENANA5dlrLtYqO9

“No! Maximilian, you can't, the fleet's autonomy will be compromised!”copyright protection7PENANAwBdJIsDDWD

“What else can be done?”copyright protection7PENANAR6PJdJ6IO1

“I won't allow it Jenius.”copyright protection7PENANAxUeTl0mkra

“Mayor Fallyna, although a large majority of those affected and consumers of Warrior, the new drug, are civilians, the situation is out of control and compromises the mission of the fleet, therefore, this situation is within my jurisdiction and by law you must remain under my authority.”copyright protection7PENANAuXMHHu9k86

Milia Fallyna, felt as if her husband (still) had  slapped her. She didn't trust the military command of Earth at all. When the zentraedi fleet was destroyed on a planet occupied by the protodeviln, it was up to Macross 7 to colonize that planet, but the UNS decided that it would be another zentraedi fleet that would colonize the planet, but in the end it was not, the new planet discovered was within the area of influence of the Earth.copyright protection7PENANAXZdNIqxP9m

“I see. If you have nothing else to inform me, I have no choice but to submit to your authority. Good afternoon, Admiral Jenius.”copyright protection7PENANAQGg5zB6WVx

Jenius knew that it would be useless to try to talk to his wife at this point, so he decided to put his Admiral's hat on and leave without comment.copyright protection7PENANA7pvT7cnhxw

.copyright protection7PENANAnvvAie1Q3a

.copyright protection7PENANAcURsZr45nZ

The blackness of infinite space was interrupted at a specific point by a transposition operation. A Northampton-class stealth frigate from Earth was coming out of hyperspace and heading for the Macross 7 fleet.copyright protection7PENANADup8nxkLPS

“Admiral," one of the bridge officers told him, "UNSS Italy has just left the transposition and is asking for permission to approach the fleet.”copyright protection7PENANAicnNNG2Pw6

“UNSS Italy? Impossible. That ship was lost in a transposition operation years ago. Confirm.”copyright protection7PENANAZI0Rb0if6G

“Confirmed sir, it's UNSS Italy.”copyright protection7PENANAfJaFRycck1

“Sir, four other Northampton-class ships have made their appearance and request permission to approach. They are the Ophelia, the Nova, the Gilian FFM-705 and the Satori FFM-760.”copyright protection7PENANA4Cerq27sRD

"What the hell! All those ships disappeared in failed transposition operations," Jenius thought as he put his cap on every time he got nervous.copyright protection7PENANAyQmzIxz0MF

“I believe that the forces of the Earth's UNS reserve for themselves the latest updates regarding their fleets," said Exedore at the time, who, because of his expressionless face, could not tell if he was saying it as a simple personal intervention or to hide among the members of the bridge.copyright protection7PENANAG2oRHgqTsL

“Sir?”copyright protection7PENANAVwo9XOc4h3

After a brief, subtle exchange of glances with his zentraedi advisor, Jenius gave the order for the five ships to approach his fleet.copyright protection7PENANAIQU4qCCZCp

"I think I will inform Milia about the arrival of these ships, but not about their "miraculous appearance", Jenius thought. "I'm not happy about this."copyright protection7PENANAFjr4b8kC2N

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection7PENANAnYjL7gAklS

Thanks for Reading dear friends, don’t forget to vote and comment pretty please. copyright protection7PENANAn4Ih98TL8w

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