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Writer Capt. leon
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You marsupial, me mammal ?
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Y2jKcz2gIFmmbymzm9D5posted on PENANA

MACROSS 7: THE POWER OF WORD FORCEcopyright protection2PENANAyKbvw0QYle

Chapter 15: You marsupial, me mammal 💔copyright protection2PENANAwjhQ3up6K8

At the Zola Aerospace Force base, things were as they should have been, the migration of space whales wasn't expected for two weeks. The sun reigned high above without a cloud in the sky that could threaten his rule.copyright protection2PENANAL7uXFQx20a

“For the great marsupial goddess, I'm dying of heat," Liza said to herself as she looked up at the sky and covered herself with the back of her hand so that the sunlight wouldn't hit her eyes.copyright protection2PENANA7yVj3rjUpE

She sat on a slightly unpainted sidewalk and sighed in frustration.copyright protection2PENANA8WYpN2Ud8E

The anger with the Earth pilot had passed and now the guilt was coming. Utis had nothing to do with the high-handed attitude of the UNS high command towards Zola... She had to apologize to the guy sooner or later.copyright protection2PENANAlULPRrGptG

A cold sensation on her cheek brought her out of her self-absorption, in fact, startled her.copyright protection2PENANAzBfvUiWddm

“Otonashi!”copyright protection2PENANASmjQM6SGj1

“Oh, sorry, Hollie, I didn't mean to scare you.”copyright protection2PENANAlFV7vNzbc2

“You didn't scare me, you just surprised me.... that thing is so cold.”copyright protection2PENANASME7hyqdMD

“Yes, it's a banana grape soda, here.”copyright protection2PENANAAEZTvM0osj

“Hey...”copyright protection2PENANApNZkUu7tFj

“I'm not a pill druger, Officer Hollie.”copyright protection2PENANAwy5bFnJ5Bw

“Oh, sure, I'm sorry.... There's no need for that Officer Hollie stuff... and thank you.”copyright protection2PENANAJbbJ5Gv54X

“I'm glad I can call you Liza, you might as well call me by my name.”copyright protection2PENANAptLoOFSV9y

“Sure.... Utis.”copyright protection2PENANAfG6lRLIBRj

They both took the refreshing drink and felt their bodies invigorated again.copyright protection2PENANA7BvjkAZPG4

“Hey Utis... I wanted to, well... ask you to...”copyright protection2PENANAM6yxundnjn

“You want to go out with me! Of course, girl, I'd be honored!”copyright protection2PENANAVy41UVNDxF

“Idiot! I just wanted to apologize for our first meeting, but now I see that I was worried in vain, you're nothing but a simpleton.”copyright protection2PENANAXFgtYA4YqK

“That's true, there's only one thing on my mind.”copyright protection2PENANA2cQBKlYYIh

A blow from the back of the palm of her hand crashed into Utis's face, causing him to fall from the sidewalk.copyright protection2PENANAmEQqGLluoT

“Year qguiene qguiene deñir beueño with elema?”copyright protection2PENANA9myqPw0Tuq

“What?” Liza said to him when she heard the babbling of the man holding his nose.copyright protection2PENANADxDu9oQ7nz

“Does that mean I can date your sister?”copyright protection2PENANApJdgaU1woq

“She's 14 years old, pervert!”copyright protection2PENANApyMXYBtZuY

“Jesus, Liza, I know, I was just kidding.”copyright protection2PENANAq8w3DFstNQ

The woman gave him a stern look that indicated without a shadow of a doubt that if he messed with Elma, she would get himself thrown in jail.copyright protection2PENANA2dAgtKavgy

“So, do I or do I not have a chance with you?”copyright protection2PENANAVF6HC4j64O

“Zero chances, less than zero, for me Utis you are a negative number, you are the zero to the left, you are lower than the balls of a cat-snake that crawls on the muddy ground.”copyright protection2PENANA5uWByAg034

“Hey, don't tell me like that either, my little heart is going to suffer," said the man, as he pretended to wash away his tears.copyright protection2PENANAQ6hqmLbxgr

“Clown," Liza said without contemplation, although the corners of her lips began to tremble. “By the way, when are you coming back to Earth? There's no sign of Basara coming back.”copyright protection2PENANA5b6cTJhcQl

“You're right," he said this time seriously. “Something tells me that Neki Basara has a memory of Peter Pan, and what's worse, like Peter Pan, he probably likes to come back too late, thinking he's doing it in good time.”copyright protection2PENANA0VPXwnxNoB

"I'll wait until the next migration of the space whales, if Basara doesn't show up by then, I'm afraid I'll have to return to Macross 7.”copyright protection2PENANARfH9G4URCa

“I wish Basara would come back.... I say this because Elma is very excited to see him, don't think otherwise!”copyright protection2PENANAiImpUf9brZ

“I know, Liza, there's no one here but Lawrence for you, is there?”copyright protection2PENANAxsUmpqKWd8

“What a thing to say! He's just a childhood friend!”copyright protection2PENANAy5nge3l9VX

“First of all, he doesn't seem to think so. And second, you blushed a lot.”copyright protection2PENANAkeFGDzVMLn

“Ag, you're insufferable! I wish Basara would come soon so you could go with him.”copyright protection2PENANALjPFGf6qbk

“We'll see, while you're at it, think of poor Lawrence. He doesn't deserve to be suffering. I told him to grab his marsupial balls and propose to you, wait for him tonight. Ciau.”copyright protection2PENANAzKpW0E0lOW

Utis walked away in what he considered a cool-looking retreat, but in reality, he was ridiculously moving his legs and arms.copyright protection2PENANAi8aXONxKAj

