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Writer Capt. leon
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For Me
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!WC5uKvkjVurfWNPS8oheposted on PENANA


Chapter 10: For Mecopyright protection3PENANAZau4FfzZyv

Utis never believed that his feeling of excitement when he returned to the Macross 7 fleet would turn into stupor. The UNS had managed to restore order to Jenius and Milia's fleet, now with nothing else to do, Utis spent his time on the Galaxy Network, writing his fanfics and reviewing the status of his book, which he put on sale online.copyright protection3PENANAu0KqNziWXA

"Hell, my story for the contest didn't come out winning, with this one going the second time.... if only it had come out among the ten finalists," he thought as he looked up to the ceiling. "Basara, Neki Basara, where have you been?"copyright protection3PENANAaMvsab6Pzl

Colonel Rubio Aristizabal's plan was to measure "his" word energy with the sound energy of Dr. Chiba and Colonel Burton, however, Basara had left the fleet and no one knew when he would return.copyright protection3PENANAHywbDbqdaZ

A notification came to Utis, it was from Aristizabal, in it he instructed him to prepare, in the afternoon he and the Sound Force would make measurements of anima spiritia.copyright protection3PENANAIEZt4M2nJ0

.copyright protection3PENANAXTNsmXDtNd

.copyright protection3PENANAOuMkGqv7EG

Once again Utis was carrying the instruments for measuring and generating anima spiritia, while the team of co-pilots of the Jamming Birds were carrying the technical instruments and were looking at Utis with attention.copyright protection3PENANA6mk6PpSSMC

“Hello," he said to the three girls watching him, and they greeted him back.copyright protection3PENANATKvGcSEQmr

From the reports Utis had read, he knew that the male members of the military branch of the Sound Force had been wounded against the protodeviln forces. Since then, Colonel Burton considered an all-women team to be the best option. What neither Utis nor anyone else knew was that Burton's decision was heavily influenced by Dr. Chiba, an obsessive fanatic of Lynn Minmay and therefore of the concept of idol singers.copyright protection3PENANA4bVRwCi1JW

"Now I see why the old men at UNS are so worried," Utis thought. "These girls are nothing like military forces. I think they're the future, even if they don't like it."copyright protection3PENANAIQi2W8rO1e

The trials began and to Aristizabal's surprise, Utis' performance was not that of the best.copyright protection3PENANArUYXBbPf2c

Utis lamented his poor performance, but had to concentrate as Fire Bomber entered the room.copyright protection3PENANAG7nCYTegVY

“This... hello," said the YF-21 pilot, eager to greet the members of the rock group.copyright protection3PENANAcDOvGKE8zF

“Oh, you must be the member of the forces of the UNS of the Earth...”copyright protection3PENANAm0AlXcxNsz

“Thank you so much for saving Gamelin!" Mylene interrupted the large, dark-bodied fellow as she approached and shook Utis's hand.copyright protection3PENANAZ9HnLGg0Xc

“Hey, it was my pleasure...”copyright protection3PENANAYaQMGwxkF6

That's when the drummer of the band came in. She was the biggest meltran Utis had ever seen, carrying a life-size Neki Basara poster in her arms.copyright protection3PENANA026Bn3NVQg

“Well, I guess she thinks we're complete," Mylene said, closing her eyes and smiling nervously.copyright protection3PENANAuQpcdbSucP

Again the tests were done and again Utis's performance left a lot to be desired. As he looked up in distress to see the monitoring room, he saw the Mayor of the city talking to Aristizabal.copyright protection3PENANAGb0xYG3v0J

"That's the mayor... For someone who's had six daughters she looks great, it must be her meltran genes."copyright protection3PENANAB1LHC8Lq3C

.copyright protection3PENANAGyt6LGhDat

.copyright protection3PENANAtREtoC9s7a

It was a new day at the New Macross and again Utis felt purposeless, his eyes focused on nothing in particular as he sat on one of the sidewalks of the square, when a young man dressed casually approached him.copyright protection3PENANAbJbWrN5ce9

