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OUAT/VD/Originals crossovers
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Writer Lizzy100
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OUAT/VD/Originals crossovers
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OUAT/VD/Originals: Love Will Find A Way
May 16, 2018
17 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!NqltnvSRXfKFaoqEyhUFposted on PENANA

Summary: Set in OUAT S4, future VD S7 kinda, and Originals S4. Shortly after Kat comes to town, Elsa does, too. Kat tries to help, much like Emma did in the show, but gets stuck in the cave with Elsa. Can Elijah save her, or will he have to work with the others to get her out? Will Kat survive? Will she be okay?7Please respect copyright.PENANAS4PUNMg0Co
copyright protection3PENANAdtIdksT5Fx

         It was a nebulous night, as a human Katherine lay in a road, injured from her time in the prison world. She’d had to deal with Kai for a while, but had finally escaped. She knew she needed help, but she was too injured to move.copyright protection3PENANAmsYHWldPca

            Elijah was outside of New Orleans, when he suddenly appeared in some woods. He didn’t recognize these woods, so he wondered why he’d ended up here. Then, at that moment that he was wondering why he’d ended up there, he smelled blood. Recognizing Katerina’s scent too, he followed the scent trail.copyright protection3PENANA4XQelgTTyO

            A few minutes later, he found her in the road, injured.copyright protection3PENANAyMhhZCKTHp

            He blurred over to her and knelt at her side.copyright protection3PENANAr3SpLPKYEX

            “Katerina.”copyright protection3PENANA9IUZWgfQ9O

            He could tell that she was quite injured. There was blood on either side of her head, a dagger in her thigh that had opened up an artery, and an arrow in her shoulder. It also looked like she’d been stabbed in her lower stomach. He knew that she’d lost a lot of blood.copyright protection3PENANAEIAW0AyKug

            He pulled the arrow out of her shoulder, tossing it to the ground. Then he gently pulled her into his arms. He knew he had to get her to a hospital. She was somehow human. He didn’t know how she was human, but he assumed it was something to do with the cure. After all, he knew that she’d loved being a vampire. She wouldn’t be human on purpose.copyright protection3PENANAaVj2k5S53w

            He got to his feet, her in his arms, and blurred into town until he could find a hospital.copyright protection3PENANA2ceWbbcr1m

            When she woke up, she saw that she was in a hospital. She also saw Elijah seated on her bedside. She didn’t want him here after he’d left her in the dust, but she couldn’t help but to tolerate it. She was thankful that he’d apparently saved her by getting her here, but she hadn’t forgiven him for leaving.copyright protection3PENANAfF5QC6qaQV

            She slowly sat up.copyright protection3PENANAq0QK3bPVgT

            “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with your family?”copyright protection3PENANArj5GghRtJT

            Elijah was confused by her anger towards him. Yes, he’d left, but he’d had every intention of returning to her.copyright protection3PENANAPZzVPb1gmS

            “I was leaving, when I ended up in some unfamiliar woods. When I found you like that, I brought you here. I saved your life, Katerina. Why are you so angry? I was going to come back to you when Klaus didn’t need me anymore.”copyright protection3PENANAbNT2xWdnSu

            “Thanks for saving me tonight, but you were too late back in Mystic Falls. I waited for you, but by the time I realized you weren’t coming and I had to face my fate or find a way to escape it, it was too late.”copyright protection3PENANAgkNm03ESwn

            “What happened, Katerina?” he inquired, needing to know.copyright protection3PENANAMmmlicxktT

            “I was an idiot. I ambushed Elena after you left, thinking she said something to you to make you leave. I didn’t know she had the cure in her pocket and she shoved it down my throat. After Silas drank it out of me, I began rapidly aging. Time caught up with me and, within a few weeks, I was dead. The Other Side didn’t let me through, so I was sent to the 1994 prison world. I had to deal with Kai. I just escaped from it tonight. Happy?”copyright protection3PENANAdEG6He2UBV

            After she summarized what had happened, he felt guilty, knowing that never would’ve happened if he’d stayed.copyright protection3PENANApSfdfggT8N

            He rested a hand on her right one, closest to where he sat.copyright protection3PENANAgVaDhtQONj

            “I’m sorry, Katerina. I didn’t know. I would’ve come if I’d known. You know that.”copyright protection3PENANAI0Xo7EDazf

            He wanted to promise that he’d never leave her again, but he couldn’t. He didn’t know if his siblings would ever need him again. The only thing he could do was apologize and earn back her trust. He knew it would be difficult, though. He knew how long she could hold a grudge, after all.copyright protection3PENANA5Y7kbnBsgK

