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Writer Capt. leon
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The Power of Word Force ?
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!r4rulC5QRsjB5LIs4OP5posted on PENANA


Chapter 16: The Power of Word Force 🎶copyright protection2PENANAA1W1wiDB8u

Divin´E, a giant gaseous planet formed the fifth planet in the solar system where Zola was located. In its orbit there had just appeared luminous figures that emulated the silhouettes of ships zentran, however, after the luminosity, it was seen that the colossal apparitions were not of technological origin, they were the "galactic whales" that returned to this part of the galaxy for their usual migratory journey.copyright protection2PENANA4s69dOCiCs

At the base of the Zola Aerospace Force, activity was frenetic. Fulfilled all requirements and authorizations, Liza and her squadron headed for the stratosphere thanks to the help of transatmospheric rockets that were then ejected.copyright protection2PENANAoi3qvsNiNm

“Watch out, everyone," Liza ordered her men. “The whales will soon arrive here.”copyright protection2PENANAano7pUp3vy

All the squadrons were silent, praying that this time the pirates would not make an appearance.copyright protection2PENANAyA1EKftmx6

The whales could now be located by the instruments and all bowed their eyebrows when they realized that their prayers had not been heard. Pirates harassed migration.copyright protection2PENANAOWpSmUk9d8

The zolan had the luxury of looking for a couple of seconds at her left ring finger covered by her pilot's glove, which hid an engagement ring that was given to her a couple of days ago.copyright protection2PENANAwowUvWPVZk

"Wait for me, Lawrence," Liza thought, and then gave the respective orders to her men, begging for nothing bad to happen.copyright protection2PENANAtxVvcFKG1i

The zolan ships rushed towards the space pirates and the confrontation began.copyright protection2PENANAMQebIB63Lk

Again the Zolan forces were pushing the pirates back and Liza could breathe easy. However, the instruments indicated the presence of a pirate base, his worst fears had been met.copyright protection2PENANAciIIceE19E

“We have to intercept that thing!” Cried Liza, hoping they could resist the enemy's opposition until Zola's reserves arrived to support them.copyright protection2PENANAmDci8oXT4Z

“Madam, the enemy is withdrawing” one of her subordinates informs her after a brief skirmish in which three pirate fighters were destroyed.copyright protection2PENANAcRPr3y29BO

“Strange, I expected more resistance from them. Watch out for any maneuver by the enemy, this could be a trap.”copyright protection2PENANAuN6dwjrblB

However, there is nothing to suggest that it was a trap, but after a moment, both Liza and her men wished that the retreat had indeed been a trap for the earthlings.copyright protection2PENANAPHe2ZnqXhv

Materializing in the empty space, a meltran fleet made its appearance.copyright protection2PENANAWtmLUpjXzV

.copyright protection2PENANAM4JShgbIrw

.copyright protection2PENANAjheykeWLbd

In Zola, in a small house next to a huge hangar, a girl was criticizing her father.copyright protection2PENANAg7HDTC3cAC

“God, you're so impulsive. Good thing Utis didn't get hurt, he might not want to come back here anymore, you know? I don't want you to go back to the camera, that's your punishment.”copyright protection2PENANA8mGSeY8qHA

Faced with these words, the man was concerned, after all, that the migration of space whales could happen at any moment.copyright protection2PENANAW0SbzcpwXA

A phone rang thunderously and Elma went to answer. A gesture of fear crossed her young face.copyright protection2PENANAKeHrRB4UOE

.copyright protection2PENANAxW0ePfdXFU

.copyright protection2PENANAyBVqMuDc1B

In Kayak, the capital city of Zola, Utis Otonashi was coming out of a nice shower when he heard someone banging on the door of the room.copyright protection2PENANAMLPudH5hCT

“Moment!”copyright protection2PENANAW9QWoFbBDQ

When he opened the door he found Elma with watery eyes.copyright protection2PENANAvbsqCfVfrW

“My sister... Dad... You have to help me Utis.”copyright protection2PENANAReHGIVnNcZ

.copyright protection2PENANAH99x5ydhaQ

.copyright protection2PENANA8F1A6DQ2Th

The UN Spacy logo looked glorious as it flashed due to the reflection of the sun. Such a superb image was stamped on the blue metal that it was very polished at the time.copyright protection2PENANAYLvGreBP2O

The mechanics watched the ship with astonishment, among them two zolan who seemed not to be part of the base because one of them was wearing civilian clothes and the other one was just a girl with long green hair and a worried face.copyright protection2PENANAPJXZh3xulH

"Good luck, Utis," Lawrence thought.copyright protection2PENANAktnm4u0UwU

“Utis, save Liza and Dad!”copyright protection2PENANAcvFIb7XNWZ

The valkyrie's engines were elegant and aesthetic, they roared with force and it would have been impossible for any pilot to have heard the adorable girl's plea, however, this was the YF-21, and the BCS and BDI systems allowed him to hear Elma's words clearly.copyright protection2PENANACLJAK1EiwZ

