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Writer Capt. leon
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The WF project
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!6hx1JwhIKqflIMd1lLKWposted on PENANA


Chapter 2: The WF projectcopyright protection3PENANAoe6WfPsxyc

In a severe room with even more severe senior military officers, Utis Otonashi could feel the palms of his hands transformed into two open water faucets.copyright protection3PENANAYOyHALIWxt

“Don't get nervous, the commanders have already read your record, all you have to do is answer a few questions," said Major Rubio Aristizabal in a whisper. “Don't extend yourself, let your answers get to the point. The commanders know you're a civilian but you have to behave yourself anyway.”copyright protection3PENANASqrM3tRIZZ

Utis nodded as he cursed himself, not because of how nervous he was but because his perfect "poker face" turned out to be a sh...copyright protection3PENANAxoeDkusM11

The five commanders gave a final review and commentary on the interviewee's file and then accommodated the papers from the folders that were then placed on the long table covered by a long, light green tablecloth.copyright protection3PENANAZZPxGpjplQ

“Mr. Otonashi," began the commander who appeared to be younger than the others, although this aspect was somewhat difficult to say due to the group of five older men with tanned skin and severe eyes. “Do you currently have a relationship with anyone in the Macross 7 fleet?”copyright protection3PENANATdhl0kOR2O

“No sir. I don't have it.”copyright protection3PENANARAc6dxAGkC

“Do you have any animosity towards the zentrans or meltrans?”copyright protection3PENANAHjCwRjVaJh

“No sir. I have no animosity whatsoever.”copyright protection3PENANA1CuiXuDMmF

“Do you prefer rock or classical music?”copyright protection3PENANABdfOktlV9F

“I think that depends on my mood.... Sorry, it would be classical music, sorry.”copyright protection3PENANAyRZaoQuk1e

The men soured the expression and commented on something in such a low whisper that although there was total silence in the room, Utis, standing at the long table, could not hear anything they were saying.copyright protection3PENANAB2R5lPAYBW

“Mr. Otonashi, can you sing a song for those present?”copyright protection3PENANAEdaU1vnmqx

The moment of truth had arrived, or rather, the moment to crash match 5 against the hard wall of reality.copyright protection3PENANA2Yp19NRD7S

“Of course," he rasped, "although I must warn you, I never did sing. Even at school I wasn't known for having a voice...”copyright protection3PENANASIVJOgypfa

“Just get started," said another somewhat impatient commander.copyright protection3PENANAmTowOp1cMs

“Yes sir... This is a theme from a film. The Hunger Games, parody version.”copyright protection3PENANAJOq8QzWHd3

No one can handle the baker boy.copyright protection3PENANAA5LvPAMoZ1

Gale will make a nice little churro, daddy.copyright protection3PENANAylVXSJmUV9

But he doesn't have a very warm baguette.copyright protection3PENANAmFXMOOmKvz

The only one who came back from the frienzone. And lived to tell the tale! Oh yeah!copyright protection3PENANAN6FzBu9oT9

The baker boy with the eyes of a puppy!copyright protection3PENANApsulpm5Lh1

You want to shoot him but he looks at you pretty!copyright protection3PENANAVDGTqvHNfd

No one can handle the baker boy.copyright protection3PENANAn3j2CVxMjq

The only one who came back from the frienzone. And lived to tell the tale! Mua!copyright protection3PENANAVJSq4hN934

Don't underestimate the baker boy.copyright protection3PENANAbZIRS9mzWC

It has the best homemade cute cute baguettecopyright protection3PENANAMjF5mi0U5k

The only one who came back from the frienzone and lived to tell the tale! copyright protection3PENANAl13dr7vfhz

Team Peta! ®copyright protection3PENANAksy2krcH08

"Gosh, gosh, gosh! I did it, I'm dying of shame," Utis thought, as he breathed agitated and felt his whole face all red and warm, he was sure to melt away any minute.copyright protection3PENANAkNs0TPiUJo

The improvised singer expected gestures of disapproval or mockery, but the five commanders only wrote something in their notebooks while whispering something between them. Nor could he hear any concealed laughter from the other attendees, including female officers. A quick glance at the sides confirmed that everyone behaved professionally, showing not only faces, but hieratic poses.copyright protection3PENANAe4qhiSpO7G

