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Writer Capt. leon
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Off-scale measurement
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
6 Mins Read
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Chapter 5: Off-scale measurementcopyright protection4PENANAGLw5sQayVt

Thanks to his previous performance with the Spartan Mech, Utis had gained the necessary confidence and the subsequent flights he made on his own, not only with the training valkyrie, but also with other transformable fighters, were not outstanding, but at least he managed to reach good standards above the average.copyright protection4PENANAqmNN3Fyrld

“For such a short time, I am surprised that he have come this far," said the lieutenant in charge of the rookie's instruction.copyright protection4PENANAuQXgCqIPxn

“You did a very good job," said Major Aristizabal. “Now comes the hardest part, where there's no training at all. Apply Dr. Chiba's theories to a field that has nothing to do with music and singing.”copyright protection4PENANAFd8biB1taX

The lieutenant retired, while Rubio approached the runway where only a few seconds earlier Utis had landed cleanly.copyright protection4PENANAXBkKonqXOM

The noise of the engines was deafening, but slowly waning.copyright protection4PENANAaiD7zfyh55

“Well Utis, that concludes the first stage of three!”copyright protection4PENANAEKiNWBpY5z

“I'm glad, Major! I understand the second stage starts soon!”copyright protection4PENANAV2afNzDdwr

“Tomorrow to be exact! Get down from there and rest the rest of the day in the barracks! The word energy technical team strongly recommends that you don't go to the city!”copyright protection4PENANAZGKCOjSnBX

Utis nodded, then left the veritech in the hands of the base mechanics.copyright protection4PENANAsfIL3EmsCs

"I guess they don't want my anima spiritia to be disturbed by anything that might happen to me in the Capital City," Utis thought, as he opened the door of his private barracks, ready to take a well-deserved cold shower, as the military base was in the middle of a vast desert. A stain that stood out on a planet characterized by its greenery and ocean blue, and that could be observed from space.copyright protection4PENANA1yucOhLrvi

While a shower used to calm Utis down, this time he was somewhat anxious about tomorrow's tests. Reviewing the sales status of his book and his fanfics and so on on on the Galaxy Network was a mistake as he became more anxious.copyright protection4PENANATvZD7NX0by

"Damn, I'd feel calmer in the city. There are at least places to have a good time or relax there."copyright protection4PENANAXDOGoRkLkX

Unwittingly, his mind traveled to Voices, the massage parlour run by Myun Fan Lon. There was no alternative, since he could not go to the city, he decided to lie down and relax, remembering the massage session provided by the beautiful owner.copyright protection4PENANAdmwIykZkLv

His face of elegant features in which his nose stood out, that silky black hair that fell out in cascade, those thin white arms with warm hands of thin but firm fingers, suitable for a good massage.copyright protection4PENANADF0Cj8qg8B

“Damn... Now I have to take another shower. Damn confinement.”copyright protection4PENANAP6eEMDw7pQ

.copyright protection4PENANA5CcBkLVk6H

.copyright protection4PENANAPJmPmFXMW5

Unlike the first day when Utis had to fly a valkyrie, the morning showed no sign of an inopportune cloud that could threaten the passage of a clear, clear day.copyright protection4PENANAnMcCrYgX5F

In the technical area of the base, and outside whoever did not have the necessary authorization to be there, the second phase of the Word Force project would be developed. A special and very large area had been set up for the testing of anima spiritia.copyright protection4PENANAObh1MCMHXT

Utis' nervousness was not as pronounced as in the early stage of the previous phase. After all, Utis would be guided through the whole process and on the mainland.copyright protection4PENANAoMDLCZqzLn

"Well, if I do, I do, otherwise... what a... fuck... At least no one can tell me I didn't try."copyright protection4PENANAF9aRMBQ2zW

The same devices that Doctor Chiba invented for the rock group Fire Bomber, were now used by Utis who watched them in a curious way. Comparing the actual design he was wearing at the time with the drawings and diagrams he had studied, the difference was indeed abysmal, not because he didn't look like the blessed diagrams, but because of the feeling he had of wearing them in real life.copyright protection4PENANAHn7ZoTCbBz

The military scientists calibrated the machines and proceeded to light the entire assembly.copyright protection4PENANA4ZlILXHcxt

“Well Utis, I want you to read this.”copyright protection4PENANAzdDJ5plVrU

“Yes Major... Shakespeare's plays? I see... Prospero and Caliban. The storm.”copyright protection4PENANAR9hZ9FSLRt

Utis remembered having read the work, but he also remembered with shame that he had never finished it.copyright protection4PENANAkWtGEeDmqb

