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OUAT/VD/Originals crossovers
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Writer Lizzy100
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OUAT/VD/Originals crossovers
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Ch.6: OUAT/VD/Originals: Radiant Ending
Jan 12, 2018
32 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!GqXTGLTIFm3zSVsdYNhzposted on PENANA

Ch.6: OUAT/VD/Originals: Radiant Endingcopyright protection9PENANAqEM8rFM9Gx

Summary: Set a few years after VD S5 when Kat died, and Originals S4 in the future. Kat ends up in Storybrooke after escaping the 1994 prison world. Elijah also ends up there. Will they get back together? Also, set in OUAT S5 all the way to the ending of 5x11, but Hook doesn’t need to die for the Darkness to be defeated. When Kat finds out everything about everyone and what happened with Emma, she helps Hook find a way to get Emma back, only for Hook to find out that she made him into The Dark One, instead of letting him die back in Camelot. Now he’s seeking revenge, which he fails at getting. Will Hook be saved? Will Emma and Hook ever be okay again? Can they move past what Hook did as The Dark One and what Emma did as The Dark One? What will ensue?copyright protection9PENANAqmYngE9anP

  It was a dismal night, as Katherine, human and injured, layed in some woods after escaping the 1994 prison world, which had held Kai. She’d escaped him and left him there. She didn’t recognize these woods, though. She wanted to find out where she was, but she was too injured. Then everything went black for her.copyright protection9PENANAxqpqmRDkEV

            Elijah didn’t know how or why, but awhile after Marcel had been defeated, he suddenly appeared in unfamiliar woods. Then, when he saw her, he assumed why he was brought here.copyright protection9PENANAT5zGe0l0a2

            “Katerina.”copyright protection9PENANAyAowYFa7Py

            He blurred to her side, where he saw the injuries she had. Her shoulder and lower stomach looked like she’d been stabbed. Her lower stomach was heavily bleeding and there was a dagger in her thigh, which had opened the artery in her thigh. There was blood on either side of her head and an arrow in her side. He also saw an ascendant not far from her. That’s when he knew that sometime after he’d left her and the present, she’d ended up in a prison world.copyright protection9PENANAXmYmMleqFT

            After realizing this, he used his vamp senses to check what condition she was in, other than the obvious that had happened to her. When he did, he realized that it was worse than he thought it was.copyright protection9PENANAmzYVfcWBc6

            He bent down and kissed her, giving her some air, trying to revive her. He didn’t want to lose her, but there wasn’t much he could do. He could only hope that he could save her.copyright protection9PENANADLG2hEHrMx

            “Come back to me, Katerina.”copyright protection9PENANAZJTY6Gjk7Z

            After trying to revive her for twenty minutes, he heard a heartbeat from her, though she didn’t awaken. It relieved him though, that she was alive. Though he’d left her, he still loved her.copyright protection9PENANAetycpOplpC

            He slid an arm under her legs and his other one under her. Then he gently picked her up in his arms and blurred out of the woods and went in search of the nearest hospital.copyright protection9PENANAs3n95EON6B

            A few hours later, he was seated on her bedside, waiting for her to awaken. She’d made it through surgery and would luckily, be okay.copyright protection9PENANAk6ke5rVpL2

            He rested a hand on hers and another on the side of her face.copyright protection9PENANAoZwXcWMBhb

            “I’m so sorry, Katerina. I never should have left. I at least should have made sure you were okay,” he apologized, though he wasn’t sure if she could hear him.copyright protection9PENANAdKfATlfI8l

            As Elijah waited for his Katerina to awaken, someone walked in.copyright protection9PENANAjssEHx5CWR

            “I hate to intrude, but we need to know who and what you are,” the girl told him. “I make it my business to know all the residence here.”copyright protection9PENANAFlRci485Fq

            “I guess you won’t be stopping until you find out, so I might as well tell you. I’m Elijah Mikaelson and though I call her by her born name, she is known as Katherine Pierce. I’m an Original vampire; one of the first made vampires. Katerina was a vampire, though I do not know how she became human again,” he informed her.copyright protection9PENANAgTawu4RJMZ

            “My name’s Regina Mills,” she introduced herself. “I’m the mayor of Storybrooke.”copyright protection9PENANA56sxL95QM1

            “Storybrooke?” he quizzed.copyright protection9PENANAIsmAEFEMKk

            “Yes. I’m the one that created this town. All the fairytales you’ve ever heard of exists,” she explained to him. “Now how did you get here?”copyright protection9PENANAc1dnyIrpse

            “I don’t know why or how. I just know that we suddenly appeared here. I came from New Orleans. I assume Katerina came from a prison world, though she was in Mystic Falls when I saw her last.”copyright protection9PENANAoylR661bXN

            “Well, welcome to Storybrooke, then,” she replied.copyright protection9PENANAdFgzgUfUH0

            “You say this town is full of fairytales, so who may you be, Miss Mills?”copyright protection9PENANAeU2shAbJZD

            “I used to be the Evil Queen. You can call me Regina. Everyone else does. I don’t know anything about vampires, nor have I heard of a vampire before, but if either of you is hungry, you can go to Granny’s. If you need a place to stay, I’m sure Granny could get you a room. Or two. You could also ask Charming and Snow for a place too, or look for your own place. If you’re staying, I’m sure you’ll like it here.”copyright protection9PENANAYobjfhqhtn

            “Thanks for the advice, Regina,” he replied.copyright protection9PENANA5G3lgjfveX

            She turned around to leave.copyright protection9PENANAwsRyV896S8

            He watched her go, and then looked down at Katerina, once again.copyright protection9PENANAJQxVaNdA4G

            When Katherine woke up, she saw that she was in a hospital bed, Elijah seated on her bedside. Because of this, she realized that he had appeared sometime after she had, and had saved her life and brought her here. She didn’t expect anything less. She knew he’d always be there in an instant if he knew she needed him.copyright protection9PENANAY9m1uClK8z

