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OUAT/VD/Originals crossovers
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Writer Lizzy100
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OUAT/VD/Originals crossovers
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Ch.1: VD/OUAT: Their Happy Ending
Jan 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!EKHgqk9eUVLYhsyuQpb0posted on PENANA

Ch.1: VD/OUAT: Their Happy Endingcopyright protection17PENANAM2DpeUzfgd

Summary: Set in VD S7. Kat ends up in Storybrooke after using an ascendant to get out of the 1994 prison world, considering she never ended up in hell. She ended up in the 1994 prison world face to face with Kai. Set in OUAT S2, when Hook shot Belle as vengeance against Rumple. What if that never happened, because of seeing a human Katherine on the road? What will ensue?copyright protection17PENANAUUXBaoWkDR

  It was a nebulous night, as an out cold and injured Katherine Pierce appeared on the shoulder of the road, an arrow in her lower stomach, pale from blood loss, lying on her side, ascendant still in her hand, the sign not far away. She had come from a prison world that might as well have been a prison world of torment after what had happened in there.21Please respect copyright.PENANAHzelZtgyIx
            Killian Jones, also known by his “most colorful monica,” as he had once called it, Hook, arrived way before the Crocodile and Belle. He had a gun with him to seek his revenge on the Crocodile by shooting Belle, but when he saw a girl on the side of the road, he stopped. Since he knew or know of every fairytale that existed, and since she didn’t look like any of them, he assumed that she was from the outside world. Being a pirate, he was always a gentleman as well as a man of honor. He wouldn’t leave a girl hurt or a girl to die, and it looked to him that she was hurt and probably worse than that.21Please respect copyright.PENANALCrJeC8aXL
            He went over and knelt by her, abandoning his revenge against the Crocodile for now, and waited for Emma to get there. He knew that she probably knew what he had wanted to do tonight and was on her way, so he figured he wouldn’t have to call her.21Please respect copyright.PENANA1daRK2eLK1
            A few minutes later, he was right and then some. Emma arrived, but with an ambulance behind her. Her parents were with her, too.21Please respect copyright.PENANAYrBcNAG49o
 21Please respect copyright.PENANABV13FgGNrD
 21Please respect copyright.PENANAztQJkBMzmw
            Twenty minutes later, the unknown girl who looked no more than seventeen or eighteen, was taken down the hall at the only hospital in town. Until she woke up, none of them would know how she was, since she didn’t have any ID of any sort on her.21Please respect copyright.PENANAAkYcxLNeQX
            “So, you want to tell me what happened?” Emma questioned him, standing next to him, as he watched them take the girl down the hallway.21Please respect copyright.PENANADsSEvxVclm
            He looked at her. “I know nothing more than you do, Swan. I can only guess that she’s from the outside world. I’ve never seen her before.”21Please respect copyright.PENANAPUQGEahqJE
            He went to sit in a chair.21Please respect copyright.PENANAWkZUxxGkLx
 21Please respect copyright.PENANAhoZa3vIYH3
 21Please respect copyright.PENANAlxYbeCmw36
            An hour later, she was in a recovery room where Hook went in to see her, and sat in a chair by her bedside, looking at her. How could someone do this to her? After the doctor told them what her injuries were, it sounded like she’d been through hell and back. In his book, if you nearly died and lived to tell the tale, you were a survivor. This girl, after nearly dying, he figured that she was a survivor like him.21Please respect copyright.PENANAaZqaUYHBis
 21Please respect copyright.PENANA9AQ8LTEtSl
 21Please respect copyright.PENANAxdTvp87LEa
            A few weeks later, when he was seated in a chair again with Regina and Emma and Henry in the room too, she slowly woke up.21Please respect copyright.PENANARPaiZ5gHHz
            “Hey,” Emma greeted gently.21Please respect copyright.PENANA9Q90ZVUDoM
            “We have some questions for you,” Regina stated.21Please respect copyright.PENANAZV0Tqp1yaF
            She sat up in bed a little painfully, which made her wince.21Please respect copyright.PENANAJ2vUkv0BcH
            “As do I,” she replied.21Please respect copyright.PENANAamyknxfhaD