            She was silent at his apology. She kinda felt guilty for making him guilty for what he’d done, but she was never one to let anyone off easily. She wouldn’t make Elijah an exception.copyright protection3PENANAgxFrbWU1LI

            As they looked at each other in silence, she knew he wanted her forgiveness, but she wasn’t good at forgiveness. It wasn’t easy for her, even though it was quite easy for him.copyright protection3PENANAktJiSQXv0w

            “Sorry to interrupt, but I need to know who you two are and what you are. It’s a rule here. I like to know everyone in my town.”copyright protection3PENANAL6vTqHg2ax

            As the stranger spoke, they looked at her.copyright protection3PENANAMq4rSfoMh9

            “And who may you be?” Elijah asked.copyright protection3PENANAvBDeTv5R16

            “I’m the mayor, but also the reformed Evil Queen. I prefer Regina. I created this town.”copyright protection3PENANAnMcTGDBWFL

            “So, let me guess. Fairytales exist in this town, because you tried to get your revenge on Snow White,” Katherine assumed, recognizing her name.copyright protection3PENANAtrcyT4OiR5

            “As a matter of fact, yes. How’d you guess?”copyright protection3PENANArmH5BBBGsC

            “I grew up in the 1400’s. Fairytales weren’t exactly complex at the time. I was born Katerina, but because Klaus was hunting me, I changed my name to Katherine. Klaus is Elijah’s brother. I used to be a 538 year old vampire. Klaus knew I turned, so he slaughtered my village and parents. He wanted revenge for me running, instead of letting him sacrifice me. I got the cure for vampirism shoved down my throat a few years ago, and time caught up with me. I died, but when I escaped a prison world tonight, I came back to life. This is Elijah. He’s an Original vampire. He and his family are the very first vampires to exist.”copyright protection3PENANAMQpZJ5Cl2h

            Although she’d never met a vampire until now, since she’d heard of them, Regina knew what vampires were.copyright protection3PENANA6wJi4DnSVe

            “Well, welcome to Storybrooke then. Enjoy your stay. If you’re hungry, you can go to Granny’s. If you’d like a place to stay, you can either ask Granny or the Charmings.”copyright protection3PENANAYnBFsch3SJ

            “Thanks, Regina,” Katherine replied.copyright protection3PENANAGFz6EjcgEf

            They watched her go.copyright protection3PENANAyLLi4PVrIR

            After she was dressed and discharged, and after she’d eaten and Elijah sat across from the booth, a boy sat by her.copyright protection3PENANAGGehmHtDLm

            He looked at them both, a book in front of him.copyright protection3PENANAms1WyGgLXU

            “Hi, I’m Henry,” he introduced.copyright protection3PENANA0vFLOJBJbj

            “Nice to meet you, Henry. I’m Katherine. This is Elijah,” she introduced with a smile, being friendly. She knew she had to be as a human. Plus, she’d never harm a child if she had any say in it. She liked kids. It was an instinct to protect them. She’d had it ever since boring Nadia.copyright protection3PENANABR0P8mxB0i

            “You used to be a vampire. The book is magical. When someone with magic comes to town, a new story appears in the book. You’re both in it now, which must mean you’re both important. You’re meant to be here.”copyright protection3PENANAXnKZkjFA4C

            “Well, I’m glad you’re so enthusiastic, Henry, but even though I’m a believer, I don’t have a purpose that’s worth it.”copyright protection3PENANAv58bQXVrH6

            “Everyone has a purpose, even if it’s something small. And you should forgive him. He’s your true love. Love is the most powerful magic of all.”copyright protection3PENANALiYL868FI9

            “I will, but not today. Forgiveness doesn’t come easy to me.”copyright protection3PENANAXGwIFQ1lq6

            “You should soon. You used to be bad, but you still deserve your true love. My mom was the Evil Queen, but she got her happy ending when she changed.”copyright protection3PENANAYVb76141tL

            “Well, we’re from the outside world, so things are different,” she explained to him. “Things are complicated.”copyright protection3PENANA8f360bd9RV

            “Well, I should probably get going. I’ll see you later.”copyright protection3PENANAiOCPxiFyD6

            She watched him go.copyright protection3PENANAEC2QJ9ROal

            After they’d eaten, they got a room after asking Granny for one.copyright protection3PENANAzjADpBPCLG

            The next day, after she and Elijah got acquainted with everyone in Storybrooke, and when she had just finished eating, they heard a commotion from outside.copyright protection3PENANAy3vaS2syB6