            She smiled and he smiled back.copyright protection9PENANAHE2ydXHm4z

            “You’re awake,” he greeted.copyright protection9PENANAuNp2JzPWaT

            “And you’re here,” she greeted back. “You saved my life. Thanks.”copyright protection9PENANAC82YaxBwhJ

            “I’ll always save you no matter what, Katerina. You know that,” he responded.copyright protection9PENANA5Zn8xA5fW9

            He took his hands away from her.copyright protection9PENANAOrXetHNiDY

            She sat up in bed.copyright protection9PENANAbg7eehMQN3

            “And yet you didn’t bother to call to make sure I was okay or not,” she retorted.copyright protection9PENANAzT3W1Bx7Qu

            He rested a hand on hers.copyright protection9PENANAhEVfSpWGIz

            “Whatever happened, Katerina, I’m so sorry. I was unaware that you needed me. You never called me, so how was I to know that you were in trouble? I would have come if I had known that you needed me. Always.”copyright protection9PENANAFUPM844UUR

            “That doesn’t change the fact that you didn’t bother to check up on me after you left. You want to know what happened, Elijah? The cure was shoved down my throat and time caught up with me.”copyright protection9PENANAYuL1rNCYUt

            “I’m sorry, Katerina. I had no idea. If I had known, I would have come. I would have been there. I hope someday that you may forgive me.”copyright protection9PENANAsc8or1OoIw

            “Maybe someday, but not anytime soon,” she replied to him. “Now when do I get out of here, and where are we exactly?”copyright protection9PENANAYnqN9zSetN

            “We’re in a town called Storybrooke,” he answered her. “You can go when you’re ready.”copyright protection9PENANA6shRuIE7Hz

            “Well, I’m ready now,” she replied.copyright protection9PENANAAaLIzdJnBr

            A few minutes later, she was out of the hospital and they were at the bar in Granny’s Diner.copyright protection9PENANAUzPknZTgdn

            She’d just eaten and they were having a shot glass of bourbon each, when a boy sat next to them, whom had a book with him.copyright protection9PENANA3jPlaj4PrL

            “Hi, I’m Henry. Who are you?” he asked them.copyright protection9PENANAo1WaKvntTY

            They looked at him.copyright protection9PENANAVNyK8VJ1bW

            She was the one whom introduced them to him.copyright protection9PENANAofgeBryFgZ

            “I’m Katherine and this is Elijah. He’s a vampire and I used to be one until the cure for vampirism got shoved down my throat. I’ve been human ever since. What’s with the book?”copyright protection9PENANArF1oPLTdfN

            “It’s magical. When someone new comes to town, a new story appears.”copyright protection9PENANAcaBKUJGELR

            He looked through the book.copyright protection9PENANAB97RoIjXoz

            She watched him.copyright protection9PENANAXPeYd4J7hY

            He stopped at a page.copyright protection9PENANAVt9we4gUI1

            “Your story is in the book now.”copyright protection9PENANAMkbTczCvx0

            She looked at the story. That’s when she believed. She also realized why this town was called Storybrooke.copyright protection9PENANA5uQks4ocbG

            After she realized all of this, Henry spoke again.copyright protection9PENANAb79kDnoTi7

            “Are you going to be together?”copyright protection9PENANAV4s6YEGAad

            She knew he was referring to her and Elijah.copyright protection9PENANABfHrzavYnH

            “I don’t know. I’m not good at forgiveness and Elijah did leave.”copyright protection9PENANAEyOOTschmu

            “Do you still love each other?”copyright protection9PENANAphyRnww47H

            “Of course. We always will,” she allegated.copyright protection9PENANAhIWZawaGvx

            “Then you should be together. He’s your true love. You’re meant to be together,” he replied.copyright protection9PENANAna5cYZFag1

            “It’s not that simple, Henry. Sometimes love doesn’t work out, even if you still love that person. Besides, I have to learn to trust him again after he left. I understand his loyalty to his family, but it still hurts that he chose his brother over me, yet again. He may love me, but he never chooses me, even when he doesn’t need to help his family,” she explained.copyright protection9PENANAFGiexGK4KS

            “I should get going, but I’ll see you later,” Henry told her.copyright protection9PENANAL2BI2MfcsK

            She watched him go.copyright protection9PENANAJQUP3TOI45

            They finished their shot glass of bourbon each.copyright protection9PENANAJJL2XjIInt

            Afterward, they got a room, and then went for a walk through town once they had met everyone, apart from Hook and Emma, and had been told of the recent news. They wanted to get to know the town.copyright protection9PENANAA9wcRyY6Kq

            They stopped, seeing Hook on a roof, trying to summon Emma. His look was what gave away who he was.copyright protection9PENANAQuhLkkE92I

            A moment later, they saw a girl they assumed was Emma, appear, and Hook suddenly appeared on the ground, in front of Emma.copyright protection9PENANAfLs1Npkw8I

            They watched silently, as Emma and Hook spoke.copyright protection9PENANA0JRwVJ5TPQ

            After they saw Emma disappear, Katherine asked Elijah to go and he decided to go to their room.copyright protection9PENANAkGlBsGW6PY

            Katherine approached Hook.copyright protection9PENANAP4Kh6xHq4P

            “I can help you save her if you want.”copyright protection9PENANA95y1CtKHnz

            He looked at her.copyright protection9PENANAyIgTkIzgPp

            “Who are you?”copyright protection9PENANAeFuYXAwE0B

            “Katherine. Elijah and I are new in town. I couldn’t help but overhear. You love her, don’t you? I heard about what happened to Emma, but she can be saved. Love isn’t always enough to break the hold the darkness has on someone you love. I was never the Dark One, but I did many terrible things. Elijah tried to find a way to redeem me, but it didn’t work, no matter how much we will always love each other. I got myself in too deep and lost myself. I wish I could take back the evil I did, but I can’t. Worst of all, I hurt the people I love by lying to them and broke their hearts. In the end, I had to learn on my own how I could redeem myself. When Elijah left, I learned the hard way that it was time that I changed. Sometimes a person needs tough love to make them realize that by doing bad things, they’re pushing those they love away.”copyright protection9PENANAuaG2biwV0U