“Utis... thank you.”copyright protection2PENANA7mCX2ic8Jo

.copyright protection2PENANAsi8Se8xftl

.copyright protection2PENANAbMtlKh9h1K

After the morning, Utis had returned to Graham's house. Elma who wanted to play invited the pilot to have fun on the beach next to her house.copyright protection2PENANAB96d78wjgf

“Utis comes down here," the girl said cheerfully, "but the man, instead of paying attention to her, saw the protoculture chamber that was used to make the zentrans or meltrans bigger or smaller.”copyright protection2PENANAIJxQBMZ81s

“How the hell can your father have this thing? Doesn't anybody tell him anything?”copyright protection2PENANAtdfWzZeJgg

“No one, as long as they don't use it to get big and attack someone...”copyright protection2PENANAtRqz5xHCQY

“But Liza told me that he attacks anyone, zolan or pirate, who interferes in his mission to kill the white whale... It doesn't make sense.”copyright protection2PENANARyHppjbosd

“Yes... I think it's more because everyone appreciates my mother's memory, she was a very popular singer in Zola and also very beautiful.”copyright protection2PENANARVq6S057Jm

"Wow, the things you hear," Utis thought. "Everyone is very lax here... If the UNS paid more attention to this planet, Graham sure couldn't keep this thing."copyright protection2PENANAoceOLkltWc

They both went down the bleachers and reached a private beach where they played.copyright protection2PENANArNL9casozU

“To live in a ship with an interior beach, you don't know how to swim very well," said Elma, who laughed at the bad performance of the man.copyright protection2PENANABqQ2xJ2CQL

“Hey, living on the Riviera doesn't make you a surfer either.”copyright protection2PENANAZfXd3Ixobt

“Well, you don't look like a surfer either," she said, challenging him, sticking out her tongue and showing him her eye.copyright protection2PENANABDhmMuxeS6

“No, my little heart is breaking.... I'll get you for this!” Utis said fun, pretending to be angry.copyright protection2PENANA9uxZw4JyHA

Elma gave a high-pitched scream and began to run away amused. So they stayed a long time until the girl tripped and Utis was already singing the victory.copyright protection2PENANAjGPgTSZqhb

“Now you'll see! You're gonna try my mega-hyper-super-ultra ticklish attack.”copyright protection2PENANAUSOcfBGMQz

The test pilot lunged at Elma just as a big wave swept over the beach.copyright protection2PENANATZ3qZzvJ8c

“I've got you... Take, take, take, tickle attack...”copyright protection2PENANAjrS8IM1Hdj

“What are you doing, Utis?" said Elma behind him.copyright protection2PENANAT7cIjrj0e9

Utis opened his eyes in surprise and found that he was actually holding tightly a giant sea slug, which turned on itself and suddenly seemed to blush.copyright protection2PENANAz89Cy9c4Sk

“I think she likes you, Utis!” said Elma delightedly, as the huge slug fell on the man in a clear attempt to kiss him.copyright protection2PENANAgbM9kuVmc9

“Nooo, somebody help me!” Utis shouted as the slug tried to kiss him and covered him with thick, sticky slime.copyright protection2PENANAG5gSOAk7Az

CHU MUA 💛copyright protection2PENANAhaHqNgAZks

.copyright protection2PENANAkAE6KYBGlN

.copyright protection2PENANAP1T6UHHePi

The horizon was painted in reddish colors. Elma and Utis, carried small buckets and shovels and dug in the sand trying to find small crustaceans.copyright protection2PENANAN6suxgK7f4

“Thank you so much for playing with me, Utis... since Mom... well, neither Liza nor Dad have time for me.”copyright protection2PENANAzAFeHqdi7y

“You're welcome, but you should tell them to spend more time with you. I bet you'd rather keep quiet and not tell them anything.”copyright protection2PENANA6WAZ3uHKJw

Elma looked down.copyright protection2PENANA2wDv1aLMi1

“You must tell them Elma, but how else they will know when to relate to you. Don't worry, I'm sure everything will be fine.”copyright protection2PENANARSBx6iXjB4

“Thanks Utis, you're the best friend I've ever had, better than Basara.”copyright protection2PENANASH1sG4WoPF

Utis was moved and embraced the girl. Their silhouettes were clear in the evening light.copyright protection2PENANAVScyndJ901

“Utis, I don't think you're doing well with Zola's girls, I mean, we're marsupial and you're a mammal. It wouldn't work.”copyright protection2PENANAaRUMo05mkG

“Ehh! I was thinking out loud! It can't be...”copyright protection2PENANAqcnsE4wBtm

“I'm sure you'll find someone wonderful in your life. Everyone has the right to be happy.”copyright protection2PENANAgoetXCHGLH

“Oh Elma!" said Utis tearfully, and the girl hugged him.copyright protection2PENANAIWyDJWDOiX

It's a pity that at that moment Graham, in his giant form, was emerging from the beach and the first thing he saw was Utis hugging his little girl.copyright protection2PENANAvJaSbOXIpq

“Dad!”copyright protection2PENANA5GPj9MVQtH

“Sir, it's not what it looks like!” Utis shouted, letting go of Elma's embrace as if they were two red-hot irons.copyright protection2PENANAycE6Pn3tcl

A giant fist crashed into poor Utis, lucky the sand on the beach was soft. The earthling did not die, but he was well embedded in the sand in a very ridiculous pose.copyright protection2PENANArI5BAhpyZP

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection2PENANAZ4vOoFBkw4

Nyajajaja poor Utis, vote and comment to make his bad luck with women go away.copyright protection2PENANA24gGa64ezh

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