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Dreams and Nightmares
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Co-Writer Aoki-San*
Co-Writer Chat Noir
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Dreams and Nightmares
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Why me?
Jul 27, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!JCXeJPXIc6GAmzm6akaFposted on PENANA -Light’s P.O.V-

UGHHHH—! Why does all bad things happen to me?! First Yuma is being creepier than normal, now the MORONS of my maths class are picking at each one of my nerves! copyright protection60PENANA04F1wp1wVL

The teacher was JUST marking our attendance, when he called out my name. I swear, what WERE my parents thinking! I could’ve had a normal name, but NOOOO—! My name is Light. LIGHT. Now these two;–I don’t even know what to catergorise them as–good for nothing hooligans! Bother me for it.copyright protection60PENANAHEoFS7vQQI

”Oh Light bulb! Light bulb!” copyright protection60PENANAWwij6Fpg0z

~copyright protection60PENANAW0DB1a13HW

Thats it! I’ve had it! copyright protection60PENANAPpBd5ulAkb

"LOOK, IF YOU TWO DONT SHUT UP IM GONNA SHOVE THIS PEN UP YOUR NOSE AND MAKE SURE I MANAGE TO SCRATCH THAT BRAIN WHILE IM AT IT "I screamed wildly, slamming the table with my hands copyright protection60PENANAjhICBPh16h

"Light ,if you don't sit down right now,I may have to call your parents" The teacher glared at me, great…!copyright protection60PENANAA2ieEkpFn7

"Sorry sir" I mumbled sarcastically, dropping back down whilst glaring at the duo while they simply smirked at me.copyright protection60PENANACdweqBIMc3

<After Class>copyright protection60PENANAYwlG8WwqXC

When my hands find their way to their necks ,I'm going to…eh, nevermind that, now I have to go for lunch–thank the Lord–.copyright protection60PENANAHyE0NikdYI

-Third Person P.O.V-copyright protection60PENANAkAVQPmsx8F

Light and Dark–as their name states–are what you can only describe as polar opposites. Students know Dark as the calm, laid-back elfin of the group. She was a very petite ravenette, her shoulder-length hair always either being super messy or super curly. She liked it that way though–her hair was something that she adored–. copyright protection60PENANAA7bWOjSkJQ

Light however, had a more…spindly stature. Her hair was also a burnt colour, being neatly tied up in a wavy ponytail or bunched up into a puffy bun. Her hair reached her lower back, which usually made it fun for Dark to style and braid. She was also a few months older than Dark–usually using that to her advantage–but nonetheless was a child at heart. copyright protection60PENANAWrpAscTMpR

~copyright protection60PENANAvKsrAhN3OW

Despite their significant differences, Dark and Light were best-friends, almost always hanging around each other and pulling harmless–majority of the time–pranks on the latter. copyright protection60PENANAIp3TlRdebX

So when Light ran her way unceremoniously towards her friend–who was looking for her so they could start chatting and eating with the whole group present–; it was easy to say Dark knew something was up. “Hey, what’s up with the tube man?” She laughed, the what?? Light sighed but ignored the comment, it’s probably an insult anyways. ”My day is going terrible!” she grumbled.copyright protection60PENANA57puIRHBE7

It wasn’t often the younger had ‘bad days’ the most she had was only a day or two, whereas she can literally see Light screaming till she’s pulling her hair out while dancing her way out of sanity to her at least twice to thrice a week. (Aoki-san you know very well what I’m talking about 😂) copyright protection60PENANAs9RVBrcov1

She smiled softly up at her bestie, placing a small palm on her shoulder, “Come,” she told her, walking over to the lunch table which she and their friends currently occupied, “sit with us! I’m sure some laughing will help!” Light looked around the table; foods of all cultures scattered and shared, people from absolutely different countries seated at the table; the order like this: copyright protection60PENANAldqp7Mgk0s

‘Laito,–basically the male version of Dark–he was tanner than her, and his face bore both a smile and wide, thick-rimmed glasses. His eyes were also a shade of oak, just like Dark’s, but they were much bigger than the girl’s. (Dark had very thin eyes, something like this: –.–!).copyright protection60PENANAi5AHAjzhUe

Then Dark; who was also Laito’s girlfriend,copyright protection60PENANAonofiZHvnc

Kanato; the most hyperactive of the group, he was also impressively tall, challenging Light for the top spot in their group. It was funny to see both of them, always squaring up and shouting: “WHO’S TALLER NOW!?!”. Alas, it was always either a tie or a never dying down argument on who was wrong and right. Kanato has a knack for music, and tended to carry a small portable speaker with him at all times.copyright protection60PENANAwJqX8xJpSK

Lastly, Yuma. Yuma was an inch shorter than Dark, and his skin was as dark as night–a pure contrast from Kanato’s paper white skin–. The boy was a brunette, with his straight hair being shaved clean at the sides and left swiped to the right on top. ‘copyright protection60PENANASaQtSqMsIG

Light blinked at them, it’s not like she had seen any new faces, but something about the way Dark settles in between the two males filled her with curiousity and alarm–Curiarm, if you may–. She brushed it off and nodded, sitting in between Laito and Yuma, closing the circle.copyright protection60PENANAG744mm34Sr

~copyright protection60PENANAhoaHljf5J8

Moments of storyless chatter and hilarious banter passed when Light felt someone poking her; “Yuma?” She enquired, suspiciousions coursing through her veins as she stared at the metallic fork poking her, “Yes?” Yuma was not exactly…mentally stable per say. He was pretty moody for a 14-year old and succumbed to frequent and drastic changes of mood. copyright protection60PENANAQBjH4b8QEQ

“Why’re you poking me?” copyright protection60PENANAxkXBpkYspQ

“No reason.” copyright protection60PENANAUGf5oBpEH8

Light squinted at him, “Are you hungry?” She asked hopefully. She didn’t necessarily mind the fact he was odd; all of them were in their own ways so there was no worry on whether someone was ‘different’ or not. copyright protection60PENANAMxK5eOhmFV

“Yeah…” He answered sheepsishly and Light chuckled, standing up to get him more snacks, him following close behind. copyright protection60PENANAddgbOFwN8V

~copyright protection60PENANAE3CT80uxEb

-Dark’s P.O.V-copyright protection60PENANAGrJqwYeNlU

I see Light standing up with Yuma to get food. I laugh under my breath at their conversation, I mean, come on! That’s a funny way to ask for food no? Laito–my boyfriend,(Lord help me cause idk what to address this dude as), yeah, we love each other so shush–taps my shoulder, I gave a small ‘Mm?’ as acknowledgement.copyright protection60PENANAJy7ZJWFfJN

”I wont be here for English,” he glanced at me, and then up to Kanato, who I could sense, was also staring down at me, “Kanato won’t either; can you help tell the teacher?” He asked, I flashed him a smile and nodded.copyright protection60PENANAbnRNhZNLxs

”Thank youu! I love you.” He whispered the last part so only I could hear, but stillll—! I blushed cotton candy and turned to face Kanato in hopes of regaining my natural sun-kisses skin colour. He laced his slender fingers through my hair, “Thanks Shorty.” He grinned, I puffed my cheeks, he knows I loathe that stupid nickname! “Stop calling me that!” I pouted irritatedly, but he just chortled in amusement, dragging his fingers back down. copyright protection60PENANAXdTGEqFTe0

~copyright protection60PENANANXyVXiRCyB

After what felt like years, Light and Yuma came back to the table, and we all chatted until bell rang.copyright protection60PENANAqJZhxghl2O

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