            “How do you suggest that you help me save Emma from herself?” he catechized.copyright protection9PENANAvyCMsWu1dk

            “Just make her see that she’s going to end up alone forever if she keeps lying, deceiving, and doing evil things. If she loves you enough, she’ll come to her senses, believe me. I did and I’m as stubborn as they come,” she remarked.copyright protection9PENANAqrZUqWvXBv

            “Shall we discuss this tomorrow, luv?”copyright protection9PENANAy5Gf8RyENy

            “We shall.”copyright protection9PENANAyj6b5y8AAl

            They smiled at each other.copyright protection9PENANAV1NUWeRrbs

            The next day, Katherine was at the bar, having a drink, when Hook went to sit next to her. When he did, she knew why he was there. Since their talk last night, she’d been thinking of a plan to get Emma to let go of the darkness. If she of all people could finally get redemption, Emma of all people should be able to get hers and be happy.copyright protection9PENANAXKyDZGvxlj

            “Captain,” Katherine greeted. Then she asked him, “You know Emma well, or rather, the Dark One. Where would she be staying at? We could go together. I may be just human, but I also have a little magic of my own if I need to defend myself. But that’ll be the last resort. I wouldn’t want harm to come to anyone. I never used to care, but since things have changed for me, I’ve started to care about others, instead of just myself and Elijah.”copyright protection9PENANA5UCc5ILdim

            “I may know where Emma’s living. There’s a house secluded away from town,” he informed her. “What do you have in mind, luv?”copyright protection9PENANAzenm8jA0KM

            Katherine looked at him.copyright protection9PENANAtHw1lwIQ33

            “We’re going to get the old Emma back one way or another.”copyright protection9PENANA99XMm3u8gN

            She finished her shot glass of Bourbon.copyright protection9PENANAuP1ScacNaX

            “Then let’s go, luv,” Hook said, and got to his feet, as she got to hers.copyright protection9PENANAzEF5F0BnRF

            They headed out the door.copyright protection9PENANAr1PoObrikI

            Once at the house, she was cautious in case a barrier spell was on the house. She was right about the barrier spell, so she used some magic to break it, which worked. They then entered the house and searched around for Emma.copyright protection9PENANA6Py8HLjUyu

            When she found that the basement door was locked, she used magic to unlock it and they headed downstairs to see what she was hiding down there. Katherine knew the only reason for a locked door was usually to hide something.copyright protection9PENANAR78wdOxPco

            When Katherine and Hook went downstairs, they found a sword in a stone. It reminded Katherine of the story of King Arthur, before he’d been a king. She knew from the sight of the sword in the stone, Emma must’ve brought it from the Enchanted Forest, though she didn’t know that Emma was ever there, since she’d only just come to town not that long ago.copyright protection9PENANAuDqk2ewuxQ

            “The Excalibur sword,” Hook commented, when he saw it.copyright protection9PENANAdEFMNnx6h5

            “Indeed,” Katherine agreed. copyright protection9PENANAB9dJGqydgK

            When Katherine sensed someone else’s presence, she turned around to see a girl in black come from the darkness. She assumed that this was the new Dark One; Emma.copyright protection9PENANACLo25rgBVO

            Hook looking in the direction that Katherine did to see what Katherine had sensed, and saw Emma there.copyright protection9PENANAr9s7VfvsmN

            “You shouldn’t be down here,” Emma warned Hook. Then she looked at Katherine. “Who the hell are you?”copyright protection9PENANAyXWLHCcfQs

            “Katherine. Someone you don’t want to mess with. I’m doing Hook a favor. I’m going to save you, if it’s the last thing I do,” she replied to Emma. “You may be the Dark One, but that doesn’t mean you have to act like one. I’ve done many horrific things in my life as a 538 year old vampire, though I was never the Dark One. I might as well have been, though. Everything I did, I thought I was doing to survive and stay ahead of my greatest enemy, Klaus, but in doing all those things, I lost myself. It took being reunited with my daughter, to decide to change into a better person. I found myself again and was saved. You can be saved too. You may not want to be saved or think you need to be saved, but I will help Hook bring you back from the edge. Elijah brought me back from the edge many times. Hook and I can do the same for you. Now, I don’t have the slightest clue what you plan on doing with that sword, but we’ll stop you and bring you back from the edge, no matter what. When I set my mind on something, there’s no stopping me or changing my mind,” Katherine informed her.copyright protection9PENANA0sdoviPMUL

            Emma wasn’t sure what to say to that, for once.copyright protection9PENANAAmU2tPhYiD

            Katherine headed for the stairs.copyright protection9PENANALQBICikOxb

            “Let’s go,” she told Hook.copyright protection9PENANAgyDuW9NMVH

            Hook followed her out.copyright protection9PENANAxv4sxxiPwA

            Half an hour later, they were back in town.copyright protection9PENANAtir403mlRU

            Hook parted from Katherine to go to his ship, while she went back to the diner.copyright protection9PENANAw8saCpjqbf

            Katherine sat at the bar and ordered a shot glass of Bourbon. As usual.copyright protection9PENANA8JKcbiJt8g

            Ruby poured her her drink.copyright protection9PENANA3ByuGyy2Up

            “Rough day?”copyright protection9PENANAXqyqBaPUB1

            “You could say that. I’m going to assume that you might have some experience with Dark Ones. You guys know Emma. If love can’t save her, what will? I’m good at plans, but I can’t make much of a plan to save her from the Darkness if I don’t know her or know what she cares about, other than Hook.”copyright protection9PENANA9JKUVWdFpl

            “You should talk to Gold or Belle. Belle’s got a lot of experience with trying to save the Dark One and Gold was the Dark One before Emma became it,” Ruby informed her.copyright protection9PENANAVtXtYD2wGW