The only emotion was reflected in the five high commanders, who exuded from all pores the boredom of being present at the interview.copyright protection3PENANAor9XuuoGbp

“General, what do you think of the civilian?”copyright protection3PENANAOvdhv66O0Q

“Welcome son, I think you can be of use to the project. Does anyone have anything to add?”copyright protection3PENANAdfVDwevW2C

That was the laconic conclusion of the General, who, together with the other commanders and some of the assistants, got up from their seats and left the room that smelled of disinfectant and cheap tobacco mixture.copyright protection3PENANACr3MoygNer

“Very well done Otonashi," congratulated Major Aristizabal, who approached with quiet applause. “Welcome to the Word Force project.”copyright protection3PENANAc3Xqkswrhx

“Thank you, I don't know how I got it, I thought I had sung badly.”copyright protection3PENANAiuNe7jsCfv

“And you did it. In fact, it was something (extremely) pathetic.”copyright protection3PENANAfSWjFkRV85

“What!”copyright protection3PENANAnl8lLtOiV5

“Don't tell me you thought that the Word Force project had something to do with the ability to sing like a Singer idol. I told you, that's a concept that the military wants to get away from, or rather, we want to get away from. You're in the military now.... even though you have a civilian salary, and very well paid, I might add.”copyright protection3PENANAPdzDrHWTkc

“What, I didn't know that, Rubio! And what is the Word Force! And if it has nothing to do with singing, why did they ask me to sing!”copyright protection3PENANAoz5lSLFJHO

“I'll show you in ten minutes... Corporal Utis Otonashi.”copyright protection3PENANAO59XqUqecl

The guy whose short hair matched his name took Utis to one of the scientific-technical facilities of the huge military base. Huge machines like the one developed by Dr. Chiba were being calibrated by various personnel.copyright protection3PENANAk2zUF0BCUV

“The concept that Dr. Chiba "created" is based on sound energy, however, the energy that is obtained from it is by no means exclusive to music and singing. Everyone has the ability to develop an energy that can either emulate sound energy or even surpass it. We call this energy: anima spiritia.”copyright protection3PENANAPjvVEnGk6n

"You were asked to sing to see if you could at least do it. Even if you are not a professional singer, the machines will measure your anima spiritia in your two states: in musical inaction and singing, and compare it to the innate power you possess.”copyright protection3PENANA8VthSTcj8o

“What innate power do I have? Excuse me, Rubio, but I don't think I have any power.”copyright protection3PENANAEtren6eZJ9

“Of course you do!” said Major Aristizabal jovially. “I didn't pick you at random, remember when I told you that the protodeviln enemy was attacking his victims according to a pattern? At first we didn't realize it, but when a protodevil named Sivil started attacking the inhabitants of Macross 7, we only realized it.... It preferred to "feed" on people with greater brain activity in the right hemisphere of the brain.”copyright protection3PENANAVysqt7NarU

“No... You're telling me it's not just the singing...?”copyright protection3PENANAyAQ1RJU423

“What is singing after all? Just another brain activity that focuses on the right hemisphere of the brain along with the activity of painting, drawing... writing.”copyright protection3PENANAsHwTVT0aTJ

“But it is the left hemisphere that is in charge of language and writing," Utis said strangely.copyright protection3PENANAjOiMeMU2Wm

“Only as "automatic" processes, but the creativity associated with language such as singing, or writing fiction as a writing process, is developed in the right hemisphere.”copyright protection3PENANAXuWOvOxqSA

"That's the concept behind the Word Force project, that's the power that you have, Utis.”copyright protection3PENANAtlh0fdTfoM

The little man opened his eyes in an inordinate manner as he watched the tall military man with tanned skin, who smiled at him and confirmed that everything he had said to him was true.copyright protection3PENANAZHBiuP4oS0

“My power... the Word Force...”copyright protection3PENANAKPvHD1vbro

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection3PENANALVJ3VYhPeF

Author's final notes: Nyajajajaja, I had a lot of fun writing Peta's song. Warning, it is not a translation of the video: "The Hunger Games Musical: Mockingjay Parody - Peeta's Song", but a lyric invented by me that is sung with the same melody, so it has the trademark "R" (®).copyright protection3PENANACendwR2BgV

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