            Kat looked at her favorite Original.copyright protection3PENANAEgIH6rQYg1

            “How about we check that out.”copyright protection3PENANAkPkUtJwimh

            She got to her feet and left the diner, Elijah following behind her. He knew better than to undermine her, so he didn’t argue. Besides, if she got into danger, they both knew that Elijah would protect her. If it were possible, he’d walk through fire for her. She was his Katerina, and if he had to die for her, then so be it. He’d give his life for her, just as she’d do for him, no matter what world they were in.copyright protection3PENANAZUkv5dyxM9

            They looked around to see people running and yelling the word monster. Then, when Kat saw someone in a blue dress turn around a corner, she followed after her. She assumed she was the reason for the disturbance. Kat was human, so she wanted to help like most humans would.copyright protection3PENANADrql8wNYv3

            Kat entered what looked like a small junkyard. That when she saw the girl standing in a corner. She knew better than to go near her, since it seemed like she was out of control with whatever ability she had. Because it seemed like that, the doppelganger stayed a good distance away.copyright protection3PENANAZPTkKm4gFq

            “It’s okay. I know this is unfamiliar to you, but we won’t hurt you.”copyright protection3PENANAxFlSaq6IYT

            “Stay back,” she warned her, not knowing if she could control her magic.copyright protection3PENANASCkiXsPLrk

            “Don’t worry. I’m staying right where I am. I’m Katherine. This is Elijah. What’s your name?”copyright protection3PENANAPraJLU6PbM

            “Elsa,” she answered her.copyright protection3PENANAgJrCCB3Jk1

            When the Petrova heard that, she knew where the girl was from. She also knew the magic she could wield.copyright protection3PENANACcDWvBpknR

            “It’s nice to meet you, Elsa. When you get in control, if you need any help, there are plenty of people here that would love to help you. We’re going to go so you can calm down, but if you want to talk, you can find us at Granny’s diner.”copyright protection3PENANAFdiPW3K2TW

            When they had gone from sight, Elsa was relieved, not wanting to hurt anyone. She didn’t know how to control it without her sister with her to help her. She knew that she had to go find Anna. Wherever she was.copyright protection3PENANAOaFgMiSP1c

            That night, Elsa found Anna’s snowflake necklace in the pawn shop and then left.copyright protection3PENANARDpvAU7Zeu

            As she stood outside of the shop, she looked at the necklace, holding it up, as she said, “I will find you, Anna.”copyright protection3PENANAQTH9IEdtH6

            Kat and Elijah were at the Charmings’ place, trying to figure out how to help Elsa learn control, when the power went out.copyright protection3PENANApvh5L3nETp

        Snow went to the power plant to try and turn it back on, while Kat and Elijah went with Charming to see what had happened.copyright protection3PENANAQL2fgD9nDo

        After finding out that a few power sources had been knocked out, they found an ice wall that surrounded the town.copyright protection3PENANASthAD0eQuV

        As they were talking not far from the part that covered the town line, Kat noticed movement.copyright protection3PENANAXTreZdimRc

        “I’ll be back,” she informed them. Then she went over to the part of the wall that looked to be a cave.copyright protection3PENANALIXOXer7C5

        “Be careful, Katerina,” the Original cautioned. He knew she was going to try one more time with Elsa. He didn’t want anything to happen to her, but he knew she hated being told what to do.copyright protection3PENANAwvyN5cOj2i

        The former vampiress entered the cave, in which Elsa saw.copyright protection3PENANAfZcGebUxyM

        Elsa backed up.copyright protection3PENANAJkuH9rWBzy

        “You need to leave,” she warned.copyright protection3PENANAG53fT9rIst

        “It’s okay. I’m going to stay my distance. I just want to talk. You’re looking for your sister, right? If we get out of here, I can try and help you find her.”copyright protection3PENANA1ItdpIpjfY

        “You’d do that?” Elsa inquired.copyright protection3PENANA5YjzGs1C3B

        “Yes. I would. I never had siblings, but if I had a chance of bringing my daughter back to life and being reunited with her, I would. Nadia was the world to me like Elijah is. I lost her twice in a lifetime, so I sort of know what you’re going through. I have magic, too.”copyright protection3PENANAbKHfZBorjQ

        “You have magic?” Elsa questioned.copyright protection3PENANAVkzpyY7Yim

        “I do, but it’s different from yours. I’m descended from gypsies that like to call themselves Travelers. I learned that from Nadia before she died. I haven’t really learned to control it, but I’m always a quick learner.”copyright protection3PENANAWolfY2I0EM