“Otonashi Utis?”copyright protection3PENANAPUIi0tZi6a

“Yes.”copyright protection3PENANALA1q3q3dTb

“Kizaki Gamelin, I'm the leader of the Diamond Force Squadron.”copyright protection3PENANAn5Uz2ln7yB

Utis got up in a hurry and got as square as he was supposed to.copyright protection3PENANAhowZGwtGPz

“Don't worry, we're both off duty. I wish I could talk to you.”copyright protection3PENANAQBaS1ei5rc

“Of course...”copyright protection3PENANAgPhbojxLr5

In a coffee shop, Gamelin thanked Utis for saving his men's lives and his own.copyright protection3PENANAmJuSIbpcRe

“I see something's bothering you, Otonashi. Could you tell me what it is?”copyright protection3PENANAMHQWzRaSXC

“I... At first I loved Fire Bomber and Neki Basara, but now...”copyright protection3PENANA4drloPFVB7

“You feel that life isn't fair, don't you?”copyright protection3PENANA1YQvRzGgLx

“How did you...?”copyright protection3PENANAvxfluOdEGb

“I felt the same way about Basara, but after meeting him, I realized that I had to put aside all envy and see my own limitations. So I was able to move forward and improve as a person. In the end Basara and I became good friends.”copyright protection3PENANAgLoI6NyMJ9

"I hear your superiors are waiting for Basara's return. Why don't you go and get him?”copyright protection3PENANATL7KhZkXg5

“Do you think that would be best?”copyright protection3PENANAvMDK77zlMg

“Yes, Utis... you can't go on living like this. When you find Basara, you'll find yourself.”copyright protection3PENANAw21VL8JjUs

“I'm afraid that when I find him I'll find out that I'm really nobody.”copyright protection3PENANAsOeAzvzTtP

“Basara had the same concerns," Gamelin said, causing Utis to look at him with surprise. “That's why Basara left, to find himself.”copyright protection3PENANAYYBCJJJj5v

Utis nodded as his eyes glowed with a light of their own as they had not for some time.copyright protection3PENANAzCyAyjJhDD

.copyright protection3PENANAK5sZG1ugUX

.copyright protection3PENANA5TWHvFrfZx

“So you want to go after Neki Basara?" said Aristizabal, as he rose from his seat to look out the window at the "night" covering the city. Utis swallowed saliva, but he was determined to go after the Fire Bomber singer.copyright protection3PENANALyaj9IDS0h

“I don't think there'll be any trouble. After all, I was weighing that possibility, we can't wait for that guy forever, and I think all the recent inactivity has taken its toll on your performance.”copyright protection3PENANAwLmYK3ZejU

“I'm sorry.”copyright protection3PENANAbpN77iNyxN

“Don't apologize. I know the emptiness one feels when one thinks one is not doing anything with one's life... Why do you think I took this assignment in the first place?”copyright protection3PENANA6jlgDvYhoZ

“Sir...”copyright protection3PENANAyUKUTuYTIh

“We don't know where Neki Basara is, so I can't go with you. You'll be alone, Utis, you understand?”copyright protection3PENANANUGB2NUQms

“Yeah, I want to go anyway. Not just for the mission, not just for the Word Force, but for me.”copyright protection3PENANADsLZJouHFT

Rubio saw that light again in the face and eyes of his subordinate, it was the same light he saw when Utis finished piloting the Spartan.copyright protection3PENANAHdOr8HV6BE

“Sergeant, I hope you won't disappoint me," said Aristizabal and Utis stood up to him.copyright protection3PENANAnoy40ASUre

"Basara, I want you to listen to my song," Utis thought, sure of the journey ahead.copyright protection3PENANAm4H73qvy8a

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection3PENANArPofhwXcCy

Thanks for Reading, please comment and tell me what dou you think of this chapter pretty please.copyright protection3PENANAQ0Xp4X0WSr

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