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Writer Capt. leon
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Class B
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!V3LYhSoWDqAKiPQ7pUHSposted on PENANA

MACROSS 7: THE POWER OF WORD FORCEcopyright protection4PENANA9iDkl85XSi

Chapter 6: Class Bcopyright protection4PENANANNlzMCraz5

The Jamming Bird performed acrobatics that demanded the utmost of Utis Otonashi's G-force suppression suit. The pilot in charge was in charge of dodging and destroying the drones that kept firing and firing missiles at him.copyright protection4PENANAB9QUYG1oBJ

Read, he just had to concentrate on reading the screen in front of him, the pilot would take care of the rest.copyright protection4PENANAgL2T5n1bkT

As a co-pilot he couldn't do any more and soon saw that the last phase of the race was approaching: fighting in Battroid mode against another enemy valkyrie. The aim of the test was to harden the co-pilot, he had to not only continue reading whatever happened, but also to generate word energy, without losing it despite the various distractions.copyright protection4PENANAt8HOHtr9E0

The two metal giants got into a fight that ended in clean punches.copyright protection4PENANAfga5a8Mcwo

.copyright protection4PENANAVM9XGfkHqF

.copyright protection4PENANABTNjIvNaFs

Utis opened his eyes, throughout the second phase of the WF project, he had had nightmares about testing the VF-11D or Jamming Bird variant.copyright protection4PENANAaVIl1StO40

His body was sweaty and he saw from the clock that it was almost time to get up.copyright protection4PENANAc0NlXtBib1

“Well, at least I'll have more time to shower and relax.”copyright protection4PENANAYNVL7EhUOX

Who could not relax was Major Rubio Aristizabal and other scientific team of the Word Force project, it is not that the results to generate word energy were unsatisfactory, in fact, more and more exceeded those obtained by the Sound Force team of the military branch, however, had not been able to reproduce the excellent results of the first measurement of word energy.copyright protection4PENANAmZS5kTXOH2

"At least the anima spiritia measurements are better than those of Admiral Jenius' Jamming Bird team on Macross 7. There is nothing to do, the excellent results of the first measurement will have to be repeated sooner or later, for now I think we should move on to the last phase of the program.”copyright protection4PENANAPU2Cg06Rji

Determined with what he had just thought, Aristizabal rushed the cognac glass, souring his face from the ice cubes that had melted.copyright protection4PENANASh6O3dsl7h

.copyright protection4PENANAiugazB4xpM

.copyright protection4PENANAAeHCRXDXOW

Another clear morning, another morning of devilish heat, by now, Utis no longer denied the first day he had to fly in a valkyrie in the rain.copyright protection4PENANAfHelvizYDH

"God, I wish it would rain for at least an hour." He thought as he covered his eyes with his hand and headed for the hangar. "How do the soldiers stand it?"copyright protection4PENANAfWbw7L7bjw

“What an idiot," Utis told himself as he realized that he was already a member of UNSpacy.copyright protection4PENANAYTLFwCC9Ar

The tall, corpulent figure of Major Arsistizabal waited for him as usual, but now everything looked different, neither the Jamming Bird, nor the scientists, nor anything else was found.copyright protection4PENANA6Q8lcEDLDh

“Major, where is everybody?”copyright protection4PENANAsSdEpkpwwI

“Making the final touches with the mechanics in charge.... The YF-21B must be ready to go.”copyright protection4PENANA3uCPa8rMi2

“YF-21B?”copyright protection4PENANAdoSmK41nPE

“With the technology of the VF-11D in the Omega One, we couldn't give it the old terminology anymore, and by the way, the YF-21B is now called the Black Cat.”copyright protection4PENANAFiwTWWdlsK

“Why Black Cat?”copyright protection4PENANA4wfHlpPNc8

“Because of his sneaky way. Before it was called Omega One, to highlight the competition with the YF-19 Alpha One, now there is no competition of any kind, the Super Nova project does not exist, now this is the Word Force project.”copyright protection4PENANAPqwHMhMNFC

"Of course, the generals on Earth thought they'd call him Fire Fox, in honor of the old movie by actor Clint Eastwood, so those old men are nostalgic.”copyright protection4PENANArkUYdQUrcn

Utis was about to ask him more questions about the actor, but the Major put his huge hand on his shoulder and led him to a military vehicle to take him to another part of the base.copyright protection4PENANAbhTqYeQO12

When they reached their assigned hangar, Utis was able to recognize a fighter with the same shape as the YF-21.copyright protection4PENANAWRstyeKl2p