            “Thanks. Where would I find them?” she questioned her.copyright protection9PENANAWDnu4YFUTg

            “Gold’s pawn shop,” she answered her.copyright protection9PENANAV3ZGXVCbA2

            “I’ll talk to them then. Thanks for your help.”copyright protection9PENANAwwwt0v631N

            Katherine finished up her drink and then left the diner to go to the shop. She was going to get to know all about The Dark One and how to save one, no matter what. She wouldn’t let Hook lose his happy ending. He’d already lost too much in the past. If Hook couldn’t save Emma from the darkness, then maybe she could.copyright protection9PENANAZYrnsvl7pe

            Fifteen minutes later, she entered the pawn shop and approached the glass counter, as a guy with a cane came from the back.copyright protection9PENANAolio2fjEqU

            “How can I help you, dearie?” he inquired.copyright protection9PENANAHXrerrJyuK

            “I’m going to assume that you’re Gold or Rumpelstiltskin. Whatever you want to be called. You were The Dark One for a very long time, I hear. I may be new in town, but I’d like to help save Emma from the darkness. My name is Katherine.”copyright protection9PENANAluJMSbhdjH

            “Well, that, dearie, is easier said than done. Emma was the savior of this town before she became the Dark One. She defeated many villains in this town. Now that she’s the Dark One, you’ll have your work cut out for you trying to save her. I had many chances with Belle while I was the Dark One, but I always chose power over love and family. In doing so, I lost my son and killed my wife. There was a time I even believed that no one could ever love me. Belle always saw the man behind the beast though, no matter what,” he shared with her.copyright protection9PENANAsI2K640qJr

            “I know the feeling,” she replied. “I lost my daughter and my family. Elijah even left because he gave up on my redemption. When I was reunited with my daughter though, it made me want to change, and I changed for the better. I redeemed myself. Thanks, Gold.”copyright protection9PENANAlrpMFQeooJ

            He watched, as she left his shop.copyright protection9PENANA9JdSw64Njn

            After figuring out a way to get Emma back, he did as Katherine had suggested, and used his love he had for her. So, they had dinner below the deck on the Jolly Roger, but it didn’t pan out very well. Things were said and as they stood in front of each other, she told him, “If you tell me you don’t love me, I’ll let you go.”copyright protection9PENANAvM5xxcCyCm

            He took a moment and then, hating saying this, said, “I loved you.”copyright protection9PENANA0XNpKtgYRF

            After he told her that, she disappeared.copyright protection9PENANAH1oVTU1XIl

            After Regina broke into the house and discovered a dreamcatcher that catches memories, she took it with her and left. Then she informed the others.copyright protection9PENANAld7rLFDoeg

            After Hook found out about the dreamcatchers, he took it upon himself to confront Emma, trying, once again, to get her to tell him the truth. Otherwise, he’d have to see for himself through the dreamcatcher. She wouldn’t tell him, so he used the dreamcatcher and soon found out the truth about what happened in Camelot. He’d asked her to just let him die, but instead, she turned him into a second Dark One. He was angry at her for doing that to him. She hadn’t respected his wishes. Now she’d done the worse thing she could to him. Now, he was going to do everything possible to hurt her the way she’d hurt him.copyright protection9PENANALedyEX2UWU

            Katherine entered the basement of the house, half an hour later, and approached the stone with the Excalibur sword. After finding out all she could about it, she knew what she had to do. She had to get the sword away from Emma to keep her from destroying light altogether. The only way she felt that was possible was by pulling it out. And so, she grabbed the sword and began to pull it out, not knowing if it would work or not. She wasn’t exactly a hero. At least, she didn’t think she was or ever would be. But then, she succeeded in pulling it out, and so, she took it to where they were still talking at Regina’s office, about the dreamcatchers and how to stop Emma.copyright protection9PENANAADVYyOTAMC

            She entered with the sword and put it on Regina’s desk.copyright protection9PENANAV8Q3zBId0W

            “We don’t need to worry about her using the Excalibur anymore. Now we have it.”copyright protection9PENANAtLbHkPEmKA

            After they left Regina’s office, Snow, Regina, Charming, Elijah, and Katherine went to the house to go find Emma.copyright protection9PENANAgkecjN1dnN

            “I’ll take the basement,” Charming said.copyright protection9PENANAQiWGlvi3Ii

            “I’ll check the upstairs,” Regina said.copyright protection9PENANA0b4bSo1xLM

            Snow opened the door and they all walked in and began looking around for her.copyright protection9PENANA826neqafDx

            After Regina went upstairs and Charming to the basement, and Katherine and Snow called Emma’s name a few times, Katherine and Snow found Emma in the living room, on the couch, with the black thing around her wrist which was stopping her from doing any magic.copyright protection9PENANA3uPZabvsfe

            Snow knelt in front of her.copyright protection9PENANALfqPrjesQ0

            “Hey. What happened?”copyright protection9PENANAeZ2lmhLxxp

            Katherine approached and Elijah followed.copyright protection9PENANA4BTUB456xk

            After Charming and Regina were downstairs and the black thing was off Emma’s wrist, Emma informed them.copyright protection9PENANAkiAL814nuU

            Afterward, Regina whom was seated on the opposite end of the couch, said, “You turned Hook into The Dark One?”copyright protection9PENANAnJUq5hIRPf

            “Yeah. In order to save him,” she told her.copyright protection9PENANAhTQaOsfTzM

            Snow handed her a drink.copyright protection9PENANAeU5OFdQJBl

            “And you didn’t think of the consequences to everyone else?” Regina asked.copyright protection9PENANAEY4ypaQ71F

            “I couldn’t just let him die. You could understand that.”copyright protection9PENANAnizetnGIhf

            “Well, yes, but…,” Regina began, mad at what she’d done since Regina knew very well all about Hook, and was afraid of what Hook might do. She refrained from saying the rest of that sentence and said, “Now we have a bigger problem.”copyright protection9PENANAuv9zkONbxo

