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Once Upon A Time
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Writer Lizzy100
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Once Upon A Time
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Ch.1: I'd Come For You (CaptainSwan)
Jan 11, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!p4LoAoj9Msgit6e9DNooposted on PENANA

Ch.1: I'd Come For You (CaptainSwan)copyright protection23PENANAc5p7lTUTNQ

Summary: Set in S2-4. Just a CaptainSwan tribute. All three seasons of them. Based on the song “I’d Come For You” by Nickelback.copyright protection23PENANA7dUSBuhVD3

*Tallahassee*copyright protection23PENANAoUlR0A1Dop

Just one momentcopyright protection23PENANA1BurIQkDJ7

That’s all that’s neededcopyright protection23PENANAuRloKWS1Sw

Like wounded soldierscopyright protection23PENANA4gqq8q094p

In need of healingcopyright protection23PENANAy503wJURnE

            It was a dark night, as Emma and Hook looked around the giant’s castle after knocking him out, looking for the compass. They were working together, even though they had just met.copyright protection23PENANAZRvkffh8g9

            When Hook wasn’t paying attention to where he was going and Emma saw that there was a trip wire, she warned him saying, “Hook!” Then they ended up with her arms around him, keeping him from stepping on it.copyright protection23PENANAElp5LxwMGA

            When he made a comment, she corrected him by informing him, “Trip wire.”copyright protection23PENANAbfGcjcWd4j

            She looked down at it and he did the same and then looked at her, savoring the moment. In pirate perspective, he fancied her and through she’d make a pretty good pirate someday.copyright protection23PENANAR3bnnqCEzT

            He smiled at the moment.copyright protection23PENANANefcj0KQNq

            She let go of him and began to walk away.copyright protection23PENANArZG7bZk7co

            “Let’s just get the compass and get out of here.”copyright protection23PENANAr4rCrP34tC

            After they came back down from the beanstalk and they were standing in front of each other he said, “Let me see your hand.”copyright protection23PENANAYhRdtbed11

            After a moment of hesitation, she held her hand out to him, palm up, and he gently held it still as he poured some of his rum onto the wound.copyright protection23PENANAEs0kAckUkx

            “This is a waste of perfectly good rum,” he commented, as he did so. He then used a rag to tie around her hand. “There.” He let go of her hand and she put it down.copyright protection23PENANAiLBKn3zr72

*Ariel*copyright protection23PENANA45jViN7w18

Time to be honestcopyright protection23PENANAyGBy0bLl55

This time I’m pleadingcopyright protection23PENANASoQt8ewHFE

Please don’t dwell on itcopyright protection23PENANAJKJ3F2QMzS

‘Cause I didn’t mean itcopyright protection23PENANAV7yxGzJrUO

I can’t believe I saidcopyright protection23PENANAwNdnglBN2h

I’d lay our love on the groundcopyright protection23PENANArM1bPHeGuN

But it doesn’t mattercopyright protection23PENANAzqV8XCHG4C

‘Cause I made it upcopyright protection23PENANAvApIYG3zu6

Forgive me nowcopyright protection23PENANARWTS7JAmq4

Everyday I spent awaycopyright protection23PENANAaZv67sIP9M

My soul’s inside outcopyright protection23PENANArEnRnlxrV1

Gotta be somewaycopyright protection23PENANAxMYqF6afsA

That I can make it upcopyright protection23PENANAkCzPIGirwr

To you now some howcopyright protection23PENANAeX5BOtXmUS

It was a dark night on Neverland island, as Hook and Prince Charming walked side by side, talking. At one point, Hook told him, “I kissed Emma.”copyright protection23PENANAorFmSks3AU

After a little bit of a speech, Charming replied saying, “You’re nothing but a pirate,” telling Hook that Emma would never fall for him.copyright protection23PENANADVxcKgT3Ip

*Dark Hollow*copyright protection23PENANAuWnAyc3vyX

By now you know thatcopyright protection23PENANAoWp3jioLlY

I’d come for youcopyright protection23PENANAGZTdbEu5Ic

No one but youcopyright protection23PENANAvc8SNG4RcD

Yes, I’d come for youcopyright protection23PENANAOAzeESx2ET

But only if you told me tocopyright protection23PENANA1kSVx4A19i

I’d fight for youcopyright protection23PENANAdFvmxi3C9f

I’d lie, it’s truecopyright protection23PENANAfYQPduILwn

Give my life for youcopyright protection23PENANAEyHxtfB3hL

You know I’d always come for youcopyright protection23PENANAlvrRRZ9UBj

I was blindfoldedcopyright protection23PENANAaRi0Hwuqh1

But now I’m seeingcopyright protection23PENANANWzvu2K551

My mind was closingcopyright protection23PENANARrwiiohsjT

Now I’m believingcopyright protection23PENANAMtL5tsBYTT

I finally know just what it meanscopyright protection23PENANAZGQyckBWpH

To let someone incopyright protection23PENANAXh9uArTSUc

To see the side of me that no one does or ever willcopyright protection23PENANALGFwL9Zn7T

So, if you’re ever lost and find yourself all alonecopyright protection23PENANAg6A7FMrhIR

