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OUAT/VD/Originals crossovers
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Writer Lizzy100
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OUAT/VD/Originals crossovers
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Ch.3: OUAT/VD: A New Friend
Jan 12, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!hVgiegG22U7BjuWo1ZcXposted on PENANA

Ch.3: OUAT/VD: A New Friendcopyright protection36PENANAB7Gs4tvLzp

Summary: Set in VD S7 in the future and OUAT S3. On Hook’s way back home, he saves Katherine. What will ensue by the time he gets back to Storybrooke?copyright protection36PENANATQka9zqQBs

A/N: I know this kind of sucks and is really short, but it was late when I wrote this. If you want, you can just call this a one-shot, since it’s so short.copyright protection36PENANAKJ34d0tfZG

 It was a breezy night, as Hook steered the Jolly Roger through the ocean, heading for the right spot to throw the magic bean in that would take him back to Storybrooke.40Please respect copyright.PENANAXyNiIWS8Nt
            Suddenly, he stopped, seeing someone in the ocean. He decided to look, so he through the anchor down to keep the Jolly Roger there.40Please respect copyright.PENANABxdFCrF6GF
            Once he got to the edge and looked, he saw a girl in the ocean, and was glad that he’d stopped.40Please respect copyright.PENANAMTgAMjt9R7
            “M’ Lady?” he greeted.40Please respect copyright.PENANA5PGS7oPZxC
            She took his hooked hand he offered her, helping her onto his ship.40Please respect copyright.PENANAt9aHON8uTP
            “Thanks,” she said to him.40Please respect copyright.PENANA9GIphvIKFA
            “Anything to help a lady in need,” he replied with a smile. “What are you doing out here in the first place, though? What’s your name?”40Please respect copyright.PENANASKpyDxXtxu
            “I’m Katherine Pierce. All I know is that I suddenly appeared in the ocean after escaping a prison world. I don’t know why I’m here or how it’s possible that you exist, but I guess it is. I grew up with your story, so I know who you are,” she replied.40Please respect copyright.PENANA50DgIs3QWX
            “And who exactly may you be?” he inquired.40Please respect copyright.PENANAG6DovUUeFz
            “I’m human, but I sued to be a 500 year old vampire. I took my anger out on someone by the name of Elena, so she shoved the cure for vampirism down my throat. That’s the short version.”40Please respect copyright.PENANAPxkf5YM3rj
            “Well, if you wish to, you may make yourself at home, love. I’m on my way back to a town called Storybrooke.”40Please respect copyright.PENANAxxkbN2DRTA
            She smiled. “I’d love that, Hook.”40Please respect copyright.PENANAOzGrYcmTq1
            He smiled back. “Fantastic.”40Please respect copyright.PENANAsgyNvELhHd
            He got rid of the anchor and began sailing once more. And on their way there, they got to know one another and fell in love.copyright protection36PENANAdAOT3SmyEW

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