            “I know. I didn’t think any of this would happen,” Emma replied. “I was trying to get rid of the Darkness for good. You can’t tell me that after everything Zelena’s done to you, that your life wouldn’t be easier if she were gone. I was doing you a favor.”copyright protection9PENANAwbnBKNLBUM

            Snow sat in a wooden chair.copyright protection9PENANAgh5Qvydchv

            “Come on. It’s premeditated murder, Emma. There had to be another way. You should have come to us.”copyright protection9PENANArL0Bllp9wX

            “And risk losing someone else? I thought the best way to control the Darkness was to isolate myself, but when I did that, there was no one around to tell me when I was wrong or when I was being stupid.”copyright protection9PENANAy29WDUJpvE

            “Fine. You’re being stupid. So, stop it,” Regina interjected and went to stand behind the couch. “Right now, we have to clean up this mess.”copyright protection9PENANAcMWhCsPQE6

            “No. We don’t,” Snow disagreed. Then she looked at her daughter. “Give us back our memories. Your dreamcatchers. Regina can access them, can’t she? We can piece together Hook’s plan and stop him.”copyright protection9PENANAl6SmHeH7od

            “I’m afraid not,” Charming interjected, as he walked in. “The dreamcatchers. You said they were in the shed? They’re gone.”copyright protection9PENANA4WgeSU8CjD

            “What the hell is Captain Dark One up to?” Regina questioned.copyright protection9PENANAgvqcM2ECTj

            Katherine sat on the couch by Emma.copyright protection9PENANAJepCA6Qidf

            “Well, whatever it is, it can’t be good. Especially, when he’s embraced it altogether. I know first-hand that it’s almost impossible to let go of any kind of darkness, but with love and patience, it can be stopped.”copyright protection9PENANAwibMw4GFHZ

            Elijah sat next to Katerina and was silent, knowing what she meant, all too well.copyright protection9PENANAjYuJahMPUF

            Meanwhile, Hook was at the shop where Belle was at, Rumple next to her.copyright protection9PENANA9DTyfuF6NT

            “Emma turned you into the Dark One?” Belle questioned.copyright protection9PENANAljbx5IBLoj

            “And now you’ve come for your revenge,” Rumple stated.copyright protection9PENANALHhgqsxcir

            “The thought crossed my mind. For this lovely piece of hardware, I think I’ll take your hand. For Mila; for your heart; for filling Emma with the Darkness. I think your head will do quite nicely.”copyright protection9PENANASr5LZkgEr4

            “So, what are you waiting for?” Rumple questioned him. “Get on with it.”copyright protection9PENANAyMnJjssVeQ

            “No, no, no, no, no. I’ve been waiting centuries for this moment. I really want to savor it.” He slid a sword towards where Rumple stood. “The Jolly Roger at noon, dearie. Where it all began.”copyright protection9PENANAf0xwgYYObg

            “How poetic. But we both know this weapon cannot kill you,” Rumple commented.copyright protection9PENANAg3HlPHG6m7

            “Ah, true. That sword can’t kill me.” He approached Rumple. He used magic to make the Excalibur appear in his hand. “This one can.”copyright protection9PENANAaUUxEe06af

            “The Excalibur,” Rumple stated.copyright protection9PENANAXpfvVvtTkF

            “You have it,” Belle stated.copyright protection9PENANA9AIRWxyCDU

            “Aye. It can no longer control me, but it can kill me. All you have to do is take it from me. So, what say you, Crocodile? Shall we finish what we started?”copyright protection9PENANAJNPEltSmA2

            “Indeed,” Rumple agreed.copyright protection9PENANABxrQ2mmwgG

            After Hook left, Rumple and Belle met up with the others at Regina’s place and informed her.copyright protection9PENANAcqhUhdsQP5

            “Once pirate, always a pirate,” Regina stated.copyright protection9PENANALzTAdf36BD

            “As a man, Hook spent centuries trying to kill me. It makes sense that revenge would be on his mind.”copyright protection9PENANA8cbz3eWqLc

            Emma stood by the table.copyright protection9PENANA7XCoRUCjKs

            “Why wipe my memory, when he was going to announce his plan anyway? There must be more to it.”copyright protection9PENANApw2j6gyam9

            “Yeah, but even if there is, we only have until noon to stop him,” Belle informed her. Belle looked at Rumple with a hand on his. “And to save you.”copyright protection9PENANAOumZ4pd1QY

            “What about Merlin’s message?” Charming asked.copyright protection9PENANAeXVRmNLY6w

            “He said this Neume is the key to stopping the Dark One,” Snow said.copyright protection9PENANAqw2sP8Inj4

            “Neume was Merlin’s true love,” Emma told Snow.copyright protection9PENANAx7zT6EjkGa

            “And she was also the first Dark One,” Rumple added.copyright protection9PENANAiU7eLt1xr8

            “I know. How do we find out more about her?”  Emma asked him.copyright protection9PENANA3SE5kte3Ry

            “Start your search with the Dark One Chronicles. There are many texts that can help us.”copyright protection9PENANA8oFIiMmC63

            “As much as I appreciate devotion to scholarship, there is an easier way. I am still the Dark One. I can protect you, Gold.” Emma saw their looks. “You don’t trust me.”copyright protection9PENANAMpXTDJnFgP

            “Well, if our positions were reversed, would you trust me?” Gold asked her.copyright protection9PENANANjHrp2VE5M

            Henry entered.copyright protection9PENANAceaRWtDj5K

            “So, it’s true. You’re here.”copyright protection9PENANAmS9jMM29sj

            “Henry,” she greeted him. She tried to get him to tell them that they could trust her, but he didn’t.copyright protection9PENANAYfCFH2ICGO

“No. You lied to us. About Hook; about everything. Why should we trust you now?”copyright protection9PENANAoS2zKY3nh8

            “Henry, I’m your mother.”copyright protection9PENANA7D1hXN40Xw

            “Are you?” he contradicted. “’cause the mom I know wouldn’t keep things from me.”copyright protection9PENANAjVLWBsYj5E

