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Once Upon A Time
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Writer Lizzy100
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Once Upon A Time
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Ch.1: I'd Come For You (CaptainSwan)
Jan 11, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!dlq9uQc6jp721fCTBtD2posted on PENANA

Ch.1: I'd Come For You (CaptainSwan)copyright protection5PENANAlli1jI6sxc

Summary: Set in S2-4. Just a CaptainSwan tribute. All three seasons of them. Based on the song “I’d Come For You” by Nickelback.copyright protection5PENANAeLxEU2u78O

*Tallahassee*copyright protection5PENANAxgRyvtr7W4

Just one momentcopyright protection5PENANAaipsjIaqbI

That’s all that’s neededcopyright protection5PENANADptb4odzwm

Like wounded soldierscopyright protection5PENANAn3CfB7I3fE

In need of healingcopyright protection5PENANA7pXxSgg3Hs

            It was a dark night, as Emma and Hook looked around the giant’s castle after knocking him out, looking for the compass. They were working together, even though they had just met.copyright protection5PENANALkSfwXEJwa

            When Hook wasn’t paying attention to where he was going and Emma saw that there was a trip wire, she warned him saying, “Hook!” Then they ended up with her arms around him, keeping him from stepping on it.copyright protection5PENANA6UdI9PQRS5

            When he made a comment, she corrected him by informing him, “Trip wire.”copyright protection5PENANAw0vtynKPrs

            She looked down at it and he did the same and then looked at her, savoring the moment. In pirate perspective, he fancied her and through she’d make a pretty good pirate someday.copyright protection5PENANAhcNasj773D

            He smiled at the moment.copyright protection5PENANAh9yvRHlIye

            She let go of him and began to walk away.copyright protection5PENANAN5fjzNHjD8

            “Let’s just get the compass and get out of here.”copyright protection5PENANALVlz5NSdVW

            After they came back down from the beanstalk and they were standing in front of each other he said, “Let me see your hand.”copyright protection5PENANARc5pIX64FF

            After a moment of hesitation, she held her hand out to him, palm up, and he gently held it still as he poured some of his rum onto the wound.copyright protection5PENANAitKxMkltDY

            “This is a waste of perfectly good rum,” he commented, as he did so. He then used a rag to tie around her hand. “There.” He let go of her hand and she put it down.copyright protection5PENANABpTXZZKRcG

*Ariel*copyright protection5PENANAN3STsBRzFw

Time to be honestcopyright protection5PENANAeY0ZvMjQgX

This time I’m pleadingcopyright protection5PENANAPSnIPmHAeU

Please don’t dwell on itcopyright protection5PENANAg2X9VqKNZq

‘Cause I didn’t mean itcopyright protection5PENANAkepkdU7xLn

I can’t believe I saidcopyright protection5PENANAuAfSj5f0Ft

I’d lay our love on the groundcopyright protection5PENANAVVvS4rjPei

But it doesn’t mattercopyright protection5PENANAgywFSKAZil

‘Cause I made it upcopyright protection5PENANAnNWDFfIUfn

Forgive me nowcopyright protection5PENANAnbiT3nkmdy

Everyday I spent awaycopyright protection5PENANAFu6c9ZWJYf

My soul’s inside outcopyright protection5PENANA5m21ZHgHCw

Gotta be somewaycopyright protection5PENANA40HnTLLd8Y

That I can make it upcopyright protection5PENANAMNsSZCRWmQ

To you now some howcopyright protection5PENANAbrcdtbVJTx

It was a dark night on Neverland island, as Hook and Prince Charming walked side by side, talking. At one point, Hook told him, “I kissed Emma.”copyright protection5PENANAgXyXlrJ6FR

After a little bit of a speech, Charming replied saying, “You’re nothing but a pirate,” telling Hook that Emma would never fall for him.copyright protection5PENANA5rEykEbcAx

*Dark Hollow*copyright protection5PENANA3MZg0trVdk

By now you know thatcopyright protection5PENANAtti1rEtaL9

I’d come for youcopyright protection5PENANA1RBFpVjB8U

No one but youcopyright protection5PENANA9cH8sHCUDP

Yes, I’d come for youcopyright protection5PENANAf6iy8JcBTX

But only if you told me tocopyright protection5PENANAKVOlBehUPq

I’d fight for youcopyright protection5PENANAPYCw75eJZR

I’d lie, it’s truecopyright protection5PENANAyfYRN6BZIv

Give my life for youcopyright protection5PENANAWtqLP1Z7WP

You know I’d always come for youcopyright protection5PENANAyMNbjVgxFg

I was blindfoldedcopyright protection5PENANApevn5iuGid

But now I’m seeingcopyright protection5PENANAbfHB0wD0Ez

My mind was closingcopyright protection5PENANAPclDoEyEce

Now I’m believingcopyright protection5PENANAVBsqYxJte1

I finally know just what it meanscopyright protection5PENANAHpho1hVEiz

To let someone incopyright protection5PENANAe7MAKaejPr

To see the side of me that no one does or ever willcopyright protection5PENANAyK20a1yUuM

So, if you’re ever lost and find yourself all alonecopyright protection5PENANAWbcdAeuvTM