There was no need for trans-orbital rockets, Utis Otonashi was crossing the stratosphere in less than seven seconds and forcing the engines to rush to Liza and her stubborn father.copyright protection2PENANA0QsndxRdso

.copyright protection2PENANA8FTNo4UlSR

.copyright protection2PENANAlvD55n6JGC

At the base of the pirates, the leader of the pirates spoke in a mellow tone and took a submissive stance.copyright protection2PENANAJGtc4HJWVc

“Commander, I told you Zola's Aerospace Force was not to be underestimated.”copyright protection2PENANAk3RdRfiLBb

“Stupid Micronian, I knew it was a mistake to give them such a simple task. I only let you live because the hunt for those creatures could be of use to my fleet.”copyright protection2PENANADWGg1LE8vk

“But commander...”copyright protection2PENANALe1er5Va1Q

“Shut up! I've had enough of you and your "warriors". Sati, get this scumbag out of my sight.”copyright protection2PENANAmmUezLuSx5

“Yes, my lady.”copyright protection2PENANA3a2Jq4v5c0

The fleet's flagship fired on the pirate base. The discharge was so massive that the entire base was vaporized.copyright protection2PENANApXfrcGw8Ry

“My lady, a Micronian fighter is fast approaching the fleet.”copyright protection2PENANAZeUTttEXmc

“He must belong to the forces of this miserable planet.”copyright protection2PENANA2pm48N9DSl

“No, Your Excellency, the scanners indicate that he's from the Macross 7 Earth fleet.”copyright protection2PENANAEijTJvAgEs

.copyright protection2PENANAODHIwacb7y

.copyright protection2PENANAnaXJf6xoJp

Utis overtook the Zolan squadrons in two separate fractions of a second, and could see two zolans that were familiar to him: Liza and Graham.copyright protection2PENANAKoI4hrASHe

“Withdraw, all of you," the earthman told the Zolans, who, faced with the sight of tens of thousands of ships did not beg.copyright protection2PENANAlwR2encrzk

“Utis, no!" shouted Liza, who tried to go after him, but Graham in his giant space suit held her back.copyright protection2PENANA0WvYGK4d9O

The sullen guy only shook his head, and Liza had to leave the place.copyright protection2PENANADTclXuNxmv

"Liza, Elma, although it was only for a short time, I liked being with you. I think it was the best days of my life... goodbye my princesses," Utis thought, then focused on getting data from the meltran fleet.copyright protection2PENANAMI1DKg1XIA

"Gosh, it's almost a hundred thousand ships... belonging to... Wow, The fleet of the strongest women in the universe."copyright protection2PENANAhIwNGdxKqH

“I am Commander Chlore, Micronian, prepare to know your destiny.”copyright protection2PENANAz4ALqyfe6C

Chlore saw from her ship's monitor how the lone Valkyrie was heading for her fleet in a suicidal fashion, the memory of Neki Basara struck her for a moment, but now she had nothing to fear. Seeing that her entire fleet was being influenced by Earth culture, she ordered an emergency transposition operation. Such a maneuver caused her entire fleet to emerge on an unknown side of the galaxy, fortunately she was able to find the space pirates, a real luck or she could spend the rest of her days wandering around the galaxy aimlessly.copyright protection2PENANAJSkLv52x2K

Her forces decimated the pirates, but first she had to make several "readjustments" to her fleet, beginning with the execution of the Meltran warriors who were influenced by the earthly culture. A defeat teaches more than a thousand victories and she decided in a moment of inspiration that the Micronians whalers would "immunize" her entire fleet.copyright protection2PENANA7ksE79RFUi

"The poison is only made to kill, however, if you take small doses each time, in the end you become immune," she recalled her thoughts as she decided to forgive the pirates. "No more meltran warriors flying and screaming ridiculously after an 'adulterator of the meltran way'. I don't care if you're that Neki Basara or anyone else, you won't succeed at all."copyright protection2PENANAmtnXeNvu1C

Many thousands of enemy Mechs came to meet him and Utis had to use the BCS and BDI systems to the maximum of their capacity, but it was still not enough. The magnificent G Force override suit was at its limit and Utis recalled the reports he read about the Super Nova project.copyright protection2PENANA7Lurw0xzxz

The commander of that occasion made bad decisions in the assignment of test pilots, both with a history of confrontation that while motivating both guys to do their best to outdo each other, could also result in a time bomb. The former YF-21 pilot had to resort to inappropriate medication, he was superb, always acting according to the rules.copyright protection2PENANAjFTMk1VcGP

"That's it," thought Utis. His human mind could no longer support the G forces. He needed more maneuverability, enough for the excellent meltran pilots not to reach him, he needed to be no longer a human, he needed to become an animal, a small, agile and elusive one.copyright protection2PENANAv3iS0xFw2H

As he did before, he "transformed" his body and mind into those of a cat. This time ignoring the fear of not being able to return his consciousness to its original state.copyright protection2PENANA89sCBZD8yb

