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Once Upon A Time
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Writer Lizzy100
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Once Upon A Time
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Ch.12: Because Of You (Rumbelle)
Jan 12, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!cZRCUEjy7yGM3hvivNKWposted on PENANA

Ch.12: Because Of You (Rumbelle)copyright protection35PENANAKHCkM9ozRa

Summary: Set in S2, 3, and 5. Based on the song “Because of You” by Kelly Clarkson.copyright protection35PENANAs3ajG5YZD6

*Memories*copyright protection35PENANAxkSBBnT7aE

I will not make the same mistakes that you didcopyright protection35PENANA3UlFe8PDIH

I will not let myselfcopyright protection35PENANANbLYur3trH

Cause my heart so much miserycopyright protection35PENANAzZ1rBDPvKZ

I will not break the way you didcopyright protection35PENANA9NTvt8DjLm

You fell so hardcopyright protection35PENANA0zxLy2dBvF

I’ve learned the hard waycopyright protection35PENANAj5EkxgXmLI

To never let it get that farcopyright protection35PENANAmUwgpZo3ja

39Please respect copyright.PENANALpD1qAcPWK
copyright protection35PENANApkJW6iZjUu

            It was a beautiful day in the shop, as Belle and Rumple kissed. Belle had just gotten her memories back after thinking that she was Lacey for a while.copyright protection35PENANAZdAEy7UwuF

*Broken*copyright protection35PENANAeQzK6ZKv23

Because of youcopyright protection35PENANAGsopouInOC

I never stray too far from the sidewalkcopyright protection35PENANASNQtroBmV5

Because of youcopyright protection35PENANA1aWBU3BFzD

I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurtcopyright protection35PENANAJf57FuCnSq

Because of youcopyright protection35PENANAZLdQeFeP1a

I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around mecopyright protection35PENANAV3kRFfVgUu

Because of youcopyright protection35PENANATEKZLpunMm

I am afraidcopyright protection35PENANAOM71CmHRbJ

I lose my waycopyright protection35PENANA17NmZsBUIw

And it’s not long before you point it outcopyright protection35PENANApCa9CWz6km

I cannot crycopyright protection35PENANAs88AaLXSD9

Because I know that’s weakness in your eyescopyright protection35PENANABFgo1fRCaz

I’m forced to fakecopyright protection35PENANA9AcjKOgjUA

A smile, a laugh every day of my lifecopyright protection35PENANAFnJOYUAVMd

My heart can’t possibly breakcopyright protection35PENANA4oTlMUBDxL

When it wasn’t even whole to start withcopyright protection35PENANAdHmq06egq9

39Please respect copyright.PENANATYkpqQoCuC
copyright protection35PENANAR6xAUvuvrh

            It was a beautiful day in the shop, as Rumple and Belle half talked and half argued. He was trying to convince her that he could change if she gave him a chance, but she wouldn’t hear it.copyright protection35PENANAJvFCRsxs65

            “You toy with words like you do people. You’re still a man that makes wrong choices. I thought you’d changed,” she told him, before briskly walking towards the door to leave.copyright protection35PENANAejMAJNHY47

            “Belle, I’m sorry. I am,” he replied, but could only watch as she left the shop, unhappy with him.copyright protection35PENANA8WeFx9a2EB

*Going Home*copyright protection35PENANAjn7Y0Zqyrw

Because of youcopyright protection35PENANADFQqgAdYzi

I never stray too far from the sidewalkcopyright protection35PENANA6HekmLtxN7

Because of youcopyright protection35PENANA87vg5wfw4H

I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurtcopyright protection35PENANA3HmT8DumB3

Because of youcopyright protection35PENANAEHLT17FuEs

I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around mecopyright protection35PENANACNz84FEjbI

Because of youcopyright protection35PENANA0fqn8y0DVC

I am afraidcopyright protection35PENANAHAjstlz8Qe

I watched you diecopyright protection35PENANABt2aB6Qfp2

I heard you cry every night in your sleepcopyright protection35PENANAYqhoOqXP3S

39Please respect copyright.PENANASOfpOriQIj
copyright protection35PENANArLsLdW6N4W