            “I thought you were the one person who would understand.”copyright protection9PENANA7txa3h86Fp

            “I thought you were the one person I could trust,” he replied.copyright protection9PENANAfM3g414811

            “So, you can forgive Regina and Gold for everything they’ve done, but not me.”copyright protection9PENANAElXqhyTfSY

            “They’ve changed. They showed me they’ve changed.”copyright protection9PENANAU0sravIiCn

            “So did I,” she replied.copyright protection9PENANAIRaM8eNdmP

            “When we first met, yeah. But the minute things got tough, you didn’t come to anybody. You decided that you would figure it out on your own. We were a team.”copyright protection9PENANAe1abrrKkGD

            “Operation Cobra. I remember.”copyright protection9PENANAiADK1NgK6T

            “But now, you want to use your Dark magic so you can do it alone. And I’ve seen what you do with Dark magic.”copyright protection9PENANA7PKiBTwp6T

            She could only watch, as he left.copyright protection9PENANAelUoxlPhFw

            “He needs time, Emma,” Regina told her.copyright protection9PENANAUY7yJ9m0Ts

            “We should really get to the library. We have a lot to do,” Belle, said, and everyone got up from the table.copyright protection9PENANAT1iDjUxPjE

            “I have stop to make first. I’ll meet you there,” Regina told them.copyright protection9PENANAJxZDVxYLPE

            “Let me guess. I’m not invited,” Emma stated.copyright protection9PENANAhKDpimyEms

            “Emma, we love you,” Snow White assured her.copyright protection9PENANA7ftpTNjqDD

            “But you don’t trust me.”copyright protection9PENANA5ma5Z5CYQr

            “We don’t trust the Darkness,” Charming told her. “Stay here and let us save you. It’s for the best.”copyright protection9PENANAD8bgxtC68Z

            Everyone left the house.copyright protection9PENANAyge2G8Q0zt

            Rumple stopped on the front porch and Belle noticed.copyright protection9PENANADEPNJPTmOK

            She approached.copyright protection9PENANANrSZHqtkwC

            “Rumple, what’s wrong? Aren’t you coming?”copyright protection9PENANAk5Sz8yHYyh

            “I’m afraid my preparations for this battle can’t be found in a book.”copyright protection9PENANArbVhZF6S2U

            “But this was your idea,” she replied, standing in front of him.copyright protection9PENANADQmvP3Wjot

            “For you and the others, there might be a way to protect yourself,” Rumple assured her. “For me? I’ve spent an entire life running away from battles. Time to stop.”copyright protection9PENANAVJyNiGmZFU

            “Well, you don’t have anything to prove anymore,” Belle replied. “You saved me from Merida. You’re a hero now.”copyright protection9PENANAh66cn6SuZU

            “That doesn’t erase a lifetime of cowardice. Nothing can. If I survive this, I want to do better by you. I want to love you in a way I never could before. Honesty and courage. Let me be the man you deserve. The man I swore on my son’s grave that I would be.”copyright protection9PENANApCLL8AP4Ud

            “I don’t know what to say,” she stated.copyright protection9PENANAxPX6DfN0fs

            “Don’t say anything,” he replied. “If I win, I’ll go to the well where we were married. And if you meet me there, I’ll know how you feel.”copyright protection9PENANAVwz2JX8Br7

            He walked away and she watched him go.copyright protection9PENANAwRJhCRSrWN

            Zelena entered the hospital.copyright protection9PENANAFtDCAhRnh6

            Zelena turned a corner and Regina was there.copyright protection9PENANAPcCpemmmXO

            “No so fast, sis,” Regina said.copyright protection9PENANAuuFeMh5FJ2

            “Sissy, dear. Thank you so much for looking after my bundle of joy while I was off being kidnapped, but I’ve come to take her back now. Bye.”copyright protection9PENANAtow606nStE

            Regina watched her go.copyright protection9PENANAZjRCI5Y4sW

            “Good luck with that.”copyright protection9PENANATWrybdPgTy

            Zelena went to the room, only to see through the window that she wasn’t there.copyright protection9PENANAjmXPsYVQQp

            Zelena turned around to face her sister.copyright protection9PENANAuQIlsqrrvU

            “Where is my daughter?”copyright protection9PENANAnoROX22NjV

            “Do you really think after everything that you’ve done that we wouldn’t protect that child from you?”copyright protection9PENANAmCijrLhnB8

            “She’s my child!”copyright protection9PENANAM6ZvrrWTTr

            “She’s also Robin’s. And you will never take her away from him.”copyright protection9PENANANgQE5NG7B0

            “You just can’t stand after a lifetime of getting everything, it’s finally my turn.”copyright protection9PENANA3XCmg47yrI

            “The only reason you have that baby is because you killed Mirian. And you deceived Robin in the most vile way imaginable.”copyright protection9PENANAHeOGJg8Fa1

            Zelena gave a smile.copyright protection9PENANA7XiYCoLjwm

            “Is that a compliment?”copyright protection9PENANAjzkWWA039s

            “This insanity has to stop.”copyright protection9PENANAMRHBxqSG62

            “Agreed. But I don’t think it can.”copyright protection9PENANAIe01cDpYWV

            “Actually, I think maybe it can.”copyright protection9PENANAlgvFcrgdvp

            Emma was laying on the couch at Regina’s place, when Hook entered the living room.copyright protection9PENANAFigmTONLvU

            “A broken knee isn’t unlike a broken heart. Isn’t that right, Swan? What is this? I expected to find you in the hero’s home over a mountain of books, trying to figure out my terrible plan.”copyright protection9PENANANd8OekrEio

            “That’s not why you’re here,” Emma replied, getting up from the couch and approaching him. “You’re here because you still have feelings for me.”copyright protection9PENANAzEE4jRwz51

            “Of course, I still have feelings for you. Anger; hatred; disappointment.”copyright protection9PENANAZLjf7d4VYz