I’d search forever just to bring you homecopyright protection23PENANAYG87bJz4Bt

Here and now this I vowcopyright protection23PENANAgnaWUV6Tjd

            “When I win your heart, and I will win it, it won’t be because of any trickery,” he told Emma, while they were alone in the woods, still on the Neverland island.copyright protection23PENANANAknH098hS

*Kansas*copyright protection23PENANAZfy8nJRWOs

By now you know thatcopyright protection23PENANAp5Pz1Jv7DO

I’d come for youcopyright protection23PENANAlqoFO5FXeX

No one but youcopyright protection23PENANAPdcomz8dwW

Yes, I’d come for youcopyright protection23PENANAGV1wv3g0bU

But only if you told me tocopyright protection23PENANAPwlec9kS7y

I’d fight for youcopyright protection23PENANAPXM2l8Cum8

I’d lie, it’s truecopyright protection23PENANAr33szzwPzH

Give my life for youcopyright protection23PENANAKpe5DqeYjl

I’d always come for youcopyright protection23PENANAw8jjbFsN9O

No matter what gets in my waycopyright protection23PENANAVARZ3ryzh8

As long as there’s still life in mecopyright protection23PENANAh1yv6bWlag

No matter whatcopyright protection23PENANAHGp00AFsoO

Remember you know I’ll always come for youcopyright protection23PENANAhjp8jsAS1R

            After telling Emma to choose between keeping her magic or saving Hook and after drowning Hook in the well, Zelena disappeared with a cloud of smoke.copyright protection23PENANA0jTzPZLLkV

            After Zelena disappeared, Emma didn’t hesitate to run towards Hook and pull him out of the well. She then gently lay him down on the ground on his back.copyright protection23PENANA21Cr1C1H4p

            “Hook, wake up. Hook. Killian, wake up,” she called.copyright protection23PENANAvlJVu3n4Vp

            After a few minutes of nothing, she kissed him, giving him some air to revive him.copyright protection23PENANAWWIPvxPgj9

            After a few minutes, he coughed, revived. He then looked up at her.copyright protection23PENANAclbONdqOUu

            “What did you do?” he asked.copyright protection23PENANAeqQYll1IpX

            “I just saved your life,” she answered him.copyright protection23PENANA8mTQbpo0FI

*Snow Drifts/There’s No Place Like Home*copyright protection23PENANAaR4lGRz6Gt

Yes, I’d come for youcopyright protection23PENANABVUrTfNVYd

No one but youcopyright protection23PENANAS6zMXLbmMR

Yes, I’d come for youcopyright protection23PENANA5WJ9ip0RvH

But only if you told me tocopyright protection23PENANAl7Cfzwvmst

And I’d come for youcopyright protection23PENANAzlA87yTiVG

No one but youcopyright protection23PENANAa0CT9ViaNO

Yes, I’d come for youcopyright protection23PENANAS9Vuou1URu

But only if you told me tocopyright protection23PENANAoqPZyWxsft

I’d fight for youcopyright protection23PENANA9ptLjDHCNv

I’d lie, it’s truecopyright protection23PENANAqGEmb3RcXI

Give my life for youcopyright protection23PENANAGl8wkHsSaI

You know I’d always come for youcopyright protection23PENANAlj8P5ssM4g

No matter what gets in my waycopyright protection23PENANAivWWR7ZJkW

As long as there’s still life in mecopyright protection23PENANAr0iAwDhZvs

No matter whatcopyright protection23PENANAIRLQGQi8Dn

Remember you know I’ll always come for youcopyright protection23PENANApVSlSKtRtN

I’d crawl across this world for youcopyright protection23PENANAOVO7vlKNlg

Do anything you want me tocopyright protection23PENANAf370UORdWv

No matter whatcopyright protection23PENANAAmrtIjdbbH

Remember you know I’ll always come for youcopyright protection23PENANAY0CN788RVt

You know I’ll always come for youcopyright protection23PENANA7bwebr23EZ

            As the portal to the fairytale land opened up, Hook used his hooked hand to dig into the sand and Emma held on to a part of the ground, but the portal was too strong and she got sucked into the portal.copyright protection23PENANAyfm0I4jWfv

            “One of these days I’m going to stop chasing this woman,” Hook commented, before letting go of the ground with his hooked hand, following her through the portal.copyright protection23PENANADevg1Cpatl

            That night, their plan went awry and while Emma was making out with the past Hook who still had his hand, present day Hook knocked him out with his hooked hand.copyright protection23PENANADBwaQIBTMg

            Emma looked at him.copyright protection23PENANATkvflekFaz

            “Are you kissing me? How is that not going to have consequences?” she said with a raised voice.copyright protection23PENANAaOOF5Qhu0L

            “He’ll blame it on the rum,” he replied. “Let’s just get out of here before he wakes up.”copyright protection23PENANAQEnmPd4r6Q

            After getting home to Storybrooke, they sat down outside of Granny’s Diner and talked.copyright protection23PENANAH0bdfxrzcC

            “Well, the Jolly Roger, of course,” he told her.copyright protection23PENANA9mrY1wOj1P

            “You traded your ship for me?” Emma asked, surprised.copyright protection23PENANA5RusdjFiKM

            “Aye,” he replied.copyright protection23PENANA9sMlG2T8B5

            A moment later, they kissed.copyright protection23PENANAKLrbJtIyNJ

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