        Suddenly, the open cave closed in on them, trapping them both. As it happened, Kat heard Elijah on the other side. And as it collapsed, trapping them, they both fell onto the icy floor, Kat landing on it harder than Elsa.copyright protection3PENANABPwj4wUsXd

        When Katherine woke up, she was on her side, still on the cold floor of the cave. She didn’t know hard she’d hit her head, but it hurt. She didn’t know how long she’d been out, either. She only knew that she in pain, freezing from the ice cave, and Elsa was knelt at her side. She assumed that she’d been trying to wake her up since after the cave had closed in.copyright protection3PENANAjSxTh6Rp49

        Outside, Charming and Elijah were still there, trying to figure out how to help Elsa control this, in order to help both Elsa and Katherine. Charming had a walkie talkie in hand, talking to Elsa, as Elijah heard both sides of the conversation, as well as Katerina. Using his vampire hearing, he knew she was still alive, hearing her heart. He knew that they had to get her out of there soon, though. Although he was afraid for her life, he was calm, as usual.copyright protection3PENANAL0x7gw9YwO

        As Katherine lay there, she heard the conversation between Charming and Elsa, despite the condition she was in. She then, finally, sat up, keeping one hand on the icy floor to keep herself up.copyright protection3PENANAK7EhqJNkcL

        “Elsa, let me talk to them,” she told them.copyright protection3PENANAyvD5oVcgkg

        Elsa gave the walkie talkie to her and Katherine spoke.copyright protection3PENANAq6gYexunv0

        “Charming, listen. Elsa doesn’t know how to control this. Not without her sister. You need to find Anna. I’m okay for now, but you need to hurry up. She thinks Anna is in town, because she found a necklace of hers in Rumple’s shop.”copyright protection3PENANAcg8QxyzlTL

        “Before I freeze this town and everyone in it,” Elsa added, speaking into the walkie talkie.copyright protection3PENANA6rhKxGFJW0

        Katherine spoke into the walkie talkie again.copyright protection3PENANA0n7gllNPJj

        “See if Rumple knows about Anna or where she is,” she suggested to Charming. Then she spoke to Elijah, not needing the walkie talkie. She wasn’t sure what he was to her, since he’d left a few years or so ago, but she knew that he’d do anything to save her life, just like she’d do for him. “Elijah, I know you can hear me through the ice. You have two choices. You can stay where you are or you can help Charming find a way to undo this. You and I both know that when magic makes something happen, magic can undo it.” She then layed back down, feeling weak from the cold.copyright protection3PENANAPVzXL7wksq

        Elijah spoke through the walkie talkie he’d taken from Charming, since she was human. He knew as a human, she wouldn’t be able to hear him through the ice.copyright protection3PENANA6ySnip3Y90

        “I’ll find a way to save you, if it’s the last thing I do. We always find a way. Always, Katerina.”copyright protection3PENANAY9n5qIreya

        She gave a smile at that.copyright protection3PENANAxn57lQeSbG

        “I know. We always eventually find each other. You’ve always been there when I needed it the most. All those times that I was alone and I didn’t have anyone else, you were there to save me. Now, go do what you do best and save me,” she replied.copyright protection3PENANAihfaFxAJwK

        Elijah left to go help Charming find out what Rumple might know about Anna.copyright protection3PENANAJvU7BkQ2zo

        “I’m very sorry I trapped us here. I didn’t mean it,” Elsa apologized to her.copyright protection3PENANAc7Mie79t0k

        Kat looked at her.copyright protection3PENANA9iCotiW31t

        “I know. It’s not exactly your fault. I may be from the outside world, far from this little town, but there are many fairytale stories that were made into books throughout the years. I know that you’re the only one with this kind of magic. You don’t mean to do what you do. I’ve got regrets too. I didn’t used to be like this. I used to be quite different. I used to be what Elijah is. A vampire. Something that looks human, but drinks blood instead of food. Being turned into a vampire changed me overtime. Then I was turned back into a human a few years ago. I hated it and then I died and ended up in a realm called a prison world. I had to deal with a witch named Kai until I finally escaped the other night. Now, in this town, I’m learning to be better; be human. Before Nadia died, she wanted me to be happy and be a better person. I’m being a better person for her, whether she’s alive or not. She may be gone, but her spirit is watching me. In my world, those with magic or that are werewolves or vampires; when they die, they end up as spirits, wandering around and watching over those they love,” she explained, putting into terms that a fairytale character would understand.copyright protection3PENANAOLYISz3IBC

