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Dreams and Nightmares
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Co-Writer Aoki-San*
Co-Writer Chat Noir
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Dreams and Nightmares
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A new game
Chat Noir
Dec 4, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!wq90wR2rTGQdAe3RF5Ksposted on PENANA -Light’s P.O.V-

Sweating, I jolted wide awake. “Woah..” I muttered to myself, that was INSANE. It all felt so real...but— why was there no answer? No reply? copyright protection43PENANAPKti4boEYc

I need to find Dark.copyright protection43PENANAsuDCu9uxBn

<At School> copyright protection43PENANAerBOGEGmKq

-Dark’s P.O.V-copyright protection43PENANAOzbhSftgUr

It’s happening again.. the thought and memories echoed through my shattered mind. Laito and I don’t really chat anymore since he has been having some travel issues so I’m not sure why I’ve been dreaming about messages from him. Usually, my dreams tell me of future events, but all I see are text messages, even then I can’t read what’s within the mystery, all I see is a date: copyright protection43PENANAtmW6ZrftYR

‘March 12’copyright protection43PENANARdjs1Z6ImQ

It’s weird, I don’t know what’s going to happen or what’s going on! I was too entranced by my own thoughts that I hadn’t even noticed until I walked straight up into Shin. Shin? I lifted my head to see his oak, orbs glaring through my own near-charcoal coloured ones. “Sorry...” I timidly muttered out.copyright protection43PENANA9bqksiAWyu

It’s not that he’s my bully or anything, I just— I don’t know, I feel intimidated I guess..? He kept looking at me. “Shin..?” I called a bit louder, suddenly noticing how it was only the two of us in the current compound. He took a step closer to me. I didn’t budge, not I could; he took another step...copyright protection43PENANAo1Rk8RLokK

And another...copyright protection43PENANAfcXyEZxLHU

Closer...copyright protection43PENANACQ52bylMuT

And closer..copyright protection43PENANAgSV8d3ZYrk

....Until he was right in front of me, towering my figure. I shot out a nervous chuckle followed by a throat clearing. “Ha...ha..” I breathed out in a low whisper, “It’s like you’re a stalker or something....a yandere.” I mumbled the last part, hoping it came out incoherent. “A yandere? Like Ayano Aishi?” Ayano..? Wait— does he mean.. “From Yandere Simulator?” I facepalmed mentally, why did I say that?! copyright protection43PENANAJHxGfbFNWm

He nodded with his signature smirk plastered on his lips. I knew Shin was something...different, but due to his ‘Teacher-like’ appearance, no one suspected much of him. “You play it?” I quickly added, gaining more confidence as I gained volume, but that courage was about to get washed down the drain when he slammed his fists on the concrete wall behind me.copyright protection43PENANAHzcMBokWaP

”Don’t get the wrong idea.” He strictly demanded, cornering me until I agreed, my face paled, as if I had been through the 4 stages of Hypotermia. I nodded weakly, looking through his thick-rimmed glasses and straight into those eyes. The eyes that swirled with hundreds and maybe thousands of different emotions and chaotic scenes.copyright protection43PENANAQrILzVPzUh

Just then, I blurted out something I shouldn’t have, “ you mean ‘wrong idea’ ?” He remained silent, his head hanging low. And as if I’m cu— “DARK!!!” Welp. As soon as Shin heard her, he ‘tched’ and backed off, leaving me stunned and shaking with my back towards the wall. copyright protection43PENANAUDYrjdDY0A

I saw Light grinning mischievously at me, I rolled my eyes, walking up to her. “So what was happening between you and Atsuki huh?” She grinned so widely at that I genuinely thought her face was gonna be stuck like that. “Nothing happened Light.” I responded, trying to hide the fact that I might’ve gotten killed right there and then! copyright protection43PENANAlI9yvKWPH6

-Third person P.O.V-copyright protection43PENANAFxynj8i9Hd

Both girls were very fond of each other, being as close as family over a small period of time. The ravenette stood on her tip-toes to peer at the taller one. “Light?” She queried, pitying concern showering her face as she glanced at Light’s stressed expression. The long haired girl snapped back to reality, pushing her overly-caring friend back by her shoulders.copyright protection43PENANAqCQo49CI8D

”Im fine Dark, don’t worry.” She forced a smile, when in reality her dream was close by her side, haunting her as she flipped through every page of the book. copyright protection43PENANAiulr2QcYGU

~copyright protection43PENANA5lsDJLL1Vt

The day passed, and the girls were heading back to their respective homes, but little did they know.. someone had been observing them fairly closely throughout the day...copyright protection43PENANAel65JbflTn

Shin Atsukicopyright protection43PENANAZbRkDUbQTR

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