            “What’s your name?” Emma questioned.21Please respect copyright.PENANA39z420t4zD
            “Who are you?” Regina questioned.21Please respect copyright.PENANAJiFfd0KdBW
            “Well, as long as no one outside of this town shows up, I guess it’s safe to tell you. I’m Katherine Pierce but I was born Katerina Petrova. It’s a long story. From where I come from vampires, hybrids, werewolves, witches, Travelers, doppelgangers, and warlocks exist. The cure for vampirism used to exist too and an immortal named Silas. I was a 500 year old vampire until I was stupid enough to pick a fight with my doppelganger Elena Gilbert, after Elijah Mikaelson, an Original vampire, left me for his brother. I tried to kill her in both vengeance and anger right after her high school graduation, and she shoved the cure for vampirism down my throat before I could finish the job. I spent that whole summer trying to live as a human but had no resources to do so, and I had to be on high alert since every enemy I ever made is a supernatural creature. After the summer though, I came to Damon Salvatore, my ex and elder childe, for help and protection. He offered to turn me back, but I was afraid that if he did, I’d never wake up, so I stayed human. It only took him a week to break his promise to me and try to hand me over to Silas. A week later, I was reunited with my long lost daughter, Nadia Petrova. She was torn from my arms by my father, so I never got to raise her much less name her. She spent nearly 500 years searching for me after she was turned, so she could ask me herself why I abandoned her. Those who raised her, lied to her. When I told her the truth, we bonded, but it was short lived. I was fed to Silas by Damon but after the cure wasn’t inside me anymore, I came back to life. A week later, I found out that I was dying of old age at a rapid pace and it couldn’t be stopped. I gave up after that and fell from the clock tower on purpose, but Stefan, the youngest of my childes, saved me. Shortly after that, I had a heart attack and was put on bed rest until the very end, but I wasn’t ready, so I body jumped into Elena, since I found out that I’m descended from Travelers. When Damon, Stefan, and Elena’s friends found out what I did, that was a very unlucky night. Right after I watched Nadia die from a werewolf bite, I was killed by Stefan with the Traveler knife. When I died though, something barred me from going to the Other Side where everything supernatural goes when they die. Then I was swept away by a black mass and ended up in a prison world with a psychotic Gemini witch named Kai. I found a way out with the ascendant though. That must be when I arrived here,” she summarized to them.21Please respect copyright.PENANAVLjt5G1kXb
            “So vampires exist,” Emma commented.21Please respect copyright.PENANAY1ly5oyys7
            “Yes,” Kat clarified.21Please respect copyright.PENANAccqRrERbSt
            “Thank you for your cooperation,” Regina said. “And I’m sorry for your loss.”21Please respect copyright.PENANA8Oerhk7iF5
            “You’re welcome.”21Please respect copyright.PENANAuD6QcceKKH
            Katherine watched Regina go and then looked at Emma.21Please respect copyright.PENANASXTjOlXGwQ
            “So, what town did I happen to come to?”21Please respect copyright.PENANA9FEo7WIeen
            “Long story. That was Regina by the way and I’m Emma. In this town, every fairytale you grew up with exists. Regina originally made Storybrooke and brought some selective people here, but more have suddenly been finding themselves here after I broke Regina’s curse, restoring everyone’s memories. I’m supposed to be the savior, whether I want it or not. Regina is the reformed Evil Queen. I’m Snow White and Prince Charming’s daughter, but I didn’t know that for 28 years. I thought they abandoned me. I was an orphan all my life and went through foster care until I aged out of it.”21Please respect copyright.PENANAkJ1qzdDOYo
            “Nice to meet you. And I thought my world I’m from was crazy.”21Please respect copyright.PENANAvQloa9J8Qg
            “I’m gonna let you rest.”21Please respect copyright.PENANAY0WCo3y6iN
            She watched Emma go.21Please respect copyright.PENANAuCwv36JGUH
            “So, you’re a survivor, luv,” Hook commented.21Please respect copyright.PENANA4pypOIzyQp