            After watching Rumple use the dagger to kill Peter Pan, which was plainly saving everyone and sacrificing himself, all Belle could do was stand there in the street and cry. Rumple, her true love, was dead.copyright protection35PENANA1Fp3Q1aHgz

*Quiet Minds*copyright protection35PENANAJe00DOrAEv

I was so youngcopyright protection35PENANAt5gWQtSWhX

You should have known better than to lean on mecopyright protection35PENANATjCjntkxbA

You never thought of anyone elsecopyright protection35PENANA6UP7VsWm3A

You just saw your paincopyright protection35PENANASwF8swCltT

And now I cry in the middle of the nightcopyright protection35PENANAimdVGAp07A

For the same damn thingcopyright protection35PENANABeuqlqTiNX

39Please respect copyright.PENANAStIvu96HY3
copyright protection35PENANASFtyOW5qhy

            It was a nebulous night, as Rumple and Belle stood in the shop, hugging after Rumple informed her of Bae’s death, which broke him. Bae had been the only family he had. Now, without Belle, he’d be alone.copyright protection35PENANAkAVxvB7UBe

*Her Handsome Hero*copyright protection35PENANAudsZDOpx6c

Because of youcopyright protection35PENANAuZSYyGVD7d

I never stray too far from the sidewalkcopyright protection35PENANAbsN60iH7dj

Because of youcopyright protection35PENANAmIwPHaE7IL

I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurtcopyright protection35PENANAjcKcbiS6V0

Because of youcopyright protection35PENANAj7s6dspVAC

I try my hardest to forget everythingcopyright protection35PENANAeXlLN2Vs9E

Because of youcopyright protection35PENANAdtQYF2hy8c

I don’t know how to let anyone else incopyright protection35PENANAzrj1yxuXs5

39Please respect copyright.PENANAsS1MhsCF47
copyright protection35PENANAAH3VtRYpj8

            It was a gloomy day as always in the underworld. Rumple had just informed her inside the library that she was pregnant. She was happy about that but then she got mad because of a deal he had made when he had still been human. Now, if Rumple didn’t work for Hades, Hades had threatened to take Belle’s child.copyright protection35PENANA3wBUvhWMQ5

            After Belle and Rumple left the library and Rumple had locked up, they saw Belle’s ex who her father had wanted her to marry back in the enchanted forest, a bow and arrow in hand. Then the guy shot it towards Rumple who caught it before it could hit him.copyright protection35PENANAYpwir5QW3j

            Later, Belle spoke with him and the guy had to ask her why she didn’t want Rumple dead, in which she informed him, “He’s my husband.”copyright protection35PENANA1E15AuWyTf

*Bad Heart*copyright protection35PENANAGWMiQhzN3q

Because of youcopyright protection35PENANAS2Pplgucdy

I’m ashamed of my life because it’s emptycopyright protection35PENANAvfcwkM0glU

Because of youcopyright protection35PENANAw2QjkHBUuF

I am afraidcopyright protection35PENANAkmIaL4rggE

Because of youcopyright protection35PENANAOLT0ieNjv8

Because of youcopyright protection35PENANAd2a4lvLXqg

39Please respect copyright.PENANAiXVymJZFAI
copyright protection35PENANACLCkVoonEF

            It was a beautiful day, as Belle entered the shop after they had all come back to Storybrooke after Henry had undone everything that Rumple had had the author do.copyright protection35PENANA1srVsJ9f3E

            “You came back,” Rumple greeted her, one hand on the glass counter to stay on his feet, since his heart was weakening because of how much darkness was in his heart that could never be taken away.copyright protection35PENANAohGzl247Zu

            “I came back to make sure you don’t hurt anyone,” Belle replied, before realizing that something was wrong. She walked up to him to stand in front of him. “What’s wrong?”copyright protection35PENANAoCf1Xbply3

            He was able to inform her of the problem with his heart, before he collapsed.copyright protection35PENANA1zwsvYcEef

            Belle went to get help to save Rumple and the apprentice took the darkness out and put it in the hat and put Rumple in a preservation spell to keep him alive until he awakened. Then the fairy gave Belle a rose in a glass jar that was linked to Rumple’s life. So, until he awakened, Belle stayed with him, wanting to be there either if he woke up or if he went.copyright protection35PENANAjCxZcT2g11

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