At a signal from the scientific team, Utis proceeded to read the work of the immortal bard.copyright protection4PENANAQ0otKtT5pk

From the expression on the faces of the subjects dressed in white Utis knew that the expected results were not being shown, to put it mildly.copyright protection4PENANAZgugfDW8oN

“Well, I was expecting this. Here," said the Major, as he approached him and handed him another book.copyright protection4PENANACIJ5ook2KL

“Fifty shades of Grey? Really?”copyright protection4PENANAdALC4v6XBv

“It achieved a super success in sales in the female population. Not just older women, but young readers. For a reason, I couldn't really finish it, even though I tried.”copyright protection4PENANAhALMQ1pNaO

“Okay, I'll try," the recruit nodded, but he could see in Aristizabal's eyes that he had to do much more than try.copyright protection4PENANABMwkSVIdYt

Again he began to read the work, but as it happened the previous time, it seemed that the results were not only poor, they were negative.copyright protection4PENANAYc3KP7gV4R

Both the scientists and the Major looked at Utis severely, even one shook his head.copyright protection4PENANAqmsc9jey6o

The little nervousness that Utis felt at first was now very palpable.copyright protection4PENANAmHbT24PLhO

“Major, it seems to me that this man is not the man to do the tests” it was the conclusion of one of the scientists and Rubio bowed his head a little, weighing the man's words and their implications.copyright protection4PENANAeg0i1PqiKv

“Utis, I want you to concentrate and read something you wrote this time.”copyright protection4PENANAabSCn1VBA2

“Yes, sir.”copyright protection4PENANA0WKbQNgGyx

All right, somebody pass him an electronic tablet with a connection to the Galaxy Network.copyright protection4PENANAuNOu5Qkw85

"Hell, this is my last chance. I know that Rubio will want to do more tests if this fails, but I don't think the arrogant bosses of the other time will give him the authorization," Utis thought, already in fear. "Third time's the charm, come on, Utis, you can do it."copyright protection4PENANA1jgTVEVRfv

A guy passed him the gadget with which he could connect to the network and Utis forced himself to calm down while he looked for the story he needed.copyright protection4PENANAUgsErjrHZ0

"This is it," he thought, and then relaxed his muscles and took a deep breath of air and then calmly expelled it out of his nostrils. Then his eyes focused on the selected paragraph with a determined look and he began with the reading.copyright protection4PENANAftN4YTUjp3

“Arsinoe, who was fifteen years old, was exhibited as a trophy of war before the Roman citizens, but instead of hearing the acclamations to Caesar something very different happened.... She was all ragged, and her scarce rags showed her ribs because the princess was malnourished and exhausted.”copyright protection4PENANAormFkijg9z

"Chains heavier than Vercingetorix's were cruelly tightening her neck and limbs, she walked trembling with weakness, but her face tried to stand upright, not out of pride or arrogance in belonging to royalty, but to try to show her dignity as a human being and a woman, although at the time her eyes were empty and lost, without focusing anything in particular.” copyright protection4PENANAL4PeJhxbZw

"Pulling her by her chains, they forced her to turn around and look at Caesar, she breathed with difficulty and a couple of tears furrowed her face, dragged her back down the street and, making superhuman use of her strength, she began to shuffle her feet painfully.”copyright protection4PENANAbe0ZjYSdii

Utis couldn't help it, his tearful eyes shed tears and when he saw the men, he thought they were watching him because of his crying, but then he saw that they weren't really watching him, but something behind him.copyright protection4PENANAgHJDm4VGk5

With caution he turned his torso and could see something he had never seen before, it looked like a kind of manifestation of light but in a strange way it seemed to be contained and not scattered in a sinuous way that kept moving.copyright protection4PENANAg695kTnR4m

“My God... anima spiritia.” the Major whispered. “We did it, we created an energy parallel to sound energy. Word energy, it's possible.”copyright protection4PENANAogBofUn87F

"Measurements, pronto!”copyright protection4PENANAromb1JfXpA

The scientists reacted quickly and the conclusion was given below.copyright protection4PENANA2FHcL158Ta

Out of the scale for these devices, I think they can even surpass the ones created by Fire Bomber.copyright protection4PENANAuiq5GG03P7

“No, impossible," Utis muttered to himself as he looked up and saw more closely the manifestation of his anima spiritia: word energy.copyright protection4PENANAJgw5rxPHuf

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection4PENANAixVZJG1PPV

Thank you for reading, do not forget to vote and comment pretty pleasecopyright protection4PENANAZkdqqT6qXV

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