            “You don’t mean that.”copyright protection9PENANAPMNYA2j2GB

            “When you tether me to the Excalibur, you opened my eyes, and I now see you for what you really are. An anchor. And I see clearly now that you are nothing more than a pretty, blond distraction, but guess what, Swan? I am a free man now. And you will never hold me back from getting what I want. Again.”copyright protection9PENANAqgf5lzWR82

            “Hook; Killian, whatever deal you made to get your revenge on Gold, it’s not worth it. The Darkness is using you. It doesn’t care what you want. It only cares what it wants,” she tried to reason with him.copyright protection9PENANAT7NdnVqsQp

            “Well, you’re only a pawn if you don’t know you’re being used. As long as I get what I want, I don’t give a crap about the rest. And you of all people should understand that.”copyright protection9PENANA1GcPENRXPy

            “What I did, I did for you.”copyright protection9PENANAzgOPl9pi1x

            “See, that’s your problem, Swan. You’re so afraid of losing the people you love, that you push the away. That’s why you’ll always be an orphan. You don’t need some villain to sweep in and destroy your happiness. You do that quite well on your own.”copyright protection9PENANAkUF7822zuT

            “Why are you doing this?”copyright protection9PENANAYwAbleYdcO

            “Because I want to hurt you, like you hurt me,” he informed her, before he left.copyright protection9PENANAMM4BCqL1JM

            She watched him go, hurt by his words, but trying not to show it.copyright protection9PENANAz3HebPheoL

            Katherine had overheard from another room. She hadn’t interfered, since she didn’t want a confrontation with Hook.copyright protection9PENANA7niHzDWyR9

            Katherine entered the living room.copyright protection9PENANAmEWrfzS0AB

            “Give it time,” she suggested to her. “Once the Darkness is out of him, it’ll just take time. You just have to hope that your love is enough to save him.”copyright protection9PENANAMaFuoQkF5I

            Emma sat on the couch and Katherine sat next to her.copyright protection9PENANArc6JUGnRee

            “How did you do it?” Emma asked her. “You say you did terrible things, but you won after a while.”copyright protection9PENANA0BTX28wV97

            “I changed when I was turned unwillingly back into a human and was reunited with my daughter I couldn’t find when I was a newly turned vampire. Elijah even gave up on my redemption and left me when I was still a vampire, after looking out for me for 500 years. When he left, I realized that no one could forgive me for what I’ve done. Besides, if an honorable guy like Elijah leaves without a look back, why would anyone else forgive me? Then I picked a fight with my doppelganger, blaming part of him leaving on her, and she shoved the cure for vampirism down my throat. I was alone after that, since pretty much everyone, apart from Elijah and a vampire named Caroline, despises me or hates me or wants me dead. I’m pretty sure if Regina, Rumple, and I compared notes, I was just as bad as them; probably worse. Everyone has dark parts, though. Darkness just brings the dark parts of ourselves out quicker than we like. Some of us are more dark than others. Now, though, ever since I was reunited with Nadia, even though she died of a werewolf bite, I still want to be a better person than I was. I’m choosing to be good for myself, Nadia, and everyone else. Maybe if I succeed, my happiness with Elijah will return to me. Even if it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter as long as I help you get your happy ending back.”copyright protection9PENANAwWhcqF3Kl8

            “You barely know any of us. Why do you want to help us, or even me, for that matter?” Emma questioned.copyright protection9PENANAtMkAvfgT6u

            “Because it’s what people that are good and people that want to be redeemed, do. Besides, I’ve been in Hook’s shoes as well as yours. I’ve had a broken heart more times than I can count, but I’ve also broken other people’s hearts. And apart from Hook, no one’s better at getting revenge than I am. I’ve gotten revenge so many times for things people have done to me or to someone I care about. Hook just can’t let go though, like I did. I never succeeded in having my revenge on Elijah’s brother for killing my parents and hunting me down for 500 years, because my love for Elijah stopped me every time. I knew that if I took my revenge on Klaus, I’d lose Elijah forever. If I lost him, I couldn’t live with myself. That’s why I let it go. Right now though, Hook doesn’t care like I cared. He cares about his revenge too deeply to let himself love you,” she explained to Emma.copyright protection9PENANA7751489B3i

Meanwhile, Zelena got to see her daughter at Snow and Charming’s place with Regina and Robin’s supervision, and she got to hold her.copyright protection9PENANAIAf0MFGQp1

            While that was going on, Hook was on the Jolly Roger, waiting for noon and for the Crocodile.copyright protection9PENANAYTOjtkyJdF

            Soon, Rumple boarded the ship and they began to sword fight, once Hook had magically made it so that Rumple wasn’t crippled no more, since he wanted a fair fight.copyright protection9PENANAdlNimSrwtu

            While they were sword fighting, Katherine and Emma had found where Hook had stashed the dreamcatchers. They found them hanging in the clock tower with a magical spell around them. So, Emma undid the spell and they were able to take the dreamcatchers.copyright protection9PENANAPc54cSJSI9

            Rumple soon won the sword fight, taking the Excalibur, and so Hook vanished and Rumple went to the well to wait for Belle.copyright protection9PENANAUH2I0v2zfg

            Soon, Belle showed up, as Rumple was looking at the Excalibur he had laying on the outside of the well.copyright protection9PENANAesB1LXTdtn

            Rumple turned around, when Belle said, “You did it. You won.”copyright protection9PENANAHizNmMG6Fp

            “And you came,” Rumple stated. “Oh, Belle. I’m so glad you’re here.” He put hands on her arms. “I’m ready to do this. Put the past behind us.”copyright protection9PENANAfz6hi6NlF2

            She put a hand on his arm.copyright protection9PENANABUvcWh9QuD

            “Rumple, this isn’t easy for me. I love you, and some part of me will always love you, but you’ve broken my heart too many times. There is just too much for me to trust.”copyright protection9PENANAdcVN0izGoe

            “But I’ve changed,” he assured her. “My heart. It’s pure now.”copyright protection9PENANA5DObV6iJrY

