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Once Upon A Time
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Writer Lizzy100
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Once Upon A Time
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Ch.11: Beauty and the Beast (Rumbelle)
Jan 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!a7DD4CqP62RUrDjMAT3Eposted on PENANA

Ch.11: Beauty and the Beast (Rumbelle)copyright protection24PENANAtY7iaJP9DR

Summary: Set in S1-5. Here is a tribute to Belle and Rumple. This is their love story, from beginning to present.copyright protection24PENANAJNYmq3YQS4

*New Caretaker*copyright protection24PENANASKYjni6Yb9

            It was a beautiful day, as Rumpelstiltskin gave Belle directions at his Dark Castle, making her the caretaker. It was a part of the deal she had made with him to save her father and town from the ogres. As he gave her directions, she accidentally dropped the teacup in her hand, chipping it.copyright protection24PENANACE7KWitMs6

*The Wand*copyright protection24PENANAEbUDxkGvby

            Belle was alone in the castle, when a stranger came in; Robin. He tried to steal the want, but then Rumple appeared and stopped him. He then chained him up in a dungeon-like room. Then, later on, after he had gone, she went to the room and freed him. He then found out that she did that and tried to get her to use a bow and arrow to kill Robin, but she refused. She could never kill anyone like The Dark One could.copyright protection24PENANAA4izoFRuE2

*The Magic Gauntlet*copyright protection24PENANAEgHM0E4uqx

            While Belle was outside doing laundry, she was captured by Maleficent, Ursula, and Cruella for ransom so they could get the magic gauntlet from The Dark One. They told him to meet them on Demon’s Bluff at midnight, in which he did. He gave them the gauntlet and Belle was given back to him, but he later got the gauntlet back.copyright protection24PENANAB5IvIfQoL1

*Birthday*copyright protection24PENANAWm5eVtUMYy

            One day, while The Dark One was in a chair at the table remembering Bae’s Birthday, Belle interrupted him and asked him what he was thinking about. He told her that it’s his son’s Birthday and that he lost someone, but that he wasn’t dead.copyright protection24PENANAPCPwpQatkB

*The Kiss and Banishment*copyright protection24PENANA0VGJroZhML

            One day, while she was out and about at the market, Regina found her and told her about True Love’s kiss, since Regina wanted Rumple to be weakened. So, when she returned to him, she kissed him, which enraged him. He even accused her of working with Regina to weaken him and banished her from the castle.copyright protection24PENANAjJ7oY2STPR

            Later, on her way back to him, she was captured by Regina and locked away. Then, when she told Rumple that Belle committed suicide, he believed her and in grief, promoted the chipped cup to a place of honor in his collection.copyright protection24PENANArEthbS7lmr

*Love and Vengeance*copyright protection24PENANAWnnC7P166N

            After the curse and everyone was brought to Story Brooke, Jefferson, also known as the Mad Hatter from Wonderland, released Belle from her prison and told her to tell Gold what Regina did to her, in which she did. After she did, though her memories had not been restored yet, Gold told her that he would protect her. Then, after he brought magic to Story Brooke to find his son, Bae, he used it to immediately give Belle’s memories back to her and they confessed their love to each other.copyright protection24PENANARpxZOv2HoR

            After she made him promise not to use magic, he did anyway and, in vengeance, marked Regina for the Wraith.copyright protection24PENANAyQw27HVf2h

            Later, in vengeance of everything he had done to him in the past, Hook shot Belle at the town line and though Rumple healed her, she lost her memories for a little while.copyright protection24PENANAHZF4CMTDT0

*The Shawl*copyright protection24PENANArKqYJetMVS

            One night, when no one was at the shop, Hook stole Bae’s shawl, but on the Jolly Roger, Belle got it back by knocking him out with an oar.copyright protection24PENANADtIawQSr5V

*Reunion*copyright protection24PENANAIMUoRwbLa4

            After Rumple, Emma, and Henry found Bae who was Neal in this world in New York, Rumple found out that Henry was his grandson and Henry found out that his father was Bae.copyright protection24PENANALBPbAzq4lm

            Later, they headed to Story Brooke.copyright protection24PENANAWZQE9mu1NA

*Failed True Love’s Kiss*copyright protection24PENANAWwmRVen6Zy

            After Belle lost her memories again, he tried to get her memories back with True Love’s Kiss. When that didn’t work, he tried to enchant the chipped cup of tea.copyright protection24PENANAaL9ZXKynOU

            After Regina gave her her cursed name, Lacey, he tried to get her to fall in love with him.copyright protection24PENANAJKTAp2WU4J

*Resurrection*copyright protection24PENANAu0gQSb5gh4

            After her memories had been restored and Rumple sacrificed himself to save Henry from Peter Pan, Regina’s sister, Zelena, brought him back to life and she began to control him. Then, after everyone found out, Belle did her best to remove him from her control which, after a while, worked.copyright protection24PENANAOsPYsMI0aw

*The Proposal*copyright protection24PENANAUUhOuGQqAV

            A while later, Rumple proposed to her and they got married and went on their honeymoon, but after the Snow Queen appeared in Story Brooke and caused trouble, Rumple had to save Belle from the mirror, before it could turn her into her worst self. Then, after he tried to crush Hook’s heart and was stopped by Belle, she banished him from Story Brooke.copyright protection24PENANAa4WrVOC04U

*The Heart Attack*copyright protection24PENANA5SmUQOHzPR

            After Rumple went to Bae’s apartment in New York, he had a heart attack and Neal had to take him to a hospital, only for Zelena to save his life. Then, on his quest to find out who the author of Henry’s Once Upon A Time book was, he returned to Story Brooke with Ursula, Cruella, and Maleficent. Then, a while later, he saw Belle and Will Scarlett kiss.copyright protection24PENANA5KMnyg3pHD

*Preservation Spell*copyright protection24PENANAlSIhjD5WE9

            A while after pretending to be Hook and getting the dagger from Belle, his heart began to weaken him and he used the author to create an alternate universe where villains could get their happy endings, but Henry had Isaac reverse it and Belle found Rumple in the shop, out. Because he was dying from too much darkness in his heart, the apprentice removed Rumple’s powers and the darkness inside him, before putting him in a preservation spell. Then Blue gave Belle a rose in a glass jar that was linked to Rumple’s life.copyright protection24PENANAQJ2dES2lsS

*Hero*copyright protection24PENANAdyD0VcgYCY

            When Rumple woke up, it was because of Emma, who was the new Dark One. She wanted him to become a sort of hero, needing a hero to pull the Excalibur from its stone, and he succeeded, being forced when Belle’s life was threatened. So, after some change of events, he became an anti-hero and helped in saving the world from the first Dark Ones and restoring Emma to her true self.copyright protection24PENANACXQkeaYk6C

            In the end, after everything that had happened, Belle stayed with him, never leaving his side, and so their story continued on.copyright protection24PENANAtXmvb1oenQ

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