        Elsa wasn’t sure what to say to that. She knew it would be nice to have those in the past watching over those they love. And she still missed her and Anna’s parents. She wished they were still around. Maybe Katherine was right and they were still around, but in spirit. It was a nice thought.copyright protection3PENANA6OKS6Y0fr0

        When everything began to go black for Katherine, Elsa tried to keep her awake, but that didn’t work too well.copyright protection3PENANAABjd0MvXQw

        When Charming returned with Elijah, Charming told her that they didn’t know where Anna was, so she’d have to do it on her own. And after finding more out about Anna, Charming knew who Anna actually was. She’d taught him how to sword fight and be brave.copyright protection3PENANAqEhonaYqSA

        “Elsa, listen to me. I need you to find a way out,” Charming encouraged her through the walkie talkie.copyright protection3PENANA3ZoNSvMSLe

        “I need Anna,” Elsa replied.copyright protection3PENANATlPdyPZ4MQ

        “Well, we don’t have her right now. You’re gonna have to do this on your own.”copyright protection3PENANABdvSBS3AjV

        “I can’t control this.”copyright protection3PENANAanVybN4XGP

        “I know how you feel, you’re trapped. It’s a battle you can’t win. But it’s exactly the kind of battle you have to fight. Or you’ll die.”copyright protection3PENANAbza1MJRMOE

        “No, I won’t, I’ll survive. But Katherine…”copyright protection3PENANADpR8it1l3l

        “Survival isn’t enough. You have to live.”copyright protection3PENANAhdJcMU0QSG

        “Where did you hear that?” Elsa asked, knowing that’s exactly what her sister would say.copyright protection3PENANAF4gQ53AWQo

        “You know where.”copyright protection3PENANAAtNsC5VDqY

        “Anna? You knew her?”copyright protection3PENANAZIcIUYCUOv

        “Yeah, I did. She helped me once, a long time ago, become who I am. She saved my life. And yours. And now, we need you to save Katherine’s. I didn’t know much about Anna, but she wouldn’t want you to live alone in an ice cave. Which is where you’ll be if you don’t melt that ice. Now do it.”copyright protection3PENANABuzRlFUVCL

        As he spoke to Anna, encouraging her to try her best, Elijah was silent, afraid for his long-time love. He’d always known her as a survivor, but right now, he didn’t know if she’d survive. For once, he felt helpless. He knew it was up to Elsa to save her. The ice needed to be melted, or Elijah would lose his Katerina. Broken up or not, he still loved her with all his heart.copyright protection3PENANAjce7FQcAuD

        Elsa stood up and faced the ice wall. She put her hands up, pointing to the ice wall, and concentrated with all her might, to melt the ice. Then, when that happened, the ice wall was finally melted.copyright protection3PENANAztlLcgKPbz

        As soon as he saw Katerina and the ice wall was melted enough for him to get inside, he blurred inside and was instantly knelt at her side. He then gently pulled her into his arms, getting to his feet with her, and blurred outside of the cave with her.copyright protection3PENANAkM3UEozzkb

        Elsa left the cave, once Elijah had left it with Kat.copyright protection3PENANAkEozL3qYEU

        “Is she okay?” Charming questioned.copyright protection3PENANACdoYZAeJqq

        “She’s alive,” Elijah replied.copyright protection3PENANAiKdmERLer5

        Half an hour later, they entered the apartment and Elijah layed her down on the couch, as Snow and Charming set heaters in front of the couch to warm her up. Elijah got a blanket and put it over her. Then he sat on the couch, watching her silently. He didn’t know what he’d do if he ever lost her for good.copyright protection3PENANAqLJOlvSLtw

        When she woke up, she didn’t feel cold anymore and she wasn’t hurting either, anymore. She also saw that she was on the couch at the Charmings’ place, Elijah sitting on the couch, watching over her. The power was on now and she felt quite a lot better.copyright protection3PENANAF5K44JFit5

        “How do you feel?” he asked her, once he saw that she was fully awake.copyright protection3PENANAJLPW8uOTJf

        “Better. Thanks. All three of you.” She then sat up and gave a smile.copyright protection3PENANAY91IXmdQ7H

        “Anything for you, Katerina. You know that,” he replied to her.copyright protection3PENANAmNN6RRQw9j

        A week later, after that incident and after Anna and Elsa had been reunited and had gone back home, all was forgiven between them and Elijah and Kat got back together. Since his siblings didn’t need him and she didn’t have anywhere else to go, they decided to stay in town. And so, their love story continued on.copyright protection3PENANABT5rPdWD6F

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