“Why is it gray?”copyright protection4PENANAXuJRsXInoU

“Oh, the color. I'm telling you, Utis, there's no more competition, it doesn't have to look good, just be ready. Well, get dressed, you'll be flying it in a minute.”copyright protection4PENANAKAcD1aSRZU

Utis opened his mouth a little by the impression, but he recovered quickly, after all he had spent endless and suffered hours studying in thick and boring digital volumes all the information about the YF-21.copyright protection4PENANAUVLmpkB9FD

.copyright protection4PENANAzC7iuAgcXF

.copyright protection4PENANA7Igjmhue9t

It was hard for him to walk, the pilot's suit was too heavy. Conditioned for his short stature, he didn't make it light at all, at least not for himself.copyright protection4PENANA93pUpOf0YV

"The original test pilot, a certain... I don't remember his name, but he was about two meters tall, phew, I can't even imagine how much his suit would weigh," Utis thought, thanking the hardened sergeant at the base with all his heart for the physical conditioning.copyright protection4PENANAExxMQ2m6fk

Despite being in better shape, there was no choice but to help him get on the powerful ship. One could see how the cockpit was a fantastic hybrid between the one with the YF-21 and the one with the co-pilot's seat in the Jamming Bird.copyright protection4PENANAMm22GojaDt

“Well Utis, show time!” he shouted as he closed the booth and took a meditation pose as instructed. His fists were clenched and his thumbs facing up.copyright protection4PENANAEMw4HWTWXR

“Come on Utis, don't be nervous, be confident. You have passed all the tests so far and have the required training.” Rubio muttered, as if he were giving a prayer.copyright protection4PENANARBopoesKlH

It seems that the world was becoming blurred and twisted, one second the pilot's eyes were on the outside and the other second, just his brain, that extremely complex power no longer needed any intermediary with the surroundings.copyright protection4PENANA47469KvtV8

The BDI and BCS systems were incredible, they made obsolete any system of vision or control of a man-made or applied fighter for forces zentran or meltran.copyright protection4PENANAWAUtECpxzn

Utis went to great lengths to study everything related to the YF-21 and now he understood that all the instruction was wrong, the BDI and the BCS did not allow you to control the ship, there was no valkyrie to pilot.... He was the aerospace fighter.copyright protection4PENANAorZNRn1j7m

Utis was naked and floating in a kind of pink ether. He could perceive all the surroundings at will, all his senses were increased to an absurd level, he could hear the heartbeats of all the people around him, Hell, he could even hear the blood flowing through the finest capillaries.copyright protection4PENANA0ct5jDPO6K

His eyes pierced through steel and cement. He could distinguish the circulatory and lymphatic systems of the people in the control tower, as well as their bone system and calcium level. The veteran chief engineer had osteoporosis, and one of the scientists had leukemia.copyright protection4PENANAX3lSwZuWx3

And the touch... Oh, the touch, the touch, sensitive his body to the slightest change in pressure, so much so that he could even feel the barometric pressure and the static charge in the air like a cat, which allowed him to predict the storm.copyright protection4PENANAkWvjJmGKFO

The wings of the YF-21 were replaced by its arms and hands, when moved, they caused the wings on the outside to warp in concave and convex curves, as well as to lean backwards or forwards. Their bare feet had replaced the vector nozzles, almost all the VF's had such nozzles, but in the case of the YF-21, these were 3D, allowing them to be moved in all their possible axes.copyright protection4PENANA6G1ALkdB9k

Major Aristizabal ordered Utis to take off. He would try to cross the planet's atmosphere and reach space, without any rocket assistance.copyright protection4PENANAm6nHZUHtRe

It wasn't the YF-21 that circulated on the track, it wasn't the Valkyrie, the one that accelerated vertiginously, None of that, it was Utis who ran at full speed and jumped into the clouds. He flew, ascended as he had only imagined in his fantasies or dreamed.copyright protection4PENANAxba2uTobE4

In just seven seconds he broke the sound barrier, and in a couple of his powerful heartbeats he reached the void of space, being able to see Eden at his feet.copyright protection4PENANAZLL0lwlz8u

He did not felt the G. forces. The special pilot's suit was superb, but not so much to contain Utis' emotion, if at that moment he had been asked to generate word energy, he would surely have managed to surpass Neki Basara.copyright protection4PENANATuBhbAcS43

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection4PENANA7BehEJb3UP

Thank you for reading my dear friends, please don't forget to vote and comment pretty please.copyright protection4PENANA8UATVWqgvy

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