            Katherine looked at him. “And you must be Hook. You’re quite a survivor yourself. I’ve always been a survivor whether I feel like it or not. For 500 years, I ran from a hybrid that now days I know what can kill him, but the dead talk so I’m not going to kill him. Besides, I’m not a monster. I would never take him away from his daughter. Plus Elijah would hate me for it and I’d have three other Originals ready to kill me for it. Plus, at her age, if I kill him, Hope will never remember her father.”21Please respect copyright.PENANAPPpLrOP0U7
            “I’m also the one that found you, luv.”21Please respect copyright.PENANANoKkUNrDul
            “Thanks.” She looked at Henry. “And who are you, kid?”21Please respect copyright.PENANAlyLUYACx8t
            “I’m Henry. Regina adopted me but Emma’s my biological mother. That’s cool that you were a vampire.”21Please respect copyright.PENANAXYinKKbzK5
            “Nice to meet you, Henry. Being a vampire was sometimes cool, but other times not so much. It turned me into something I’m not. I used to be a sweet, innocent seventeen year old girl until I met the hybrid Klaus and turned into a vampire. I’ve done many things, some of which I regret.”21Please respect copyright.PENANAHyurSpfj2J
            “Well, now that you’re in Storybrooke, maybe your story is in the book. You may not be a fairytale character, but when someone with magic or someone from a fairytale land comes to town, a new story appears in the book like magic,” he explained to her.21Please respect copyright.PENANAFohrif1VNa
            “Is it okay if I see this magical book? It might teach me a little something.”21Please respect copyright.PENANApK8H7Ssisd
            “Sure. We can look together.”21Please respect copyright.PENANAo9LTBEiQYl
            He sat on the bed with her and opened the book, going through it with her.21Please respect copyright.PENANAADJR4176XV
            Watching it play out, Hook had to admit that she definitely had a mother’s instinct and demeanor. He had no clue what a vampire or hybrid or doppelganger or warlock was, but maybe Emma would educate him on the parts he didn’t understand.21Please respect copyright.PENANAgmFo4Nhw6J
            “I’m going to leave you two alone,” he said, before walking out.21Please respect copyright.PENANAJuTuov9Gl7
            After going through the book, it was pretty cool. No wonder he was excited over it. He was like she used to be as a little girl; excited over fairytale stories. She used to dream of being free as a bird, sailing on a ship with Captain Hook. He had always been her favorite story. As long as she could remember, she had wanted to be free. Maybe in Storybrooke, she could be just that; free.21Please respect copyright.PENANA1VLLNQNVWK
            “I should let you rest,” Henry said, getting off the bed and grabbing the book.21Please respect copyright.PENANAQc6wBajSHp
            She smiled. “Thanks.”21Please respect copyright.PENANABqUvVi05Zm
            She watched him leave, before laying down in bed to rest.21Please respect copyright.PENANAc1iXM5Oz1K
 21Please respect copyright.PENANAkRWqnyBHqi
 21Please respect copyright.PENANA72J1xFkxKj
            The next day, when she started feeling better, she got another visitor; one she recognized clearly.21Please respect copyright.PENANATXlcV7hJHj
            “Hey, I’m Belle. I heard what happened to you.”21Please respect copyright.PENANAt1bqszY3go
            “Nice to meet you. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. I just need to be careful because of my injuries, but other than that, I’m told that I’m good to go,” she said nicely.21Please respect copyright.PENANAmnq6pYLJvw
            “Well, if you’re hungry, there’s Granny’s Diner. And if you’ll be staying, you can ask Granny for a room or stay with someone else. I’m sure Regina wouldn’t mind you staying with her, or Killian,” Belle suggested to her.21Please respect copyright.PENANA3ptoBowT7d
            “Thanks, Belle. I just might do that.” She gave a smile.21Please respect copyright.PENANAdBfo1HX0Kd
            “You’re welcome,” Belle said, before leaving.21Please respect copyright.PENANAp7BQd0OZKk
 21Please respect copyright.PENANAvOKZclnJfv
 21Please respect copyright.PENANAXs7cR9TO9E
            Later that day, she ate at Granny’s before asking Hook if he wouldn’t mind her staying with him, in which he obliged. She didn’t want to intrude by staying with Regina, the former Evil Queen. So she moved in with Hook on his ship and a few weeks later, they fell in love. So, without further ado, she and Hook finally got their happy ending together.copyright protection17PENANAfpPxRn1HNc

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