The trick worked, the YF-21, slowed down, but as incredible or contradictory as it may seem, it now seemed faster, impossible to beat down by the meltran.copyright protection2PENANAHSRBEbDAoj

“I've never seen anyone fly like that before," said Chlore.copyright protection2PENANApTnIMngsTi

“There is no coherent or logical pattern to his flight, it's as if we were dealing with an animal," Sati, her advisor, told her.copyright protection2PENANA91rCE2Bhaa

“Take him down, I order you to take him down!”copyright protection2PENANAtS2kuGw7gU

A feline mind was constantly slipping away from its pursuers, when something in its feral brain told him that it had to separate into two different consciousnesses.copyright protection2PENANArGOOpAcF35

The cat was transformed again, it now looked like an amalgam of a human and a cat.copyright protection2PENANAYc7qPLsr3D

"Well, now, girls, I want you to hear my song," thought the cat boy. It was time to use Word Energy.copyright protection2PENANABxwDR0kn8B

Such a "song" none of the warriors had ever heard before. They could not see the "singer", his tone was not like that of a cello, which sent electric currents to them from behind, however, as with Neki Basara, they were captivated and lost control. They didn't howl hysterically, but their hearts were much more touched than they were by the Fire Bomber singer.copyright protection2PENANAizi6oHHAnK

“Chlore sama.” Sati's cried, as she collapsed at the feet of her console.copyright protection2PENANAGmXNMMzfeD

The commander meltran pulled out the tip of her tongue and then bit it hard, the blood was flowing down a thread at her side, but the pain returned her consciousness, then she was ready to face this new and unknown threat in person.copyright protection2PENANASPapt1qOpy

The figure that seemed to be coming out of an anime was still flying around the ships, a little more confident as he didn't perceive any more shots from the meltran, when in that, a strong gust almost hit him hard. The Catboy started running away.copyright protection2PENANApH7HNwpu6N

“You're not going to make fun of me!" Chlore shouted at the paroxysm of the battle and made a kamikaze charge, which achieved its goal. Two metal technological wonders were headed on a collision course towards the meltran flagship.copyright protection2PENANAfM9cAWZ9bd

“The fleet," said Sati, while her whole body was shaking, "is going to be contaminated, and this time I don't think Chlore sama can do anything about it. Prepare a transposition operation, let's go out into the nearest solar system devoid of intelligent life!”copyright protection2PENANAM42XtwYTko

The Meltran officers began operating the ship's computers so that the entire fleet could flee before it was too late.copyright protection2PENANArK5zsT5Roc

A strong explosion detonated in the hull of the giant ship, very close to the transposition engines. Both the Earth Mech and the meltran entered the interior of the ship and the struggle did not stop on the part of the meltran.copyright protection2PENANAFDZPPzLOIX

“Stop saying all those strange things!” Chlore shouted and emptied her ammunition in an attempt to destroy the YF-21, however, he evade the attack and it was the transposition engines that received the full impact.copyright protection2PENANA1v14suBrnV

“Lady Sati," one of the meltran reported. “The flagship's transposition engine has been compromised, all the computers in the fleet are linked to ours.”copyright protection2PENANAPPFVo7OuZc

“No, the entire fleet will perform an unstable transposition operation! Cancel, cancel immediately!”copyright protection2PENANAHFPGuFfguY

“Too late!”copyright protection2PENANAdwteAWJbo6

In the place where Chlore and Utis were located, a hyper-dimensional anomaly occurred. A strong explosion fused with hyperspace in the form of a large soap bubble of iridescent lights.copyright protection2PENANA7dWN9lUXPU

“Take my hand!” Utis shouted, stretching the arm of the YF-21.copyright protection2PENANAaxzZd4Fsk9

The meltran did not want to accept the help of her rival and that was her condemnation, the energy bubble absorbed her and then it imploded.copyright protection2PENANAryFUNgRwsf

Utis knew what was coming next, so he decided to flee in a hurry, however, he and Chlore's entire fleet disappeared, to be lost in space.copyright protection2PENANACztzmCUhzK

.copyright protection2PENANAbJhLJuPpXa

.copyright protection2PENANAyoJejwub2X

Liza came out of the zolan temple in the company of her husband, all cheered for them, especially Elma and her father, who dared to show a smile on that stony face.copyright protection2PENANAqFwTeTv8b5

Next to the zolan guests at the wedding, there was a tall, handsome Earthman, who walked away from the noise, picked up his guitar and began to tune the strings as he turned his gaze to the blue sky.copyright protection2PENANASnP98zEYYC

"I would have liked to have heard that song of yours," thought Neki Basara and sang with all the passion of his heart.copyright protection2PENANA8x0RLkogvq

“Loveless blue warrior 💔! THE POWER OF THE WORD FOOOOOORCE... 🎶!”copyright protection2PENANAdW6KPkEltP

FINcopyright protection2PENANArmchwlQajP

To everyone who read this far, thank you very much. See you in another story.copyright protection2PENANAMrmNj87HpD

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