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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!TSglkYxc8d6aHaUnbslQposted on PENANA


Chapter 8: Balletcopyright protection3PENANAaZ9qktpSGy

It was strange, it felt strange to see the Macross 7 fleet from one of the Northamptons. A couple of days after the arrival of the UNS squad and the talks with the Admiral and the Mayor had begun.copyright protection3PENANA5MINXCa84w

The negotiations behind closed doors would surely be complicated, but fortunately Utis had nothing to do with it, only to await orders from the recently promoted Colonel Rubio Aristizabal.copyright protection3PENANAZ1fvKnbtih

"This is all crazy, I always wanted to be in the army, but I never imagined I would do it this way," Utis thought, as he saw his reflection in one of the observation windows, which gave him back the image of his new badge. Now he had the rank of sergeant.copyright protection3PENANAKsgTTBnjt3

"Gosh, I'm gonna go crazy. How I would like to return to the fleet, soak my feet in the waters of the Riviera or go to any of the other ships," he thought as he leaned his forehead against the cold armored glass. "I can't remember the last time I saw a woman's beautiful smile, I've forgotten how the expression on her face shines with her eyes pleased with what she sees before her."copyright protection3PENANARyPzlMcwUh

He turned around and turned his electronic tablet on, verifying once again how little attention he had gotten so far on the Galaxy Network. His words and feelings did not seem to be conveyed to others, the feeling of loneliness was overwhelming.copyright protection3PENANA3Ujiq3GBxZ

The silence and loneliness were torn by the alarm of the ship, the time had come not to disappoint others and most importantly, not to disappoint himself.copyright protection3PENANAThs9amKxFd

.copyright protection3PENANABwMq68ciF7

.copyright protection3PENANAAI2T1sXH4u

It was hell, the streets of the city of Macross 7 were consumed by fire and explosions. No one had foreseen the main weakness of either the New Macross ships or the others in the exploration and colonization fleet: the internal enemy.copyright protection3PENANAHXL96WvRua

It was actually very easy, they should only follow in the footsteps of the enemy protodeviln, even older ones. Hiding unregistered Mechs was as easy if you knew how to do it, and OpMithril was very good at this, among other things, like brainwashing important people, people in charge of running the entire internal defense apparatus of the fleet.copyright protection3PENANA55HRvN0I6F

Only the Diamond Force squadron, commanded by Gamelin, tried unsuccessfully to combat the tide of fuses, valkyries and power armors that were advancing swiftly to take control of the city's mayor's office.copyright protection3PENANAQGnTAplx6q

“Mayor, you must seek refuge. We can't hold out any longer!” Gamelin shouted, trying to communicate with Milia Fallyna, knowing beforehand that in the unlikely event that the mayor had received his transmission, she would still have stubbornly decided to stay in her office, as a sign of strength.copyright protection3PENANA1OnNXuJtle

The ammunition of the defenders diminished until it ran out and with this also gave way to the will of Gamelin's squadron.copyright protection3PENANAEqjmiP9iyg

The enemy had a clear path to the mayor's building, the desired prize was only to finish off Gamelin and his men, who were now only fairground targets.copyright protection3PENANAXpXlixKD4R

A metallic blue fighter was attacking at a speed greater than mach 5. A dark knight to some, death itself to others. The attacker's speed was impressive in the eyes of the coup plotters, but from Utis's point of view, he moved with grace and elegance sums up, no running in haste since the flames of hell were so slow.copyright protection3PENANA36FrTDVD7h

Crowds of missiles headed for the YF-21, which instead of trying to dodge the missiles, went straight for them.copyright protection3PENANARLIb700hiz

Utis could see the path of the missiles, he could see their future trajectory, even the possible course variants, however unlikely they might be. His naked body danced a beautiful ballet and the enemy's missiles were neutralized in explosions resembling cream and gold roses.copyright protection3PENANAxgYvBg2lU7

But it wasn't the weaponry capacity or speed that made up the power of the YF-21, its true power was word energy, capable of neutralizing the brainwashing of enemy pilots as well as destroying the software and hardware of the electronic elements of rival Mechs.copyright protection3PENANAcYdRp6vlKC

In front not of the eyes, but of Utis' brain, some letters materialized that almost immediately formed complete paragraphs:copyright protection3PENANADBolMwlNNE

“It is impossible for me to describe the sudden silence of the thousands of people who crowded in that place, the acclamations for the exhibition and then the murder of Vercingetorix, ceased and were replaced by thousands of glances with faces covered with tears and shame. Several people broke the ranks of the Roman centurions and approached Arsinoe, trying to cover her with clothes, trying to give her some food, trying to give her something to drink, trying to hold her arms and relieve the weight of her chains or remove these, wiped her face, wiped her tears while they shed theirs, poured perfumed water on her hair and feet...”copyright protection3PENANAmlUkQwBTRv

"Caesar tried to call to order and saw how the faces of the entire population looked at him with intense hatred, these people saw their own situation reflected in the pathetic figure of Arsinoe, in which their freedoms were subjugated by the dictator. They made threatening gestures with their fists and shouted terrible insults at him and his Egyptian concubine. They brought back Arsinoe, now free of chains before the dictator, and the population threw flower petals before the princess, petals that were destined for Caesar for the march at the end of the day.”copyright protection3PENANA03ueVUlrf5

"According to the Roman chronicler Cassius Dio, the proud Caesar, trembled like a child on the top of his great tribune. And then, he understood... he was afraid of Arsinoe, he was afraid of the little princess when he arrived in Egypt, he was afraid of the warrior in Alexandria, and now he was afraid of the fragile woman at his feet... he was very afraid of her. He ordered Arsinoe to be released, trembling with body and voice (even though the people had already done so) and ordered the festivities to be cancelled.”copyright protection3PENANA3SHretXAhL

Gamelin and his men could not believe it, a fighter had just saved their lives, although this Sturmvogel II, flew like no one had ever seen before.copyright protection3PENANAeD79YYFARw

It was like a kind of deja vu, the fighter switched to gerwalk mode and then to battroid at lightning speed, and so he also went to face the enemy, but without using lethal violence.copyright protection3PENANA5SAA6wurXJ

“Basara... it's like seeing Basara again.”copyright protection3PENANAx1CesRHqrZ

But unlike his rocker friend, the enemy forces stopped fighting the first time. Some seemed to want to continue the fight, but apparently their Mechs or power armors were useless.copyright protection3PENANAbGCiPBgvb8

Unbelievable," Gamelin said with his mouth open and realized that the valkyrie in front of him was not a normal VF-22.copyright protection3PENANA2h0CR79ly7

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection3PENANA558IkAz211

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