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    The Yobanashi Girouette
    The Yobanashi Girouette
    *Updated release schedule!* Trying out a prospective release schedule to increase my motivation and garner more interest; If my latest release was a chapter or a flash fiction piece, the next release will be in a week. If my latest release was a short story, the next release will be in four weeks. That'll give me enough time to keep active, I hope. Releases are scheduled for Monday, 3:00 PM CST. Back to the bio: Not much to say here, I'm an aspiring writer aiming to share my work with the world. Deeply inspired by Ray Bradbury and Anime/Manga, I mainly write short stories, with one full-length novel that is still a work in progress. If you could read my work and leave some feedback, I would be very appreciative. Thanks for reading, and God Bless!
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Circle of Friends
PG Completed

"Shell". It was more than a word, it was a promise.

The first letter of each of their names, childhood friends that swore they would be together through thick and thin.

But now, the links are fraying. One by one, Laura's friends are vanishing, spirited away into the night. Now, down to just her and one friend, they decide to search for their missing companions, late at night, when the grown-ups are fast asleep.

"Shell". It was a promise. And promises are eternal.