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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!v9Ptxbyocceb1NgPgJkmposted on PENANA


Chapter 11: Experimentationcopyright protection3PENANAXgGMJeXhDa

A long tunnel formed of psychedelic colours that kept turning, like a giant kaleidoscope, and inside it the YF-21, with a pilot who was getting bored.copyright protection3PENANAuRlvEBkVlE

"I'm not a donkey, I'm just bored," Utis recalled from an old CGI animated film.copyright protection3PENANAiBfGU28pGT

Reaching his destination would take time, and confined to so little space, he had no choice but to be alone with his deepest thoughts. He had already exhausted the resource of leaving his mind blank, so he was slowly getting desperate, when a risky idea came to him.copyright protection3PENANAXE9EqTSoav

"How much more can the Black Cat be used for?" he thought. "What if I use the BDI and BCS systems to "get off" the ship."copyright protection3PENANAzEnUa1wvXS

No one had ever considered the possibility of such an exercise in the middle of a transposition operation. For a few seconds Utis was afraid, but then he decided to take a chance.copyright protection3PENANAaftpVos4N8

Again his brain shaped his entire being and became embodied in the powerful transformable valkyrie he was supposed to "handle". Every time he used the BDI and BCS systems, he would become the YF-21, but now he would try to do something more "avant-garde".copyright protection3PENANAYLN7pd0iCb

The feeling was strange, he was the YF-21, but at the same time his naked body came out of the Black Cat and saw him from the outside.copyright protection3PENANANbQb60cDwa

After the initial surprise, the figure of Utis surrounded the valkyrie, moved freely forward and even flew a couple of meters ahead, not too much, he was afraid that somehow his mind would be lost in the psychedelic tunnel to never return to his body.copyright protection3PENANAvGqZ6moyqc

It was so strange, he could feel a heart beating strongly because of the emotion in his immaterial body. In the end, he fixed his attention on the FoldBooster coupled up with "him".copyright protection3PENANAHpXuwmIxEk

With elegance he planned or levitated towards the advanced piece of technology, being able to appreciate it in greater detail. Immaterial hands caressed the entire surface of it as it whistled in admiration at the wonders that the human mind could create, a device that could allow a valkyrie to perform a transposition operation as if it were an SDF-type ship.copyright protection3PENANAJswzDDAQg6

“Whoa, wait a minute, did I just whistle?” Utis said as he realized that he whistled with emotion at the magnificence of the FoldBooster. Apparently his "ethereal" form could do things he couldn't do in real life.copyright protection3PENANA1MNrLTNare

Shocked by this revelation discovered by accident, his mind was directed at the same time as he had to perform a shameful act in front of several severe Generals of the Earth.copyright protection3PENANAm8DjDaGlIl

"I wonder if now..."copyright protection3PENANAGrNd1rQCh6

Utis sang the same song again but with the difference that now his voice had nothing to envy that of a professional singer.copyright protection3PENANAJjTwKFpyPR

“Gosh, this is amazing. When Rubio finds out...”copyright protection3PENANAMb0quDBbYj

But Utis was not supposed to be "playing" with the ultra classified systems of the YF-21, but now that he had done so and discovered so many things, it was impossible to stop now.copyright protection3PENANAwFLjSNLIp3

He imagined himself changing his shape, when he saw his hand again he saw that instead of a human palm, he saw the paw of a cat. His whole body had changed shape, he was no longer anything but an ordinary cat.copyright protection3PENANAP8mIF6n5Ec

He started "running" all over the surface of the YF-21, it was wonderful and he enjoyed it a lot, in fact, he was enjoying it too much, something wasn't right. Scared, he returned to his human form.copyright protection3PENANAWroWRSzs3y

"I think when I became a cat, my mind was becoming more animal," he thought to himself, frightened and excited. "Maybe I'll try again later, if I figure out how to do it safely."copyright protection3PENANAMAdxT6kFOK

An idea crossed Utis' mind, he was never a catwalk model, what if he changed his physical appearance?copyright protection3PENANAIET4mybKEQ

He remembered how the girl he liked: Sanya, she looked with great interest at the handsome waiter on the Riviera.copyright protection3PENANAXAhlx9e7Ci

He saw his hands again and they looked different, now he needed a mirror to look at himself as he did not believe he could "get out of his body" a second time.copyright protection3PENANAGpSTWMZhrO

“Wow, this is amazing," Utis said, watching a full-length mirror materialize in front of him.copyright protection3PENANA29sVePupA8

It was as if his brain or perhaps the ship itself warned him of the danger, the BCS and BDI systems were automatically shut down.copyright protection3PENANAgxIxTgH7nk

“Auch, what the hell...” Utis was in the cockpit again, his eyes open and looking at the controls, he could feel a slight headache.copyright protection3PENANAp3JhXG3XXu

"Of course, it is said that in a lucid dream one should not see one's hands, much less see one's image reflected in a mirror so as not to wake up," he reasoned after a while.copyright protection3PENANAMZEfVS4piF

"I don't think anyone has created an emergency program to shut down the systems, at least not for what they were about to do. "Maybe just like when I was "transformed" into a cat, I was about to lose my mind when I almost saw my image in the mirror."copyright protection3PENANAxycg65xNdU

“Thank you friend, you saved me beautiful," Utis told the Black Cat, as he patted the cabin monitors affectionately. “Well, Utis Otonashi, no more fooling around again, unless you know you're not playing with fire.”copyright protection3PENANA7CYRTWxXTv

To avoid the temptation, he concentrated on editing his fanfics, correcting any possible spelling mistakes he might find. Thus absorbed in the task he was doing, he arrived at his destination.copyright protection3PENANAsGv6VqZ0Qi

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection3PENANAFnRREXXbLa

Thanks for reading, don't forget to vote and comment pretty pleasecopyright protection3PENANA6TM4KG1iEV

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