            “Yeah, you have. And it is. You’re the man I always hoped you would be.”copyright protection9PENANAM2SieOzoE4

            “Then why are you doing this now? Now we have a chance to make this work.”copyright protection9PENANA1SgXFgffXD

            “I don’t know if I want to make it work. I do know if I want to try and figure that out, I need to do that on my own. I have spent too many years trying to mend your heart. Now, I need to protect mine.”copyright protection9PENANAu3hiedoxWP

            She turned around and walked away.copyright protection9PENANAvJSn16cBuR

            “Belle, please,” he pleaded.copyright protection9PENANAFvJWtpdIEa

            Everyone met at the office, but Regina still had her doubts of whether to trust her or not.copyright protection9PENANAm8dDqsRPZO

            “You can trust her,” Katherine assured those that had their doubts.copyright protection9PENANAEvxwTzD5a8

            “Can we?” Regina contradicted.copyright protection9PENANAWPEGM75ZPJ

            “Yes,” Emma assured her.copyright protection9PENANA9bSnPjQH8P

            “Okay,” Regina said.copyright protection9PENANAvNl2keCXjM

            Emma and Henry held up their dreamcatchers as well did the others in the room, and Emma gave back their memories.copyright protection9PENANA6gCKWoR1nH

            Katherine stood on the sidelines and watched.copyright protection9PENANALxTDVJWLq5

            Soon, all of their memories were back.copyright protection9PENANABVSWYdaAbu

            Snow saw Emma’s look.copyright protection9PENANAmhKZ1GnTIL

            “Emma? What’s wrong?”copyright protection9PENANAAtjt6ec3ZC

            “I remember. I know what they’re planning,” she replied, referring to both Hook and the Darkness.copyright protection9PENANA8Ay1wweH6p

            Meanwhile, Hook was standing at the place where the Fury had tried to take Robin to the underworld. He’d just opened up the portal to the underworld and was letting the Dark Ones come out of the underworld.copyright protection9PENANAbtGVsICQBk

            He helped Neume up onto the bank and she took her mask off.copyright protection9PENANACbNVFU9SY8

            “We’re here. All of us. As promised. Now it’s time to get to work. Do what Dark Ones do best. Snuff out the light.”copyright protection9PENANAv6I38fzmWG

            Hook gave a smile.copyright protection9PENANAM8at4DbHtN

            “Welcome to Storybrooke, luv.”copyright protection9PENANA15ZP1EKaxI

            As the Darkness evaded Storybrooke, Emma and Katherine went to go find Hook, Elijah tagging along. If anything bad was going to happen, he’d be there to help. Besides, he may have left, but he still loved Katerina. He’d be there if anyone tried to harm her. copyright protection9PENANAi2P15XhFke

            They arrived there, Elijah standing a little ways away, letting Emma and Katerina try first, before Elijah did anything.copyright protection9PENANAm7mwAraL8E

            Emma and Katherine stood in front of Hook, trying to reason with him to stop him, hoping it would work, but the first Dark One, began to magically choke them.copyright protection9PENANAz9KyZLdKVK

            Hook silently watched.copyright protection9PENANAseMigRgxxA

            Elijah was instantly at Katerina’s side and looked at the first Dark One.copyright protection9PENANALTH8qiAB4I

            “Let them go,” he demanded.copyright protection9PENANAfDSZbRKoBG

            Emma had trouble staying on her feet, as she looked at Hook.copyright protection9PENANA84VVmbNCIk

            Something snapped inside Hook. He didn’t want Emma to die, even though he hated her for what she did to him.copyright protection9PENANAdueVDFddgi

            “Enough!” Hook ordered her.copyright protection9PENANAWvVOv6Ggvi

            She immediately stopped choking them magically.copyright protection9PENANAWEmRzJ2nmL

            Emma seemed to be fine now.copyright protection9PENANAHAgWwTBK7R

            Katherine felt a little weak after being magically attacked, but brushed it off the best of her ability.copyright protection9PENANA23mXSR4y7A

            Elijah was in front of her, a hand on the side of her face.copyright protection9PENANAQ4edWOXYbk

            “Katerina.”copyright protection9PENANAKTU0PrUqb2

            She looked at him.copyright protection9PENANAhd6EbYvfwD

            “I’m fine,” she assured him, knowing that he was making sure she was okay.copyright protection9PENANAPnI4AESxD4

            Hook used the Excalibur to put the Darkness inside the Excalibur sword, but knew he couldn’t hold them all inside it for very long.copyright protection9PENANASnXMoMdjco

            Hook informed Emma what she had to do.copyright protection9PENANAluCs8NqE2W

            “No. I can’t,” she told him.copyright protection9PENANAiSj0WUEPsh

            “Please. I can’t hold it for long. Let me be the man I want you to remember.”copyright protection9PENANATkFQ73DlnP

            Katherine left Elijah and approached.copyright protection9PENANAJIjmas9B6c

            “There could be another way. There has to be another way. I didn’t go through all this trouble for you to lose each other. I should be able to trap the darkness within the Excalibur for good. I’m descended from Travelers. They’re gypsies but adapted with the times. Now they’re a lot more like witches. I’ve known witches my entire vampire life. I know spells. I can trap them inside there, or they can go back where they came from,” Katherine suggested.copyright protection9PENANAyo5Ro2M3Re

            “Do it,” Hook agreed.copyright protection9PENANAkKz0BG3e1q

            Katherine used her Traveler magic to trap the darkness inside the Excalibur forever. She wasn’t going to let them lose their happy ending. They deserved to be happy.copyright protection9PENANA4L9n7kQhWW

            Once they all headed back, Katherine gave Rumple the Excalibur for safe keeping. Then Emma and Hook went to the diner together so they could have some dinner and talk.copyright protection9PENANAuukzmJB8Mt

            After the events that had occurred, Hook and Emma were okay again and Elijah and Katherine were together, once again. And so, everyone had their happy endings.copyright protection9PENANAn7eW7PCb4E

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