I’d search forever just to bring you homecopyright protection5PENANA57USIF2XYS

Here and now this I vowcopyright protection5PENANAowCqxNr5HW

            “When I win your heart, and I will win it, it won’t be because of any trickery,” he told Emma, while they were alone in the woods, still on the Neverland island.copyright protection5PENANASD85QJjlec

*Kansas*copyright protection5PENANA8kk3c3If0H

By now you know thatcopyright protection5PENANA7oeJOLxgRe

I’d come for youcopyright protection5PENANAdKSmPJ585k

No one but youcopyright protection5PENANAleEGhQJZ5K

Yes, I’d come for youcopyright protection5PENANAGc8VWXHtdy

But only if you told me tocopyright protection5PENANAIriAN7kTgp

I’d fight for youcopyright protection5PENANAdCDRiUH2UN

I’d lie, it’s truecopyright protection5PENANAMBZVwWSdp6

Give my life for youcopyright protection5PENANAM7x4Ilc2et

I’d always come for youcopyright protection5PENANArs54joZ1qT

No matter what gets in my waycopyright protection5PENANAOduO80K1ea

As long as there’s still life in mecopyright protection5PENANA70hF501h2g

No matter whatcopyright protection5PENANAKuIQz1ey3F

Remember you know I’ll always come for youcopyright protection5PENANArSTWG2Xr3b

            After telling Emma to choose between keeping her magic or saving Hook and after drowning Hook in the well, Zelena disappeared with a cloud of smoke.copyright protection5PENANABabTQhTRyW

            After Zelena disappeared, Emma didn’t hesitate to run towards Hook and pull him out of the well. She then gently lay him down on the ground on his back.copyright protection5PENANA7jqPaZRoxV

            “Hook, wake up. Hook. Killian, wake up,” she called.copyright protection5PENANA4ZNXVtZSV2

            After a few minutes of nothing, she kissed him, giving him some air to revive him.copyright protection5PENANA4wdgq4xjV6

            After a few minutes, he coughed, revived. He then looked up at her.copyright protection5PENANAg2pGSAGKYd

            “What did you do?” he asked.copyright protection5PENANAF3ds09W02R

            “I just saved your life,” she answered him.copyright protection5PENANA36ohmOlT8g

*Snow Drifts/There’s No Place Like Home*copyright protection5PENANAZojp5cZLXY

Yes, I’d come for youcopyright protection5PENANAZC1c52l22n

No one but youcopyright protection5PENANAU5ujmQ7IKg

Yes, I’d come for youcopyright protection5PENANAYKEi9Kv9vs

But only if you told me tocopyright protection5PENANA8u49Gab2de

And I’d come for youcopyright protection5PENANAq7jUqGLyov

No one but youcopyright protection5PENANAOnftGpdbyI

Yes, I’d come for youcopyright protection5PENANADHcIQTT2V6

But only if you told me tocopyright protection5PENANAgmdAgEg1cF

I’d fight for youcopyright protection5PENANAx12NuIcHUL

I’d lie, it’s truecopyright protection5PENANAqysDgjxalt

Give my life for youcopyright protection5PENANAgCPuc68t7k

You know I’d always come for youcopyright protection5PENANA8FlbsQTFyO

No matter what gets in my waycopyright protection5PENANAqYmTCDc9Ny

As long as there’s still life in mecopyright protection5PENANAD3asxmyGPG

No matter whatcopyright protection5PENANA0Xmm8Oc2tL

Remember you know I’ll always come for youcopyright protection5PENANARUJdNmQ0wD

I’d crawl across this world for youcopyright protection5PENANAy9HICf5bVU

Do anything you want me tocopyright protection5PENANARVSdi02v3w

No matter whatcopyright protection5PENANAgUq08emYeT

Remember you know I’ll always come for youcopyright protection5PENANACN2kwFzBQu

You know I’ll always come for youcopyright protection5PENANAvHpnVIoYds

            As the portal to the fairytale land opened up, Hook used his hooked hand to dig into the sand and Emma held on to a part of the ground, but the portal was too strong and she got sucked into the portal.copyright protection5PENANAutnVtvaQup

            “One of these days I’m going to stop chasing this woman,” Hook commented, before letting go of the ground with his hooked hand, following her through the portal.copyright protection5PENANAK7cMrIs0ji

            That night, their plan went awry and while Emma was making out with the past Hook who still had his hand, present day Hook knocked him out with his hooked hand.copyright protection5PENANAuP0UcWCBUP

            Emma looked at him.copyright protection5PENANA4pjrlNWvEr

            “Are you kissing me? How is that not going to have consequences?” she said with a raised voice.copyright protection5PENANAUoy7bZQDZ9

            “He’ll blame it on the rum,” he replied. “Let’s just get out of here before he wakes up.”copyright protection5PENANAVtZVnbS0NM

            After getting home to Storybrooke, they sat down outside of Granny’s Diner and talked.copyright protection5PENANAPRc9ixWf2A

            “Well, the Jolly Roger, of course,” he told her.copyright protection5PENANAGXYf4aeUNe

            “You traded your ship for me?” Emma asked, surprised.copyright protection5PENANA4JH3F5fx52

            “Aye,” he replied.copyright protection5PENANAjVUw4d31t5

            A moment later, they kissed.copyright protection5PENANACa2Bp7LE1y

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